tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSpying On My Neighbor Ch. 13

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 13


It had been a few weeks from the time I saw that fiery red-head stealing the panties inside of her pussy. I had told my neighbor all about it and had great sex with both of us picturing the erotic act the shoplifter completed.

My neighbor and I had talked about this situation and envisioned all kinds of things that could be smuggled inside of a pussy. We both agreed that most girls that don't understand the pleasure of stretching their pussy with large items would be fairly limited in what they could steal. My neighbor on the other hand had a very well toned and stretched pussy with excellent internal muscle tone.

She would get so excited at the idea of walking out of a store with something shoved up her pussy she would start to get sopping wet.

We talked about stealing small pillar candles, tubes of lipstick, Flash Drives, and of course the panties like I had seen done before. We talked about so many items that would fit inside someone.

My neighbor decided she wanted to try it, and we made plans for the weekend to recreate the scene that I had watched that got me so horny.

That weekend we headed out to the same department store I where this whole scenario started. We walked around shopping, and I could tell my neighbor was nervous. I wasn't sure if it was from the thought of getting caught stealing, or it was the excitement, maybe it was both.

We had made a plan to shop for a while and when she was ready she would go pick out a few items to try on in women's clothing, including a pair of panties. I would go to men's clothing and pick a few pair of jeans to try on.

She would go in first and text my phone what stall she was in. Then when I went to go try on the clothes, I would just enter the same stall.

Soon enough we split up and I started to get really excited. I headed off to men's jeans and she headed off to the women's section.

I had picked out a few pairs of jeans and was browsing the t-shirt section, when I got a text from my neighbor telling me she was in the last stall on the left.

I brought my clothes to the changing area and headed back to the last stall on the left. I found the door unlocked and walked in. As the door opened I saw my neighbor standing there against the wall with a huge smile on her face.

I closed the door behind me and fastened the lock so we would not be disturbed.

We smiled at each other as we couldn't remove our clothes fast enough. Soon we were both standing there naked in a changing stall as my neighbor sat down and was soon face to face with my hardening cock.

She lifted my shaft with one hand and pinned it against my stomach. With the other hand she reached between my legs and started to massage and rub my balls. It felt so good, and I was soon rock solid as she released my cock and engulfed it in her mouth.

She was still massaging my balls with one hand while sucking on my shaft with great enthusiasm. Her other hand had drifted down between her legs and I could see she was slowly shoving fingers into her moistening lips.

I could feel her start to moan as her mouth traveled further down my shaft. The vibrations from the back of her throat were traveling down my shaft and right into my balls. As she continued to guide her expert mouth along the base of my shaft I could hear her pussy getting wet from the sloshing noises coming from between her legs.

I stepped back to watch as she rammed three fingers into her gaping cunt. She leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes as her other hand reached down to spread her lips further apart and give me a better show.

Soon she slowed down and opened her eyes looking across the stall at me as I slowly stroked my cock. She reached down and picked up the panties off of the floor and started to rub them against her sloppy cunt.

She slowly coated the panties with her pussy juices as she rubbed them against her clit and then down to her gaping hole, then back up.

Once she felt the panties were coated well enough, she started bunching them up at the opening of her pussy. She started shoving them in with two fingers and a look of pure lust on her face. She was getting into this so much I thought she might orgasm.

Once the panties were all of the way into her stuffed hole, she started rubbing her clit while trying not to moan too much. I walked up to her and shoved my cock into her mouth again. She took it almost all of the way in as she was so worked up.

As she worked her tongue on the bottom side of my cock I reached down and started to play with her clit. I found her hand still there, and her fingers were coated in her own juices.

I leaned in closer to her ear and whispered "use your fingers to coat your ass to get it ready for me."

I motioned for her to stand up and turned her around. She reached back and with one hand pulled her cheek to spread her ass nice and wide for me, then with the other hand she started to finger her little wrinkled anus.

Smearing her fingers all around her little puckered hole she then slowly started sliding one finger as deep as she could inside her tight ass. My neighbor coated both the inside and outside of her ass as she then added a second finger, making her anus stretch lewdly around them.

Soon she removed her fingers and used that hand to pull her other cheek so her ass was spread wide apart.

From my vantage point standing behind her I could see the panties stuffed inside her glistening pussy directly below her beautifully prepared ass.

I walked up and placed my shaft that was still coated with her saliva against her partially open ass hole.

Gently I slid into her as she tried to stifle the moans that were trying to escape her lips.

I got about half way inside and then started to saw my shaft in and out of her gripping anal ring. My neighbor was now pushing back against me, as if she was asking for more. She wanted me deeper inside of her, to fill her ass up to the limit.

I grabbed her hips and in one final thrust I jammed my cock as deep as it would go into my neighbors ass.

Her head thrashed from side to side as I realized she was climaxing right there in the changing stall with my cock deep in her ass and a pair of panties stuffed in her cunt.

I couldn't take it anymore as her climax sent her anus into spasms. I started pounding into her ass and felt my balls tighten. I felt the first shot of seamen shoot out of my cock so fast I know my neighbor must have felt it. She was still thrashing around as quiet as she could as I continued to pump shot after shot of my hot load into the deepest depths of her ass.

As we both calmed down we could hear the other customers trying on clothes and going about their own business as usual. Little did they know what was happening in our stall. a s s t r org slash ~ Sodomite

I slowly withdrew my softening cock from her ass as it closed up behind me. We got dressed with our shaky legs, and I left the stall first. I handed the jeans I didn't want to buy to the clerk and then headed off to wait for my neighbor.

I saw her emerge from the dressing stall area and I followed at a distance. She replaced one item of clothing and then took the other to the register. She purchased the item and then headed out the front door.

I followed about fifty feet behind her. By the time I got to her car she was already in with the engine running.

Not only had she walked out of the store with stolen panties stuffed up her pussy, but a load of my cum stuffed up her ass to top it off.

We pulled out of the parking lot and headed back to her house as we both giggled like little kids.



As always, please leave me feedback, as this is why I write the stories. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed.

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