tagNovels and NovellasSt. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 17

St. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 17


Shona and Jane sat nervously outside Mr. Beattie's office. Inside, the Battle-axe, Miss Carlisle was appraising the headmaster of the girls' latest misdemeanour. "What's the bets she tries to have us expelled again?" Shona asked her blonde friend.

"Mr. Beattie won't do that, not with the exams starting next week," Jane replied.

"The Battle-axe is sure to try and blow it all out of proportion," Shona said with a shrug.

"Well it wasn't our fault the bus was late and we only missed lights out by ten minutes," Jane replied.

"Sure the bus was late," agreed Shona, "but we wouldn't have missed the earlier one if we hadn't pulled the boys into the alley behind the cinema for a quickie."

"That's true," Jane admitted with a small laugh. "I'm not sure we need to mention that part though," she added, smiling dreamily as she relived the previous evening's passion. "Your Craig certainly knows how to use that monster of his," she said.

Shona smiled. She had enjoyed fucking Jane's boyfriend every bit as much as her friend had enjoyed screwing Craig. "Matt's pretty well equipped in that department too," she agreed enthusiastically.

Jane laughed. "I guess we should be thankful that we've both got boyfriends that are well hung and are as up for it as we are."

Before either girl could say anything else, the door to Mr. Beattie's office swung open. The girls rose to their feet as Miss Carlisle stepped through the doorway. "The headmaster will see you now," she announced sternly.

Shona and Jane stepped smartly into Mr. Beattie's office. Miss Carlisle entered behind them, closing the door before standing behind the girls, her arms crossed in front of her. As the two friends stood in front of Mr. Beattie's desk, their eyes demurely downcast, the headmaster got to his feet. "Well, Miss Jones, Miss Fraser, what do you have to say for yourselves?" he asked.

Jane looked up. "We're sorry Sir," she said in a quiet voice, "we didn't mean to be out later than our pass allowed but our bus was late. If it hadn't been for that we would have been back in plenty of time."

"I believe there was an earlier bus you could have caught?" the headmaster enquired.

"Yes, Sir, there was," admitted Shona contritely, "but Jane and I stopped of for a quick... um... bite to eat and we missed the earlier service."

"You are aware, are you not, that in your position you should be setting a proper example to the other girls in this school?" Mr. Beattie asked, his voice firm.

"Yes, Sir," the girls answered in unison.

"And this is not the first time that your time keeping has been called into question, is it?" he asked.

"No, Sir," the girls admitted.

"This is a serious matter, Miss Jones, Miss Fraser. It cannot go unpunished," the headmaster said. "Do you understand?"

Yes, Sir," the girls admitted.

"Miss Carlisle," Mr. Beattie began, nodding to the girls' house mistress, "has called for your expulsion. I have considered her request and decided that in light of your excellent academic records and your full and willing participation to the school's extracurricular activities," he added with just the merest hint of a wink, "and with the final exams beginning on Monday, that such a punishment would be unnecessarily harsh." The girls breathed a small sigh of relief. Miss Carlisle's presence in the headmaster's office had caused them some concern. "Given the seriousness of this matter, however," Mr. Beattie continued, "Miss Carlisle and I have decided that you should each receive six strokes of the cane which Miss Carlisle will administer."

Shona and Jane exchanged a nervous glance. Both had received 'canings' from Mr. Beattie before but they had always been token efforts, conducted more for show and to satisfy their headmaster's perversions than as any real form of punishment. The girls had always indulged their headmaster willingly, happy to satisfy his whims if it meant avoiding harsher punishments for their various transgressions. They both knew, however, that with Miss Carlisle wielding the cane they were going to receive more than just token slaps.

Mr. Beattie pulled a low, cushioned stool round in front of his desk. A light in his eyes belied his stern countenance as he turned to face the two friends. He adjusted his spectacles then looked at Jane. "Miss Jones," he said in his quiet voice, "If you would be so kind as to come forward and adopt the required position," he continued, indicating the stool with a wave of his hand.

Jane stepped nervously forward. Kneeling on the stool, she leaned forward, bracing herself with her hands on the edge of Mr. Beattie's desk. She suppressed a shiver as the headmaster stepped forward and raised the hem of her short plaid skirt to reveal her regulation blue school knickers. Knowing that they would face discipline the girls had both decided that on this occasion to forgo the lacy thongs that they customarily wore, replacing them with the less attractive, functional school regulation pants. With a quick glance at the shelf on the far wall, Jane spotted the telltale red light of the hidden video camera that was capturing the scene as it unfolded. Despite the indignity of her situation and the sure knowledge of the pain that she was about to endure, Jane couldn't prevent herself from letting a brief smile flicker across her lips. She trembled slightly as Mr. Beattie pulled her knickers down to her knees, exposing the firm, unblemished cheeks of her arse.

