tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStars Hollow: Forbidden Scenes Ch. 01

Stars Hollow: Forbidden Scenes Ch. 01


Lorelei knocks on Rory's door and says:"Pizza's here!" as she walks towards the front door.

Moments later Rory and Paris come out, still debating their college project. Rory pauses the conversation and says:"I'll be right back." About fifteen seconds later she comes back, carrying two large pizza boxes and says:"Mom said to start without her, she's tipping the delivery guy!"

Out of the blue, Paris reaches in her jeans pocket and says:"I'll chip in!" and hurries towards the front door.

Rory tries to stop her, yelling:"Paris, NO!" as she sprints after her for a few steps, until she realizes it's too late; she leans against the cupboard closest to the hall, nervously fidgeting with the pizza boxes while she waits for Paris' inevitable return.

About ten seconds later, Paris walks back into the kitchen, clearly distraught; she looks up at Rory, speechless for a few seconds, then blurts out:"Your mom is on her knees, sucking the delivery boy!"

Rory, trying to calm her down:"It's okay Paris, we do that every time!"

Paris, getting over the initial shock and returning to her old self:"WE? So, apparently this is the standard way of tipping at the Gilmore residence... haven't you guys ever tried some loose change or if you're really pleased with the speed of the delivery, a five dollar bill, instead of resorting to oral servicing?"

Rory:"Servicing? My god, Paris!" as she continues opening the pizza boxes.

Paris:"Seriously, that shocked you? Your mom is blowing the delivery guy on your doorstep, but me using the word servicing shocks you?!"

Rory:"Paris, calm down. We're all adults here... unless you've got some sort of problem with sucking off a nice hard dick?"

Paris, defensive:"Hey, I'll have you know, I suck some mean dick; you can ask Doyle if you don't believe me, but that's not the point; I don't have a problem with sucking cock as a general activity, but more so the act of handing out blowjobs to random strangers in exchange for doing their minimum wage, dead-end jobs... it's not only promiscuous, it's also bad economics!"

Rory:"Jeez Paris, you're putting too much thought into this; it's just a blowjob, not a career choice!"

Paris: "Unbelievable, this is exactly the kind of talk I would expect to hear from floozies like Madeline and Louise, but certainly not from you Gilmore... but now at least I know where the Gilmore's legendary ineptitude in the kitchen comes from: why learn to cook when every meal comes with a little extra!"

Rory, irritated and unwilling to continue debating the issue:"Well, our secret's out, so let's just eat okay?"

Both Rory and Paris grab a slice of pizza and take a step away from the table in opposite directions, keeping to themselves for the next minute or so, until Lorelei walks into the kitchen, licking her lips and smiling widely.

Paris looks at her and asks, shocked:"Oh my god, you swallowed it didn't you?"

Lorelei, confused, turns to Rory for an explanation.

Rory:"She saw you... tipping the pizza guy." as points towards her own lips, causing Lorelei to lick at her lips in approximately the same location near her own lips; when her tongue finds another smidgen of cum, she quickly scoops it up with her tongue, causing Paris to gawk in disgust and disbelief.

Paris, looking at Lorelei:"Yes, I wanted to chip in, can you believe it... but to be honest: I have yet to come across any pizza – or any other consumer product for that matter - that would merit such a charitable tip!"

As neither Lorelei nor Rory knows how to react to Paris' comment, there's an awkward silence for a few minutes, during which all three of them just stand around the table, wolfing down slices of pizza.

Then the doorbell rings again..

Rory:"That'll be the Chinese food; I've got this one, mom!" as she walks into the hall very determined.

Paris, turning to follow Rory:"You're kidding me right?"

Lorelei:"We always order different kinds of food Paris, you know that."

"I am not talking about the food, you nincompoop!" Paris says as she follows Rory into the hall and asks:"You're not seriously thinking of doing what I think you're thinking of doing, are you?"

Lorelei, alone in the kitchen now, takes another slice of pizza and giggles, whispering to herself:"Nincompoop."

Rory, ignoring Paris - although she's only a few paces behind her - walks into the living room, turns the corner and opens the front door, letting the delivery guy in. Paris – hearing the front door open - stops and nervously looks around, not knowing whether to go back or forth.

The guy hands Rory a large brown paper bag and says:"13,50 please."

Rory takes some money out of her jeans pocket and asks:"Usual tip?"

The delivery guy's face lightens up as he says:"Hell yeah!" and turns to close the door behind him. By the time he turns around again, Rory is on her knees and reaching for his buckle.

Meanwhile Paris strolls into the living room as casually as she knows how.

