tagNonHumanStar Bound Ch. 5

Star Bound Ch. 5


Mike waited impatiently in his cell. It had been over 6 months since he had begun training in the Ark and now he was ready for pretty much any master. His mistresses had told him that he was to be sold. He hoped that his new mistress/master would be kind to him. But if they were not he was trained to live with it. Mike glanced nervously around his surroundings for one final time as he was summoned to the auction chamber.

Then he walked boldly out and down a series of hallways till he found the auction block. Once there he was chained to a large circular outcropping in the center of the room. The sellers forced him to demonstrate his various abilities as bidding began. Then as suddenly as it had begun it was over. He was led down to a caging area where his new owner would pick him up. He waited impatiently, pacing back and forth in the cage. Soon he was the only slave left. He crumpled into the corner and began to cry. His first master had already forsaken him. As he sobbed he thought he heard the sound of naked flesh stepping across metal.

He looked up and pressed himself against the cage straining to hear more. Then he saw her. It couldn't be, Mike screamed to himself. She couldn't possibly have bought him. No, his mind steadied himself. She probably was going to punish him for his failure. It was his teacher. The alien who had taught him to service all the females and several males who might buy him had herself purchased him. "Hello, slave," she said in the same cool tone that she had used with him before.

"You, you are, you're my new mistress?" Mike questioned her.

In the blink of an eye a whip slashed across his naked back. "Never question your mistress unless specifically asked too. Do you understand?!" Mike cowered before her remembering her strength, "Of course mistress." He was led to a hover path which led to the private rooms of crew members on the slave ship. Mike followed his mistress in and stood patiently next to the doorway. Mike watched as his mistress studied him with obvious lust.

"Slave, your first duty will be to bathe and clean me." Mike readily agreed and followed her into the bathing center of the room. "I really do need to take a piss. Get on your knees slave." Mike ignored the fact that she had a toilet and slid to his knees before her. "Put your mouth over my cunt and don't spill a drop!" Mike leaned forward and opened his mouth encircling her cunt. He began to slowly lap as her golden juices poured forth, caressing her slit and clit to the best of his ability. His mistresses tentacles began to encircle and stroke his head in pleasure. He swallowed quickly to keep from spilling any, ignoring its bitter taste.

Finally she appeared to finish and said, "Clean me up quickly before I take my bath." Mike eagerly agreed and pushed his tongue up into her tight hole. He pushed it against the top and circled downwards in a clocklike motion. His mistress was obviously enjoying the service as she let out little gasps and thrust her hole downward on his mouth. Her tentacles were more frantic now, rapidly encircling and stroking his shaved skull.

Mike was beginning to replace the bitter taste of piss with the sweet taste of cunt when he was ordered to stop by his panting owner. He was then told to began to run the bath for her. Mike's eyes devoured her body as she slid slowly beneath the water then resurfaced again glistening wet. Mike tried to control his cock's reaction but he couldn't. He was soon standing erect before her waiting for his next order. His mistress looked over at him and laughed softly at his lack of control. "Come slave and wash my body for me."

Mike stepped forward and began to apply soap and lotion to her perfectly skinned back. He skillfully massaged the oils and soaps into the glistening skin as he worked his was down from her shoulders to her lower back. She leaned slightly forward allowing him better access to her toned ass and beautiful cheeks. Mike slid his hands down farther and began to massage each of them. "Enough of your senseless teasing slave. Pleasure me in the "backdoor." Mike quickly entered the bath and prepared to enter her. He stroked a finger around her cunt lips and began to cautiously dip one or two in then pull back out.

"Good slave, very good," his mistress moaned through clenched teeth. He pushed two fingers into her tight pussy and began to fuck them in and out of her. Her pussy was wet with water and some of her own juices by now and she was eagerly plunging her hips back on the fingers. Once his fingers were well lubricated he slid them out and up her ass crack into the dark anus. He pushed both through the muscular outer ring and into the dark hole beneath. Once he felt she was well lubricated enough he positioned himself at her entrance and shrunk his cock to about 8 inches to begin. He leaned forward and pressed his head against the tight hole and felt her force her body to relax beneath him. Then he gave a hard thrust and forced about 4 inches into her. He reached around and groped her large tits and erect nipples that were hanging beneath her.

He sat there for a second pinching and twisting each erect tit before she told him to begin. He began a steady rhythm pumping into her ass. She was gasping and moaning as she supported herself with one hand and eagerly fingered her tight twat with the other. Mike too was gasping as the tight clenched hole squeezed and massaged his cock. The feel of her large soft tits was also driving him insane. Then his pleasure was doubled when both of her tentacles slid down between her legs and began to suck and massage each of his massive balls. His teacher beneath him was obviously close to coming as she thrust back at him and her fingers harder and with more noise.

