tagSci-Fi & FantasySpy Games Ch. 08

Spy Games Ch. 08

bythe proffesor©

Phoenix and Azure grab Ryan by the hair and drag him over to you. You pin him down with your foot on his chest.

"Ryan, how long has it been?"

"It's been a while, Shannan." His voice is strong, belying his obvious fear.

"I remember you Ryan. I know you always wanted me, but you just never had the balls. Did you?"

A bit of flush appears on Ryan's cheeks. Shame is evident in his face because she is dead on.

"Well," she continued, "Let's see if you have any balls, after all."

With that, he is thrown onto a solid metal table.

You hold him down with one hand on his chest. To tease him, you unzip your suit to let your tits spill free, into his face.

Azure has fastened his hands as Phoenix cuts away his pants.

You stroke Ryan's hair, teasing him as your orbs dangle in his face. "God, Ryan, I bet you could have fucked me good. What do you think? Could you have given me what I needed?"

Ryan's mouth goes to your nipple. He is so caught up in your tits that he doesn't notice Phoenix hooking the clamps to his testicles.

"Where are they hon," you ask as you stroke his hair, "Just tell me and I am all yours. You can have your way with me. Anything you want. All you have to do is talk first, then you can fuck."

He moans something inaudible. That's not the right answer. You look at Phoenix and feel teeth around you nipple as volts of electricity are sent through Ryan's body, via his nuts. He screams through your nipple, biting sharply.

"Tell me what we need to know. And I will give you my pussy. I will give you my ass. It will be all for you."

Another shock, this time his teeth break your skin.

You pull your mammary from his mouth, and then you punch him.

"No, no, no." you say.

You walk over to Steve. Azure has already removed his pants. With his hands bound behind his back, she has been lazily sucking him, fluffing him for you.

You reach behind your crotch, unzipping it, allowing for your pussy to meet the cool, air-conditioned air.

Looking Ryan in the eyes, you slowly straddle his meat, sliding all the way down on his hard, engorged pole.

You catch your breath, trying to remain in control of the passion that makes you want to cum so badly from torturing these three sexy souls.

"Tell us and I will get off of Steve and let you tear me up. I am already so wet. It would be a shame to let this sweet cunt go to waste, wouldn't it?"

Still no answer and another shock it sent surging through Ryan's body.

Phoenix now, unzips her crotch, and with the help of Azure mounts Ryan, so that she is facing you.

Azure kneels before Ryan's scrotum, alternating the shocks into his nuts. He squeals in pain and delight.

Azure pushes his nuts into his body, at the same time stimulating Phoenix' clit, all while you ride Steve, watching your teammates tag team the enemy.

Steve, through moans whispers to you. "I will tell you. They went after Karwa." You smile as you lean forward, fucking Steve hard, the zipper around your cunt lips rubbing him raw.

You grit your teeth as you feel the orgasm build in you. You cum, reveling in the blood you have spilled and in anticipation of the blood you will spill. You look into Phoenix's eyes, as she cums too. Your ears are filled with Ryan's screams as the voltage is turned up on his nuts.

You look back at Steve, as you continue to fuck him. "Cum Steve. Make your last moment on Earth a good one."

You lean forward, grabbing his ankles and working your ass up and down, until you feel his cock explode, deep within your twat.

You pull free from him, semen flying across his chest. You spin and turn, firing a round from your .9 mm into his head.

You wink at Azure and Phoenix. "Finish up, and lets get out of here."

You walk into the hallway, zipping up. You look at a picture on the wall, one of you and I.

You take a deep breath, move your hair from your eyes and call for transportation, vaguely aware of the throbbing in your womb and the screams of a dying man in the next room.

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