tagSci-Fi & FantasyStarfinder: The Jade Regent Pt. 01

Starfinder: The Jade Regent Pt. 01


Author's Note: This is a transcript of a Roll20 session with me and my friends playing the new tabletop RPG by Piazo, Starfinder. I have edited it to correct errors, make things clearer, and generally flow better. But, by and large, most of the words are my friends and mine. Think of this as the literary version of the youtube lets plays of tabletop games.

...with fucking.

But I must have a disclaimer. This is a game that requires players - and life isn't planned by yours truly. I will do my best to keep the game together, but players may need to leave, schedules may change, jobs may alter. If the game falls apart, I will do my best to provide a satisfying conclusion. With that proviso in place...lets get to the adventure.

Oh, also, every character is 18+ years old.


Lucithana as Hana Song

Kitty as Nora

Nathan Ravenwood as Rakain

Jason as Sam

It has been 317 years since The Gap destroyed history.

It has been 314 years since the Triune granted the people of the galaxy the Drift drive and opened to them the stars.

It has been 276 years since the worlds of the Golarion System signed the Pact and became an alliance.

It has been 26 years since the Pact Worlds fended off the Swarm and made allies with the Vesk Empire.

The Pact Worlds think they are safe...

They are wrong.

Every other week, the vast dust plains of Akiton - without forests or hills to break them apart - allowed the winds of the planet, accelerated by the Coriolis effect, to whistle faster and faster and faster, picking up particulates and chunks of dirt as they went. By the time they reached the settled areas of the planet, these vast storms could strip a man's flesh from his bones in a matter of hours. Most large, comfortable settlements were built either under ground or inside of vast force domes that could be activated during this time, to repel the dust and keep the grit from the streets.

Rustpoint was not a large, comfortable settlement.

Built centuries ago to mine thasteron - a fuel that powered sublight thrusters - Rustpoint had once had a far nicer name. But with the discovery of the Drift, the need for thasteron had faded, and Rustpoint had slowly died, until it was nothing more than a few hard knuckled scrabblers living on the edge, mining and scavenging what they could from the vast ship graveyards that stretched out into the dusty deserts.

Those ships were visible, even through the gathering dust storm, as vast, whale like humps on the horizon. But they wouldn't provide a bulwark against the storm.

People rushed through the town, hurrying to their homes, closing down shutters, gathering the last bits of supplies. The homeless headed into the local chapel to Desna and Iomedea, while the inns and taverns were filled with travelers who had stopped on their way to better places.

At the edge of the town, though, five youths were settling down...not with nervousness at the onrushing storm, but with excitement. The small home they had for themselves was called The Rusty Dragon, and it had once been a tavern before the economy strangled it. Named for its serpentine shape - the building had been crafted from several dozen shipping containers, lashed together and decorated over the years by the owning family - The Rusty Dragon was surprisingly comfortable inside.

A small generator, a laser-link com to an orbiting satellite, and a rather nice salvaged CRT-TV made for a respectable video den, with large cushions and bean bags laid out for everyone who had come to weather the storm with some bad movies and good friends.

"Okay, guys," Ameiko said, grinning as she looked at her friends. "Here's our choices for tonight's science fiction theater delight. Innnn the one corner!" She held out a slender arm, holding up a rectangular box containing a video chip within. The cover of the box showed a buxom elf with blond hair and tattered clothing, recoiling in horror from a shadowy figure, while lurid red letters spelled out the title. "The Skimshaw Murderer!"

Ami held out her other arm. "And in the other corner, we have...Rasputin Must Die!"

This box had a scheming looking man - human, with wild eyes and a huge bushy beard, standing on a snowy field, surrounded by rough looking adventurers carrying old style hunting rifles and revolver pistols.

Ami grinned at her friends.

They all had to wonder where the hell she got these fucking videos. They were definitely the kind of things that would have a single sentence entry on the InfoSphere Movie Database.

Though, to be fair, finding cheesy movies wasn't Ami's only skill. The young girl - an orphan who had adopted each of the others as her personal friend - was a stick thin teenager, with a thin spread of freckles on her olive-brown face. Her eyes came to a pair of slender folds, while her hair ranged in color from a haze of rainbow colors to pale as white depending on her mood. Today, she was favoring her natural black, with a single streak of white to accentuate her bangs. The only thing that Ami wasn't proud of was her teeth - but that may have been due to the braces glinting on them.

