State Trooper


"The bastard, god damn fucking bastard, takes me to a party and then starts flirting with that little tramp" Melissa could barely keep her eyes on the road as the rage swelled up inside her.

The highway was whipping by her faster and faster as she thought about the good-looking jock that had taken her to the party. Now he was left there with the tramp he had been flirting with. At least she had got his keys before they had gone in, a way to assure herself that she wouldn't be driving with him after he got pissed. Now she flipped open the ashtray knowing what she would find. It was his stash, not a very original hiding spot but he wasn't too bright was he. He was just another Neanderthal with half a brain and a gift with the football. She saw the joint already rolled, just too tempting, usually she wouldn't have smoked while she drove but hell it was sure to calm her down, that in itself would be safer than the way she felt now.

Pulling over onto the gravel shoulder of the abandoned highway she found a lighter in the glove box and lit the fatty. "Oh so smooth" she wheezed the smoke curling up over her face filling the car with the sweet smell of weed. She looked out into the dark desert, it was so quiet so lonely, the road disappearing into the horizon and not another soul within miles. It was a strange thing, being in that much open space, Melissa had come from the city, lights and crowds and always another person over your shoulder. This was like another planet, half ass desert towns, separated by long lonely stretches of highway disappearing into nowhere. The smoke was working, her mind raced but her body slumped a little, she turned the tunes on, turned them loud, the beat penetrating her body, her eyes closed as she became part of the music.

The blast of cool air startled her, the door of the car opened, my god, flashing lights and the piercing beam of a flashlight.

"Excuse me, miss are you alright, I mean is everything ok"

The stench of dope billowed out of the car, Melissa panicked, her mouth started to say something and her mind raced like a rabbit being chased by a coyote. The uniform was familiar, state trooper, definitely not someone you want to fuck with, god she was so stoned, why had she smoked the whole thing.

"ahh ahh I ahh" was all she managed.

"Oh yes I see, or rather I smell, will you step out of the car miss,"

Melissa stumbled as she tried to find her legs and stand next to the Camero.

Officer Grant had seen and heard it all, he knew exactly what was going on only usually it was at least two of them pulled off on the side to smoke a j. Now it was just a lovely young lady that obviously had had a bit too much. He reached in and turned the music down. The ashtray was still open, the bag of green in plain view. He pulled it out bringing it too his nose to confirm what he already knew.

"Does this belong to you" his hand holding the bag was right in her face, Melissa tried to look away, "NO it's not mine, I don't know anything about it"

"Turn around and put your hands on the car, I tried to do this the easy way but you think you can shit me and get away with it, do you think I'm an idiot, who do you think you are messing with"

Her night had just gone from bad to worse, he was frightened her now. She always tried to be the hard ass tough girl but it was so fake, she was getting a little shaky at the thought of this big trooper and what he could do to her. Grant was having a little fun, a little dope was never something he really sweated all that much, he didn't mind a toke now and again himself but the idea of playing with this young little cutie was too much to resist. She was at least a foot shorter than his 6 foot 3 inch frame and from the short skirt and tight tank-top was on ready to party. He had often fantasized about scaring a young lovely like this, having a little fun using his uniform and maybe even his nightstick for a little recreation and now seemed to be the perfect time.

He leaned into her as she stood facing the car, her hands firmly planted on the roof. "It's a criminal offence to have a bag of weed, now I'm going to have to search you and make sure you have nothing else illegal you're hiding"

What the hell was he talking about, were would she hide anything in the skimpy outfit she wore, was this legal, could he do this. Melissa wanted to object, started to turn around when she felt his hands pushing her hard against the car, her balance lost she fell against the car, her body now pinned by his strong hands.

"I never told you to turn around, don't do anything until I tell you, do you understand."

His face was right next to her, she could feel his body pressing against her, what choice did she have.

"OK, I'm sorry, ok" she winced. It was getting hard for her to breath, she had got a lesson in who was in charge and it frightened her, this wasn't just an ordinary cop doing his job, it was turning into something else and it scared her to think about what might be next.

He pulled her away from the car again, kicking her legs apart, making her lean against the car for support, moving in any direction meant that she would fall.

Grant knew what he was doing, he was going to have a bit of fun on this deserted highway in the middle of the night and if she was good maybe she wouldn't get hurt. His hands moved over her bare legs, up under her skirt, over her tight little ass. She didn't want to be excited by this, she didn't want to be turned on by this brute and his force but she felt a familiar tingle between her legs. Her body was responding to the touch of his rough hands. A hand on her flat stomach moving up towards her soft round breasts. The nipples were already hard, poking through he thin material before his hand even got to them. He pinched them hard, mauling the tender flesh of her breasts, stimulating them more than she thought imaginable. She wasn't' exactly a virgin but never had she been handled so roughly, why was she loving the lack of control she had. He was the boss, he could do as he wanted and that fact excited her even more, she wanted so badly to be used by this brute in a uniform.

