tagLoving WivesStacy's Pick of Europe

Stacy's Pick of Europe

byMoon Glade©

In high school I had been a late bloomer. I was a skinny gawky girl with braces and thick glasses who was very quiet and timid. I never had a date and had few friends other than girls like myself.

I finally began to fill out the end of my sophomore year in college. By then I was a total grind and not the least bit interested in the attention I began to receive. By the time I ended my junior year I had blossomed into a real beauty. The braces and glasses were gone and I had filled out into a very sexy woman. I began to overhear comments about my body that, although they embarrassed me, made me proud of my upturned breasts, long legs and shapely ass, but all the men my age seemed so immature and obvious in what they wanted that I refused every date.

I first met Brad when I was doing a summer internship prior to starting graduate school. I was 21 and he was an older man with a high degree of self-confidence and a relaxed attitude that put me at ease immediately. Brad was head of security at the large multi-national that I interned at. He became a mentor and a friend while I was there and suggested that I take an MBA with an emphasis on computer security systems. After graduation I went to work for the company where I had interned and often worked together with Brad in developing new security systems.

After a year with the company Brad had still not asked me out. We were working on a new project together when he asked me why I had didn’t accept any of the dates that I had been offered. I told him that I was waiting for someone whom I really cared about to ask me out, that the rest would just be a waste of time. Brad looked at me a long time and then said, “You know there is a large age difference”.

I answered that seven or eight years was not a large age difference, but he shocked me when he said, “Yes, but twice that is”.

I could not believe it when he told me that he had just turned forty. He was 17 years my senior. “I thought you were in your early thirties” I said incredulously.

“I take good care of myself, watch my diet, work out regularly and am blessed with good genes” he laughingly told me.

I looked speculatively into his eyes and made a decision then that I have never regretted and reached across the table and said, “I don’t care how old you are, so when are you going to ask me out?”

That night I gave Brad my virginity and had my first orgasm. I loved sex so much that we would often never leave his apartment on weekends. The more we did it the more I wanted it! I loved that raw feeling between my legs after several hours of non stop lovemaking and would often go to work on Mondays with swollen irritated pussy lips that would rub against my thong making me even hornier. We once did it six times in an eight hour period and when I went down on him to try for a seventh he laughingly pushed my head away and said, “If we keep this up I am going to get calluses on it and lose all sensitivity”.

The first seven years of our marriage were wonderful even if often I had more stamina then he did. By the time I turned thirty Brad was slowing down. He had started his own international security consultancy for multinationals and was under a tremendous work load. Sex between us was still good, but it wasn’t often enough or long enough for me.

One day Brad brought home a vibrator that we used to spice up our sex life. One night we were both totally covered with baby oil when he slid the vibrator into my anal passage while he was inside of me. We could feel the vibrations on his penis in my vagina only separated by the thin wall between my two passages. I could feel my impending orgasm building and building and then suddenly Brad groaned and came. When I begged him not to stop he told me that he was sorry, but that maybe I needed a man closer to my own age.

That night we had a long and honest discussion. When I told Brad that I could never be unfaithful to him he answered that he would not consider it unfaithful if it was just sex for the sake of sex. I told him that I was not the type of woman to go to bars and pick up one night stands and that in today’s world of sexually transmitted diseases that sort of behavior had serious consequences.

Brad asked what if he could arrange a completely secure, yet anonymous situation where I could choose from men that I knew where in good health. I answered, “What if one of them turned out to be some sort of a maniac? You are the only man I have ever been with, the only man I have ever been truly secure with, even if I knew that I would never see the man again and that he was totally healthy and did not know who I was I would still feel be afraid to have sex with someone I hardly knew and I would still feel like I was cheating on you”.

Brad reassured me that it would not be cheating on him because; if he set-up the situation, it would mean that he was bringing me the pleasure. The men would just be his instruments of my pleasure. Then came the real shocker when he told me he would never leave me alone with any of the men. That he would always be in the room.

“You mean…you would want to watch?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes”, he answered, “then it would be like I was the one making love to you. I would be the one bringing you the pleasure and I would enjoy watching your pleasure”.

