tagMind ControlStart of the Plan Ch. 03

Start of the Plan Ch. 03


Chapter III

"Why don't you lie down right here, Ms. West?" The friendly masseuse patted the table for emphasis. The masseuse's nametag read "Angie" and she looked average, happy, and under nobody's control. None of the employees Sparkler encountered had seemed suspicious.

"Oh, right. Sorry, this is my first time. Getting a massage," she amended. Blushing a little, she congratulated herself on her acting skill.

Angie's smile turned indulgent. "We get that all the time. But, if you need a distraction, you could put on these." Angie retrieved a pair of headphones from under the table, giving Sparkler a good look at her butt. "We've got a small TV right under the head support too. It'll play scenes of waves crashing onto a beach, midday in the forest, that sort of thing. Supposed to help the customer relax."

With an impish expression she added, "or get you to forget that a perfect stranger is laying her hands on you."

Sparkler eyed the setup and her heart began to speed up. It could be perfectly innocent, or it could be one of Mesmeri's inventions. Either way, there was only one way to find out. "Yeah, I think I'll use them. No offense."

"None taken," Angie assured her as she put the earphones back. She gave Emily her space as she climbed onto the table, laid down on her stomach, and finished by unwrapping the towel.

Only when it seemed she'd gotten comfortable did Angie move towards her. "Now, before we start I've got to ask you if you filled out your form truthfully. No old injuries you forgot to mention or did you change your mind about the kind of massage you want?"

"No and no." Emily couldn't help but a smile a little too. Angie's bright personality had an infectious quality.

Angie nodded. "We have to ask. Can't be too careful. You can put the earphones on now. Got any preferences?"

"Hmmm, I like the beach."

"Beach it is." Angie bent her knees a little to reach for something underneath the table and faint sound started coming from the earphones. Emily put them on and settled back into position. Less than a meter away was a small TV-screen indeed showing the ocean's waves meeting a beach. The sound of the roaring waves and the screams of seagulls filled her ears.

But Emily was careful, listening intently for a hint of something more and looking away from the screen every few seconds. 'So far there's no-' Her thoughts broke of when she felled an oiled up hand lightly touch her shoulder. Her muscles tensed in reflex, but the hand didn't move and Emily got herself back under control. 'Attacking the masseuse would not help me blend in,' she reminded herself.

It wasn't until those muscles relaxed that the hand moved to her back. There it was joined by another hand and the massage began in earnest. A sigh involuntarily escaped Emily's lips as those strong fingers began to delicately skim over her muscles.

'Pay attention, Sparkler,' she berated herself. 'If more is going on, now would be the time when something happened.' So she tried to ignore what was happening to her body and focused on discerning anything amiss in the recording.

But nothing changed. She was still surrounded by the sounds you could hear on the beach; the waves still crashed on the beach. Emily looked at the screen for a few seconds, then looked away for the same amount of time before returning her gaze to the TV. It was repetitive, boring, and a necessary precaution if there was something nefarious in that recording.

Angie's hands were another story. Finished with skimming, they began to softly knead the muscles in her back and neck. Emily stopped herself from moaning her appreciation but not from relaxing under those slick digits.

Her eyes began to droop as tension that had been building for more than a week melted away. The minutes ticked by, and Emily began to accept that nothing was going on after all. There were no hidden messages in the relaxation tape, no drugs in the massage oil. Sparkler was sure she would have noticed any by now. It was the most important part of the League's resistance training, after all. You couldn't resist something if you didn't even notice it was going on.

'At least this is not a total waste,' she thought with a smile. 'I'm feeling better already. I should have gotten a massage sooner. I wonder if Joseph knows how to give one?'

She missed those hands when they left, but a minute later they appeared on her calves and all was right again. There was too much going on for her to fall asleep, but her lack of rest had caught up with her. She was floating, really, drifting on an amorphous cloud of contentment. Sight and sound mingled into a hazy presence in the background.

As the hands traveled to her thighs, that presence changed subtly. The sound had grown increasingly indistinct; now it came back as a soft murmuring with a very familiar beat. Equally familiar colors began to dance on the edge of her vision.

Something inside Emily told her this was unusual, but she couldn't fathom why. They were always there, after all. Yes, there was nothing wrong. There was nothing to be suspicious about. The beach sank into two dark pools of whirling water, and Emily's gaze went down with it.

The undercover crime fighter hadn't thought it possible, but she relaxed even more. A tension deep inside her loosened and Emily didn't fight the moan that came out of her as Angie's hands began to knead her butt. She didn't think that was appropriate, but the pools murmured that everything was fine, and Emily had no desire to contradict them.

The towel glided off her back; leaving her completely exposed to those mind-melting hands. On the TV, the dark pools were sinking, too, sinking into dark brown eyes as the murmuring water morphed into a soothing voice massaging words into her psyche.

The face on the screen was familiar. Sparkler knew it, she was sure of it. But putting a name to it meant remembering. It entailed doing something and, at the moment, she had no desire to do anything. Because everything was perfectly fine, absolutely perfect.

"You can still see the whirlpools in your mind," the warm voice described it and Emily saw it, "feel it tug Sparkler down into the deep where she can rest, safe and secure. Where nothing can touch her or disturb her. Leaving Emily floating, just drifting. No fear, no worry, no desire. Just happily gliding on and on with my voice guiding you to even better places."

