tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSpying on Anthony's Mom was Hot Ch. 02

Spying on Anthony's Mom was Hot Ch. 02


My best friend Anthony's mother (and father) had accidentally put on a sexual show for me, and the woman knew I was watching. How hot is that. And she didn't tell. She actually liked being the star as I later found out.

I have to admit that I never, ever thought I'd ever see my friend Anthony's mom naked. In a bikini, sure, or maybe shorts and a white blouse you could see through. But naked, no way, no how, wasn't going to happen.

She was the perfect woman, looking wonderful in her smartly fit business suit. When I saw her coming home from work I'd marvel at how superb she looked. Professional with a sense of sexuality. She appeared to be a lot younger than her 41 years of age.

That blazer covered up her blouses, but there were times when she'd come home, shuck the blazer, and I'd catch glimpses of her bra under the white or blue top. I just loved watching her.

So it was unbelievable when I accidentally caught her in her bedroom from a perch in my parent's attic. It was so unplanned that made it only hotter. And not once but twice I'd caught her masturbating, saw her blowing and humping her husband, and doing things I'd only dreamed that she'd done.

The thing of it is, Mrs. Easterly knew I was watching. She admitted as much after the first time, swearing me to silence. Of course I swore the secret would remain quiet forever. That led to the second escapade when she as much as promised I'd see real action prior to her husband heading out for his golf date.

Later that afternoon, when I knew the coast was clear, I spoke with the sexy woman when I went over to see if my friend Anthony was home. Oh, I knew he wasn't, but it gave me cover to stop over.

"We'll, young man, I an certain you didn't cover your eyes this morning, did you?" joked the woman, who knew full well I'd witness her frolicking with her husband and later with herself. "You are a naughty, naughty boy."

Smiling, I quietly mentioned that she was very naughty that morning. "You looked absolutely beautiful! I just had to look, I had no choice. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was so very hot."

"Did you, well, masturbate while watching us? Or after?"

Nodding my head, I told her I did just that.

"Did you clean things up after? Remember, moms know things. No evidence, right?"

"Absolutely no evidence, I cleaned up the mess," I proudly admitted. "There was a lot, you know, a lot of stuff. You were awesome, the whole escapade was awesome."

"Escapade?" she said with surprise. "My loving husband and I were making love, and you were a naughty voyeur."

We spoke for a couple minutes, with the woman reminding me that it was our own little secret. She also said that her husband told her that he wanted to hit the daily double that day...nooky in the morning before golf and nooky after his round as well.

"Normally I'd tell him once was more than enough, but, well I have a little incentive to do a little show for you if you would like," said Mrs. Easterly with a smile. "Anything special you'd like to see sweetie?"

Staring at the woman, I shook my head. "Really? You'd do something just for me?"

She said it depended on what it was, but yes.

"Does he ever, well, you know, do you from behind?"

The woman actually blushed. She shook her head yes. "You mean, doggie style? Yes, he likes that. Maybe you'd like a short chiffon lace baby doll nightie to look at?"

Smiling, I thought I'd ask for something special. "Do you have red panties...they would be so hot peeking out under your nightie."

She shook her head but agreed, as long as Anthony wasn't at home as they'd be making too much noise with her taking it from behind. "I get a little vocal when we do it that way."

I left the house with a big smile and a feeling of anticipation. On one hand I knew I was going to see something so very erotic, but on the other, I wondered what Mrs. Easterly was getting out of her exhibitionism. Making a mental note to ask her, I wondered if she got off showing herself to me.

Barely having left the Easterly residence I was in my front yard when Anthony came bounding down the street. We shot the bull for a bit, and I couldn't help wondering if he knew is mother liked to show off her body in front of "strangers" like me. Of course not. But I also wondered if he ever heard his mom and dad doing naughty things in the bedroom.

Anthony told me all about his day at his part-time job, I related some BS story about reading a book. We spoke for 20 minutes when I came up with an idea. I made up a story.

