tagNovels and NovellasSt. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 12

St. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 12


Shona hummed contentedly to herself as she sprawled on the sofa in front of the TV. There was still just the faintest scent of sex in the room left over from the night before. She had spent the night with Craig. His parents were away for the weekend and he and Shona had taken advantage of the fact to spend some time together. Shona had enjoyed last night. Her body still tingled with the warm afterglow of a night of passion. The passion had continued this morning. Shona had woken to find herself on the verge of a massive climax as Craig gently ate her pussy. Her climax was followed by a long, hard screw that had set her up nicely for the rest of the day. Tonight Craig was going to cook her a special meal and he had just recently left to catch the bus into town to buy what he needed for this evening. Yes, Shona had definitely enjoyed last night, and this morning and she was looking forward to spending the rest of today and most of tomorrow with Craig. Her pussy was already wet with anticipation of what would happen when he returned from town.

The doorbell rang, interrupting her reverie. Shona answered it and was a little surprised when it turned out to be Jane's boyfriend, Matt, and his brother, Ross. "Hi, Matt, Hi Ross," Shona greeted them, smiling warmly.

"Hi, Shona," Matt answered. He smiled back."Is Craig home?" he asked.

"Nope, you've just missed him," she replied, "he went into town about ten minutes ago. He shouldn't be too long. Would you like to wait for him?"

Matt looked at Ross who shrugged. "A few minutes wouldn't hurt, I guess," Matt replied.

"Come on in then," said Shona, smiling as she held the door open for them.

Shona led them into the living room, where they sat down on the couch. "Anybody want a drink?" she asked politely.

"Sure," they both answered "that'd be great."

Shona spun away and walked into the kitchen. She knew that the they were watching her. The fridge was within sight of the living room and, as she opened the door, she bent over for the drinks, which were on the bottom of the fridge door.

Ross stared as Shona bent over. The hem of her short denim skirt lifted up to reveal the firm, shapely cheeks of her arse. A thin black string separated her cheeks, widening as it reached forward to just cover her crotch. Matt just smiled, knowing how much Shona loved to tease. Shona looked around and caught them gaping at her knickers. "Yeah, I see you guys! Shame on you!" she jokingly chided them.

Ross and Matt both laughed as she came back with their drinks. She handed the Cokes to them, then sat across the room in a lounge chair. "So, what are you two up to?" she asked, sitting with her knees slightly apart. She knew that they could see her knickers. She was feeling naughty and she loved the way they couldn't stop themselves from sneaking. a quick glimpse up her skirt.

"Ummm, we were just dossing around, and thought we'd stop by for a few minutes," Matt replied.

"Yeah," added Ross, staring not so subtly up Shona's skirt.

"I see," said Shona, pulling up one foot up on to the edge of the chair, off to the side, pulling her short skirt up high on her waist, while she swung the other leg wide to the other side. It was a blatant show for the two of them and she was not ashamed in the least. She giggled when she saw that both Matt and Ross appeared to be in a hypnotic trance. She had them in the palm of her hand. They were hers to do with as she wished.

Once more, as she watched the effect she was having on Matt and Ross, Shona felt a familiar thrill when she thought about the power she had over men. It was less than an hour since she had been well and truly fucked by Craig. It was probably less than an hour until he would be back and they could go to bed again. Despite that, Shona felt herself become overwhelmed with desire. She hungered to feel their cocks inside her.

While Matt and Ross watched in fascination, Shona placed one hand on her crotch and, almost absently, started massaging her cunt through her knickers. Her other hand slid slowly over one leg and caressed her thigh. "Anybody want to do anything?" she asked teasingly.

"Yeah," answered Ross, dumbfounded. Matt knew what Shona had in mind but Ross didn't know what to expect. All he knew was that she looked absolutely amazing. The long brown hair in ponytails, the dimples in her smile, the short, tight skirt, pushed up to reveal her skimpy, black G-string which she rubbed suggestively with her fingertips combined to give him a raging hard on.

"I get the feeling you guys want to fuck me, don't you?" she asked, brazenly.

"Yeah!" they both gasped in unison.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" she asked.

"What about Craig?" asked Matt.

"Craig isn't here," she replied. "You are and I want a fuck!"

Matt and Ross both jumped up and ran to Shona. She laughed at their eagerness. Shona reached for Ross's zip and tugged it down. While she fumbled around in his pants for his dick, Matt knelt down in front of her. He reached up under her skirt and tugged her knickers down. Shona raised her bum off the chair so he could pull them all the way off.

