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I Get Degraded At A Hotel


Hello again, I know I said in my last story that I would never do anything like this again but I kinda fell into this one. Now I must admit that I may have embellished this a tad in certain spots but surprisingly even to me, 95% of this story is true.

Before getting into the story I must say I look slightly different than my description from my last story. Nothing drastic, still 5'7" and thanks to my rabbit like diet I am still slim, it's just that my breasts are a bit bigger now. I know some people will probably try to make me feel bad for altering my appearance but I must say I love the change and there are no implants or anything. I got the stem cell deal and my breasts grew another full cup! I am now a very full C cup! Anyway back to the story before I sound like a spokesperson for boob jobs.

So April and I had not seen each other in a couple years and were out celebrating her move back to Utah. After a great many drinks we somehow got on the topic of crazy things we have done since college. I had always been very close to April and in my alcohol induced state I admitted to streaking in public.

April was playfully shocked that little miss goody to shoes would do such a thing.

As the night went on I must have also let it slip that I wrote a story about it because the next day when we met for lunch she told me she read it and poked fun at me for being a little pervert.

Though I was very embarrassed to have my secret out, we talked about this for a long time. We talked about how it felt, what could have gone wrong and why I have not done anything like it since. In the rush of finally admitting this to someone I even told her about how doing it turned me on. She teased me a little but mostly she just kept trying to talk me into doing something similar again. She wanted me to do a nude dare scenario. Initially I outright refused but as she pretty much begged me, my mind swayed. I had to admit that I really wanted to, the idea of her being in on it was even more humiliating and desirable. If it were just that though I would have still refused since I am a chicken at hart, but the way she kept persisting made me genuinely feel bad for refusing, like I was being mean for not wanting to do this! I have never been good at disappointing people so I eventually agreed to hear her out.

April didn't really have a plan, she was going to a convention in California the next day and she wanted me to go with her and figure it out there. Again I initially refused. The idea of going all the way to California, when I didn't even know what her plans were, was a little too much for me. Though I am a push over as I said and eventually I gave in.

The drive there was very uncomfortable, at least for me. I had no idea what to say. Here I was crossing two states to play a game of perverted Simon Says. April was happy, almost giddy, she chatted away about the weather, guys, her favorite shows and so on, but I could not get my mind off of what this trip was really about. April did not say anything about it the whole way and a small part of me desperately hoped that somehow I imagined the whole thing.

We arrived at the hotel the day before the convention. We both had showers, April first, to clean up after our travels. After I got done, I got dressed in the bathroom and then stepped out into the room.

As soon as I stepped foot out of the bathroom April smiled at me and said with a, way to cheerful voice, "Ready!?"

Though it was a vague request I immediately knew what she meant. I was hoping to delay this out a little more, or maybe even talk her out of it. I had spent the better part of the trip over here trying to come up with a way to bring it up without success.

I am not sure what I hoped to accomplish but I feigned ignorance and said nervously "For, for what?"

April laughed and said "Oh come on now, I know you haven't forgotten. You have been stuck in your head the whole way here. Now come on, are you ready for your dare?!"

I mumbled a bit with nerves and said "Right now? Shouldn't we, well, maybe we should eat first."

She laughed at me and said "Oh stop stalling, you hardly eat anything, and we just ate two hours ago. Plus you already agreed, it's too late to go back on it now."

With that, I knew she would hold me to my agreement. I still had no idea what motivation she had for wanting to do this and I was not brave enough to ask, so I just concluded that I would just have to tough it out and hope for the best.

Feeling defeated I finally mumbled out "Fine, what is it?"

She made a kind of "tsk" noise at my reaction and said "Come on, stop being such a wuss!"

After a short pause to gauge my reaction she said much more excitedly "Ok, I will make this simple for you. I dare you to go get me a soda from the soda machine wearing only this."

I felt my stomach leap into my throat as April held up a long (though not long enough) shirt.

