tagErotic CouplingsStacey the Sinner Ch. 2

Stacey the Sinner Ch. 2


The very next night, a major coincidence happened, and once more Danny was left scrambling for an excuse for taking as long as he did.

He went out to dinner with Charmaine. As the two walked through the front doors of the restaurant, Stacey was entering a bar across the road with a friend. As luck would have it, she noticed them. She told her friend to wait inside, she would join her shortly. Then she walked across the road to the restaurant.

Danny saw her as soon as she walked in. His heart leapt with joy, love, and desire when he saw her. They made eye contact, and he saw her disappear down the stairs to the washrooms. He excused himself, telling Charmaine he left his wallet in the car, he'd be right back. He told her what to order for him, then he walked to the front and went straight down the stairs.

The clean, dimly lit hallway downstairs was carpeted in red, and Stacey was waiting for him around the corner at the bottom. "Hi!" she said happily. He felt movement in his pants, still affected by her beauty after all this time. She was wearing tight blue jeans, and a tight white shirt, with a small open jacket. Her beautiful cleavage was in full view, and he couldn't help but glance at it quickly before her arms were around his neck. She pressed him against the wall, her lips on his, her tongue darting deep into his mouth. His hands slid down to her ass, squeezing it as he sent his own tongue the other way.

He was conscious of her huge breasts pressed against him as their tongues explored each other's mouth. Tingles shot from her crotch, throughout her body, and her panties grew moist as their kiss grew more passionate. Their lips were smacking loudly and their breathing grew heavy.

Stacey slid her hand down his chest, down his stomach to his crotch, feeling the apparent bulge that had formed there. She squeezed it lovingly, and he sighed in her mouth. For a moment, he actually forgot that they were in a restaurant and that his girlfriend was just upstairs. The way women seemed to often go to the washroom, he was truly flirting with danger here. Stacey actually realized this before Danny did. She broke the kiss.

"Come into the girls room with me." she said, pulling him by the hand.

"No," he stopped, "the guys room is better. Less traffic." he reasoned. He led her to the door of the men's washroom and poked his head inside. Empty.

He led her inside, pulling her close as the door shut behind her. They were on each other again, kissing madly. The sounds of their kisses echoed throughout the room as she backed him towards the stall. He was so turned on he thought his cock would tear through his jeans! She was no less turned on as she shut the stall behind her and sat him on the toilet. She fell to her knees before him, her pretty hands fumbling with his belt, button and zipper. She got everything undone and forced his jeans and underwear down to his ankles.

6 inches of Danny's manhood stood tall for her, and she eagerly wrapped her fingers around his thickness. She was panting with desire, and she was squeezing her legs together tightly, trying to ease the tingling sensation in her pussy. Stacey bent over his lap and took his cock in her mouth, instantly sinking the entire thing inside. He moaned, his hands playing with the curls of her hair (which was up). She began to suck on it, bobbing her head up and down on him. 'slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp' she slurped loudly on his penis, eagerly giving him incredible head.

He watched her lips glide expertly up and down his shaft, he was under her spell completely (yet again). Stacey pulled Danny's penis out of her mouth with a loud 'slurp', and looked at him.

"I need you inside of me, Danny." she breathed sensually. He couldn't protest. He shared her desires. She stood up, undoing her button and zipper. She pushed her jeans and panties down her legs, revealing her gorgeous pussy. Perfectly shaved except for a treasure trail line of pubic hair at the top, her pink lips were swollen and moist. She stepped out of one side and left her clothes dangling off her other ankle. He watched her, helpless to resist as she straddled him. He was looking into her eyes as she pressed her pussy against his shaft. He could instantly tell that she was soaking wet down there. Stacey rubbed herself against him as her lips found his, kissing him eagerly.

She reached underneath her, lifting her ass off of him and grabbing his rock hard cock. She raised it up into the air touching it against the entrance to her treasure. He moaned as he felt hot tightness engulf him slowly. His penis slid entirely into her vagina all at once, and she held herself down on him, tongue exploring his mouth. His hands caressed her back and ass as she began to slide her cunt up and down his rod.

"Oh my God..." he moaned, breaking the kiss. It felt so incredible! Stacey's pussy was made for his cock, he realized. So hot, so slick, so tight. She moved in just the right way. And not just that time, but every time they made love. This woman knew exactly what he wanted, and just how to give it to him. Danny was now starting to realize why she had so much power over him, why he was her slave, why he was so in love with her. She was breathing heavily, trying to muffle her moans as she rode him with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

Just then, they heard someone enter the washroom. She held herself down on him, and raised her feet up in the air. His lips pressed against hers, muffling her heavy breathing as his hands held her ass down on him. He broke the kiss, and they smiled at each other, looking at each other lovingly as his thick penis rested deep within her. He kissed her cheek over and over, heading towards her ear. He licked her earlobe, sending tingles down her spine.

"I love you." he whispered softly. She could feel his cock, so deep inside her, grow even harder. Heart pounding, she kissed his cheek and neck.

Finally, they heard the washroom door open and shut as whomever it was left. Stacey put her feet back on the floor and resumed fucking him. Her wet pussy glided up and down his organ over and over, using long, passionate strokes. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she couldn't contain her soft moans as an orgasm built within her.

Danny grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and began to drive his cock upwards as fast and as hard as he could. He watched her beautiful face, her eyes were closed, her eyebrows raised as her body prepared for an orgasm. Who knew that when she went out to the bar with a friend she'd be cumming all over her lover's cock in a public washroom?

A few more lightening quick thrusts, and an orgasm slammed into her. "Ohhhhhhhhh!!!" she moaned, biting her lip, trying to keep quiet. Her entire body was flushed and tingling, her heart was pounding as she came. Danny did all the work, she was far too helpless in this condition. He thrust up into her pussy while it pulsated around him. He kissed at her neck and nipped at her ear as she tried desperately to come back to her senses.

It was right around this time when Charmaine began to really wonder why he had been gone for over 20 minutes. He should have been 5 minutes at the most. She looked at her watch impatiently, debating whether or not to go to the car and get him. She truly had no idea that her boyfriend's cock was in another woman's pussy at that very second.

Danny was losing it. His feelings for Stacey were too powerful. She was far too hot. He couldn't hold out another second. He slid his rampant hard-on far into her cunt and held her ass down on his lap.

At this point she had recovered enough to kiss him, and so she did. Her mouth completely covered his, her tongue slid deep into his mouth, kissing him with all the love and passion that she felt for him.

His penis spasmed inside her vagina, and thick stream of cum fired into her. She sighed into his mouth, still kissing him eagerly as he came inside her. More of Danny's hot seed shot out of his cock and into Stacey's fertile womb. "Mmmmm..." she moaned, lips smacking against his. She rubbed her pussy against his groin, milking every drop of his sperm out of him and into her.

Finally, his dick stopped twitching as the last of his semen dripped into his lover. She remained on top of him for a minute, smiling, kissing him softly. His penis softened inside her wet vagina as his hands caressed her ass and up her shirt over her back.

"I'm so glad I ran into you!" she said smiling.

"Me too." he replied, smiling back. She stood up, his manhood slipping out of her. Stacey stepped into her panties and jeans, pulling them up her sexy legs as he did up his pants. He kissed her at the doorway to the washroom and they made plans for the following weekend.

He poked his head out the door, noticed the coast was clear, and Stacey left, hurrying up the stairs. He wandered slowly up the stairs behind her, eyes on her gorgeous ass as she disappeared out the door of the restaurant. Danny couldn't wait for their plans next weekend. He did not yet know that those plans would include a home pregnancy test...

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