Matt spread her knees wide apart and quickly buried his face in her tender, moist pussy. Although Shona had sucked his cock on a few occasions Matt had never had the chance to repay the compliment. The thought of eating the pussy of his girlfriend's best friend for the first time turned him on immensely. Shona's skirt draped over his head while he eagerly began to devour her sweet cunt. "Mmmmmm," sighed Shona as Matt's tongue lapped up and down her slit, her juices flowed freely over his face.

As Matt ate her pussy, Shona fished Ross's swollen cock out of his underwear and quickly clamped her lips around it. It was every bit as big as his brother's, she noticed appreciatively. Her tongue softly stroked his cock as she swirled it around the head. She sucked hard as she slowly worked his shaft in and out of her mouth. "Oh fuck, Shona, that's good," he sighed as she flicked her tongue across the slit.

"Mmmmm," replied Shona, her lips pursed around his cock as Matt's tongue probed her wet tunnel. The three lovers enjoyed the passion of the moment.

Shona worked herself forward in the chair so Matt could attack her pussy more easily. His tongue and hot breath felt so good down there. Her body was already beginning to tingle as his tongue flicked over her clit. She felt Matt poke a finger into her pussy. He slid it around inside her hot cunt then slowly inserted another as he continued to lick and suck her clit, humming softly as he took her swollen bulb between his lips.

Shona slipped her lips off Ross's prick but kept stroking his shaft with her hand. "Oh, Matt..." she moaned. "You're going to make me cum..."

Matt lapped at her clit with a frenzy. Up and down, side to side, he rubbed her clit with his tongue while his fingers pumped in and out of her cunt. Shona enjoyed the friction of his tongue, combined with his probing fingers. She felt herself grow flush as her body began to tremble uncontrollably. "Oh, God, I'm cumming! Oh! Oh! Oh, shit!" she gasped breathlessly as spasms of pleasure shook her. The walls of her cunt gripped Matt's fingers tight as her inner muscles rippled, causing her womb to contract.

Ross had started taking off his jeans. Shona released her grip on his cock while he quickly slid them off. His underwear followed and he dropped to the carpet, lying down on his back. "Get on top of me, Shona," he ordered.

Shona, still enjoying the afterglow of her climax reluctantly pushed Matt's head away and got up out of the chair. Still dressed in her skirt and figure hugging top, she pulled the skirt up around her waist and lowered herself on Ross's cock. The head slipped easily into her pussy and Shona groaned slightly as she impaled herself on it, slowly plunging it deep into her hot, wet muffin.

She began riding his prick slowly, rocking forward and backward along his thick shaft while Matt took his clothes off. Shona was sitting up as she rode Ross. His long, thick cock filling her tight pussy as she bounced up and down on its length.

Matt moved in front of Shona and put his cock next to her mouth. She took it in her hand and pushed it into her hungry mouth, She started sucking him, her lips sliding along his shaft as she drew his cock into her mouth.. "Oh, Shona..." Matt whispered. He savoured the feeling of his shaft sliding in and out of her mouth once more. It wasn't that Shona was better than Jane, it was just she had a different technique. Jane made love to a cock with her mouth, Shona fucked it.

Shona was enjoying herself. One cock in her cunt, one in her mouth. Her only regret was that Craig wasn't there to give her a third in her arse

"Just remember, Ross," said Matt. "I get to fuck her, too!"

"Yeah, sure," was the answer from Ross.

"Hey, Shona, where do you want us to cum?" Matt asked, remembering how much he'd enjoyed shooting his load into her mouth the last time she'd sucked him.

Shona released his cock from her mouth. "Where do you want to?" she asked him while continuing to work her cunt up and down his brother's cock.

Matt hesitated before answering then laughed. "I want to do it in our pussy this time!" he said.

Ross was astounded. "You mean you've fucked Shona before?" he asked. He cupped her arse cheeks with his hands, helping her rhythm.

"No, but she has given me a blow-job on a few occasions," Matt replied.

"Does Jane know?" asked Ross, "I thought Shona was her best friend.

"I am and she does," replied Shona. "And anyway, the last time she was too busy to complain given that she had her lips wrapped around Craig's cock."

Ross laughed. "That sounds like it was fun!" he said approvingly.