But that didn't stop her from grinning. Nothing really could, it seemed.

"Mmm, I'm gonna go with Skimshaw. Looks artistic." Hana said. The young android grinning playfully as she laid back on her bean bag chair. Hana claimed on different days to be either the former concubine of a long dead king, a decommissioned combat droid, an assassin robot, or spontaneously generated from nearby scrap. None of her friends pressed her on it. Hana's eyes whirred as she looked at the buxom elf appraisingly, her blue skin highlighted by the red neon lights in lines in her skin and her glowing red eyes, pressing back her blueish black hair as she nodded sagely. "Probably a deep and engaging plot."

Ami giggled. "One for Skimshaw!" She said, nodding sagely.

"If Skrimshaw has a deep plot I'll eat my spell cache," Rakain said, arching a bony eyebrow. The huge vesk sprawled across two bean bags. The only vesk in the group, Rakain was made all the bigger by comparison to the others. Ami was short, Hana was short, Sam and Nora weren't tall. But Rakain? He was close to seven feet tall. Muscle bulged under his green scales and his wide muzzled head split with a huge grin as he spoke. "I vote Rasputin."

His finger caressed a metal choker with the symbol of Desna, which hung around his neck. His spell cache - being a Vesk didn't mean he wasn't smart enough to master magic.

"Our lovable lizardman says: Lacks literary..." Ami paused, sticking her tongue out of the corner of her mouth. "...legacy! One for Razzy!" She looked expectantly at her other friends - Sam and Nora.

A near pass for Ami's elder, Nora sat with both of her legs crossed near the generator. A few cables lead from it to her false right arm while a visual display lit up on the human's wrist. Dark hair framed her face and hung low as she stared down at the readouts on her arm lips mouthing phrases and numbers. A small little mechanical robot that looked like a blend between plastic and a small mammal skittered about on the ground near Nora as she tinkered. She finally tore her gaze up from the display in order to return to reality, "Uh? Uh, one with the pretty blonde?" She asked in confused while gesturing with her true hand toward Scrimshaw."

Sam, meanwhile, was doing her best impression of a jellyfish by sitting in the beanbag chair, attempting to be as boneless as possible.

"Deep." She commented with massive sarcasm and tapped the helmet that was at the side of the chair. Her collection of gear was sitting in a pile next to her, the upper half of her armor in that pile as she enjoyed lounging about. Sam was the only member of the group who had a job even close to her skill set. Rakain worked at a local tinkerers shop, despite studying magic. Hana livestreamed - what she remained semi-coy on. Nora worked on the various engineering problems that faced Rustpoint.


Sam was a guard. She actually was trusted with a gun by the town sheriff.

"I should vote Rasputin-" Sam teased, proving that trust might have been misplaced. "But this storm likely isn't going to be up soon enough so we get to see both. Let's see what sort of Artsy has Hana hooked- Skrimshaw."

"Sorry Rankin..." Ami said, pouting at the huge vesk, then turning and walking over to the console. As if in a deliberate attempt to test her friends, Ami bent forward to operate the ancient video console. Modern ones just streamed straight from the infosphere, but this one actually took primitive disks, chips, tapes and other esoterica, often from kludged together attachments that hung together more with duct tape and hope than from any kind of actual design.

Doing so tightened Ami's short shorts - the kind of thing her adoptive mother would not approve of her wearing outside - across her pert, heart shaped rear. Ami made a production of sliding the chip in - sneakily glancing back over her shoulder with all the subtly of a Absalom stage performer. As she wiggled her hips from side to side, her necklace slipped from between her smallish breasts - dangling in the air.

That got her to act quickly. She tucked the necklace into her shirt again. The small disk had been found with Ami when she was a mere baby, and her adoptive mother said it was the only clue as to who Ami's parents were. Not that it had helped so far.

"Whoo hoo! Machine superiority!" She said, holding out a hand to Nora for a high five. "You will both be remembered when your machine overlords take our rightful place as rulers."

Nora glanced from Ami after a moments distraction to Hana, "Machine overlords? I'm like a century away from anything like that," She said in confusion while returning the high five with her false one, glowing displaying flickering wit the movement.