"It's Sean, isn't it?" Rory asks, as she looks up, unzipping his trousers.

The guy nods, staring down at her as she reaches in his pants and takes out his growing cock.

Rory:"Well, Sean, thank you for the speedy delivery." as she loosely closes her fist around his cock, jerks it a few times and then puts it in her eager mouth. While Rory's head is bobbing up and down Sean's big shaft, Paris awkwardly paces around the living room, looking at the furniture and some magazines scattered across the table, while keeping a constant eye on her friend and the delivery guy.

About a minute later, Lorelei walks down the hall and sneaks into the hallway, trying to steal the brown paper bag without being seen... a feasible outcome, considering that both Rory and the delivery guy have their eyes closed. Unfortunately, she forgot to take into consideration the wrinkling noise of the paper bag...

Startled, Sean opens his eyes and after recognizing Lorelei from previous encounters, smiles at her. Rory, irritated by the interruption, lets his cock slip out her mouth and uses her hand to jerk him off, while looking up and shooting an angry look at her mom.

Lorelei:"Don't mind me, I'm just here for the food!"

Instead of turning towards the hall, she changes her mind at the last moment, smiles and says:"Unless you need a hand with that, Rory."

Rory, who was just about gobble up his cock again, looks up at her mom - even more annoyed than before - not realizing that her mom's comment has set Sean off; while he lets out a deep roar, his cock shudders and shoots out large jets of cum onto Rory's right cheek and neckline.

Taken completely by surprise, Rory can do nothing but clench her eyes shut and keep her face turned sideways to avoid getting a full fledged facial; although she is not happy with the situation, she knows that this isn't Sean's fault and so she keeps jerking his throbbing rod - even harder and faster than before - pumping his cum all over the right side of her face.

With Lorelei blocking her line of sight, Paris - unable to contain her curiosity – moves in closer and closer, trying to get a peek at Rory; when Sean's balls are empty, Lorelei turns to leave and bumps into Paris, who's standing right next to her by now, gawking at the scene.

Lorelei:"God, Paris... you shouldn't sneak up on people like that!"

As her eyes wander over Paris' body for a second, they stop at her chest as she asks:"A little cold, Paris?"

Realizing that her hard nipples are poking through her sweater, Paris crosses her arms and says:"I am not turned on, if that's what you're implying."

Smiling widely, Lorelei walks towards the kitchen as Paris turns to Rory, who is just getting up. As he zips up his pants, Sean looks at poor Rory and whispers:"Look, I am sorry, you're mom was just..."

Rory:"This wasn't your fault... don't worry about it."

As Sean walks out the door, Rory turns towards Paris - who only now realizes just how much cum her friend pumped out of Sean's dick; the right half of her face, neckline as well as her ear is drenched; big globs of cum are sliding down onto her dark green sweater, completely covering the outline of her right boob.

Due to the shock, Paris unconsciously lowers her arms a little bit; just enough for Rory to notice her rock hard nipples piercing through her sweater; glancing down at them, Rory smiles and says:"Careful where you point those things Paris!"

Paris quickly moves her arms to cover them up again and follows Rory towards the kitchen, saying:"Jeez, for a couple of promiscuous trollops you Gilmore girls sure make a big deal out of erect nipples... fine so, so I am turned on, so what?"

In the kitchen, Lorelei is unpacking the brown paper bag and arranging the Chinese food on the kitchen table.

When she sees Rory entering the kitchen, she fights a smile and says:"Rory, be sure to wash your hands before coming to the table."

Rory takes a tissue from the box of tissues on the kitchen counter and uses it to wipe an insignificant amount of cum off of her face before taking a second one and replying:"Very funny!"

Paris enters the kitchen, looks at Rory and at the box of tissues she's using and says:"Are you kidding me with those? You need a shower, a skin peeling and a change of clothes!"

Lorelei:"Come on Paris, it's just a little bit of cum."

Paris:"By no measuring standard, known to the Western world, can that be construed as a little bit of cum; look at her, she's completely drenched!"

Lorelei:"Fine, so it's a lot of cum, but believe me she's looked worse..."

Rory:"Mom!" as she grabs another tissue.

Paris, looking at Rory, notices, that despite this being her fifth tissue, Rory is not making much progress in cleaning herself up; so, with her patience wearing thin, she yanks the box of tissues out of her hands and says:"Will you stop with the tissues already... none of us are getting any younger, you know!"

Paris reaches out and grabs - what she believes to be - a kitchen towel, but when she notices how small it actually is, she turns to Lorelei, holding up the small cloth and asks:"Are you guys leprechauns, don't you have a normal size towel?"