April laughed at my stupid facial expression and said "Oh come on. This is way better that totally nude in the street and you did that!"

This reminder that she knew all about my last event made me blush red with embarrassment.

After a little more back and forth I finally agreed to get it over with. I went to the bathroom and put on the shirt to find it only covered half my ass and barely covered my crotch (from a top down view anyway). It was one of those tight fitting long shirts that usually go down over your pants, almost like a skirt dress if it were a foot longer.

I was not looking forward to opening the door and having her see me in my exposed state but I told myself I just needed to get this over with. Though I must admit that I was getting slightly aroused by the whole ordeal and that may have played a role in the decision.

April laughed as I nervously stepped out of the bathroom. She said "Why so shy? You know you're looking forward to this or else you wouldn't have given in so easily."

I shot her an angry glance and moved toward the hotel room door. What she said was true but I still could not bring myself to admit that to her so I just said "I am just going to run out there and back to get your stupid soda, right?"

She nodded in agreement, smiling from ear to ear.

I looked through the peep hole and made sure it was safe before opening the door a crack. I nervously poked my head out looking down both hallways. I waited for someone at the far end of the hall to enter their room and then I listened closely. Not a sound. Well for a moment at least...

April called out just a little too loud for my comfort "Hurry up and go already."

I shot her an angry glance, took a deep breath and hurried out the door towards the soda machine. It was about a hundred feet down the hall in a little alcove. The rush was intense; the thought of being caught, the humiliation of being seen like this. I was overcome by embarrassment and excitement.

When I had made about half way April terrified me as she called out loudly "Don't forget my change you little perv!"

I hurried even faster to the soda machine, thinking someone might come out to see what the commotion was about. I quickly crossed the larger alcove where the elevators were and made it to smaller vending alcove with the soda machine, snack machine and ice maker. I retrieved her soda and change as fast as I could and darted back toward the room. Before I could get close however she yelled out "Oh my god Nikki put some pants on!" Then she threw the door key down the opposite hall from me and slammed the door.

I knew for sure someone had to have heard that. They would probably come out to investigate any moment. My heart was racing as I hurried to where the key landed. I grabbed it ran back to my door but it took a second to get the card in the slot because my hands were shaking so much.

After what seemed like an eternity I made it into the room to find April laughing her ass off. I quickly moved over to her, visibly angry, and demanded "What the hell was that!?"

Her smile faded ever so slightly and she said "Oh, you are such a party pooper. I thought you were supposed to get a kick out of this stuff."

A part of me actually felt guilty, because even though I was completely humiliated by her, I had to admit that I was really turned on at that moment.

I didn't really know what to say at this point. I didn't know whether I should be angry or apologetic. Eventually I said awkwardly "Well, I, I'm not exactly used to this kind of thing you know."

I began walking back to the bathroom to get my clothes back on when April said "Soo does that mean you want to do it again?"

I turned around a little confused. I thought that was the intent. I didn't realize she may have let me off with only doing it once. I didn't really want to admit that I wanted to do it again. But I didn't want to say no because I did want to do it again.

Finally after battling my inner selves I said "I um, well, we can try another on... if you want to that is."

She gasped excitedly and said "So you did like it!?"

"I, uh, well..." I replied meekly.

She laughed and said "And you would do something like that again?"

I stared at the ground and said "I uh, I guess so."

She just stared at me for a second and said "Wow Nikki, you really are a pervert aren't you? But don't worry I think it is awesome, and hilarious. This is going to be a fun trip!"

We talked a lot about what happened that night, and due to being a little horny already from my semi-nude experience I opened up a lot more. We eventually went to bed and I knew April had more in store for me.

The next day was taken up almost exclusively of shopping for and going to the convention. Though April took any opportunity she could get to remind me of what I had done the night before.

At one point April stopped by a clothing donation box and asked with a thoughtful expression "Have you ever donated any clothing?"

I replied "No, why?"

She smiled and said "Maybe you should, you'd rather be naked and humiliated anyway right?."

