tagNovels and NovellasSt. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 02

St. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 02


It was a warm, spring evening as Shona crossed the immaculately manicured gardens that separated her school, St. Mary's from the neighbouring boy's school, St. Mark's. A group of boys lounged on one of the benches next to the ornamental fountain that was the garden's centrepiece. "Hey Shona! You lookin' for some fun?" called one of the boys, gesturing obscenely in her direction.

"Think y' can take us all?" called another.

Shona smiled to herself as she walked by, ignoring those and a host of other suggestive comments that the boys threw in the direction of her retreating back. Some girls would have been offended by the boys' crude remarks but Shona didn't care. She was proud of her reputation. She'd worked hard to get it and had achieved immense satisfaction into the bargain.

Presently, Shona passed the last of the school buildings and made her way down the hill towards the river. Her destination, nestled in the shade of four ancient oaks, just around the next bend of the river's slowly meandering path was the old boat house.

The brooding, Victorian structure was deserted at this time of year. Shona walked quickly past and made her way along the stone pier. Reaching the end she quickly kicked off her shoes. Reaching up under her skirt, she pulled off her tights and stuffed them into the pocket of her blazer. She sat down, dipping her feet into the cold, quickly flowing water of the river. Leaning back against one of the mooring rods, Shona removed her tie and undid the top two buttons of her blouse. The tie joined her tights in her pocket and Shona let out a deep sigh of relaxation.

Shona dug her cigarettes out of her other pocket. Extracting one from the packet, she placed it between her lips as she fished about for her lighter. Finding it in the inside pocket of her blazer, she raised the flame to the end of her cigarette and inhaled drawing the smoke deep into her lungs. Exhaling as she returned the lighter to her pocket, Shona watched as a pair of swans glided regally past the end of the pier.

Shona puffed contentedly on her cigarette, drinking in the splendid solitude of her location. This had always been one of her favourite spots on the school grounds and she had spent many peaceful hours sitting here, smoking and relaxing from the strains of academic life.

Shona's reverie was interrupted with an abrupt cough. Turning in the direction of the sound she was suddenly alarmed to see Mr. Baxter, the assistant groundsman, staring intently at her. Shona cursed herself for not hearing his approach. She still held the smouldering stub of her cigarette between her fingers and she knew she was in trouble.

"So, Miss Fraser, would you like to explain yourself?" enquired Mr. Baxter.

Shona shrugged, there was very little she could say. "I was having a smoke," she said taking a final draw on her cigarette then flicking the butt out into the middle of the river.

"So I saw," was the stern reply. "I don't suppose I need to tell you what the punishment for being caught smoking on school grounds is, do I?"

Mutely, Shona shook her head.

"No, I didn't think so." They stood for a moment, staring at each other in silence. "There again," he added, quite obviously eying Shona up, "maybe we could come to some arrangement. I mean, it'd be a shame to be expelled for something so minor, wouldn't it?"

"I don't know what you mean," replied Shona, hotly.

"Oh come now Miss Fraser, you know exactly what I mean," he said. "I understand that the term 'head' girl has more than one meaning when applied to you. So why don't we start with you unbuttoning your blouse?"

Shona stood, transfixed as she watched Mr. Baxter begin to unzip his trousers, "I..., I...," she stammered.

"Don't play innocent with me you little Irish whore," he snapped, "I know all about you and that little blonde slut of a friend of yours."

Shona sighed. She slipped off her blazer and began to unbutton her blouse as Mr. Baxter pulled out his cock and began to stroke it. "Do want me to take it off?" she asked as she undid the last button.

"Nah," he replied, "keep it on. Don't want you getting cold but lose the bra."

Shona reached behind her to undo the hook then, putting her hand up inside her short sleeve, she pulled, first one, then the other strap down over her arms. Finally, she deftly pulled her bra through her sleeve and tossed it defiantly to the ground. Putting her hands on her hips she cocked her head coyly to one side and looked at her tormentor.

"Nice," he said licking his lips, "very nice." He reached out and cupped Shona's breasts with his hands, his thumbs firmly pressing her nipples. Shona cursed herself as she let a soft sigh escape from between her lips. "You like that don't you, you little slut?" asked Mr. Baxter as his fingers began to knead her firm young breasts.