Hana snickered, "Don't worry, when we take over your efforts will be recognized and your full conversion will come." She nodded, "And I promise I'll do my best to get the rest of you choice positions in the pleasure domes."

"I will wait for that day, and bribe Nora for a show." Sam teased with a smirk, her eyes locked onto that nicely shaped rump and let Ami see her staring brazenly. The undersuit to her armor was zipped open and the upper half laid sprawled along the bean bag, leaving her in her tank top.

Ami, standing, turned to face the others. "Okay, someone hit the lights!" She pointed. "Someone else-"


The voice of Bentha, Ami's adoptive mother, came up the stairs leading into the room, echoing slightly.

"What, Mom?" Ami called back.

"You guys aren't watching dirty movies up there, are you?" Bentha sounded suspicious.

Meanwhile, the menu screen on the CRT-TV showed the play option, the chapter option, the special features, and a running series of clips from the movie. The first of which was a blond haired elf getting her top ripped open in astounding resolution. Considering the TV.

Rakain glanced at Ami, saying nothing, just arching his bony eyebrow another half inch higher.

"Nope!" Hana called to the older woman cheerfully, then lowering her voice she said, "We're about to, but we currently are not!"

"You know that I don't approve of that trash!" Bentha sounded furious, making the android start. Clearly, she hadn't quite taken into account the astounding acuity of a halfling's ears. Bentha's feet started to clatter on the floor downstairs, her voice sounding as if she was coming closer.

Ami glared at Hana, then blushed furiously at Rakin.

"Hannaaaaaaa!" Ami whined.

Hana spread her hands wide - as if to say: Hey, not my fault!

"It's almost like she is psychic," Sam whispered and chuckled. Then, raising her voice and cupping one hand around her mouth: "It's actually a slasher flick Ms. Woodwillow!"

"I heard what you said!" Miss Bentha Woodwise stuck her head into the room. She was, as some people said, a MILF. She was about thirty, maybe forty years old. For a halfling, that wasn't actually middle aged, as odd as that might seem to the humans in the room. Her hair was wavy and brown and her face was severe as she glared at the menu screen, which was showing another scene where the blond elf got her boddice ripped off, this time by what seemed to be a werewolf.

Ami shifted slightly to the side and covered the screen. "Come onnnn, mom!" she whined.

Bentha looked skeptically at the other youths.

Hana smiled, "It's a murder mystery! It's a tale of death and deceit, or murder most foul, and the efforts of a clever man attempting to stop a wicked killer before it's too late!" She said, flaring out her fingers dramatically.

"With supernatural baddies." Sam added, nodding sagely.

"The designers just thought that having a garbage main screen would sell more copies," Nora tagged on as she leaned back against the generator.

Bentha slowly frowned. "Well..." she said, sounding reluctant. "So long as you don't do any drugs..." She muttered, slowly starting to retreat back down the hatch. As she left, Ami sighed, then flopped herself down on as many bean bags as possible. Her belly went over Rankin's lap, her feet ended up near Hana, and her head was pressed against the small of Sam's back.

"Mrurhrhghghghgble," Ami groaned.

Hana looked over Ami's body to Rakain and wiggled her eyebrows. Quite articulate, she seemed to say.

Nora watched Bentha go, wait a few moments before mumbling and slipping out a small little baggie to peer inside, "How'd she..."

Hana snickered slightly, playing with Ameiko's feet, "Good times shall commence!" She said cheerfully, wiggling her fingers and tapping the start button on the player as soon as Bentha was gone. Ami squeaked, squirmed, writhed. But she didn't actually yank her feet free.

"We're watching Rasputin after this is done," Rakain grumbled, leaning back on the couch and resting a hand on the small of Ami's back. His palm caused Ami to stiffen slightl, her cheeks turning bright red.

"No complaints here Rakain. Though Ami, if you keep that up I'm going to roll over." Sam noted. Only Hana really knew what that threat meant.

"But Rakain! Titties! You've got to appreciate titties!" Hana said playfully. She redoubled her assult on Ami's toes. Ami squirmed and squeaked, then giggled, then manage to jerk herself up as the movie started to play. Her palm slapped down in a place in the center of Rankin's lap and suddenly the blushing human girl was seated on a free beanbag as the movie started to play - the tinny audio of the ominous theme filling the room. Only Rakin knew that, for one moment, his friend's palm has cupped his thick, semi-hard Vesk cock.