I blushed deeply, regretting telling her anything.

She laughed and seemingly ignoring my embarrassment. We continued shopping for a while before heading back to the room to get ready.

We went to the convention which lasted until evening.

On our way back April smiled wide and said "When we get back I have another dare for you. You are going to donate your clothing like we saw at the store"

I had no clue what to say about this. After last night she now knew that I enjoyed humiliating myself but I still had no clue how I was supposed to talk about it. I was a little excited about another dare but also a little worried about it as well.

She would not give me any other details on the way back to the hotel so I just waited nervously, my anxiety and my excitement growing all the while.

Once we got in our room April looked like she was about to explode with excitement. Once the door was closed she spun around and blurted out "I dare you to strip naked and leave your clothes in front of someone's door!"

Startled by her sudden excitement I just stared at her in surprise.

She continued "You would change into some of the discount clothes I got for you today. Then we will head down stairs to the bottom floor vending machine alcove and you are going to strip totally naked, knock on the nearest door and run leaving your clothes in front of their door. We will ride the ellevator back up and I will let you in. what do you think? You up to it?"

Again, she caught me off guard. At first all I could say it "What! No way!"

April quickly responded "Oh come on, it's still better than being on the street!"

I shuddered at the thought that this idea could go as badly. Her plan sounded terrifying. Riding up an elevator naked, the thought alone made me shudder. But she was right it was better than my failed plan of locking myself out of my car, at least this time we had the key. As I thought about it I found that I was more turned on by the idea than I was afraid of it (though just barely.) I thought about it for another moment, fear and excitement pulling on my will like a tug of war.

In the end my desire and my annoying aversion to disappointing people won out over fear and agreed with a nod and a soft "Ok, I'll do it."

She laughed and said with mock surprise "Wow, hardly even an argument this time huh?"

I just blushed and looked at the floor.

April just smiled and said "You really get into this don't you?

Again I just stood there not knowing how to respond.

She laughed and said "You really are a closet freak. Don't worry I am the last one to be able to judge you. Let me get your clothes."

She found some clothes in a shopping bag and handed them to me.

Without comment I went to the bathroom and took off the skirt and spaghetti strap I was wearing and started putting on the clothes April gave me.

First off I had a lacy thong and bra, something I actually brought with me and a pair of really short shorts. It was a tight fit getting into the shorts; I had to really wiggle to get into them. Once they were on they were so short I could feel the bottom of my butt hanging out a little. Also the front seam kinda dug into my crotch a little even when I pushed them as far down as I could. I eventually gave up on the futile effort of making them comfortable and just tucked the thong straps into the shorts to hide them. Then I moved onto the tiny T-shirt I was meant to wear. The shirt was really tight. I had to put both arms in at once to get it over my head and wiggle it down to get it past my shoulders and then un-roll it down my chest. It stopped just a couple inches above my belly button leaving my belly exposed. The neckline was very deep and showed off all the cleavage my push up bra, and my enlarged breasts had to offer, as well as some of the bra lacing too.

I looked in the mirror and it was obvious why April picked these clothes. They would be embarrassing to walk around in, due to their revealing nature, and they were so tight I was sure to have difficulty taking them off quickly. Looking in the mirror I felt my nerves building up again and I started questioning what I was doing. I eventually reminded myself that this is what I wanted; it didn't make much sense to back out now. Gathering up my courage I grabbed my old clothes and walked out into the room.

April whistled at me and said with a laugh "Damn! Maybe we should keep that outfit and you can wear it around town back home."

I gave her an annoyed glare and she said "I was just kidding; besides I know how much you are looking forward to giving away those clothes. Just let me fix one thing real quick."

She reached for my waist and I didn't even try to stop her as she picked the waist line of my thong out of my shorts and pulled them up, driving the thong between my cheeks and making my lacy underwear visible for all to see. In fact the shorts were so small and April had pulled my waist up so much that you could even see the top of the crotch fabric out the top of the shorts.