Brad then outlined his plan. He was doing a seminar in New York City next month for all the European security heads for a large multinational. He then pulled out the personnel files from his briefcase of over a dozen men! Brad said, “Look these over, if you find anything interesting in them I will bring you to the conference and introduce you as the recently widowed wife of my cousin and explain that you want to end your mourning, but are afraid to without me there to protect you, as, other than your deceased husband, I am the only other man you have ever been with.”

“Oh, and what’s the name of your cousin?” I asked.

“Anything but Shirley” he answered, “someone might know that I have a wife named Shirley and put two and two together.”

“If I were to ever agree to something so crazy my name would have to be Stacy” I laughed.

“Why Stacy?”

“Stacy was a girl that I went to high school with. All the other girls talked about her, but I think we were all in secret awe of her. I know I was. Stacy was beautiful. She was a fully developed woman by the ninth grade. She had a reputation to match too. Stacy did not care in the least what others thought of her. She marched to her own drummer. By the time she graduated it was rumored that she had slept with all the hottest guys in the school and sometimes several at once. After graduation she moved to the city to become a model. During my sophomore year I got a call from an old high school girlfriend who asked me if I had seen the latest teen fashion magazine. Stacy was on the cover. By my senior year in college she was showing up in the society pages of all the major newspapers and while I was doing my graduate studies she married a famous political analyst and author who was quite wealthy. The last I heard they were living in the south of France. Since then the name Stacy has represented sexual freedom and self-assurance for me. I only wish I had her courage. What you are suggesting is impossible. I could never be Stacy” I said with a high degree of sadness and frustration.

That week, however, I did look over the files and the more I looked the more I actually considered doing it! Each file contained three photographs and a complete medical and work history.

All the men were extremely fit, in good to excellent health and between the ages of 29 and 38. I was now 33 and wondered what it would be like to be with a man that young. Brad was already 40 when I gave him my virginity. Most of the men were handsome and I found myself fantasizing more and more about what it would be like to sleep with one, or even several, of them. I began to stack the files into who my picks would be from most desirable to least. I immediately ruled out all the smokers. I cannot stand the smell of cigarettes or smokers. I then further narrowed down my fantasy to six men based on their photographs. I found myself wondering what it would be like more and more.

My first choice went back and forth between Rainer and Clive. Rainer was the security head of Germany. He was extremely handsome in a very Teutonic way. Blond hair, blue eyes, twenty nine years of age and not a once of body fat from what I could tell from his photographs. Clive was an Englishman, a graduate of Eton, had a nice smile, appeared to be an impeccable dresser, polo player thirty one years old and very very black. Rainer was the more handsome, but I kept thinking of what a contrast my white skin would make against Clive’s ebony body, my blond hair against his black stomach as I enveloped his black penis with my white mouth.

My third choice to fantasize about was Derek a Dutchman who just had a very pleasant none threatening look about him. Like Clive and Rainer he was of average height and was extremely fit. Like me he taught aerobics three nights a week at a gym and enjoyed swimming and dancing.

My fourth choice was a Swede named Bjorn who was obviously a body builder and much bigger than all the others. I wondered what it would be like to have sex with someone with such big muscles and if all his muscles were so well developed. From the little knowledge I had on the subject I knew that Brad had an average sized penis and I often wondered what it would be like to take a really large penis.

My last two choices fluctuated back and forth between fifth and sixth. Michel was a good looking French man and Guillermo was a good looking Italian. I wondered if Latin men were really the great lovers that they had for so long been rumored to be.

Although I never said anything, I think Brad knew that I was looking at the files and fantasizing about my choices. Our sex life became more active then it had been in years and when he began to call me his hot Stacy during love making I responded by referring to myself as Stacy in the third person and for some reason that freed me to say things and behave in a manner that I would never have considered before.

Two weeks prior to the conference while Brad had me fully impaled on his cock while sliding the vibrator into my ass he asked, “Does hot Stacy want to come with me to New York City?”

