“Wow,” my wife Jodie said as she broke off our kiss. “They’re right about Paris. It is a romantic city.

We were on the last night of our holiday, sat canoodling in a dark alcove of a dimly lit bar. We had been acting like newlyweds all week, even though we were in our sixth year of marriage. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. At home I was never comfortable with kissing and petting in public but here it seemed totally right. There seemed to be a staff shortage with no waitresses around so we were left alone anyway. Nobody could see us without walking directly up to the booth.

Jodie was thirty two years old at this time but she looked years younger. She had always worked hard at keeping her body in trim as well as keeping an eye on her vitamin and mineral intake. It certainly did the trick. She had hardly aged at all in the eight years I had known her. She had a very curvaceous body but with a flat tummy and long slender legs. The perfect combination. Her complexion was smooth, her hair long and dark and her cheekbones high. Even in Paris she looked classier than all the other women in the street. Tonight she was wearing a simple but stylish low cut dress, which showed off her ample cleavage and lovely long legs.

The holiday had really livened up our spirits and tonight, as we were getting a flight home the next day, we decided to push the boat out and get roaring drunk. We had been sat in the bar drinking beer for about an hour when Jodie suddenly gasped.

“Oh my God. Glenn, look over there,” she said, pointing over to a man ambling slowly by on his way to the bar.

“What? What’s he doing?” I asked.

“It’s not what he’s doing. It’s who he is,” she said, excitement rising in her voice.

I strained my eyes to look at him more carefully. He was in his late thirties, with long dishevelled hair and a tatty old suit. He looked like the type who’s always at war with the world and only finds comfort in the bottom of a whiskey glass.

“Who is he then? He just looks like some old drunk.”

“Old? He’s younger than you, just. He’s thirty six years old, born in Oakland, California on November 8th 1966, a Scorpio, like me.”

Her eyes were shining and she was grinning from ear to ear. Whoever he was, she was very happy to see him.

“So who is he then?” I asked again.

“It’s Tommy Garrett!”

“Oh,” I said, slapping my palm against my forehead. “Of course. Tommy Garrett! Who’s he?”

“You don’t know?” she asked, her mouth open in disbelief.

“Should I?”

“Remember this? Sha na na – nah nah nah – na na.”

“Oh right,” I said, catching on. “The singer. I thought he was dead.”

“Not to the President of his fan club at St Ursula’s school for girls.”

“You were the President of his fan club?”

“Well, a small local chapter of it, shall we say. There was about twenty of us. We used to follow him everywhere, go to all his concerts, camp outside his hotel, that sort of thing. God, I had such a crush on him.”

“Yeah, well, you were just a kid then. His career must have dried up completely by the time you were seventeen.”

“Well, kind of. He stopped getting hit records, but he still did a few concerts for a few years after that. He was gorgeous.”

“He doesn’t look so hot now,” I said.

“I don’t know. He just looks more lived in, experienced.”

“A man of the world? Wasn’t he supposed to be a virgin? One of those sweet innocent non-threatening pop stars you could take home to mother.”

“No. His record company made out he was like that, but he wasn’t really.”

“How do you know? Were you a notch on his bedpost then?”

“No,” she flushed angrily. “But I know someone who was. One of my friends at school.”

“You sound jealous.”

“Yeah,” she laughed. “I guess I was at the time.”

“Why don’t you go over and say hello or something?”

“No. I’d be too embarrassed. He probably gets women doing that all the time.”

“I doubt it. Most people probably don’t recognise him anymore, except those who’ve had a lifelong crush on him.”

“I haven’t got a crush on him.”

“No? So when did you get over him?”

“Nobody gets over their first love,” she said in a pompous voice then laughed again. “Oh, I don’t know. I do remember with my first serious boyfriend, Simon. He fancied the ass off this model, I can’t even remember her name now. Anyway, so we had this agreement that we could only two-time each other if we ended up with one of these two. The model for him and Tommy Garrett for me. He called it playing the Fantasy Fuck game.”

“So did either of you ever get the chance to play the game, then?”

“No. Of course not. Even if we had met them they wouldn’t have looked twice at us.”

“Well,” I said. “I can’t speak for Simon but I’m sure you would have been given at least a second look, if not a whole lot more.”

“Oh, you’re so sweet.”

“Yep,” I said and we went back to kissing each other.