Shona didn't reply. She glanced downwards to take a proper look at his cock. Despite herself, she liked what she saw. It was about 8" long, satisfyingly thick with a heavily veined shaft. Shona licked her lips appreciatively and reached out a hand to stroke it. Mr. Baxter moaned as she worked her fingers up and down its length. "Fuck that feels good," he moaned. He endured her touch for a few moments longer before breaking away. "Get down on your knees!" he demanded, "Let's see if you're as good as everyone says you are."

Shona quickly did as she was told. Despite everything, this was a cock she knew she was going to enjoy. She ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft then swirled it around the head, coating it in a warm film of saliva. Mr. Baxter moaned as she flicked her tongue roughly over the slit at the tip. "Suck it!" he demanded hoarsely.

Shona opened her mouth wide and took the head of his cock between her lips. Pausing only to accustom herself to its girth, she began to slowly move her head back and forth, drawing him deeper into her mouth with every stroke. "That's it, suck it you little whore!" urged Mr. Baxter as Shona slid her lips along his shaft.

She began to increase her pace, moving her head more and more rapidly. Shona felt Mr. Baxter's finger clench in her long, dark hair as he began to thrust his hips, driving his cock deeper into her mouth. She reached up to squeeze his balls as they hung, full and heavy, in front of her chin.

Shona's jaw began to ache. She pulled her lips back until only the head of his cock was still in her mouth, Then, sucking hard, she swirled her tongue around the head.

"Oh fuck, that's good you cock sucking little slut!" said Mr. Baxter from between clenched teeth as Shona worked the tip of her tongue into the slit in his cock's tip. She was surprised when, without warning, he pulled his cock from her mouth. "Stand up! he demanded. "Stand up and bend over. I'm goin' to fuck your sweet little Irish cunt."

Shona did as she was told, leaning against the mooring rail for support. Mr. Baxter hitched up her skirt then tugged at her knickers, pulling them down to her ankles. Shona quickly kicked them off and spread her legs in readiness. He parted her wet lower lips with one finger and a shiver of anticipation ran up Shona's spine.

Mr. Baxter licked her juices from his finger. "So you enjoyed that did you?" he asked, "Well let's see how enjoy having my cock inside you." Shona felt him position the tip of his cock against her entrance. without any further warning, he grabbed her hip and thrust his thick cock into her cunt.

"Oooh!" exclaimed Shona as she felt the walls of her cunt stretch to accommodate his dick. "Mmmm, oooh," she sighed as he began to thrust in and out. She pushed her hips back, meeting his cock on the deepest point of its thrust. Supporting herself on her elbows, Shona began to play with her nipples as Mr. Baxter pumped his cock in and out.

Shona clenched the walls of her cunt around his cock, gripping it tight as it thrust deep inside her. "Fuck!" moaned Mr. Baxter, "I'd never have thought a slut like you would have a cunt so tight."

Shona began to moan as she savoured the sensations of Mr. Baxter's cock pounding her cunt with ever increasing force. She squeezed her nipples tight between her fingers and felt her pelvic muscles tighten in response. "You're enjoying this, aren't you slut?" asked Mr. Baxter as he repeatedly impaled her with his dick.

"Mmmm, yes," replied Shona, pushing her hips back as she strove to take him deeper." Her knees began to tremble as the pressure inside her began to mount. Her body began to shake as her pussy pulsed around Mr. Baxter's cock. Reluctantly removing her fingers from her nipples, she supported herself with one hand and reached between her legs with the other. Her fingers made contact with her clit; a light, feathery touch. That fleeting contact was all Shona needed. Moaning loudly as she came, Shona surrendered herself to her climax.

She had no time to recover. Mr. Baxter's breathing was becoming laboured. "Can't hold on," he gasped as he pulled his cock from Shona's well fucked cunt. "Turn round!" he demanded, "I want to come in your mouth."

