Stalking Amber Ch. 05


"It's ok, sweetie give me a sec," Fred dropped a quick kiss to her temple as he unlocked the second bolt.

"You don't understand," Amber whispered against his throat. "I was carried in here. I want to walk out."

Fred closed his eyes, hating himself for not being there. He had so many questions, most of which he didn't want answered. Gently lowering her to the ground, ignoring the sharp pain in his ribcage, he kept his arm about her waist to support her.

"I'm right here, sweetie," he murmured, taking her hand in his. Holding her up against his side, he bent to kiss her forehead.

From downstairs, they could still hear Brad screaming after them.

"Freddy?" Amber asked faintly, as they quickly made their way down the front steps to his car.

"Yeah?" he prompted.

"I don't mind the gravel," she mumbled, referring to his facial stubble. As her legs gave out, she went limp in his hold.

Panicking, Fred quickly felt her pulse, then her clammy forehead. Fiercely looking back at the house, Fred's features tightened as he considered going back to have another go. Instead, he called the police.

Clicking the belt across Amber's waist, in the act of reclining the seat, he froze as a thought struck him. The memory of Brad shouting after them. What if she was pregnant?

Fred quickly shook his head to repel the thought. He had Amber back, and she was ok. They would be ok. All of the other details could wait.


Curled on her side, Amber slowly roused. She blinked her eyes open and tried to stretch, but she was stuck in a foetal position, with a man curled about her. Looking down at the thick, bare arm about her shoulders, Amber's eyes narrowed disbelievingly at the red scratches on the bicep.

"Did you really think I'd let you go?" Brad murmured, his tongue flicking her earlobe.

Unable to speak, Amber gasped and jolted against him, but his arms tightened about her, and she couldn't get free. Glancing down, she was naked. Her bright eyes widened with horror as she saw her stomach, slightly swelled with the curve of growing life.

"No! How-?" she screamed, twisting in his hold.

"Amber! Calm down," he warned, squeezing her. "You'll frighten our child." Pinning her under his weight, one large, warm hand stroked up over her belly and toward's her breasts. His deep, amused chuckle filled her ears.

"And now, we fuck," he laughed. Shifting behind her, his large cock probed about her pussy.

"NO!" Amber shrieked. Her eyes flew open, and she gasped for breath. She was home, in her apartment, and Fred was holding her. It was just Fred.

"Shush, sweetie, it's alright," he calmed her. When he saw she was awake, he sat up and retrieved a wet cloth from the side table. Applying it to her sweating temple, he bent over her, lightly kissing her soft lips. "Just breathe. Keep breathing."

Amber complied, taking shaky, deep breaths, recovering from the shock of the nightmare.

"If you need to be sick, I have the bucket right here," Fred said reassuringly, stroking her brow. "And I have one for me too, so we can be puke buddies," he joked, playfully kissing the tip of her nose.

Amber laughed weakly. Seeing someone vomit was Fred's pet hate.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he murmured, running his hand through her ruffled, light-gold hair.

She sat up and leaned her cheek against his bicep, savouring the warmth of his skin. "I'm ok, it was just a nightmare," she sighed, nuzzling his shoulder. Lying back, she reached out to pull Fred down to her. Gently lowering his bulk to her side, he drew her into his arms and rested his chin on the top of her head.

"I don't want you at the trial," he murmured. "I don't want him to see you."

"I don't want to see him, either. But I want to see him suffer." Amber sighed against his chest, the hairs tickling her cheek. Though she used to complain about it, she'd missed his chest hair. She'd missed everything about him.

"He's not worth it," Fred said roughly. "It's your decision, but I don't want you there. The guy is a primate. It's just what he'd want. Seeing you will set him off."

"It's not really my decision, babe. We both have to be there," she replied dryly, her tone suggesting the topic was at an end.

They quietly held each other. Fred's large body radiated heat, and he was careful not to use too much strength in his embrace. With a naughty little smile that Fred couldn't see, Amber wriggled more snugly into him, stroking a small hand along his torso, down his thigh, and he closed his eyes.

"Sweetie," he warned, giving her a little squeeze. "You're exciting me."

"So?" she said coyly, and playfully flicked his nipple with her tongue.

Aside from the nightmares and fleeting concerns about pregnancy, Amber was ecstatic to be home and determined to enjoy her freedom. She laughed, she joked, she had fun. More than anything, she relished being back with Fred.