That sounded nice. Emily liked going to better places. "Because, with the whirlpools busily spinning in your mind, all you need is my voice. You trust my voice to guide you safely to a better place. So when you turn over, you still see the whirlpools even when your eyes do not. Because my voice has firmly lodged them in your head. Turn over Emily."

Without a thought, she did exactly that. She laid eyes on Angie again, and saw that she, too, was wearing earphones now. She was also naked, her nipples taut and firm, but Emily didn't mind; she simply enjoyed the view. Angie's bright expression had not dulled, but had misted over. It had become softer, more controlled.

Their eyes met, and Emily thought she should feel concern. But she didn't understand why, because Sparkler was safe in a place where nothing could affect her. The hands began to rub her tummy, gliding over the trained muscles and turning them to cooked spaghetti with a touch.

The voice turned sultry. "You feel so relaxed and so good, listening to my voice. You can't help but associate the sound of my voice with these feelings. It's natural to trust a voice that makes you feel so nice and link it with feeling wonderful."

The hands reached Emily's breasts and slowly enveloped them. The blonde moaned unabashedly, uncaring who might hear. The fingers started with a light pressure at the base, but that increased as they traveled up until Emily's nipples were rolled between slick digits.

"You're getting aroused, listening to my voice and following my lead." Emily had thought the hands were the cause, but she trusted the voice. "Listening and obeying is arousing. Open your legs a little."

Emily didn't think, she just did. An oiled hand slid between her thighs as they opened, like the move was choreographed. "You feel more aroused now because you obeyed. You feel better because you trusted me," the voice crooned. Emily mewled as the hand rubbed up and down her pussy.

"You will remember these feelings, the way my voice makes you feel. Even when Sparkler's away from her safe place, you'll remind her quietly of these feelings. Help her trust my voice and obey."

A finger slid into Emily's lubricated slit. Her mouth spoke on it's own. "I obey," she breathed. She would remind Sparkler how it felt to hear the voice.

"Yes, and every time you do your body will remember these hands on your body. Caressing you, loving you like you love the sound of my voice. Giving you pleasure and peace, trust and calm. The better you obey, the better you feel the hands. The more you feel peace and pleasure."

"Peace and pleasure," Emily murmured. She shuddered as a second finger entered her and began to piston slowly in and out.

"Now, when Sparkler comes back from her safe place there are a few things she must remember. And some things only Emily can remember. Sparkler will remember..." Emily listened, remembered, and then forgot. ------------------------------------------------- A friendly voice broke into Sparkler's slumber. "Time to wake up, Ms. West." Her first response was to ignore it and snuggle deeper into her bed. Which was when the superheroine realized she wasn't in a bed at all. Groggily, she opened her eyes to take stock of her surroundings.

'Oh, that's right. I went undercover to see if this place had any connection to Mesmeri.' She pinched her lips in disappointment at herself. 'And got so careless I fell asleep. Not to mention...' Now it was a blush that appeared on her features.

Angie's hands had felt so good that Sparkler had gone so far as to ask for a full-body massage. And managed to embarrass herself further by luxuriating far too much in it. 'Did I really moan? Out loud?' Even now there was this core of mellow arousal inside of her, a constant reminder of Angie's skill.

"Ehm, I want to apologize for getting so..." Sparkler trailed off. She didn't really know how to put it in words.

Angie's smile got just a tad indulgent. "Don't worry about it. You're not the first customer to really relax. As a matter of fact, I think it's great. No such thing as too relaxed in my book!"

That didn't help Sparkler's blush, especially when Angie leaned forward a little to lay a hand on the crime fighter's knee. Looking down the masseuse's uniform, Sparkler got very conscious of Angie's attractiveness. The relaxing desire in her started to spread outward. Suddenly, the superheroine felt more disappointed that she hadn't tried to take things further.

"And it'll help get you to visit us again."

"Hmm?" Sparkler's eyes went up, not really catching that last sentence. "Oh, right. Yes, of course." Her eyes started to drift back down again of their own accord. "Ehm, I really have to go now. Thank you and... Thank you." Sparkler almost fled out of there.

The shower she took afterwards didn't help either. Sparkler kept touching herself, and twice she had actually started to finger herself. But she'd managed to get through it without embarrassing herself again. 'I'm not yet desperate enough for an orgasm to get my rocks off in public.' And now she was on her way out.

That was the moment when she got her break in the case. A casual look down a hallway showed two women talking. There was nothing suspicious about that, but a niggling feeling of familiarity made Sparkler take another look.

One of the women looked average enough. Brown, bushy hair, medium build and clothes that were neither expensive nor especially poor. But it was the other that Sparkler recognized. The latina wore a different pantsuit, but the superheroine recognized her facial features.

Sparkler walked along, waiting to double-back until she was out of sight. Peering around the corner, she examined their interaction better. The unknown woman was speaking with the one in the pantsuit was just nodding along. Only now did Sparkler notice the almost absent look in the latina's eyes.

Finally, the Hispanic woman said a few words. They were her parting words because, right after that, she walked away. The other woman didn't wait either, and went the other way.

Giving it a few seconds, Sparkler followed the one in the pantsuit. She didn't look back once, not even when she reached a door and started punching in the code to gain entrance.

Sparkler got a brief glimpse of stairs before the door swung shut, leaving her with a choice: try to follow the latina or come back later when she had some tools. Sparkler, however, had no desire getting caught sneaking into places where simple Emily West had no reason for being.

'Which means I'll be coming back here tonight. Better get moving, don't want to draw any suspicion now that I'm so close.'

To Be Continued

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