“Oh yes” I answered “Stacy is very very horny and wants to come to New York City so she can have lots and lots of hot hard cock.”

“Tell me who Stacy wants to fuck”, he asked.

“Stacy wants to fuck the German, the Englishman, the Swede, the Dutchman, the Frenchman and the Italian”, I answered as I ground myself down onto his pubic bone and felt the vibrator and his cock barely separated from one another inside me as I began to spasm in orgasm.

The next morning I told Brad that I would come with him to the conference, but that I would not guarantee anything would happen. Brad said he understood and that the choice would be totally mine.

Brad would arrive on Wednesday and would arrange the conference into two groups. The east Europeans (basically all the smokers) would be invited to an orientation dinner on Thursday evening and be scheduled to depart on Sunday morning. The west Europeans (which included my six choices) would be scheduled to start the conference on Friday morning with a follow up dinner on Saturday evening and asked to have departures back to their home countries late Sunday so that any loose ends could be tied up Sunday morning and early afternoon.

That schedule would allow me the opportunity to meet my ‘candidates’ Saturday evening and I could use that meeting to help me make my final decision.

Brad told me that from the time the first attendees arrived I would have to be careful to avoid meeting any of them until he met me for dinner that Saturday evening. He would then introduce me as his cousin’s widow who lived in the city and I would join them for dinner.

As our flight got closer to New York I found myself becoming increasingly nervous and horny. By the time we reached our hotel I could feel the growing nervousness in the pit of my stomach as well as a growing wetness between my legs. By the time we got to our room I was so nervous and horny that I practically raped my bemused husband. At one point Brad said, “Well I see I left Shirley at home and brought sexy Stacy to New York with me”.

I made sure to not leave the room until the conference sessions were going so that I would not run into any of the attendees. During a few of those periods I found myself watching the pay per view porno’s and found myself particularly turned on by the scenes of double and even triple penetrations. Could I ever do something like that I wondered?

Finally Saturday night arrived and I came into the restaurant dining room at 7:30 to meet my ‘cousin’ for dinner. After the introductions Brad asked me to join them for dinner and I accepted providing that I was not interrupting anything and that they would not all be talking business. During that meal my previous choices were confirmed with the exception of Rainer, who had a certain hardness about him that put me off, and Bjorn who was just too big. Bjorn was so massive that his size intimidated me even though I found myself wondering what it would be like to feel him overpowering and penetrating me. I could not imagine how big his penis must be and my fear overruled my curiosity.

We excused ourselves at about nine. Brad told the others that we had some things to discuss and that he would see them for breakfast at nine the next morning. When we got up to the room I asked Brad if he was sure that this was what he really wanted? He looked at me a long time and then said, “Yes”.

I asked, “How will we do this?”

Brad answered, “Tomorrow at breakfast I will tell them that we ended up spending the night together, that it was the first time I have ever been unfaithful to my wife, but that you were very very needy after more than a year without sex. That you had never been with a man other than your husband and at first got our night of sex mixed up with love. That I had convinced you that you were mixing sex and love up and that you needed to experience other men before leaping to conclusions about us and that I convinced you to do just that".

"But I am afraid of being alone and intimate with someone who is still a virtual stranger", I protested.

"I will also tell them that you stipulated that I be in the room at all times for your safety and also to show you that I am not in love with you. I will tell them that I am afraid that you may contact my wife and destroy my marriage unless I prove to you that it was only sex between us and nothing more. I will then ask willing volunteers in the group to write their room number on the back of their business card and give it to me and to stay by the phone until the late afternoon. That you may call one, none or all of them and ask them to come to the room.”

“Do you love me?” I asked.

“You know the answer to that”, he answered.

“Then how can you watch me be with other men? I implored him.

“It is because I love you that I want you to experience all the sexual pleasure that I can possibly obtain for you in a safe secure and controlled environment that is anonymous. I will not feel that you are cheating on me. As long as I am in the room watching your pleasure I will not only have a sense of participation it, I will feel that I am the one pleasuring you and in a sense that will be true since I am the one who has arranged this for you”

“I am so lucky to have you for a husband, I love you so much”, was all I could say.