But Fred was the same in every respect but one. Normally he'd have chased her into the bedroom long ago, but since bringing her home, he hadn't approached her. He was careful to touch her only in comfort or affection, but never sexually. Whenever things were at risk of heating up, he hastily retreated.

Amber strongly disagreed. What she went through with Brad had nothing to do with him. With a healthy sex-drive, she was very eager to resume that part of their relationship. After having him run her a bath, she tried to seduce him, but he would only sit by, refusing to bathe with her. When she'd try to sneak a hand down his pants, he'd gently remove it, telling her to be patient. He sometimes used his rib injuries as a last excuse, but she knew it was only that - an excuse. The injury was mild, and the pain conveniently surfaced whenever she tried to initiate anything sexual.

It wasn't a rejection, he clearly wanted her. She saw the way he watched her dress, or undress, his chest expanding with deep breaths, dark eyes burning with desire. His cock was almost always erect around her, and knowing how frustrated he was, Amber teased him about it dreadfully. But despite all her shameless efforts, he had himself under control.

But this time, they were both naked. Before going to sleep, Amber debated with Fred, finally convincing him it would help with her nightmares to feel his bare skin against her. Fred was no fool - he knew what she was playing at. But at the same time, whether for her sake or his own, he humoured her.

"So..." Fred trailed off disapprovingly, feeling her hot breath against his skin, and his cock quickly hardening. She'd just woken up from a screaming nightmare, it was a bad idea. But lying naked against her, he began to doubt his self-control.

"So, you can't expect me to lie alongside this fine specimen of a man, and not want more," Amber said, with mock offence.

Fred sharply inhaled as he felt her small, white teeth briefly close about his nipple in a teasing pinch.

"Amber," he warned, shutting his eyes with frustration.

"Yes?" he heard her innocent voice reverberate against him. Then her warm breath moved from his chest, down his abs, towards his...

"Swee- Amber!" he groaned, as her little, wet mouth slowly moved over the head of his cock. "Oh man..."

"Mmm-hmm," she moaned saucily, her mouth full of cock, feeling it immediately stiffen along her tongue.

"Oh man...oh man...Sweetie...please..." he panted, forgetting everything in his sexual frustration, rolling onto his back. She didn't cease sucking and followed his movements, bobbing up and down with more vigour.

It felt like an eternity since he'd had any kind of sex. After watching her longingly ever since she'd come home...the way she'd teased him...

Trembling with lust, Fred reached down and urgently stroked the top of her head, and his fingers fastened into a fist of her hair as he guided her up and down his thick length.

For a moment he watched her hotly - her cute, pink lips stretched around his girth, small rivulets of saliva escaping the corners of her mouth. Opening her eyes to meet his, Amber's pupils were dilated so that the normally pale-blue colour of her eyes was temporarily dominated by black. It was always the case when they were intimate, and Fred loved it. Dropping his head back on the pillow, he arched, feeling her soft, moist mouth suction him perfectly, her tongue swirling around his cock, massaging the sensitive area under the head.

"Oh man, suck it, Sweetie, suck it, yeah..." he grunted, lightly thrusting his hips in her face. He groaned as her mouth slid all the way down, taking him in her throat, then slowly up again, finishing in a long, wet, slurp.

"Maybe this is a bad idea?" she grinned at him, and moved forward, raising to her knees to rub his cock against her clit. As they made skin-to-skin contact, the smile wiped from her face and her eyelids lowered as pleasure took over.

"Sweetie," Fred said thickly, in a sexual daze. "Amber, I don't want you, oh, fuck!"

Amber ignored his protests and naughtily lowered himself over his cock, shutting her eyes as his wide length tightly squeezed inside her.

"So, I should stop?" she panted, opening her eyes and smiling wickedly. It felt so good to be intimate with him again, to be in control.

"Oh man," he gasped, tightly embedded inside her. It felt incredible. "Oh, Amber, fuck!"

"Ok, then, I'll stop," she breathed, and she began to raise off his cock, grinning as he groaned pleadingly. She loved teasing him. "I don't want to break another rib," she sighed sadly, but her eyes were bright with mischief.

"Ok, you hussy," he panted, quivering with arousal. Gripping her small waist with both hands, he lifted her up and set her beside him onto the bed. Rolling on top, she giggled as he nipped her neck and tickled her ribs. "Prepare to pay the price for teasing!"