When we had finished our bottle of champagne I left Jodie in the booth and walked up to the bar to order us a couple of beers. As I ordered to the barman in broken French I looked over at Garrett. Close up he looked much smarter and better looking than I had first thought. His was a studied inelegance, probably calculated to make women find him even more attractive. I guessed that he was trying to get away from that sweet pin-up image he’d had as a young man. He was eyeing up two girls in short skirts. I could see that he was weighing up in his mind whether to go over and approach them, but the girls were sat with a group of guys and he must have thought better of muscling in on their territory. He looked a pretty lonely figure and I felt kind of sorry for him.

“Hey,” I said, stepping towards him. “Aren’t you Tommy Garrett?”

“Who wants to know?” he growled suspiciously.

“My wife’s a fan of yours. I just wanted an autograph,” I said.

“Oh right. Hey, I’m sorry. Most guys who come up to me just take the piss, you know, or want to start a fight.”

He spoke in a trans-Atlantic drawl, which he must have acquired from years of travelling. As I recall he was much more popular in Europe than his home country.

“Let me buy you a beer,” he said.

“No. It’s okay. I just ordered. Here, I’ll buy you one,” I said as the barman returned with two bottles. “Uh, et un autre, s’il vous plait. Is that right?”

“Close enough,” Garrett said and thanked me when the waiter handed him a bottle.

“Well, good luck,” I said to him and turned back towards the booth.

“Hey, wait,” Garret said, catching up with me. “What about the autograph? Don’t you want it?”

“Uhm, well, why don’t you come over and say hello. I think she’s probably got a copy of your autograph anyway.”

“Sure. Fine by me,” he said, taking his bottle of beer and following me over to the booth.

I could see Jodie’s eyes light up when she saw who I had brought back with me.

“Oh my God,” she said, fluttering her hand in front of her face.

“Mr Garrett,” I said. “This is Jodie.”

Jodie leaned forward to give him her hand, which he duly kissed.

“Please, call me Tommy,” he said and sat himself down next to my wife. “You’re a lucky man…”

“Glenn,” I said.

“Glenn. A lucky man indeed. Your wife is very beautiful.”

“You don’t have to tell me that,” I said.

“That’s right, tell it to me, not him,” Jodie said giggling.

It was almost like she was a schoolgirl again, the way she looked at him with these big puppy dog eyes. I could see that she was still a little infatuated with him, despite her protestations to the contrary. To be honest I found it quite endearing. Nevertheless, I decided that I would tease her about it endlessly as soon as we got home.

Jodie began telling him about how big a fan she was, president of her local fan club, etc. He seemed really pleased. I suspect he had almost forgotten by now what it was like to be so adored. After a while I started getting a little bored so I spoke up.

“Tell him about your friend,” I said to Jodie.

“What friend?” she asked, giving me a look.

I could see that she didn’t want to talk about it but I carried on regardless.

“You know. The groupie. The one he had sex with.”

“Glenn!” Jodie looked annoyed at me.

“It’s all right,” Garrett laughed. “I guess I did have my share of groupies back in those days. My record company had to dish out loads of cash to stop the stories getting in the papers.”

“So you weren’t so sweet and innocent after all,” I said.

“No way. Damn. All those hot girls begging for it. I couldn’t resist. No offence, Jodie.”

“None taken.”

“So, when did I have this girl then? This friend of yours? Was it at an after gig party or what?”

“No,” she said. “We were at your hotel.”

“You were there as well?”

“Yes,” she glanced at me. “Just in the lobby.”

“So how come I didn’t pick you instead. It must have been before I got my contact lenses put in. Or didn’t you want me?”

She smiled at the flattery but shook her head. “It wasn’t that. I would have gone for it like a shot.”

“So why was it then? ”

“Well, I don’t think I should be saying this,” she glanced over at me again. “I’ve never told anyone before.”

“Oh, go on,” I encouraged her. “I’m sure that Tommy’s interested.”

“Okay then, if you insist,” she said, giving me her ‘you asked for it’ look. “Me and Kathy and another girl, Anna, were waiting in the lobby for you to come in. We knew your whole itinerary. So you came in with your manager and a couple of other guys and we started screaming your name. You were smiling at us as you passed by, but you didn’t stop. Then your manager, Harris his name was, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, Harris.”

