St. Valentine Defeats the Wolf


Lifting the bright lamp that had just been lit he slowly stepped into the larger room, quickly scanning his surroundings to determine his next action.

"Yes, Lysurgis, take the lamp to the altar. We must be able to witness the sacrifice." a voice rang out from higher in the small amphitheatre the room was revealed to be. As the man spoke, clearly the head priest, Vincentius saw and heard more people enter the room and begin to move into the seats. Some came to the low rows but most remained in the high seats near the entry they had used. He was relieved that the room was far from filled.

Vincentius stepped forward around some pillars and almost cried out as he saw Lavinia spread naked on a low slab of stone, bound hand and foot. Even as he shuddered at her helplessness he couldn't help admiring the beauty of her body, shivering in the cold and damp of this cavern. One lamp was already placed on a plinth on the far side of the alter and an empty plinth stood near Vincentius. He slowly approached to place the lamp, attempting to buy some time to make a plan. As he neared the alter he saw the wolf. He had seen many wolves during his service in Gaul and this one, while not large, was a deadly beast. It's bright eyes watched him silently and with a single message, 'I can defeat you.' The cage door had a latch that was triggered by a string that led... there, a protected alcove behind the flanking pillars. After placing the lamp he moved toward the alcove, hoping that was his role in the coming spectacle - a role he wouldn't fulfill.

The main priest came down the aisle of the amphitheatre still greeting the guests as they found seats. Vincentius saw a dagger hanging in the belt of the priests robe and knew this was his goal. The priest stepped before the altar and turned to begin addressing the crowd. Vincentius had no patience with this and darting out of the wings he wrapped an arm around the priests neck and grabbed the dagger with the other. Placing the point of the dagger on the priests cheek stilled his struggles.

"Flee or die!" he shouted to the crowd, hoping to panic the crowd of soft merchants here for the spectacle more than piety. Most of the crowd fulfilled their role, rising and running for the exit with shouts of fear. A few at the front paused, considering their course of action but did not advance to protect the priest. Only one man defied the command and came forward.

"Release him!" Cassian wailed in his weak, quavering voice. "The ceremony must proceed!"

Vincentius marvelled that this soft lump of a man would challenge him and knew that it was ignorance and bluster that brought Cassian forward. Ignoring this toothless threat he flung the priest to the side and turned to Lavinias bonds, sawing at the rope that held her left hand with a dagger that was far duller than he had imagined.

Cassian went to the priest and helped him rise, still calling out, "The ceremony, it must begin! Release the beast! She must die, Lavinia must die!"

Even the priest was disgusted by this craven display but he also wanted the ceremony to complete if only to spare himself future discomfort. He ran to the alcove and pulled at the lever that released the wolf. In the past he'd always had time to prepare the sacrifice with the ritual cuts which lured the beast to the attack. This sacrifice lacked that enticement but he felt sure the beast would fall on the naked and defenseless flesh before it.

Vincentius had barely released one wrist when he heard the cage latch clang and he raised his head to face the wolf across the naked body of Lavinia. The wolf leaped the moment the door started moving and slammed the bars out of her way. Without a pause the wolf darted for the alcove where it's captor and tormenter stood. The animal flung itself against the door and entered the alcove, all teeth and claws, raging at the priest.

The priest shrieked as he saw the coming attack but could do nothing to defend himself as the wolf snapped and tore at his legs until he collapsed. His screams then descended into gurgling wetness as the wolf tore at his throat, then silence.

The room was silent for a fraction of a second. All had happened so quickly that the observers were stunned for a second. The men remaining in the seats reacted first, turning and fleeing wordlessly from the presence of the beast. Vincentius moved across Lavinias prone body, keeping to the side of the room and not blocking the wolfs exit from the alter. Cassian stayed frozen, his face pale as the wolf raised it's bloody snout from the ruin of the priests body.

Without a sound the wolf turned and leaped at the only person blocking it's exit, Cassian. The soft arms raised automatically to protect himself but were knocked aside as the wolf aimed unerringly for the kill. Cassian hardly had time to make a noise as the jaws closed on his throat, clamping and tearing. One heel drummed on the floor briefly in his death throes, then all was silent again.

The wolf turned to look at Vincentius with it's golden eyes, judging whether he was a threat. Time froze as one hunter observed the other. The wolf then turned and silently trotted down the side passageway that he had been carried down a short time previously.

Vincentius was frozen himself, staring at the doorway the wolf had left through, thoughts racing in his head. His reverie was broken when Lavinia broke into sobs as the fear and violence took it's toll on her mind. Vincentius comforted her for a moment, then returned to the bonds. He was afraid that the others would return at any moment.

Once she was free Lavinia stood shakily and Vincentius gave her the robe he'd used as a disguise. The two moved to the side passageway and followed the wolfs path through the tunnel until they exited to the street and from there to the elders house.

There Lavinia had a tearful reunion with Mercuria who pressed a pouch of money into her hand to speed her journey from Rome. Lavinia promised to write with her location and Mercuria departed for her home.