"Freddy! No! Wait! No!" Amber squealed with laughter, gasping for breath as his fingers expertly danced down her waistline. Finally he stopped and lowered against her, his cock poking around her pussy.

"Hmm...what should I do with you now, little minx?" he murmured wickedly, pressing his hips forward.

Cheeks flushed with excitement, Amber wrapped her legs about his waist and strained up to meet his lips as he thrust forward. Opening her mouth, she answered him with her tongue, which sinuously merged with Fred's as he slowly began to pump into her. Occasionally their kiss was broken when one arched and gasped for air, otherwise they kissed in rhythm with Fred's thrusting.

Hooking one arm beneath her knee, Fred raised Amber's leg so he could go deeper, and that same arm reached under to gently squeeze her ass, travelling further to stroke her inner thigh and tease her pussy.

Fred raised slightly and watched Amber's beautiful eyes close with rapture, the healthy glow in her cheeks, pouting mouth slightly ajar. Her soft hair spread across the pillow in pale-blond streaks. She was exquisite.

"Oh!" Amber moaned, feeling his fingertips lightly dabbing across her pussy, locating her clit. "Oh, God, oh, Fred, I'm gonna come..."

Fred pumped more urgently with long, firm strokes, making sure she felt the difference between being without his cock, and completely filled by it. Raising a little, breathing heavily with exertion, he fucked her as hard as he could, stretching her leg back against her chest, rubbing her clit.

"Yeah, come for me," he panted, "come for me, now, Sweetie, now..."

" feels so....oh God...oh, God...OH!" Amber squeezed her eyes shut, rapidly raising her hips to meet his thrusts.

As her body seized up, her world rocked by her climax, Fred gently flicked her nipple, making her cry out as her orgasm peaked to new heights.

Watching her come, feeling her shudder against him with pleasure, Fred pushed into her to the hilt. Straining, his cock stiffened almost painfully inside her. Feeling her pussy clench and pulsate around him as the orgasm lasted, he gasped. Jerking his hips, his cock throbbed and exploded, filling her with cum.

Amber watched Fred as he came. Gazing up at him, she loved the intensity in the depths of his soulful, dark eyes. It was a connection she'd never felt with anyone else.

"Uhh, sweetie," he panted, dropping his head down to kiss her breasts.

"Mmmmm," Amber sighed happily. Relaxing after the blissful release, she felt great. It was wonderful not having to hold back, to freely enjoy a climax and her boyfriend's lingering attentions, without the exhausting anger and hatred that always followed her encounters with Brad.

Gently releasing her leg so she could wrap it about his waist, Fred exhaustedly curled over and kissed along her neck. Slightly recovering from the distracting sex, Fred frowned against her smooth skin. He shouldn't have given in. It wasn't right. But she wanted him. Didn't she?

Fred grimaced, remembering Brad's tormenting words. Did Brad make her come? Was she thinking about Brad just now? Had he really held back all this time for her benefit, or was he just scared she would decide Brad was better?

Amber felt his change in mood and wriggled under him. "Babe, are you ok? Fred?" She looked over his physique, worried she'd hurt him.

"'I should be the one asking you that," he muttered. Though he sounded remorseful, his tone was laced with bitterness. He pulled out of her and backed onto his knees.

Amber narrowed her eyes at him and sat up. "What's wrong?"

Fred hesitated, not quite sure. "I want you to be ok..." he began slowly. Rubbing his hands down his thighs, he considered how to voice his thoughts. "It's not fair on you to..." Exhaling angrily, he ran a hand through his dark hair. "What I'm trying to say is, it was hard for me, too."

"I know," she murmured. "Fred-"

"I just need to know," he continued, edging closer but still keeping his distance. "I need to know I'm the one you want. That you still feel the same way as before when you said..."

Amber watched him quietly. "Do you have doubts?"

"No," Fred quickly shook his head. "It's just...well. Look at you." His eyes were pained as they ran over her features. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, and he knew he wasn't alone in his opinion.

"And he...well..." Fred wanted to punch something, aggravated by the conversation, by his struggle to be articulate. "He wasn't exactly unfortunate looking," he finally muttered, a red tinge creeping across his cheekbones.