"You're liking this aren't you. I think you must be one of those little cock teasers that really just needs to be taught who's boss"

"Fuck off" god why had she said that, did she want to invoke his wrath.

The hand came out of nowhere, landing hard with a resounding slap on the back of her thighs. The pain shot through her and she cried out. He lifted the small mini-skirt, the g-string did nothing to lesson the next blow on her bare bottom. Over and over he struck her, she cried and pleaded and apologized but he continued his spanking. Her cheeks burned with pain, she thought they were on fire and it seemed to make her even more excited, feel even more alive. She had never been punished like this, never had anyone try and hurt her and she was confused by how it made her body feel. It made her feel so excited, made her want more, want him to be even rougher with her tender body.

"Now you know who's the boss, now you know I won't put up with any sass from my bitches." He growled.

Grant had enjoyed turning her ass red, had enjoyed seeing her humbled, now he would have a bit of fun with her. He pulled out his night-stick and moved it up her leg, along the inside of her soft thigh. Then between her legs, he moved it back and forth along the soaked material between her legs. The spanking had turned her on even more, this girl was really a nasty little slut wasn't she. She wanted it, she was so ready to be his little fuck toy. He moved the stick along her crack, pushing it inside her panties and finally forcing it into her slit. He wanted to fuck her with his stick, he pushed it into her and she moaned, sticking her ass out trying to get more of it inside her. He pulled it out and brought it up to her mouth.

"Lick it, lick it clean, taste your own fuck juice, wench.." he whispered into her ear.

She stuck out her tongue, and licked the thick black stick, she wanted it back inside her she felt so dirty but she wanted to be fucked by that big black stick.

Melissa heard his zipper and waited for what she knew was next, he couldn't wait and that was fine by her. She needed to be fucked now, she needed to be used by this nasty cop. He slid his cock along her wetness and past the side of her panties driving hard into her, almost lifting her off the ground with his force. The feeling of his large cock driving into her was incredible. She had never felt anything that filled her so completely. He tongue continued to lick the night-stick as his other hand grabbed at her tits. He was pulling at the nipple, pinching her hard, the pain shot through her body tingling with the pleasure his cock was giving her. Every time he drove against her she could feel his uniform, hear the jangle of his utility belt with it's handcuff and gun. He was close, his cock seemed to be pulsing inside her as he drove into her and she felt her own orgasm building. Sucking the night-stick into her mouth like a cock she let out a deep stifled scream and her body convulsed as she grabbed the car trying to keep from falling. That was all it took for Officer Grant to blow his load deep inside her body, He came and came pumping more and more of his seed into her. When he had finished he pulled out of her and grabbed his handcuffs. Without even putting away his limp wet cock he pulled her hands behind her back and handcuffed poor Melissa. She was now completely helpless, he lay her on her back over the hood of the car. Dangling his limp wet cock over her head he grabbed her hair and broght her mouth to his cock.

"Lick it clean slut, show me how much you want to please me, show me what a dirty little whore you are"

His words were harsh but they seemed to send tingles through her body, why was it that she wanted to be his slut, wanted to be talked to like that.

The dirt road seemed to go on for ever, nothing but potholes and rocks causing the care to bounce and her bottom to burn as she sat in the back seat her hands still cuffed behind her back. Grant he had said his name was but she could call him sir. She had heard him calling in for a towtruck to pick up the abandoned camero, no mention of her or where he was taking her now. She was scared but for some reason had not wanted him to let her go, had wanted more from him or to give more to him. She was his now and for some reason that gave her some comfort. The sign said " Law-mans Lodge", they drove through the gate and she noticed a there were more police cars and trucks scattered around the dusty yard in front of the adobe building. It had a look to it that seemed to implie it had always been here and would always be here. When the engine was turned off she could hear the music and laughter from inside the building, all men, that what she heard, the low rough voices of men, now what, she could only guess what he had in mind for her now. She had been satisfied to be with him but the prospect of a lot of men was giving her the shakes. He pulled her from the car and held her close while he removed her cuffs, his hands roaming over her body feeling the goosbumps on her skin.

"That's ok my sweet, just do as I say and everything will be ok, don't try anything smart-ass or you'll regret it, next time you'll feel the sting of my belt not just my hand."

"Yes sir" Melissa hung her head in submission. She had no desire to try anything, she wanted to be his little slut, his slave.

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