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Star Trek: Erotica


Captain Kathryn Janeway of Federation Star Ship Voyager walked on to the bridge of her ship. The cold metal lines were starting to get to her. They were every were.

"Captain on the bridge." she heard the voice of Harry Kim call.

"Report." she asked Harry as he rose from his position in the Captain's Chair.

"Everything is normal, Captain." said he young ensign.

"Good, you have been relived. Now, go get some sleep Harry." Janeway said smiling.

Young Mr.. Kim walked into the turbo lift and ordered the car to take him to deck 4. Although his duty shift had been rather uneventful, he had kept himself busy daydreaming of Seven of Nines heavenly body. In his mind's eye he saw her fucking him in the Captain's Chair. It was one of his most erotic fantasies. Just the idea of fucking Seven was enough to makes his member jump to attention.

"Ensign Kim, please report to astrometrics." came the voice of his affection through his comm. badge.

"Damn it, now what?" he whispered to himself and redirected the turbo lift.

Within seconds the lift had him about ten paces from astrometrics. He quickly covered the distance and walked through the doors to astrometrics. There she was the immortal drone, Seven of Nine, hunched over a console as usual.

"Ensign Kim, I require you assistance. Please accompany me to Holodeck one." she said heading for the door.

"What is this about?" Harry asked.

"I require assistance in one of my research projects. I assumed, giving your attraction to me, that you would rather take the place of a holographic partner."

"What makes you think I am attracted to you?" Kim asked carefully.

"Ensign Kim, on several occasions I have seen you trying to hide your excitement after I enter the room." Seven said and walked out of astrometrics.


The pair approached Holodeck one and the doors slide to the side to grant the access. They walked into the middle of the room and stopped.

"Computer, access program file Seven of Nine beta and run." said the sexy blonde to the ship.

Almost instantly the room dissolved into what Harry recognized immediately as the bridge of Voyager.

"The Bridge?" asked Harry, "Seven what is the about? "

"I have recently began to study the sexual side of my humanity, and I thought it was time for an experiment"

Harry looked at her blankly.

"I want to fuck you." she said simply.

"I am honored but why me?" asked Harry.

"You already have romantic feelings for me." she said as she pushed Harry down into the Captain's Chair.

Seven reached out her hand and began to stroke Kim's prick through the material of him uniform. The drone reached, with her other hand, and unzipped the front of Harry's jumpsuit. Quickly, the eager young ensign help Seven remove his clothes. This was the moment he had always dreamed about.

The sexy little blond gripped his now exposed cock and slowly began to stroke it to it's full hardness. Then, with the sexual knowledge of a thousand worlds, she slowly started to lick all the places that she knew would send young Mr. Kim through the holographic roof.

In one swift motion she took the head into her warm wet mouth and suck ever so gently. Seven let her tongue play of the big head of the officer's member. Harry began to moan in a world of his own as Seven sucked his hard dick.

The former drone slowly took the remainder of the man's throbbing hard-on in to her mouth and began to play it with her soft wet tongue. She loved the taste of his cock. In fact even though this was her first blowjob she felt that she could suck him for hours.

Seven actually could suck his prick for hours but she also wanted to fuck him as well. She let her head bob a few more times and then forced her self to release the meat and stand up. The Borg would defiantly suck him again. Soon.

"Ensign Kim I want to fuck you." said the sexy woman as she stood up she added, "Resistance is Futile."

Then Seven made a show of removing her garment. She turned her back to him and slowly unzipped her jumpsuit. The slowly growing slit of flesh almost made young Harry Kim blow his load. The drone turned her head and looked over her shoulder seductively.

She turned and pulled the garment down, exposing her full perfect tits. Even down further she went and exposed her completely shaved pussy. The beautiful drone walked toward the Captain’s Chair and strattled Harry.

Seven used her left hand to guide Kim's throbbing member in to her warm, wet, depths. Slowly she began to bounce and rock back and forth on Harry's cock. The young man watched as her tits bounced in front of his eyes. He leaned forward and took one of them in to his mouth and sucked for all he was worth.

The added sensation sent electricity to Seven's already wet pussy. She could feel her self about to cum. She loved it. The sexy drone squeezed her pussy around Harry's manhood in an attempt to make him cum when she did. It worked.

Harry felt his hot cum race up his prick and explode in to Seven's tight pussy. The man shot load after load into is co - worker.

Seven felt her lover's hot cum invade her tight hole and began to go into the throws of orgasm. Her pussy clamped around her new toy's dick and she road even harder and faster. After about thirty seconds of this kind of fucking Kim was cumming again. Seven came hard again when he filled her.

"Seven that was incredible." Harry breathed as his co - worker slowly pulled her still clapped pussy off of him.

"And it's not over yet." Seven said as she dropped to her knees and began to lick his cock clean of his cum and her pussy juices. She loved the taste, she would defiantly do this again. The Borg licked around the crown of his manhood and was just starting to slide the rest of it down her throat their commbadges chirped

“Senior Officers to the briefing room.” came the voice of Captain Janeway through the metal badges that were attached the their discarded uniforms. They reluctantly dressed and went to the staff meeting.

Look for the upcoming Star Trek: Erotica Evaluation

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