Lorelei:"That's a guest towel Paris."

Paris:"Guest towel? I've blown my nose in bigger tissues than that!"

Lorelei:"Hang on, I've got some normal towels here somewhere."

As she glances over the cupboard one at a time, she says:"If I were a kitchen towel, where would I be?"

Paris, losing the little patience she's got left, takes off her sweater and says:"Never mind, we don't have time to go on an expedition into the wasteland that you call a kitchen: I would like to eat somewhere today."

Lorelei:"Hey, my kitchen is not a wasteland!"

Paris throws her sweater at Rory and readjust the straps of her grey halter top to overlap the straps of her black bra, then turns towards Lorelei and says:"Really? Last time, when I was here and asked for a clean plate, you went out and bought a pack of paper plates."

Lorelei:"That's because the dish washer was broken."

Rory, scooping cum from her blouse with Paris' sweater:"We don't have a dish washer."

Lorelei turns to Rory and says:"Et tu, Brute?"

Paris walks over to the fridge, opens it and steps back, showing Rory and Lorelei the nearly empty fridge, except for half a bottle of diet soda and a pizza box and says:"If this were a western movie, tumbleweed would rolling out to hint at the massive emptiness inside."

Lorelei:"Fine, you've made your point... maybe we're not the most kitchen-minded people."

Paris:"That's like saying Ted Bundy was not a very nice guy!"

Lorelei:"Jeez Paris, what is your problem?"

Paris:"Nothing, I am just waiting for miss bukkake over here to get cleaned up, so we can all eat!"

Rory, as she cleans up the last residues of cum and throws Paris' sweater on the ground:"No seriously Paris, you're acting very aggressive, even more so than usual; with you it's usually one of two things: hunger, which is unlikely considering the fact that you've already devoured five slices of pizza or..."

Lorelei sits down and asks:"Or?"

Rory, sitting down opposite from her mother:"I think someone is horny and frustrated!"

Paris, sitting down in between them:"Hey, I am not frustrated!"

Lorelei:"Hah, but you are horny?"

Paris looks down at her rock hard nipples - obscenely sticking through her grey halter top - and, using her thumbs and index fingers, squeezes them, thereby gently shaking her breasts up and down and asks, looking up at Lorelei:"What, these weren't enough to deduce my current state of mind?"

Rory smiles and asks:"Doyle not getting the job done?"

Paris, letting go of her swollen nipples:"Hey, I'll have you know Doyle is a great performer; sexually, I mean."

Lorelei:" Did you really feel like you had to throw that last part in? You don't think the context of this conversation and recent events would have been enough?"

Paris briefly looks up at Lorelei, ignores her remark and continues:"We usually fuck like rabbits, Doyle and I..."

Lorelei interrupts her:"There, you just did it again!"


Lorelei:"What? I am just saying the 'Doyle and I' was kind of redundant."

Paris continues:"It's just that he's been gone so often lately, with all those seminars and lectures. I didn't think it would be a problem, but then again: I didn't exactly expect to see you and your mom play 'guess the delivery guy by sucking his cock' either!"

Rory:"Paris, if you're that horny, maybe you should give Doyle a call."

Lorelei:" Or... we could get you a delivery guy of your own to play with!"

Rory turns to her mom and asks:"Seriously, that's your proposal? A delivery guy of her own?"

Lorelei:"Beats your guy."

Rory:"My guy is HER BOYFRIEND!"

Lorelei:"Who can't help her right now! What are they going to do on the phone? Tell each other how hot and bothered they are? Doyle will blow his load in five minutes flat, leaving Paris here hornier, more frustrated and even more 'enjoyable' than she already is... at least my guy can really scratch her itch!"

Rory:"I don't think that..."

Paris:"What exactly do these delivery guys do? I mean, how far do they... you know?"

Lorelei:"They'll deliver it anywhere you want!" as she turns to Rory and ask with a big grin:"Get it?"

Before Rory has a chance to reply, Paris interjects:"Yes, we got it; sophisticated as it was!"

Rory:"Mom, I really don't think..."

Lorelei interrupting her:"Why don't we let Paris decide which option she prefers and..."

Paris, clearly guided by her arousal instead of common sense, blurts out:"Delivery guy!"

Rory:"Seriously Paris, could you answer any faster?"

Ignoring her, Paris turns to Lorelei and asks:"So, who would you recommend?"

Lorelei walks over to one of the kitchen drawers, takes out a bunch of flyers and says:"Paris, you've come to the right place; we've got detailed descriptions on every delivery guy in a twenty-mile radius."

