tagNovels and NovellasSt. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 18

St. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 18


"Look at the size of her tits!" the boy said, staring through the grill that gave him and his friends a clear view of the two girls, one blonde, one brunette and both with generously curved and undeniably sexy bodies, in the showers below. "What wouldn't I give to be able suck on those or to have them wrapped around my cock?"

"Yeah right! Dream on!" replied one of his friends, "Those two are pros. They wouldn't even let us anywhere near them," he added, referring to the St. Mary's head girls, Shona and Jane.

"I've got them!" the third boy announced as he scrambled into the cubby hole to join his friends. Wearing an almost imbecilic grin he brandished two pairs of blue cotton gym slip knickers. Holding each pair under his nose in turn, he sniffed the crotches, damp with the girls' perspiration, inhaling their scent. "My brother says that they've fucked just about every boy in upper sixth as well as most of the male teachers in both schools," the he said, passing one pair of knickers to each of his friends. "If I had the chance, I'd give the dark haired one, Shona, a good seeing to. I'd do her so hard she'd be begging me to stop!" he said as his friends took turns sniffing their prizes.

His friends exploded with laughter then stopped abruptly, peering cautiously through the grill to see if the girls had heard their outburst. Satisfied that their presence remained undetected they relaxed. "With that matchstick you call a dick, she wouldn't even feel you." the first boy replied, teasing his friend. "I'd rather have the blonde one, Jane. Do you think she takes it up the arse?"

"Of course she does, they both do!" The second boy answered emphatically.

"How do you know?" the third asked.

"Because my brother had them both when they banged the Castle Rock rugby team with two of their friends."

Having heard the boys' laughter, Shona smiled to Jane. "We're being watched again," she whispered to her friend.

"I know," replied Jane in an equally quiet tone. "D'you feel like giving 'em a little show?" she asked.

"Just what kind of show did you have in mind?" asked Shona with a wicked sparkle in her green eyes.

"Just follow my lead," replied Jane, pouring a generous amount of shower crème on to her hands and working it into a rich lather. "Turn round," she said softly.

"Mmmmm," purred Shona as she felt Jane's body press against her back. "Oh that's good!" she sighed as Jane's lathered hands began to glide over her large breasts, their surface slick from the water of the shower. Jane kissed and nibbled on her friend's neck and shoulders as she caressed and squeezed Shona's breasts. Shona squirmed against her and Jane felt her friend's nipples stiffen under the touch of her fingers.

Shona turned round. Her breasts pressed against Jane's as she gave her friend a lingeringly passionate kiss. Her tongue danced in Jane's mouth as the water from the shower cascaded over their bodies.

"Fuck they're hot!" exclaimed the first boy, fingering the still damp gusset of the knickers that one of the girls, Jane he hoped, had been wearing only a few minutes earlier. "I'd give anything to be down there with them," he added. This wasn't the first time that the boys had watched girls in the shower. While they had seen scores of young women from their vantage point behind the grill, washing away the sweat of their exertions, never before had they had the courage to attempt such a daring theft. That, coupled with witnessing a scene such as the one that was unfolding before them, was like all their wet dreams suddenly made true.

Cupping Jane's large, firm breasts in her hands, Shona began to kiss them tenderly, licking away the spray from the shower with her tongue. Jane had her fingers clasped in her friend's long, brown hair, pulling her head firmly against her. "Fuck, Shona," she gasped, "you really know how to drive me crazy." She let a soft "Aaaahhhh!!" of pleasure escape from between her lips as her friend bit softly on her nipple, her tongue flicking over its tip as she gently puled it with her teeth.

Jane felt herself getting wet, and not just from the shower. Her pussy burned, aching to be filled with a long, hard, thick cock. "Oh, Shona," she groaned, "if you were a man I'd have you inside me now!"

Shona stood up and laughed. "If I were a man," Shona said as she pulled Jane's head towards her breasts, "I wouldn't have these now, would I?" she asked playfully, shaking them against her friend's face.

"Mmmm, true," was Jane's muffled reply, her face buried in Shona's generous cleavage.

As Jane's tongue flicked over her breasts Shona ran her hand up the inside of her friend's thighs. Jane squirmed, as Shona's fingers slipped between her moist lower lips, brushing over her clit. Feeling her friend's fingers press against her throbbing bulb, Jane sighed. She took Shona's nipple between her lips, sucking it onto her mouth, flicking it with her tongue.

