tagLoving WivesStay-At-Home-Fuck-Daddy Ch. 03

Stay-At-Home-Fuck-Daddy Ch. 03


Author's Note:

This is the third chapter of a longer story. It contains violence, cigarette smoking, nudity, sexual content, and graphic language.

It has been tagged with the words "puke", "violence", "cuckhold" and the phrase "small penis humiliation."

Reader discretion is advised.


I burped up the taste of my chicken potpie. The chef made it for me earlier cause he felt bad about me not having dinner. Ronnie forgot to give me allowance that day before I went to work.

My side work was all done, so the only thing left was collecting on Tom's check before he went out the door.

He was a regular.

Usually him and his wife Jana would come in, but this night he came in by himself.

Ronnie was still fucking Jana, but Tom didn't know that.

As far as he knew, Jana fucked him and only him. He was also in the dark about me fucking anybody else but my husband Harlan.

Harlan had been nothing but a big old mope for the last two months. When Ronnie kicked him out of the master bedroom so he could move in there with Maggie, he didn't do nothing but pout really.

He wasn't the man of our house.

I was in Maggie's old room, but I slept alone in there. I still got jealous when I could hear Ronnie fuck my daughter in my old marriage bed, but I kept quiet. I kept quiet cause I knew when Maggie was asleep, Ronnie'd kick my door open and thrust his thick tonsil stretcher right into my sleeping face. Plus I knew that once my worship got it hard, he'd put it right inside my tight little bank to leave deposit after deposit. We were going to make a baby together.

I liked crying out to haunt Harlan on the couch out front. I hoped one day I'd come out my room all bow-legged and find he'd packed up and moved out. That day hadn't happened yet.

Harlan was a big old loaf at home when he came in from outside anymore. Most days he just laid on the couch all numb and watching TEEVEE. Sometimes him and Maggie would laugh about something, but I could still see he was sad about me fucking Ronnie.

Ronnie told me once or twice that Harlan should get over it and move out. Harlan's excuse was that there was nowhere he could go. Sometimes to drive Harlan out, Ronnie would fuck me in front of him.

That usually worked. He'd leave and slam the screendoor.

Ever since it was clear that Ronnie was the man of the house, I didn't wear pants all that much. Anytime Ronnie snapped his fingers, I was on my knees sucking his monstrous dick or taking it from behind. All the time, I made sure to make eye contact with Harlan when I moaned or I made a big deal about Ronnie being my 'pumpkin.'

Our fucking all the time must have broke something in my husband. I say that since there were times where Ronnie'd be fucking my mouth by the TEEVEE and Harlan would do something like make a sandwich. Ronnie'd be fucking me on the couch and Harlan would run around with a fly swatter.

I always found that sort of coo-coo. Stupid Harlan.

"Can I get you anything else?" I asked Tom, anxious to set his bill down.

Tom looked up at me from behind his gray locks. Sitting there in his lumberjack shirt, I knew he was checking me out. I didn't mind that other people found me attractive. I just thought it was funny that some folks thought they could take the place of someone like Ronnie.

I wasn't a lot to look at with my blonde hair pinned up and no make-up on my brown eyes.

"You all alone here tonight?" He asked me.

"Yeah. Closing this up all by my lonesome tonight," I smiled flirtatious-like. Tom wasn't a real good tipper, but I wondered if I flirted if he just might not be a little more generous. Especially since his wife wasn't around.

"Well," Tom sighed. "I don't want to keep you."

I set his check down.

I always walk away when I lay down a check. There's just something weird about standing around and waiting to get paid. So I turned away and walked down the length of the diner's bar.

That's when I saw Ronnie at the door.

I wasn't expecting to see him at my workplace, but I was quick to open the door for him.

"What's up?" I asked him.

"Lock the door," Ronnie blurted. "I'll tell you in a second."

Ronnie walked clear back to Tom's table in the time it took me to lock the entrance. He sat at Tom's table and held his hand out for a shake. They went right into speaking to each other so I lit a cigarette and went behind the bar to find an ashtray.

I tried real hard to ignore the hushed tones that went back and forth over there, but the crackle of my cigarette was louder. Tom hadn't finished his burger and fries. The food had just gotten cold over time.

"Joy! Why'n't you come on over here with us?" Ronnie shouted at me.

I hurried down the length of the bar and back up to the table they were sitting at.

"Joy?" Ronnie said when I arrived. His voice made me aware of my own physical appearance. My uniform was barely flattering and a little bit stained. "I know you didn't just get over here without bringin' me a beer."

I smiled and realized it was true. I really was an airhead sometimes. I did an about face and went back around the bar to get Ronnie a cold one. I made sure I got him a frozen glass too, because I thought maybe it would make up for me being such an idiot. The whole time I was rushing it back, I was careful that it didn't get shook up too much.

I handed him his beer and set the glass down.

"What the fuck is that?" Ronnie asked and indicated the glass.

"I thought cause you're out-to-eat, maybe the beer could be special is all."

Ronnie rubbed his unshaven jaw and considered what I said. I couldn't tell behind his green eyes if he thought my idea was stupid or just the opposite.