As she browses through the flyers, most of them decorated with little post-its and doodles, Lorelei continues:"So, tell me Paris, what are you looking for? We've got everything right here: tall, dark, blond, oriental, baby-face, cute, talkative, quiet, arrogant..."

Paris glances at Rory, who whispers:"Don't ask, mom's got a thing for arrogant men."

Meanwhile Lorelei continues:"... muscular, casual dresser, cums-like-a-horse, screams-when-he-cums..."

Paris:"Look, I don't care about all that; I am not looking for a date, I just need a big cock!"

Lorelei:"Mmm, a bit of a slut hey!"

Paris:"Yes well, when in Rome..."

Rory, having accepted that she can't change her best friend's mind:"Mom, I think our system is a little too complex for an outsider like Paris."

Lorelei:"Ok, so our criteria is: hung-like-a-mule..."

Not having to think for more than a second, Rory states:"Paulo!"

Lorelei smiles and asks:"You think she'll be able to take him?"

Rory:"Probably... I don't know."

Lorelei:"Probably is good enough for me." as she stands up and walks towards the phone.

Paris, nervously:"Wait, what just happened?"

Rory:"We've found the perfect candidate to scratch that itch of yours!"


Rory, grinning:"Paulo."

Paris:"And exactly how well endowed is this Paulo?"

Rory, still grinning, holds up both index fingers and brings them about twelve inches apart. Paris' eyes open wide in perplexity and a little panic, as she whispers:"Oh my god!"

"Yeah Frank, it's Lorelei... yeah hi... is Paulo working tonight... uhuh I see... could you send him over with a couple of sodas, three to be exact... yep... ok... bye Frank!"

Lorelei hangs up the phone, walks back into the kitchen and says, as she puts the flyers back in the drawer:"Paulo will be here in ten minutes, or less."

Paris, slowly getting over Rory's illustration and clearly getting very nervous:"Ten minutes, hang on... I don't, I mean, I never agreed to... I don't even know the guy!"

Lorelei:"Don't worry, it's like riding a bike... once you've ridden one, you can pretty much ride them all!"

"This..." Paris says, extremely agitated, as she holds up both index fingers and duplicates Rory's earlier demonstration:"... is not a bike, this is a freaking SUV!"

Amused by her comment, Lorelei says:"Don't worry, Paulo will do most of the work anyway!"

"Mom, you're not helping!" Rory says, as she gets up to take some paper napkins from one of the cupboards. By the time she turns around again, Lorelei has taken her seat next and is putting her arm around Paris, gently pushing her rack against her daughter's best friend.

Lorelei:"Relax Paris, it'll be allright." and softly pats her shoulder, gently pushing down the strap of Paris' grey halter top, followed by the black strap of her bra. Confused, Paris glances at her now naked right shoulder, then turns to Lorelei and asks, in an atypically peaceful tone of voice:"Lorelei, what are you doing?"

Meanwhile Rory walks around the table, grabs some chopsticks and starts eating from several containers of Chinese food, intently watching the scene unfold in front of her.

"You can't let a guy like Paulo mount you, without getting in the right frame of mind first." Lorelei says, as she uses her left hand to lower both straps on Paris' left shoulder, then tenderly takes her left hand, guiding her arm up and out the straps. Confused and a little lost for words, Paris just looks at Lorelei's hands working as they perform the same actions on her right arm, leaving her completely strapless.

"Let me help you get ready." Lorelei whispers, as she uses her right hand to find the clasp of Paris' bra, while using her left hand to gently cup and massage her left boob, gradually but deliberately pushing down the halter top – at present only being kept in place by the curvature of Paris' boobs.

"But... I... I..." Paris stutters incoherently.

"Sssshh, just relax and listen." Lorelei whispers, as she unclasps Paris' bra, causing her to gasp as her breasts gently bounce, dropping several millimeters under the influence of gravity.

"Imagine a cock so thick - in its flaccid state - that you can barely wrap your small hand around it." Lorelei continues, as her left hand continues to push down the halter top – exposing more and more of Paris' black bra – and gently runs her right hand through her long blond hair.

Paris closes her eyes, overwhelmed by all the new, exciting sensations.

"Imagine it growing as you stroke it, slowly but inescapably forcing your hand open further and further, dwarfing your fingers as they desperately try to keep up with its daunting size." Lorelei whispers, reaching around with her right hand, sliding both hands under Paris' bra – exposing and affectionately cupping Paris' boobs, ever so delicately rolling her friend's nipples between her index fingers and thumbs.

Rory, watching and listening attentively, is having trouble swallowing her last mouthful of Chinese food, as her mother's monologue – as well as her fondling – is slowly getting to her.

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