"Fuck that's good," moaned Jane as Shona slid two fingers into her wet muffin, twisting them around as she pumped them in and out. Letting her fingers trace a path through Shona's soft, dark curls, Jane found her friend's entrance, warm, moist and inviting. She teased Shona's lips for a few seconds before plunging her fingers into her friend's pussy.

The boys watched, spellbound, as the two friends, kissing passionately, their breasts squashed together as the warm water flowed over their bodies, fucked each other with their fingers. What they were watching was hotter than anything they'd ever seen in any porn movie. The only thing that would have made it better for them was if there was some way they could join in. Nursing painful erections, all three knew that they would jerk off later, fantasising about the two St. Mary's girls.

Supporting each other as their bodies began to shake, the girls began to moan as their climaxes approached. "Oh Shona... oh yes... that's it... don't stop!" cried Jane as she bucked her hips against Shona's fingers, forcing them deeper into her quivering pussy.

"Oh fuck, Jane... keep rubbing... Oooohhhh, mmmmm!" sighed Shona as the walls of her cunt contracted around her friend's thrusting fingers.

The girls' cries of pleasure increased in volume as the sensations intensified. Behind the grill, the boys could hardly contain their excitement as the two St. Mary's girls finger fucked each other to a climax. The two friends' bodies shook violently as they came together, their fingers buried deep in each other's pussies.

The two friend's finally broke their embrace. "Fuck, that was wonderful," panted Jane, "I guess I must've needed that."

"Mmmm," replied Shona dreamily. "I think they've probably seen enough. Let's go and get dressed," she added, giving Jane a quick kiss.

Reaching the bench in the changing room where they had casually dumped their squash kits before going for their shower, the girls vigorously towelled themselves dry. "The dirty little bastards!" Jane exclaimed as she began packing her kit into her bag.

"What is it?" asked Shona as she brushed her long brown hair.

"Our knickers," replied Jane, "looks like those little wankers have helped themselves to them."

"Our sports ones or the ones in our bags?" Shona asked with a note of concern.

Jane rummaged quickly through her bag and then through her friend's. "Just our sports ones," Jane replied, "Probably never occurred to them that we'd have a change."

"That's a relief," sighed Shona, "Craig would have been most upset if I'd lost that new thong he'd bought me. As for the other ones, they're welcome to them. The little tossers probably have them wrapped around their dicks, having a wank even now," she said. Jane laughed as she started to dry her hair.

Quarter of an hour later, the girls emerged from the Sports Centre into the midst of a gloriously warm and sunny afternoon. "What do you want to do now?" Shona asked Jane. "It's much too nice to be inside revising and our next exam isn't until Wednesday, anyway," she added.

Jane pondered this for a moment. "Why don't we head down to Hunter's Hollow?" she asked. "We can soak up the sun and, if it gets too hot, go for a dip in the lake."

Shona considered her friend's idea. "Good thinking," she said, "do we want to go straight there or should we nip back for our swimsuits first?"

Jane laughed. Her ice blue eyes sparkled mischievously in the sunlight. "Do were really need our swimsuits?" she asked.

"No," replied Shona with a smile, "probably not and I've got some sun cream somewhere at the bottom of my bag."

"That'll do nicely then," said Jane, "C'mon, let's go!"

Half a mile from the school gates, the friends turned onto the path that led to the lake in the woods. A few minutes into the woods and they found the overgrown start of the deer trail that lead to their favourite, deserted cove on the lakeside. Picking their way gingerly through the brambles and underbush, Shona and Jane made their way deeper into the forest.

After a few minutes, Shona stopped suddenly, lifting a finger to her lips. "Sssshhh," she whispered, "can you hear something?" Listening intently, the girls could make out a faint moaning sound.

"It's coming from that direction," Jane answered, pointing towards the source of the faint keening. "Let's take a look," she said with a slightly wicked grin.

Slowly and quietly, the girls made their way towards the source of the sound. As the friends ventured deeper into the woods, the moans slowly crystallised, becoming identifiable as a girl's voice. "Oh yes... Oh fuck yessss... Fuck me... Oooohhh fuck me harder!" urged the voice.

"That sounds like one of the Baker twins," Jane said quietly to her friend, "I wonder which one?"

"It's coming from just over there," Shona replied, pointing in the direction of the moans that were slowly increasing in volume, "let's take a peek."