Shona's cunt felt strangely empty as she knelt down in front of Mr. Baxter. His cock was slick with her juices as she took the head into her mouth and began to suck. Wrapping her fingers around the shaft, her hand blurred as she pumped along its length. Pre-cum oozed from the slit and Shona savoured its rich, salty flavour. "Oh fuck," moaned Mr. Baxter, his voice hoarse with the strain of holding back, "Oh fuck, here it comes you little slut! Here it... Oooh YESS!!" His cock erupted, filling Shona's mouth with his hot, sticky sperm. Shona swallowed hard as jet after jet of thick cum shot into her mouth. The torrent threatened to overwhelm her and, despite her best efforts, she could feel some trickle down her chin.

"Fuck , that was good," moaned Mr. Baxter as his eruption slowed to a trickle. Shona sucked the last drops from his knob before licking the rest of his shaft clean of her juices. Finally, she sat back, wiped her chin and licked the last traces from her fingers. "I guess you really are as good as everyone says you are," said Mr. Baxter as he tucked his cock back inside his trousers and pulled up his zip. "Well I'd best be off. Don't want to have to explain why I'm so late getting home. Goodbye Miss Fraser, enjoy the rest of your evening." With that, he turned and strode away.

Shona buttoned up her blouse as she watched Mr. Baxter's retreating back. When he'd disappeared around the side of the boat house Shona stood up. She put on her blazer and gathered up her discarded underwear, stuffed it into one of the pockets. As she slipped her shoes back on she reached into her pocket for a cigarette. She leaned against the mooring rail as she lit up. Her body still tingled with the afterglow of the fuck she'd just received. She closed her eyes and smiled dreamily as she recalled the feeling of Mr. Baxter's thick cock inside her cunt. Despite the situation she had to admit that she'd enjoyed the coarseness of it all. It had been immensely satisfying yet, to her surprise, Shona realised that she was still turned on.

She sucked on her cigarette, wondering what she could do to fulfil the desire Mr. Baxter's ruthless fucking had awoken. A familiar voice brought her quickly back the present.

"Thought I might find you here," said Craig, smiling broadly as he approached her. Shona smiled as Craig put his arms around her and kissed her soundly. "You should be careful," said Craig as Shona took another draw on her cigarette, "I saw Mr. Baxter as I was on my way over. Imagine what would have happened if he'd caught you."

"Hmm," replied Shona with a shrug. She flicked the stub of her cigarette into the river, "Fancy a walk along the river?" she asked.

"Sure. Why not?" he replied, kissing her again then taking her hand as they turned towards the path that made its way through the woods at the side of the river.

They walked for about twenty minutes, stopping occasionally to kiss each other with ever increasing passion. It was no surprise to Craig, who could read his girlfriend's moods unfailingly, that when they reached the small thicket that hid a clearing in a hollow next to a broad bend in the river she kissed him then said, "Take me Craig, I need to feel you inside me."

Shona made her way behind the bushes. Craig followed and watched as his girlfriend sat down and began to unbutton her blouse. As she undid the last button she pulled her blouse open to reveal her naked breasts. She lay back and hitched up her skirt. Craig stared down at his girlfriend and she smiled back at him. "What're you waiting for?" she asked. "Get down here and get on top of me!"

Craig smiled then knelt down beside her. He kissed her briefly then turned his attention to her breasts. Cupping them in his hands, he worked his tongue over their surface before sucking the nearest nipple into his mouth. "Mmm, that's nice," sighed Shona as Craig's tongue made her breasts wet all over.

Shona's breasts were large and very sensitive and she squirmed with pleasure as Craig's tongue licked all over them. "Oh God, Craig, ooooh!" she moaned as he sucked her nipple into his mouth once again and flicked it roughly with his tongue.

Craig sucked and licked Shona's breasts until he knew she was ready for something more. Quickly, he moved between her outstretched legs and leaned forward. "Ohhh, yesssss!" she purred as her worked his tongue into the moist folds of her pussy. "Oh yes! Eat me!" she urged. Craig dipped his tongue into the warm, wet confines of her cunt then turned his attention to her clit. As he lashed it with his tongue he reached up to squeeze Shona's breasts. "Oh, mmmm," she sighed as he pressed her breasts together and pinched her nipples with his fingers.