Jane braced herself as, cane in hand, Miss Carlisle walked up to take her place beside her. She closed her eyes, determined not to flinch as her house mistress raised the cane.

The cane descended with a whistling swish that terminated with a cracking retort as it struck Jane squarely across her upraised buttocks. Tears stung in her eyes and Jane bit her lip to stifle a cry as the sharp pain of the cane's stroke coursed through her. Before she could recover, the air in the room resounded with a second crack as the cane bit into her arse again.

Watching as her friend endured her punishment, Shona felt a growing arousal as the witnessed the exquisite expression of pain on Jane's face as the cane descended for a third time. The fact that she herself would soon be in Jane's predicament only added to the growing moistness she felt developing in her pussy. Shona had also noticed the light of Mr. Beattie's hidden video camera and couldn't help smiling at the thought of her headmaster jerking himself off as he watched what was being recorded.

Jane whimpered softly as the cane struck the cheeks of her arse for a fourth time. Despite the pain, Jane was becoming aroused. She thought of Shona easing her stinging cheeks with gently, tender stokes of her tongue. She blinked to hold back tears as the cane descended for the fifth time, the stinging in her cheeks intensified.

Suddenly it was over. The final stroke of the cane echoed around the office as it struck across Jane's bum. As Mr. Beattie offered her his hand, helping her to her feet, she absently allowed her knickers to fall to the floor. Her eyes smarted as her skirt fell into place, rubbing against the painful welts on her cheeks. Jane walked gingerly to stand beside the wall as Shona took her place on the stool.

Despite her pain, Jane managed to give her roommate a small, reassuring smile as Shona, kneeling on the stool, bracing herself against Mr. Beattie's desk with the hem of her skirt around her waist, allowed the headmaster to lower her knickers.

Shona barely had time to prepare herself as the first stinging lash of the cane bit her bare cheeks. A pain filled sob escaped her before she could bite her lower lip. Tears brimmed in her eyes as the cane's cracking retort echoed around the office for a second time.

In a pain filled moment of clarity as the cane bit her cheeks for a third time, Shona realised that Miss Carlisle was obviously relishing the opportunity of making the girls suffer for all the times they'd flouted her authority over the previous year. As the forth stroke connected, Shona took strength from the fact that the intensity of the punishment she was now enduring was testament to how successfully she and Jane had frustrated Miss Carlisle during their year long tenure as St. Mary's head girls.

The painful stinging of her abused cheeks was so intense that Shona barley felt Miss Carlisle's penultimate stroke. Unable to hold them back any longer, she let the tears flood from her eyes.

When the final stroke connected with her smarting cheeks, signalling the end of Shona's ordeal, it was almost anticlimactic. As her friend had done before her, Shona allowed Mr. Carlisle to assist her to her feet. Just like Jane's, her knickers lay discarded on the floor as she walked, painfully, to join her friend.

Watching the girl's ordeal, Mr. Beattie had felt his pulse quicken as blood rushed to his loins. He was genuinely very fond of both Jane and Shona, regarding them almost as surrogate daughters. He was fully aware that they had earned their reputations as the hottest teen sluts to have ever attended his school and he had taken advantage this fact on a number of occasions, allowing the girls to pander to his whims in return for turning a blind eye on their various infractions of the school disciplinary code. The girls, he knew, had a soft spot for him too, always willing to indulge his desires, whether it be dressing up in skimpy French Maid's outfits while cleaning his office and organising his filing or allowing their bare arses to be playfully spanked as he pretended to discipline them. He had felt a strange mixture of unease and arousal as he had witnessed the girls' punishment and humiliation at the vindictive hands of Miss Carlisle. Spotting the girls' discarded knickers on the floor, he surreptitiously kicked them under his desk while no one was looking.

As Shona and Jane stood with their backs to the walls, Mr. Beattie turned to the girls' house mistress. "Thank you for your assistance, Miss Carlisle," he said in a slightly strained voice. "I require some further services from our young miscreants," he added, "so I'll let you be about your business."