Lavinia and Vincentius were shown to a room with apologies from their host for the lack of accomodations for two. Lavinia moved to the wash basin and dropped the ill-fitting robe with her back to Vincentius as he closed the door. Turning to watch her again caress her lithe limbs with the damp sponge he felt his pulse quicken and his cock twitch with desire. He felt embarrassed from his reaction and turned his back, sitting on the bed.

'There is no reason she will want me now that she's free of Cassian,' he thought to himself. He steeled himself and spoke, "I will rest on the floor and escort you to the gates tomorrow. We will find a merchant to transport you Northward." He flinched as he felt her hands on his shoulders when she knelt on the bed behind him.

"I will need an escort. A common woman travelling alone will be prey for all the predators of the highway."

"The merchant, we will pay... ahhh." His words interrupted when her lips touched his neck and her hands came around his shoulders to rest on his chest. He turned his head toward her and she raised her lips to meet his. This contact seemed to release the frantic passions that they had each hidden from the other. Lavinia moaned as his lips pressed into her and his tongue pressed into her mouth to twist sensually with her own. Now she had not hope, but the reality of the man who inflamed her with passion.

Lavinia tore at his clothing and Vincentius could barely remove it before it was shredded by Lavinias need for this man. As he turned to her from removing his robe she dropped to her knees before him, grasping his rapidly thickening member with one hand, steadying them both with the palm of the other on his thigh. She was not content with slow teasing, instead she pulled the head of the thickening cock into her lips and sucked it into her mouth, swabbing the length with her tongue. She stroked her head up and down the shaft to wet it with her saliva, then pushed the large head to the back of her throat. She loved the feel of the hard shaft filling her mouth, such an amazing, new feeling that filled her with longing to feel the length of it in her already wet cunt.

Vincentius almost stumbled over Lavinia when she fell to her knees before him. He had hardly caught his balance when his cock slid into the hottest mouth he had ever felt. His cock felt scorched from the heat that wrapped him, sucking, pulling, stroking. He groaned wordlessly, lost in the sensations that flooded him from her attention. He had loved - and fucked - many women in the past but somehow this time was different, better. His already real desire for Lavinia flamed into a burning passion that could not be denied. He placed his palms gently on her cheeks and pushed her mouth off his cock, her mouth giving a firm 'pop' as the head emerged.

Bending down he easily picked her up at the waist and dropped her on the bed on her back. She spread her thighs and invited him into her with her hands and her voice, saying, "Oh, yes Vincentius, yes. Please take me, all of me. I've wanted you since the moment I saw you! Give me what I need, what I've never had. Fuck me, Vincentius! Fuck my cunt with your hard cock! Fill me with your virility!"

Vincentius used one hand to rake the head of his cock up and down the dripping lips of her pussy, spreading the juice over his swollen head and teasing her clit as he moved past. Once he was wet and Lavinia was groaning with need he placed the head at the opening to her spread cunt and started stroking himself inside. He wanted to restrain himself, to last forever in this moment so he didn't slam his cock in as he would to a slatternly camp follower. He slowly and steadily stroked in and out, deeper each time as his shaft was slowly lubricated by the wet flowing liquid from Lavinias spasming cunt.

Lavinia was panting and gasping as the first real cock she had ever felt pushed into her, into her most private, most intimate self. She groaned as his hips settled into her and the tip of the cock slid against her cervix. The stroking stopped then and she opened her eyes, looking into the blue pools gazing down at her with love and longing.

"I love you Lavinia. Accept me as your partner, your man, your protector forever."

"Yes! Yes, a thousand times yes!" she answered joyfully. "I love you, only you, ever since we met. Thank God that you saved me, that you took me away from the hell I was living. Cassian is dead now and we can begin a new life."

Vincentius felt that his heart would burst from joy and passion. That this perfect woman would accept him with such passion caused him to weep tears of joy as he began thrusting his hips again. The salty drops fell onto Lavinias face and neck and breast and she licked her lips, knowing that this wasn't the last of his fluids she would taste tonight and for the rest of her life.

Vincentius started groaning as his orgasm approached and his body tightened in anticipation. His cock swelled even further and Lavinias passion grew even greater. She slipped a hand between them to rub her aching clit desperately for relief from the enormous need within her.

A moment later Vincentius froze, his cock fully thrust within Lavinias open cunt. The spasming, jetting flow into her depths was a trigger that flung Lavinia into an orgasm unlike anything she'd experienced. She gasped and bucked her hips and spasmed as the cock stroked in and out of her, then Vincentius rolled off her and flopped onto his back on the bed. His breath came with ragged gasts as he lay with his eyes closed.

Lavinia recovered and sat up, walking her hands down his body, licking the tip of his cock to taste the tangy flavors of his seed and her fluid on the slowly softening member. She sucked it into her mouth to flood her tongue with the flavor of fulfilled need. Vincentius groaned and twisted at the sensations on his sensitive cock.

Laying back down beside him, one hand still gently grasping the appendage that she would not leave again, Lavinia smiled at her not-Nord.

"Perhaps we've blessed the old festival of Lupercalia with a new ritual," he said with a soft laugh.

"No, you have mistaken the true path," she said. "This night has destroyed the old cruelty with the love of our saviour for his people. This is St. Valentines day forever more!"


I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please share your opinion, good or bad, using the rating and comments section below.

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