Shona slowed to a stop then pulled up, suddenly feeling very empty as Ross's cock slipped out of her pussy. She rolled over on to her back, lifting her knees high as Matt climbed on top of her. "My turn!" he announced as he thrust his prick into his girlfriend's best friend. Shona wrapped her legs around his back as he started pumping her, slowly at first, then harder. "C'mon, Matt, fuck me!" she urged, "Fuck me hard!"

Ross watched as his brother fucked Shona while he sat next to them. Shona felt a little sorry for him so she reached out and took his cock in her hand, stroking it softly for him. She knew she didn't want to pump him too hard. If she did he'd blow his load before she was ready for him.

Matt fucked Shona hard. His balls slapped against her arse as he hammered her with quick, short strokes. "Oh yessss! Fuck me, Matt..." she moaned while pulling up her top to reveal her firm, large breasts.

Ross leaned over, cupping Shona's tits with his hands as his tongue slid over their surface, covering them in a warm film of saliva. "Oh yess," purred Shona, "make them nice and wet!"

Matt's breathing was becoming increasingly strained as he rammed his cock in and out of Shona's cunt. Shona flexed the walls of her pussy against his shaft, milking his cock as it plunged into her. Matt could feel the pressure mounting. "I'm going to cum..." he announced "...any moment now..."

Driving his cock deep into Shona, Matt felt his cock spasm and release its first load of hot cum into her. "Ohhhh!!!" he groaned, his hips still surging as he released his seed into the body of his girlfriend's best friend.

"Mmmmm," sighed Shona softly, savouring the sensations as Matt filled her pussy with his cum.

Matt shot spurt after spurt of warm cum deep into Shona's pussy. Finally, he slowed to a stop and pulled his wet, dripping cock out of her. Cum dribbled out of Shona's pussy. She reached down between her legs and let it trickle onto her fingers, coating them with its warm stickiness. Raising her fingers to her mouth, she sucked them between her lips. "Mmmm" she purred appreciatively as she cleaned Matt's cum from her fingers.

Matt stood before her. His cock, glistening with her juices, the last drops of his cum oozing from his slit, was just in front of her mouth. Shona parted her lips and took him into her mouth. She could taste herself on his shaft, her juices mixed with his cum. The rich taste in her mouth combined with the sensations spreading from her tits as Ross sucked, licked, squeezed and caressed them. "Ooooooh!" she cried, her body shivering as a small but intensely powerful orgasm gripped her.

"All right, Shona, are you ready for me?" Ross asked as his brother's dick slipped from between her lips.

"Uh huh," she answered dreamily, lying on the carpet with her legs raised and spread, her skirt piled up around her waist showing her cum-soaked pussy, her top pushed up to reveal her large breasts and her long brown hair spread out on the carpet. Shona smiled, unleashing her cute dimples on Ross as he kneeled over her face. He pumped his cock as fast as he could, holding the tip of it toward her face. Shona opened her mouth wide, giggling as she waited for his load.

Ross knew he wouldn't take too long. "Get ready!" he told her. Suddenly his prick shot a stream of cum in the direction of her mouth. Shona caught some of it and the rest splattered across her face. Another squirt hit her in the mouth, then another struck her on the cheek and began to dribble down he side of her face. His cum was thick and warm as it coated her face from forehead to chin. Some of it even got into her thick, brown hair.

When Ross was finished, he wiped the last drops of his juice on her lips. Shona raised her head to take his cock into her mouth, reaching out to stroke it with her fingers as she sucked, trying to get every last drop out. Her efforts were rewarded with a a few small dribbles of salty cum. She savoured the taste as the two brothers stood up and started putting their clothes back on.

Shona pulled her top back down into place and pulled her knickers back on as Matt and Ross finished getting dressed. Matt looked at his watch. "Hey, Shona, we'd better go," he said and he and Ross started to head for the door. "Oh! and thanks, by the way!" he added grinning widely.

Shona smiled her face smeared with cum."You're welcome," she answered.

After they'd gone, Shona felt deliciously naughty. Far from sating her appetite, the episode had left her feeling randier than ever. She was going to jump on Craig the moment he returned and shag his brains out, she decided.

As she made her way to the bathroom to wash her face, Shona realised that Matt and Ross had left without seeing Craig or even opening their Cokes. She returned them to the fridge as she made her way through the kitchen towards the back door. She was going to have a smoke. After that she would have a quick shower, she decided, before going back to bed to wait for Craig.

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