Crouching low, Jane and Shona crept stealthily towards the source of the sound. Reaching the edge of a small clearing they ducked back quickly so as not to disturb the couple whose activities had drawn the two friends towards this spot.

The man was lying on his back, his face obscured by the back of the naked girl who was moaning incoherently as she impaled herself on his cock. Shona and Jane could see the man's cock disappearing into the girl's cunt as she bounced with increasing abandon up and down on him.

"It's Avril," Shona whispered to Jane.

"How do you know?" asked Jane in an equally hushed tone.

"The birthmark on her hip," Shona replied, "Audrey doesn't have that. Who's that with her?"

"Dunno," replied Jane, "can't say much for his taste though," she added maliciously.

The friends continued to watch the couple as they fucked, clearly oblivious to everything other than their own pleasure. Shona found the scene strangely arousing. While she didn't like Avril she had to admit that she did have a good body. The twins insisted in portraying themselves as whiter than white and while Audrey, Shona was willing to concede, probably was almost as innocent as she seemed it was well known that Avril, who made such a show of being everything that Shona and Jane weren't, had a darker side. Finding her arch rival in such a compromising position, Shona wondered how she and Jane could exploit it to their advantage.

Glancing around, Shona's gaze fell on the clothes, tossed carelessly over an overturned tree trunk on the far side of the clearing. "Do you think we could make it round there without being noticed?" Shona whispered to Jane as she pointed towards the discarded clothing, a wicked glint in her eye.

"Probably," replied Jane, "but why?"

"Just watch," replied Shona with a knowing wink. "You keep a look out and whistle or something if they look like moving." With that, Shona disappeared silently into the undergrowth.

As she waited for her friend, Jane watched, entranced, as Avril Baker fucked her unknown man. From what Jane could see of his cock as it slipped into her cunt, he seemed to be generously proportioned. Despite her intense dislike of Avril, Jane felt the slightest twinge of envy as she watched her enemy being fucked by her vigorous and well endowed lover. Realising that she was becoming turned on by what she saw, Jane had to fight down an almost irresistible urge to join in.

Shona skirted the clearing silently. What little noise she made was drowned out by Avril's cries of pleasure. She forced herself to speed up, judging, by the intensity of the grunts and moans issuing from Avril, that her climax was approaching. Reaching the tree trunk, Shona risked a quick glance at the couple in the middle of the clearing. Both were oblivious to her presence, aware of nothing but each other and the imminent closeness of their release.

Moving quickly but quietly Shona gathered up Avril's clothes, leaving only those of the unknown man whose cock she was so clearly enjoying. Stuffing them into her bag, she made her way back to where Jane was waiting.

Spellbound, watching the scene before her, Jane didn't notice her friend's return. She almost cried out when Shona tapped her on the shoulder. "C'mon!" urged Shona, "We'd better make ourselves scarce!" With a questioning look, Jane followed her friend as the two girls made their way back to the path.

"What'd you do?" Jane asked when they were far enough away to risk talking normally.

"Weren't you watching me?" Shona asked. Jane shook her head. Noticing the slightly embarrassed look on her friend's face, Shona laughed. "I might've guessed," she said, giving Jane a knowing look. "I've got Avril's clothes," she added giving her bag an affectionate pat. Jane stared at her, her mouth open with surprise. "I was just going to steal her underwear," Shona continued, "but then I thought, fuck it, and took the lot. I left his. I'm sure if they're creative enough they'll figure some way out of their predicament."

Jane laughed. "I wish I could see the look on her face when she notices they're gone." she said.

"Me too," admitted Shona. "C'mon," she added, "let's get out of these woods and enjoy the sun while it's still hot," she added.

Before the girls had gone more than a few paces further down the path, the silence of the forest was shattered. The sounds of Avril's climax echoed through the trees. "Yessss! Yessss" Ohhhh YESSSSS! I'm cumming!!!!" she cried, her voice carrying on the still summer air.

"I wonder how long it'll be until her her cries of pleasure turn to anguish?" Jane asked.

"Dunno," replied Shona with a diffident shrug. Laughing, the friends continued on their way.

Emerging from the cool shade of the woods into the full heat of the afternoon, the girls picked their way down the winding cliff path that led to the lake. Reaching the foot of the cliff, Jane stopped to mop sweat from her brow. "It's even hotter now than it was earlier," she remarked.