Seeing Amber open her mouth angrily, he quickly went on. "It's not that I think you want him, it's just... there will always be guys hitting on you. And maybe they'll have more to offer than me. And...Christ." Fred cast his eyes to the ceiling. "I know I sound like a fucking idiot." Pinching the bridge of his nose, he tried again. "I want you to be happy, and if you can't be happy with me, I need to know now."

Amber crawled forward and reached up to cup his face in her hands.

Laughingly, she shook her head at the intensity in his face. "I've never seen you so insecure. This is just what he wanted. To get to you. To get to us." Releasing his face, she sat back on her heels. "I love you, Fred." She shrugged the simple truth. "I always did. Everything I said before, I meant."

She jumped as Fred suddenly tugged her into his arms and raked a hand through her hair, guiding her to look up at him.

"You want me? Forever?" he breathed, gazing piercingly down at her startled features.

Bewildered, Amber opened her mouth to speak, but nodded instead.

"I won't share you, Amber," he said firmly. "With anyone."

"I won't share you, either," she teased, straining up to kiss his cheek. "I've seen how the women in your office look at you."

"Really?" he smiled back. "I never noticed."

Amber rolled her eyes.

"Listen," Fred released her, but held both her hands in his. "I do need to say something. Just once."

Amber watched him curiously.

"If you ever want to... I mean, I want you to know that you can tell me anything without fear of judgement. But otherwise, I don't have to know." He took a deep breath. "You'd be nothing less in my eyes for whatever happened. You didn't go in there willingly and that's all that matters. My feelings for you haven't changed. You're a part of me and-"

Fred looked away for a short moment. Pulling himself together, he returned her stare, and his black eyes were fierce. "And I'll never let anyone hurt you like that again."

Amber reached up to loop her arms about his neck. "You're always so sensitive after sex," she grinned, pressing a soft kiss to his neck. "You did rescue me, after all."

"Thank God," Fred whispered, more to himself. His mind was still adjusting to everything that had happened when she was gone, when he found her, now she was back. He knew she was terrified of being pregnant, he'd heard it when she screamed it out in her dreams. He wanted to reassure her it didn't matter. But he didn't know how to say he was there for her, without bringing up what she'd been through.

"If you're pregnant, I'll raise his child, if that's what you want," he blurted out in a rush, feeling Amber stiffen in his arms. There was a long, tense pause.

"Lets not talk about that right now," she whispered.

She felt Fred nod, and kiss the top of her head.

"I fucking missed you, like air," he breathed, feeling his chest might burst with his love for her. In response to the wet against his neck, he caressed her cheek, tilting her tear-streaked face up to meet his. "Don't cry," he soothed, kissing her.

"I missed you too," she murmured against his lips, then buried her face into his neck, feeling his arms close about her protectively.

Surprisingly, Amber didn't want to forget the entire ordeal. She'd repeatedly fought Brad to a point of exhaustion and tried her hardest to be strong throughout. The relief of finally being able to sit back and have someone stick up for her, was the most amazing thing. The memory of Fred defeating Brad, and delivering a priceless lecture on top, was one she would always treasure. That, and she'd never heard him say the C-word.

Fred musingly stroked her hair, thinking about the future. It wasn't as if she was a shadow of her former self, Amber was the same. But that didn't mean she didn't need time to recover. He just didn't know how long to wait before asking her to marry him. He'd already planned it out...

Amber's watery giggle interrupted his thoughts.

"What's so funny?" he asked, glancing down at her curiously.

"You really don't see the way women look at you, do you?" she laughed into his chest.

He shrugged dismissively, running his large hands along her smooth arms, resting his forehead against hers. "I only care about how one woman looks at me."

"Heidi?" Amber looked up at him with wide eyed innocence. She squealed and crawled away as Fred tickled her sides.

"What did I say about teasing?" he said ominously, readying to give chase.

Shrieking with laughter, Amber fled naked from the bedroom with Fred close behind her.

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by Anonymous03/13/19

The ending sucked

Great story right up to the end

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by Anonymous02/16/19


Just so you know (unlike some of these other people...), I absolutely loved the ending. You did a lovely job.

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by bloodandsand01/15/19

Horrible ending

Fred is dull and a whimp. Brad should have won her over.

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by Anonymous10/15/18

really ...the chapters...all FOR NOTHING .
Horrible ending !

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by Anonymous09/28/18

Great story

Love the series sad to see it end :-)

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