“Harris comes back and asks us how we’d like to come up to your room. So naturally we all said yes. So he takes us up in the elevator and brings us inside. You’re not anywhere in the room, just this other guy calling himself Joey.”

“Oh yeah. He was the chief roadie.”

“So Kathy starts saying we should leave. Harris says that we can leave when we want but if we want to spend any time with you, then he has to check us out first. He starts going on about how you’ve had death threats and that he has to strip search anyone before they can enter your room.”

“Sly old devil,” Garrett said. “I didn’t know he got up to that sort of thing. He didn’t…hurt you or anything, did he?”

“Oh no. He wasn’t violent or aggressive or anything. He made us line up and take off our clothes. Him and Joey were sitting on the bed watching us. When we were all down to our bras and panties I thought that would be it, but they insisted that we take everything off. Anna wouldn’t do it so he picked up her skirt and blouse and threw them at her, telling her to get out and that she’d just missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

“I wasn’t sure what to do but Kathy quickly undid her bra and pulled down her panties so I did the same. I wanted to meet you so badly. I could see that Harris had an erection in his trousers and I wasn’t so naïve as to believe all that about the death threats but I did what he asked anyway. When we were both completely naked the two of them start walking in circles around us, checking us over from head to toe. Harris had a massive bulge in his crotch. He kept brushing it against my ass when he passed by. Then he starts telling us that you’ve got a gig that evening so he can’t let both of us see you, in case we tire you out or something.”

“I think I know where this is going,” Garrett said.

“Yeah. So he says he has to work out which one of us you’d prefer. I told him, ‘Why don’t you just call him in and ask?’ and he says that he knows exactly what kind of girl you like so he’ll decide for you, and if either of us don’t like it, we can leave. I know that neither of us liked it one bit but if one of us backed down we knew the other would be straight in there. I guess we were kind of competitive about it.

“So Harris says, ‘First I’ve got to do the titty test’ and he puts both his hands on Kathy’s tits and started squeezing them and groping them, pulling at her nipples, licking them and sucking them. When he finished he came over to me and I just covered my tits in my hands to stop him. He said, ‘Looks like we have a winner then’ and I saw Kathy smiling and I just put down my hands and let him do it.”

“You let him grope your tits?” I asked. I couldn’t believe that she had never told me all this before.

“Yes,” she glanced at me quickly, nodding sharply. “He felt me up and sucked my tits, okay? It wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t the first time I’d let a man do that to me.”

“Wasn’t he a lot older than you?” I asked.

“He must have been,” Garrett said. “He was at least ten years older than me.”

“Yes, but I didn’t see what choice I had. Anyway, I thought that was it but he said that we both had lovely tits and he couldn’t choose between us. So he asked Joey for a second opinion and Joey came up and started doing the same thing to both of us. Then he said that he couldn’t decide either and they both sat back down on the bed and looked at us. Harris told us to come over towards him. I didn’t move but Kathy did as he asked. Then he told her to kneel down on the carpet in front of him. Then he looked over at me and gestured for me to kneel down next to her, in front of Joey. I didn’t move so he nodded his head at the door, telling me it was my decision. So I knelt down naked in front of him.

“Harris leaned forward and took out his cock. God, I can still picture it now. It looked so massive. It was the first one I’d ever seen. Then Joey took out his one and it was just as big. They told us that you loved having your cock sucked and whichever one of us was best at it would get the chance of meeting you. Kathy asked how they were going to decide on that and Harris said, ‘Look on it as a race’. I didn’t know what he meant at the time but Kathy must have. She was a lot more experienced than I was. She leant forward and took his cock in her mouth, all the way. I couldn’t believe it. Joey took hold of the back of my head and pulled my face towards his cock. I could feel it on my lips as he brushed it against me. He told me to hurry up if I wanted a chance of seeing you, so I opened my mouth and let him stick it in between my lips.

“Honestly, I thought I was going to gag. He was really thrusting it down my throat. I wasn’t doing anything. He was just fucking my mouth basically. Then I saw Harris take hold of Kathy’s head and pull her closer. This moaning noise came from her throat and I could see her eyes grow wide. She was trying to pull her head back but he wouldn’t let her. Harris was groaning and then his cock suddenly flopped out of her mouth and all this juice, all his cum, started dribbling down her lips. Then I heard Joey start groaning himself and I knew what was going to happen so I pulled back quickly and got his cock out of my mouth just before he shot a load of cum all over my tits.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, not so much the story itself, but that she told it in such explicit detail, and in front of another man. I shifted uncomfortably in my chair, my cock rising in my shorts. It seemed to have the same effect on Garrett, who was listening intently, his eyes fixed on her tits and then her lips as she told different parts of the story. I could bet he was imagining doing the same things to her.