"Hmmm," responded Shona absently as she kicked of her shoes. "The water's nice and cool though," she added as she let the water at the edge of the lake lap over her feet.

Reaching into their bags, the girls quickly unpacked their towels, still damp from their earlier shower and laid them on the ground. "I guess they'll dry out quickly enough in this heat," Jane said as she began to unbutton her blouse.

Stripping quickly to their underwear, Shona lit a cigarette before searching in her bag for the sun cream as Jane sat down on her towel. "Being a bit of a prude are we?" Shona teased her friend as she unhooked her bra, sliding the straps off her shoulders.

"Don't be silly!" laughed Jane, quickly removing her own bra as Shona began applying the sun cream to her body, "I was just getting myself comfortable," she added.

Shona laughed as her fingers rubbed the cream into her skin. Hooking her thumbs into the elastic of her minuscule lacy white thong, she turned towards her friend and smiled. "On or off?" she asked, wriggling her bum on the towel.

"Given how little they actually cover, is there really any difference?" Jane asked. "I can't believe you got Craig to fork out nearly thirty quid for those. Especially, given how little time you ever manage to keep your knickers on," she added.

"Good point," agreed Shona, sliding the flimsy scrap of material down along her long, shapely legs. "Anyway, you're a fine one to talk, Miss, bury me in a 'Y' shaped coffin, Jones," she added, taking another puff of her cigarette as she lay back on her towel and stretched out to bask in the afternoon's heat. "Besides which, Craig prefers my underwear when it's on the floor. I'm sure your Matt is no different with you."

"True enough," replied Jane, giving Shona a knowing wink. "Oh well, I guess that settles it," she added, quickly removing her almost equally scant G-string. "Be a dear and chuck us over the cream will you? Without even opening her eyes, Shona reached out lazily with one arm to pass the bottle to her friend.

"Mmmmm, that feels nice," Jane purred as she rubbed the sun cream into her breasts, her fingers gliding easily over the soft but firm, large globes. "What I need right now is a good, long, hard fuck!" Jane admitted as the heat on her naked body added to her arousal.

"You always need a good fuck," Shona laughed. "any idea who that was that Avril was banging?" she asked. "He certainly seemed well equipped, whoever he was."

I've no idea," replied Jane, "but I could do with what he had inside me right now!"

Shona laughed at her friend's frustrated tone. Rolling onto her front, she lit another cigarette. "Put some cream on my back, would you?" she asked.

Picking up the bottle, Jane sat astride her friend's legs as she applied some of the cream to her hands. Leaning forward, she began to rub her hands over Shona's back, spreading the cream over her friend's soft skin. "Mmmmm, that's nice," Shona murmured, feeling Jane's mound press against her arse as she leaned forward to rub Shona's neck and shoulders.

Shona wriggled her bum against Jane's mound and smiled as she heard her friend moan. "You stop that right now," Jane said, giving Shona's bare arse a playful slap.

"Ow!" complained Shona as she took another puff on her cigarette. "There was no need for that."

"Sorry," said Jane, "let me kiss it better." Shona felt her friend's lips press against her buttock and sighed softly.

As Shona smoked, Jane worked her way down her friend's back, over her bum and down the back of her legs. Shona felt the tension drain out of her body as Jane's fingers skilfully worked their way over her bare skin. "Once you've put that out, you can do mine," Jane said.

"Sure," replied Shona dreamily, taking another puff.

Shona stubbed her cigarette out in the sand beside her. "OK," she said, "your turn." Jane stretched out on her towel. Shona started at Jane's ankles, slowly working her way up her friend's legs. Applying more cream to her hands, she started on Jane's back. Reaching Jane's shoulders, Shona leaned forward, dragging her breasts over Jane's back as she applied the cream.

Jane wriggled below her friend. Shona's gentle fingers, the friction of her friend's nipples against her shoulder blades combined with the heat of the sun on her naked body added to Jane's arousal. "Oh fuck, Shona, you're really turning me on," she gasped as her friend nibbled tenderly on her neck.

"Good," replied Shona, working her hands round to massage the sides of Jane's breasts, "I would hate to think I was losing my touch."

Jane turned around. "No chance of that," she said, smiling as she reached up to pull Shona towards her. Their lips locked together in a passionate kiss, their tongues dancing in each other's mouths as their hands caressed each other's bodies. "Oh, Shona!" Jane gasped, "I love the way you always make me feel so good."

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