"Slavvvveee yesss make yourr cock, ah, bigger...." Mike eagerly responded and enlarged his cock to 10 inches. The sensation of having all of his cock buried in a tight hot hole and having his balls massaged and sucked by two tentacles was amazing and he felt himself growing close to orgasm. Mike set his jaw and clenched his teeth trying to keep from cumming without first allowing his mistress to cum. He stroked her nipples more eagerly now trying to get her to orgasm before it was too late. Beneath him he suddenly felt her respond as she shuddered and shook and slowed her plunging fingers to a longer pace. "You may cum now slave," she said with a gasping voice. Mike gripped her tits and plunged harder and faster into the amazingly tight hole.

"Mistress, I, I am cumming!" Mike almost lost consciousness from the size of the orgasm he experienced. He exploded into her tight hole and watched as some of his juices flowed out, down her crack, over her dripping cunt lips, and down her leg to the water below.

"Ohhh naughty slave got his mistress dirty. Now you will have to clean me again." Mike lowered his head to her sculpted ass and began to gently lap at her ass cheeks. He heard the water began to drain out as he continued to stroke her with his tongue. He dipped his tongue into her ass crack and ran it around her asshole tasting his cum and the scented lotions that had dripped down there. He ran his tongue into her asshole and felt it clench in response to the teasing. He forced it deeper in circling the hole and finally pulling it out once it was clean. He continued his tongues journey down following the flow of his cum to her cunt.

Once there, he began to lick and stroke around the lips cleaning them of cum. She was pressing backwards on his lips now encouraging him to clean out the inside of her cunt as well. Mike resisted for a while longer and lapped her cunt clean of his and her juices. Then he buried his tongue into her juicy pussy and began to stroke the inside of her sensitive cunt as he had her asshole. Then he ran his tongue up and out again and began to fuck her with his tongue.

"Enough, ahhh, that's enough for now," his mistress groaned. Mike slid backwards in the tub and waited for his next orders. She turned and straddled his hips, "What I need now is a massive cock, do you think you can help me?" Mike responded by enlarging his cock to 12 inches long and waited for her next move. She stood crouched and move slightly forward so she was positioned over his massive member. Then she lowered herself to the cock so its head was just barely pressed against her entrance. As she lowered herself her tentacles began to frantically stroke and surround Mike's large member, covering it in a greenish slime.

Mike realized that she was lubricating him for the coming plunge. The tentacles then slowly wrapped themselves around his cock squeezing and stroking it pleasurably.

Mike gasped at the cool-hot sensation the coiling tentacles provided his cock. Mike looked upwards into his mistress' eyes as she began to slowly slide her cunt over his cock head. Mike glanced downward and watched in fascination as her cunt lips were slowly forced open by the wide head of his cock. The sensation of feeling it happen and of watching it happen was amazing. Waves of pleasure washed down his cock as she continued to slide down. Her cunt managed to stretch to fit his girth but it was a tight fit indeed. By now his mistress had closed her eyes, with her head back, and was emitting a low groan of pleasure. Mike could barely resist the urge to thrust forward and meet her halfway but he managed too.

She continued to slide down so that about 3 inches of him were buried in her tight cunt, then she slid all the way back up to his head again and repeated the lowering process. Sweat was breaking out on her brow and she was panting heavily in pleasure and exertion from the strange position. Mike himself was on the verge of collapse as her tentacles continued to stroke his blood-engorged cock and as she buried him 6 inches inside of her hot tunnel. As she worked her way down her pussy became noticeably tighter and hotter. Mistress began to wiggler her hips to allow his cock to gain better entrance and to give Mike a little more pleasure.

Mike couldn't handle any more of this unique torture and he suddenly grabbed her hips and forced her all the way down on his cock. His mistress' eyes widened at the sudden sensation of having 12 inches of cock forced into her tight cunt. Her look changed quickly to that of pleasure as she rose again and began to plunge herself up and down on the amazing cock. Mike eagerly fucked back up at her meeting her in the middle. The sounds of the water splashing, their groans of lust, and the suction sounds of their lovemaking added to the input of their eyes and touch. Mike leaned forward and buried his face on one of her breasts and eagerly sucked one of her large erect nipples.

She was digging her hands into his back in an effort to control herself but it was of no use. The feeling of the massive cock driving deep into her cunt and sliding back out was overwhelming. Mike felt her tense up and release her fluids as she orgasmed. Mike thrust upwards at her several times more managing to withstand the assault of her constricting cunt. Then with a loud groan his cock exploded inside of her, filling her in seconds with his sticky seed. Both continued to softly fuck each other in the afterglow of their orgasms. Mike knew this was going to be a good place to serve.

* * * * *

*Author's note: This is the end of the series and I don't really feel any need to continue it. It was one of my most unpopular although it was still ranked well. I took this story up from some one who had written the first chapter and wanted me to complete it. I broke my only rule for writing stories and wrote something that wasn't a fantasy of mine. I hope you all enjoyed it!*

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