Rakain, controlling his blush in a way only a scaled man could, scooted Ami to the side, allowing him to get a view of the movie on the screen.

"I think there is a supply-demand thing when it comes to Titties though." Sam whispered as the movie started.

Hana blinked. She looked over at Sam. "Your theory intrigues me and I request more information."

Baggie tucked away Nora moved to get comfortable on a smaller pillow, laying her head on it while her drone curled up on her stomach. "Agreed. Pontificate," she whispered.

"The more frequently or easily a nice pair of breasts are available, without an increasing demand of instances to see said nice pairs of breasts- either by sex drive or by more people, the demand to see a new pair of breasts declines." Sam said, her head craned up to see the movie before she slid her arms under herself to prop her up.

Rakain, only listening to the breast conversation with half a hearing diaphragm, moved his hands to Ami's thighs, not saying a word about her hand wandering between his legs. A languid grin curled up the corners of his mouth. Ami blushed, hard, then gently took a hold of Rankin's hand - stopping it on her thigh as she looked at him, her cheeks incandescent. Despite the gentle motion, Ami's nipples were still hard enough to cut glass, peeking out of her shirt.

Rakain glanced at her. He grinned.

Ami blushed even harder - but smiled slightly at him. Meanwhile, the movie was still going through the intro credits.

"I don't know.. I think a nice enough pair of breasts will always have some base level of demand," Hana said, frowning as she looked at Sam. "I mean, yes, they will not be AS demanded if they're bouncing freely all the time, but depending on the quality of the breast there will always be a relatively high level of demand, if only for aesthetic value." She nodding as she spoke, continuing to casually massage Ami's feet. The intro credits faded and the scene showed some teens arriving at a summer camp via a shuttlecraft.

Ami squirmed, clearly a bit stunned at being felt up by her friends - but she kept herself quiet as the conversation about breasts went on over the really shockingly wooden dialog between the teens on the screen as they dragged luggage off their shuttle.

"I could live in a world of freely bouncing breasts," Nora remarked while half looking up at the show. "Small, big. Don't think it would decline."

"There is also the fact that at a certain point making breasts less available will actually have a damaging effect on the desire to see them as it becomes less and less likely," Hana said, moving her finger up her nose as it to push up a phantom pair of glasses. "If you believe you only have a less than one percent chance of seeing breasts, it becomes less of a tangible desire and more a fantasy beyond realization, therefore giving it a considerably smaller foothold on a person's mind."

Sam chuckled. "I think you are talking about the overall market and desire to see breasts, which is true." She noted after a pause, just long enough to hear how bad the dialog of the movie was.

"Man, Castrovel is so pretty this...time of...the year," one of the teens said. Sam picked up some popcorn from the communal bowl and threw it at the screen, before continuing her breastonomic lecture.

"The theory I am speaking of refers to an individual in their personal saturation of, in this case, breasts. The more easily or frequently one person can see a pair of breasts, the less desire they would have towards a new pair of breasts introduced into that pool as they would be leaning to what they feel familiar to and not seeing a value into the effort to see the new pair," Sam said.

Ami, whose cheeks were even brighter red, threw up her hands. "Guys!" she said, laughing. "Maybe I should have just gotten a porno!" She giggled, quietly. "I mean, at least a horror movie wait before- oh, uh, there are some titties."

The Lantashu bimbo character had stripped off her top and was going skinny dipping, while a heavy breathing sound came over the soundtrack. It was clear she was in mortal peril.

"Titties." Nora droned, holding her arms up in response to Ami and the film both.

"Why have the breathing on the soundtrack?" Rakain said, slowly lowering his hands off Ami's thighs. "It's mixed terribly and it's distracting as hell."

Sam chuckled, her eyes having not left the movie since it started. "Because it is supposed to be bad, Rakain."

"This breast thing depends entirely on the individual. I personally feel that if moments before the sun burns out I am given the option to see a new pair of quality breasts, I will still be plenty eager to see them." Hana smirked, "And I would actually maybe like a porno more." She giggled, "It's an anticipation trick." She said, engaging several conversations at once and still continuing to play with Ami's feet despite Ami's constant attempts to escape.

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