"Of course, headmaster," Miss Carlisle said primly. "Good day," she added as she turned to leave the office.

As the office door closed, Mr. Beattie returned to behind his desk, beckoning for the girls to step forward. Jane winced and Shona grimaced as they moved to stand in front of the desk. Despite the stinging pain in her buttocks, Jane allowed herself a small amused smile when she recognised her knickers and those of her friend lying on the top of the headmaster's desk.

Looking sternly over the rim of his glasses, the headmaster suddenly smiled. "So girls, what have you to say for yourselves?" he asked.

"Why did The Battle..., I mean Miss Carlisle have to use the cane Sir?" Shona asked.

Mr. Beattie chuckled at Shona's slip of the tongue. "It was the only way, my dear girl, she would be satisfied that you'd been suitably punished. I believe she feels I've been far too lenient towards the pair of you over the past year which, if the truth is to be told, I have," he admitted with a rueful smile.

Shona shrugged. She couldn't deny the claim. Jane and she had taken advantage of the fact that they were Mr. Beattie's favourites on any number of occasions.

"Did it turn you on, watching The Battle-axe thrash us like that, Sir?" Jane asked in a little girl voice, her deep blue eyes flashing as she fluttered her long eyelashes. With her tortured cheeks still stinging, she watched in an abstracted fashion as the headmaster answered her question with an embarrassed cough and reached into one of the drawers of his desk.

"May I suggest that you avail yourselves of this?" he suggested, placing a bottle of Aloe balm in front of him.

Smiling, Jane walked the two, painful paces to Mr. Beattie's desk. Picking up the bottle, she turned to the headmaster. "Would Sir like to watch us?" she asked coyly, smiling an impish smile as she unscrewed the lid.

"Why yes, Miss Jones, I believe I would," he replied.

Turning to her friend, Jane smiled. "I'll do yours if you do mine first," she said.

"Sure," replied Shona, accepting the bottle from her roommate and pouring a little onto her hands. "Bend over and lift your skirt," she said.

Still smiling, despite the discomfort, Jane did as her friend advised. The cheeks of her bum were criss-crossed with angry red welts, Shona rubbed her hands together, spreading the soothing lotion over her palms as she knelt down behind Jane.

"Ow!" Jane complained, her eyes brimming with tears as Shona's hands began to glide gently over her bottom. "Mmmmm, oooooh!" she sighed as the soothing balm began to work, easing the discomfort in her stinging cheeks.

As Shona let her hands slip tenderly over her friend's enflamed cheeks, she wondered if the headmaster's hidden video camera was catching the scene and if he was using a remote control to zoom in on the action. She applied some more lotion to her hands and rubbed it into Jane's skin with slow circular movements of her hands. Murmuring quietly, Jane wriggled her bum in response to her roommate's touch, spreading her legs slightly at the same time.

Shona smiled to herself. She could see Jane's juices glistening on the smooth, pink lips of her pussy. Shona leaned forward slightly, breathing deeply, inhaling the inviting scent of her friend's muffin. Hoping that the headmaster's video camera was still recording, she decided to give him even more of a show.

"Oh, Shona!" gasped Jane as she felt her friend's tongue slide gently over her lower lips. She pushed her hips back slightly and felt Shona's tongue slip between the moist folds. Shona ran her tongue along the length of Jane's slit, savouring the rich flavour of her roommate's juices as they flowed over her tongue.

As a warm, soothing sensation spread from her pussy, Jane began to unbutton her blouse. She slipped her hands inside, pushing aside the cups of her lacy, white bra to caress her breasts as Shona's tongue explored her pussy. Teasing her nipples with her fingers, Jane looked up to see Mr. Beattie staring at her intently, a look of rapt concentration on his face. She smiled at him then opened her mouth, licking her lips suggestively.

Shona sucked on her friend's swollen clit, humming softly as she tickled it with the tip of her tongue. She slowly inserted two fingers into Jane's cunt. Jane pushed her hips back as her best friend's fingers buried themselves in the warm wet depths of her muffin. Pinching her nipples, she bit her lip to suppress a moan as bolts of electricity pulsed through her body.

Jane felt the warm tingling glow of pre-orgasmic tension spread over her. "Oh, Shona!" she moaned, "Oh Yes! Eat me! Eat my pussy!" she urged. Shona's tongue lashed her friend's clit as her fingers plunged in and out of Jane's pussy. The rocking of Jane's hips became increasingly frantic as the pressure in her mounted in response to the skilfully tender touch of her friend and lover.