“So what happened then?” I blurted out, expecting her to say that that contest was a draw too and the guys then took turns fucking her and the other girl.

“Kathy stood up and spat all this cum out on to the carpet. Then she started screaming that she’d won and she was gonna meet you. I looked at Harris and Joey and they kind of shrugged so I put my clothes back on and left her to it. The next day she kept going on about how lucky she was and how great you were in bed and how you were going to meet up again when you were next in town, but I knew that last part was bullshit.”

Jodie leaned back in the booth and took a swig of her beer, her eyes darting from one to the other of us, waiting for some reaction.

“I don’t know what to say,” Garrett said. “I honestly didn’t know they did that kind of thing. That’s terrible.”

“Well, Kathy didn’t mind. She said it was well worth it to get the chance of fucking you.”

“Uhm, I don’t know whether I should tell you this or not, but I think your friend was lying to you. I never ever had sex the same day as a gig. I always wanted to keep my energy levels up.”


“Yeah, really. So even if Joey came in your mouth first, you wouldn’t have got to see me.

To my surprise Jodie started laughing. I would have thought she’d be angry about being used and misled like that but she didn’t seem bothered in the slightest.

“I guess I’d have been angry if I knew all those years ago,” she said. “I just thought it was the way things were done. God. I was so jealous of Kathy. She wouldn’t stop going on about it, telling me how your cock was really big, that sort of thing.”

“Well, she wasn’t lying about that,” Garrett said, waggling his eyebrows.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Jodie grinned back at him. “Anyway, it wasn’t such a bad experience. Made me wise up a little. I never sucked on a man’s cock again after that…except when I fancied the guy.”

She collapsed in a fit of giggles. I was really surprised at her behaviour. She was no prude and often joined in with rowdy banter when we were with a group of my friends, but she had never been quite like this. I put it down to the alcohol and perhaps the excitement of meeting her teenage fantasy. Still, I thought it might be for the best if we left now, before she got too drunk. As soon as we had finished our drinks I stood up, preparing to leave.

“Hey,” Garrett said. “It’s my turn to get the drinks.”

“I was just…” I began before Jodie interrupted.

“No wait. Let me,” she said, digging out some Euros from her purse. “I want to get rid of this change before we leave Paris anyway. Can you go up to the bar for me, Glenn?”

“Well, it’s getting kind of late and…”

“What do you mean? It’s early yet, and our hotel’s only across the road. Here,” she said, handing me the change in her hand.

I shrugged and walked over to the bar. Although it was deserted in the area we were sitting in, there were plenty of patrons standing near the counter. It took me quite a while to get served and when I had the three bottles in my hand I found it difficult to pass through the crowd without spilling the beer. In the end I decided to walk back to the booth from the other side.

I almost dropped the bottles when I saw what was going on inside the booth. Garrett was leaning over at my wife’s chest. She had pulled down one of the spaghetti straps holding up her dress and he was feasting on her bare breast, licking and sucking it. Jodie’s hand held his head down at her chest while she stared straight ahead in the direction she was expecting me to come back from. It was obvious that she was keeping a lookout, ready to pull her dress back together as soon as she saw me turn the corner. I quickly stepped behind a pillar and continued to watch. His hand began to grope one of her tits through her dress while he kept sucking on the one that was bare.

I felt my heart beating rapidly and my cock pounding against my shorts as I watched my wife letting all this happen. Part of my mind was telling me to rush over there and give him a good hiding. The other part said stay and watch. I stayed where I was. After about thirty seconds Jodie must have got scared that I might catch them at it. She would know that I’d be back very soon. She pulled Garrett away and scooped her boob back in her dress and rearranged the strap.

I quickly made my way back, barging through the crowd, spilling a lot of the beer, to arrive back the way they expected. I sat beside Jodie and looked between her and Garrett. Neither of them made any show of nervousness, although they glanced at each other from time to time. My cock was still hard, begging for release. I wanted to see him to do it again, to feel up my wife’s tits, grope them and suck on them.

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