We kissed for a few minutes and then I said, “I only am interested in four of them”.

“You can call as many or as few of them as you like, the others will just spend an afternoon in their rooms waiting and hoping for your call”, Brad responded.

The next morning when Brad went down for breakfast I took a long shower, shaved my legs and had put on only my white thigh highs, high heels, pearls and earrings when Brad returned from breakfast and he put a handful of business cards into my hand.

I shuffled the cards in my shaking hands and pulled out the four cards I was most interested in. I shuffled the four cards several times before ordering them Derek, Clive, Michel and Guillermo. I then took Brad into my arms and asked him, “Are you sure this is what you really want? What if…if I enjoy it too much? What if I enjoy it more than…I mean what if I become a complete…what if after I do this I want to do it again and again?”

He didn’t answer but began to kiss me. I dropped to my knees in front of him and unzipped his pants and took him into my mouth while I imploringly looked up into his eyes. Brad pulled me to my feet and in one smooth motion lifted me up and impaled me on his cock. I felt so wanton in just pearls, thigh highs and high heels feeling his suit brush against my naked and aroused nipples as he plunged into me. Before I could cum I could feel his sperm filling me and as he lowered me onto the bed he said, “I think you will appreciate that lubricant and warm up Stacy”, and he picked up the phone and called Derek before I could say anything.

I only had a few minutes to run into the bathroom and clean myself up before I heard a knock at the door and Brad opening the door. I could still feel Brad’s cum inside me, but all the outward traces I had toweled off. There I was in the bathroom with only my white thigh highs, high heels, pearls and earrings on and I could hear Brad saying, “Stacy will be out in a minute”.

I thought of wrapping a towel around me then realized how ridiculous that would be. After a few minutes my husband said, “Stacy you have a visitor, are you coming out?”

A few more minutes passed while I frantically thought about what I really wanted. Finally I decided to be Stacy; to be the totally free uninhibited woman that I had so wanted to be my entire life. I walked into the room as self confidently as possible smiled and said, “Hello Derek”.

I could feel how rigid my nipples were. They felt like two radar beacons blinking in the night as I felt my pulse pounding in each of my rigidly erect and hard nipples. I looked to my husband for reassurance and a moment of awkward silence passed through the room. Finally Brad said, “Why don’t you come over here and give Derek a kiss”.

I walked across the room and into Derek’s arms. His mouth came down on mine and as my tongue sought his I thought about the scene that my husband was watching: His wife who was a virgin when they met, who had only known him as a lover, nearly nude in another man’s arms and passionately returning his kisses.

I was so hot. I had never in my life been so turned on. I began to quiver with sexual need as I dropped to my knees in front of Derek and began to fumble with his pants. When I pulled his already erect member from his pants I closed my eyes and hungrily took it into my hot mouth. As I began to suck him with wild enthusiasm I heard my husband say, “Stacy Stacy you are such a hot little slut, you just love a man’s cock in your mouth don’t you?”

My eyes came open and I looked into my husband’s eyes with a mixture of emotions. I felt sadness and regret at what I was doing, but at the same time I was elated and enjoyed the look of tragic despair in my husband’s eyes as I frantically sucked on another man’s cock. I continued to look into my husband’s eyes as I plunged my mouth down again and again onto Derek’s cock. My eyes widened as I felt the cock in my mouth begin to ejaculate and I swallowed every drop as my husband watched his wife turn into a sexual animal.

Derek lifted me up and we got on the bed. We kissed for a few minutes and then he started kissing my neck, then my chest, then my nipples and lower, I could feel his tongue in my navel and then along the inside of my thighs above my white thigh highs. I looked over at Brad in confusion. I was still wet with his cum inside me. Should I stop him before…and then I felt his tongue plunge into me and I moaned as I began to have my first orgasm from someone other than my husband. Our eyes locked as I shuttered in ecstasy and my husband smiled back at me. Derek had not seemed to notice the presence of my husband’s sperm and when he kissed me on the mouth my tongue greedily sought for the traces of it our mingled juices on his tongue.

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