As the sensations rose up to overwhelm her, Jane caught a blur of movement at the extreme edge of her vision. She looked up to see Mr. Beattie sitting in his seat with his trousers undone, his fingers around his cock slowly pumping up and down. The idea of their headmaster, a dignified, middle-aged gentleman to all outward appearances, getting off watching as her best friend ate her pussy while she perched against his desk pushed Jane over the edge. "Oh fuck!!! Ooooohhhh yesssssss!" she cried as she came, her body shaking violently.

Shona gripped Jane's thighs, pulling her friend's quivering pussy even more firmly against her mouth. Jane's body flinched every time Shona's tongue brushed against her clit. Her juices flowed out of her cunt, coating Shona's face as she continued to feast on Jane's pussy.

"Oh...oh... oooohhhhhhh!" Jane moaned as her body shook. Her orgasm peaked, subsided and peaked again, over and over until Jane could endure no more. Her knees suddenly gave way and she slumped to the floor. Turning round, she kissed Shona passionately, tasting her essence on her friend's lips. "Mmmm, thank you," she murmured dreamily. "Your turn now," she added, kissing Shona again.

As Shona stood up to lean against the desk, she felt Jane's fingers unfasten her skirt. As the skirt fell to the floor, she felt the cool air in the office on her bare buttocks. The soothing balm on Jane's hands acted quickly to reduce the stinging in her enflamed cheeks.

Just as Jane had done before her, Shona quickly unbuttoned her blouse. Pulling down her bra, she let her large, firm breasts hang free. She smiled coyly at Mr. Beattie as he stroked his cock, enthralled by the show that the two head girls were putting on for his enjoyment.

Jane used her fingers to spread Shona's enflamed lower lips. Shona moaned as Jane began to tease her clit with her fingers. Leaning forward, Jane darted her tongue in and out of her friend's tunnel as she caressed her swollen bulb with her fingers. "Oh fuck, that's good," breathed Shona as she started to play with her breasts.

Spotting the bottle of lotion out of the corner of her eye, Shona reached for the bottle. Pouring some onto the palm of her hand, she rubbed her hands together then raised them to her breasts. "Mmmmmm," she sighed as she rubbed the lotion into her firm, fleshy globes, teasing her erect nipples with her fingers as her friend's tongue lapped at her pussy.

Mr. Beattie stroked his cock as he watched his two favourite students make love to each other. He was torn between watching as the two friends with their firm, sexy young bodies pleasured each other and wanting to join them, to feel his cock plunge into their tender young pussies. There had been times when they'd performed, individually, for him before, driving him mad as they masturbated in front of him but this was the first time that they had ever made love to each other in his presence. Not surprisingly, Mr. Beattie felt a growing excitement as he watched the girls' antics.

Teasing Shona's clit with her fingernails, Jane sucked on her friend's moist labia, teasing them with her tongue. Shona's juices flowed copiously from her pussy, trickling over Jane's tongue Working her tongue into the folds of Shona's muffin, Jane felt her roommate squirm in response to her touch.

Shona squeezed her nipples between her fingers, pulling on them, savouring the pain as the heat of her pussy spread through her body. She closed her eyes. In her mind she relived countless adventures that she and Jane had experienced as her friend feasted on her pussy.

Shona remembered the photo session where she and Jane had posed for and fucked a room full of men. She relived the night of their friend, Amanda's birthday, when Amanda, Jane, Sandra and she had entertained and serviced the needs of twenty men. Her mind filled with images of herself sucking and fucking a host of different men in numerous locations, sometimes together with Jane and sometimes on her own. Each image added to her arousal as it played across her mind, bringing her inevitable climax closer.

As the tension in her body mounted, Shona began to moan softly. Jane's fingers were pumping in and out of her cunt, twisting inside her as her clit throbbed in response to the tender caress of Jane's tongue. Shona's body began to tremble. "Oh shit! Oh Jane! I'm cumming!!!" she gasped as the first spasms of her orgasm began to ripple through her pussy.

Jane sucked hard on her friend's clit, she could almost feel it pulse and throb between her lips. "Yes! Yes!! Oh fuck, yessssss!!!" Shona cried, gripping the edge of the headmaster's desk for support as the sensations of her climax grew in intensity. Jane used her tongue to keep Shona at a slow boil, feeding the fires of her climax. Shona's hips bucked, her body shook violently as her orgasm peaked again and again.

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