"Damn I was up late the other night, well actually I was sound asleep but then a noise woke me up. I haven't been able to get back on schedule since."

Anthony was intrigued. "What was it, the wind?"

"No, something was blowing, but it wasn't the wind..."

He looked at me strangely. "What do you mean?"

I swore him to secrecy, and then related the tale that I thought I heard by mom and dad doing the nasty around midnight. "I never hear them, didn't think they did it, but they apparently do once in a while. I heard them going at it."

That was partially true. On one hand I didn't hear them often, but there were a couple times where there was some noises coming from their bedroom that could have been them having sex, along with giggles and groans. And the one time my mom came downstairs in her nightie after she turned beet red when she saw me. Busted!

Anthony related the story about how he heard his parents doing it a couple times as well, both times when he was supposed to be sleeping. "My dad checked on me, I was whacking off, so I stayed perfectly still and had my eyes closed. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later I heard their bed bouncing. They had to be doing it."

We snickered at the thought, but I really was smiling inside because I knew Anthony's mom in a more intimate way. She was awesome. I just hoped to catch the afternoon show today.

We made plans to shoot hoops at 4, and went our own ways. I just hoped he didn't get in the way of my show this afternoon. In the meantime, I did some chores to keep the parents satisfied, all the while listening for the Easterly car to arrive back home so I could steal my way to the attic.

Mom and dad were sitting on the porch when Mr. Easterly arrived home. They all spoke for a little bit while I snuck upstairs to my secluded lair.

Looking down, I didn't see Mrs. Easterly at all, and the more I watched the less I was sure I'd get my voyeuristic wish that day. The one time I did see her she was dressed normally for a weekend afternoon. Nothing frilly or sexy, merely loose fitting jeans and a blouse. It wasn't encouraging.

Listening, I heard Mr. Easterly head toward his house, but when I saw him in his room he was talking but didn't appear to have sex on the mind. His wife pointed to the shower, and when out of the room she looked around then up towards my perch. She smiled and put her finger to her lips! Silence. Of course. Nearly "Showtime!"

Mrs. Easterly disappeared for a bit, and when I saw her next it was heaven. Oh, she had on a pink chiffon somewhat longer baby doll nightie than the other one I'd seen, the kind with lace around the trim. The red panties I'd requested were peeking out below. She was brushing her hair when Mr. Easterly came out of the bathroom, drying himself.

After one look at his wife, looked startled, and the show was on. The two spoke for a minute, but most of the talking was balance with the man fondling his wife's butt. Soon they got down to real sexy business.

Mr. Easterly held my friend's mom from behind, rubbing up against her hot red panties while fondling her breasts. They just sort of stood there, holding each other, for a minute. He nibbled her neck, and for her part she was making rotating motions down below.

Suddenly Mrs. Easterly dropped to her knees as the guy dropped his towel. She knelt before her husband and proceeded to lick his balls while holding his cock in her hand, slowly stroking it to a firm hardness. Her husband's eyes were closed, head back, enjoying the sensations.

She worked his balls for a bit before switching into licking dick mode, as she licked up and down his hardening cock, back down to his balls, and then up to the tip of his cock. They might have done the nasty that morning, but Mr. Easterly was ready for more in the late afternoon.

Mrs. Easterly wrapped one hand around the base of her husband's dick, stroking while sucking the tip. Then she moved her head away, slipped her other and around the top of the cock. She began slowly stroking in two directions, the bottom hand jerking while the top moving to the left and right. All the while she stared at the cock, as if admiring her work.

She stroked him, playing off his reactions. If he liked the actions she did more of them, and the guy was rocking to her ministrations.

Anthony's mom sucked her husband for a few minutes before he couldn't take any more and she deliberated then move in the direction of the bed. She hesitated for a second, and then took a fall onto her back, spreading her legs. The man moved on top of her and said something to his wife while rubbing his dick up and down her slinky red panties.