I just flinched a little as she pulled them up and gave her an annoyed look after looking at my waist.

She just laughed and said "That's better. Now come on lets go."

We walked out the door and down the hall towards the elevator alcove. As we walked my tiny, little shorts quickly worked their way into my crotch, rubbing my pussy in a very uncomfortable way.

When we got to the alcove, there was already someone there. The thirty-something year old man stared at me with a stupid look on his face for a second and then went red when he noticed I saw him. He tried his best to ignore me but I noticed him look again just as the elevator "Ding'd". He jumped at the sound and hurried into the elevator.

April was giggling softly obviously trying not to burst out with laughter. I was a mixture of feeling a little proud and a lot embarrassed. Say what you want but it is comforting to know that I can get that kind of a reaction.

We followed him into the elevator. We were both going to the bottom floor so I just pushed the close button.

After about 5 seconds of tense silence April piped up saying "Its ok you know, you can look at her. She likes the attention. That is why she dresses like this."

I stood there blushing deeply. He stood there staring at the numbers up top, trying his best to ignore both of us.

April chuckled a little and continued "No seriously she'll even show you her boobs if you like."

With this he glanced very quickly at me, and then away again. I blushed even more when he looked at me. I was starting to get a little agitated by April. She was having way too much fun with this.

Finally we reached the bottom floor and the poor guy just about sprinted out the elevator doors. I just glared at April.

She just smiled saying "You could have stopped me at any time with a word but you didn't. Admit it, you like the attention."

I just looked away towards my destination. In some way she was probably right of course but at the moment I was still mostly embarrassed, plus I wasn't about to admit that to her.

The alcove that I was to strip in was down the hallway about halfway between the elevator and the lobby area. As I walked toward the vending machines someone walked into the hall from the lobby. It was an elderly man in a suit with a small suitcase. I hurried into the vending machine alcove and waited for him to pass.

The old man passed by looking in at me. When he saw me look back he just smiled and waved with his free hand saying "Evening ma'am."

Seeing that simple courtesy made me feel even crazier for what I was doing. Everyone else was going about their normal life and here I was going through with this humiliating dare for my twisted pleasure. I just reminded myself that I wasn't hurting anyone and tried to calm down.

Once he was gone April popped in and said "Ok now once you start stripping I will go wait by the elevator. Once you are completely naked walk, not run, just a normal paced walk, out to room 106. Then place your clothes in front of the door and knock loudly. Once you do that you can come to the elevator."

I just nodded, afraid if I spoke I would try to talk her out of this. Though I was really getting nervous, I was also really excited to do this. I kept saying over and over in my head 'what are you doing? This is insane!' And maybe it was but the rush I felt building was amazing, like a drug, I wanted more, even as I felt sick from the constant fear.

I looked down the hall to ensure it was clear, took a deep breath and started pulling off my shirt. This was difficult, as I imagined, because of how tight it was. After a few moments of struggling I got it over my head after hearing more than a few tears in the fabric. I quickly dropped it to the floor and started on my shorts. My shirt had already taken much too long and I was trying to make up time. It did not help that my hands felt weak and shaky. I managed to unbutton and unzip my shorts when I heard voices down the hall.

I quickly hid as best I could and waited to see if they were coming this way. Their voices did not get any closer so I peeked out just as the elevator "Ding'd". I saw them get in and the doors shut.

I breathed a sigh of relief even as I felt a tiny twinge of disappointment. I quickly got back to my task ahead knowing that soon someone was bound to come by and I wanted to be gone by then.

I wiggled and squeezed to get my shorts down and finally managed to slide them down to my ankles. I then quickly unsecured my bra and just as I was about to slip it off I heard a terrifying sound.

I heard the elevator "ding" and the doors open. Still tucked away in the corner I secured one hook on my bra as quickly as I could and then tried desperately to pull up my shorts up. There just was not enough time, so as I heard the steps get really close I just covered myself with my hands and tried to make myself as small as possible in the corner of the alcove.

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