Craig's attentions, coupled with her already high state of arousal, quickly brought Shona to boiling point. Her body shook as his mouth feasted on her pussy. Suddenly, her back arched as the dam broke and her orgasm flooded over her. Ohhh Craig!" she moaned, Fuck me! Stick your cock in my cunt and fuck me hard!"

Craig struggled to undo his jeans as he continued to flick his tongue over Shona's clit. Her body flinched with every touch of his tongue as he pushed his jeans and boxers down to his ankles. "Fuck me Craig! Fuck me now!" urged Shona. Craig moved up and positioned himself above her. "Ooooh, mmmm!" she moaned as he entered her with a single thrust and began to pump his cock in and out of her cunt.

Shona pulled her knees up, letting Craig in deeper. She dug her nails into his bum. "Harder Craig. Fuck me harder!" she cried as his cock pounded in and out with increasing force. Craig's cock may not have been as large as Mr. Baxter's but he knew how to use it to give his girlfriend the maximum satisfaction. Shona felt his balls slap against her with every thrust and tightened the walls of her cunt around his shaft. "Yes! Ohhh yesss!" she moaned in response to the long, powerful strokes of her boyfriend's cock.

She endured the relentless pounding of Craig's cock until she realised what she needed to satisfy her need. "I want your cock in my arse," she said, "Fuck my arse!"

Craig pulled out and Shona rolled over. She got up onto all fours and Craig took up position behind her. She felt the head of his cock press against the puckered entrance of her rear hole and moaned as it began to work its way past the resistance of her arsehole.

Inch by inch, Craig slowly sank his cock into his girlfriend's back passage. "Oh yess!" cried Shona as Craig's cock began to stroke in and out, "Fuck it! Fuck my arse! Fuck it hard!"

Craig grabbed hold of her hips and began to drive his cock into Shona's arsehole, increasing the pace with every thrust. His balls slapped against her enflamed pussy lips as his cock plunged in and out of her tight rear entrance. "Oh yes! Oh fuck, yes!" cried Shona as she pushed her hips back, impaling her arsehole on her boyfriend's dick.

A familiar glow of anticipation spread over Shona's body. She reached back, between her legs, to stroke her throbbing clit as Craig stabbed his cock deep into her back passage. Craig reached forward, grabbing her breasts and squeezing them as he repeatedly sank his cock into Shona's trembling body.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ohhhh mmmmmm!" sighed Shona as her climax gripped her. "Harder! Oh Craig, fuck me harder!" she pleaded.

Breathing hard, Craig endeavoured to comply. His own climax was approaching and he struggled to hold back. "Oh Shona," he moaned, "Oh... Oh..." The pressure became unbearable. With one final, powerful thrust, he sank his cock in Shona's arsehole and emptied his load into her bowels.

Shona collapsed, unable to support her tortured body any longer. Craig fell on top of her, his cock still inside her, his hips thrusting involuntarily as he filled her back passage with jet after jet of hot, sticky cum. When his climax finally subsided he pulled out, rolled onto his back and lay there, eyes closed and breathing hard.

Shona sat up and lit a cigarette as Craig struggled to recover. She slipped off her blouse then rummaged in the pocket of her blazer for her bra. Putting it on, she quickly slipped on her blouse and began to button it up. She felt Craig's cum begin to trickle from her arsehole and reluctantly decided that she had better put her knickers back on too. She finished her cigarette as Craig lay still beside her, recovering.

Finally he stirred. Sitting up, Craig struggled to pull up his jeans. With a sigh he stood up and straightened his clothes. Shona rose too. Putting her arms around him she kissed him lingeringly on the lips. "Thank you," she purred contentedly, "I really needed that."

Craig laughed, "I sort of noticed," he said with a smile. "We'd best be getting you back," he added, "Wouldn't want you getting into trouble for staying out late."

Shona kissed him again. "I guess you're right," she said with a sigh.

"C'mon then," said Craig, taking her hand as he led her back to the path. With a deep sense of satisfaction, Shona looked forward to telling Jane all about her evening.

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