He kept that action up for a bit before slipping his hands around the waistband of the panties. He lifted himself, then her, and slipped those dainty nothings down her legs. It was an erotic site, and just their sensual movements had me stroking.

Then, with a forceful thrust, he slid his dick into her soaking wet pussy, all the way in to his balls. He held himself steady there for a few seconds before beginning a series of thrust into and out of his wife. She held his ass, sort of guiding him, but he was really in charge and I think she was merely holding on.

It was so hot watching him rut her, bouncing in and out of my favorite woman. He started pulling her legs up even higher and I saw her grimace and moan. It was an awesome fuck. Her eyes closed, her mouth clinched and I swear she was cuming right down there in front of me. And then she went limp.

Her husband kept fucking his wife, but apparently wasn't ready to cum, so they sort of held each other while he slowly slipped in and out of her willing pussy. All the while the two were talking to each other. Who knows what they were saying, but it was most likely love talk or maybe a little bit of asking or a little bit of direction.

Mrs. Easterly soon pushed her husband up from her prone body and she came to a sitting position. Once again the man inserted his throbbing cock into her hungry mouth and began getting blown again. Damn, it was hot. He held her head tenderly as his rocking cock went in and out of her hot sucking mouth.

I found it so erotic watching the two, and only wished I could hear the action. But it was so exciting being a voyeur to their actions, and it was especially hot knowing the woman knew I was watching with riveted eyes.

Maybe she wanted a little more cock, or maybe she didn't want her husband to finish in her mouth. Or maybe she wanted me to enjoy more action. Whatever the thinking was, she soon pushed him away, but not before stroking his dick and then tenderly kissing the tip.

Arising, she kissed her husband, then moved over toward the bureau by the window directly below me. She stood there, and I swear she looked up at me and smiled while her hubby was again smooching her neck. With a wink, she bent over at the waist and nestled her head between elbows on the wooden bureau.

It was a sexy sight. She was staring ahead as her man moved into position to the rear of her. He rubbed his dick up and down her slit from behind, as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations. All of a sudden he thrust his cock deep inside her hole, and the girl opened her mouth in surprise. She actually gasped at the actions!

I really couldn't see the actual insertion fucking, only the fucking actions, and it was still hot. While I liked watching his cock attack her tempting hole when they were on the bed, watching from this position allowed me to see her face and all its contortions.

Her head would move, a little to the side, a little up and down, while all the while her eyes would open and close almost without looking. She would grimace, hold her breath, exhale slowly and seemingly cry out something. Just watching her head would have been a perfect movie to watch, even without knowing her husband was rutting her from behind.

And rutting he was. He was banging his wife with abandon, totally lost in the fuck. She'd rock a little forward and back, her elbows stretching against their positioning on the bureau. The man held the sides of her ass for maneuverability, humping hard as he fucked his wife.

Soon the man's head pushed back, opposite the pushing forward his dick was doing, and he appeared to be crying out something. Slipping my eyes back to Mrs. Easterly's face, she was biting her lower lip and grimacing as the man was obviously manhandling her in a most intimate way.

Suddenly he pulled back, pulled his wife by the hair and she pushed back and got in front of her man as he directed his hard throbbing cock back into the familiar mouth of his wife and unloaded goblets of cum sauce from his loins. I mean, well, he fucked her mouth for a minute as he unloaded.

Of course I came as well, all over the boxes and floor, but my eyes never left the coupling couple. It was as if his dick was on a leash to her mouth, as even when he pulled out of her she was all over it, kissing, licking and then sucking it once more.

Finally he lifted her and held her tenderly against him as they basked in the aftermath of their hot, sexy session. They were both breathing hard, catching their breath while enjoying the feelings each had.

It was special watching the loving couple holding each other tight, but in a way I was jealous that it wasn't me. I think I was in love with my best friend's mother.

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