"That's good, Joy. Real good," Ronnie said and he cracked his can open. I felt a sigh of relief when he handed it to me to pour in the glass. I was careful to pour real slow so there'd be no big foaming head on his drink. Then I set it down.

"Joy, tell Tom here your name's fuckin' Jana," Ronnie said and he took a Freedom Fry right off of Tom's plate. Then I watched Ronnie drink all of his beer down.

I didn't understand the request, but I never questioned Ronnie. Like any request my lover made of me, it got me wet right away. The tingle started when he told me to lock the door. This new instruction made me part my thighs some.

"My name's Jana," I said down to Tom and blew smoke at the tabletop.

Tom looked up at me with a red face.

"Well go on then, Tom," Ronnie said with his teeth covered in ketchup. "Get up and slap her like she's Jana."

Ronnie sounded outraged, but controlled. His voice quaked some like he was holding back a levy.

"She told you?" Tom glowered at Ronnie.

"Yeah," Ronnie laughed. "Yeah she told me you slapped her. Told me you shoved her to the ground. All that shit. All that shit you did, Tom, and she's pregnant."

I hated hearing the reminder. It seemed every girl I knew was carrying Ronnie's child to term, but I hadn't been able to get knocked up yet. I was starting to think there was something wrong with me that I couldn't make a baby. I was scared Ronnie was thinking it too.

"She pawned my sniper rifle," Tom said in his defense.

Both me and Ronnie knew that wasn't true. Something about Ronnie's face told me that Tom was about to learn a hard truth.

"Joy? Got my money?" Ronnie asked and the smoke on my breath shook out. I loved paying Ronnie. I'd given him every dime from both my jobs. I never kept anything for myself. If I fucked him good, he'd pay me like a whore from my own bank.

I grabbed all of my tips out of my apron and held the cash out for him.

Ronnie stood up in that instant and snatched the money from my hand.

"Say you're Jana again," Ronnie said.

"I'm Jana," I said to Ronnie.

Ronnie snorted a laugh and looked at Tom. "I know it's Joy you're seeing here, Tom, but you got to imagine it's Jana, your pregnant wife, for this to work."

Still looking at Tom, he reached over and grabbed another morsel from his plate. Then, as he chewed, he asked: "Jana, did you pawn Tom's sniper rifle?"

"No," I said, my brown-eyes devouring Ronnie's pudgy form. My heart pounded with a need that only my pussy getting stabbed would fulfill. "I didn't. I gave it to you, Ronnie."

"Show Tom why, Jana. Show him how we start," with that he yanked me toward him and slammed my lips into his ear. My open thighs writhed on his leg and my teeth took in his earlobe. I held my hand away while my cigarette continued to burn, but it was nowhere near hotter than my home slice.

With his free hand, Ronnie grabbed a handful of my hair to force my face in front of his. He thrust his tongue straight into my open mouth while he still glowered at Tom. With my eyes closed, I could feel the power in his arms and his grip. I sucked on his tongue with my smoke-stained-chicken-potpie breath. I just got weak like I'd been doing since we first started doing it.

His eyes could have shot bullets straight through Tom when he spoke next. Next, Ronnie said: "Jana, undo my fucking pants."

"Wait just a fuckin' minute," Tom said. He said some other bullshit, probably something real pussy-like, but I didn't really hear it all. When people like Tom or my husband got all high and mighty, I just tuned out and went for Ronnie's thick silken drooler. It just usually made more sense than Jesus-Christ-you're-sick this or You're-Going-To-Hell that.

The cigarette in my hand fell out my fingers. My hands moved all quick down to his NASCAR belt buckle. It was like I was one of them puppets on strings. I slipped his belt buckle open and popped his pants open.

"Show it to Tom, Jana," Ronnie breathed, still staring at Tom.

It took some tugging, but I pulled out Ronnie's juicy fruit for Tom to see. His pubic hair was the same familiar patch that my fingers loved to comb through. The ramrod itself wasn't all the way hard yet, just heavy duty in my dainty hand.

I doubted Tom saw the beauty of it, really I did.

"Suck it, Jana," Ronnie commanded.

The shudder between my legs just kept collapsing itself down my thighs, knees, and ankles. I fell to my knees down in front. He did nothing to assist the blowjob I was about to give over. I liked it when it was up to me to do all the services for his Mighty Mouse.

I heard Tom protest again, "So you're bangin' Joy then!?"

"Not right now," Ronnie chuckled. "Once I'm hard, I will. But I'll be calling her Jana!"

I guided the tip to my mouth. I set its fleshy tip right on my tongue. I could taste another pussy for sure. I knew it wasn't mine cause I'd worked a double. I wrapped my lips around it and I felt my eyes flutter shut with the taste of its filthy history. My man had probably fucked Erica that day.

She was about to come off the bench since little Eddie was born.

Ronnie saw Erica the day she gave birth and he fucked her right then before her husband showed up. The way she told it to me was that her pussy needed some kind of break, but Ronnie didn't really care. He wanted to celebrate his son with her by getting her knocked up again right away.

She told me the doctors said her baby factory needed a break. Ronnie respected those instructions, but let her know he'd be coming back to shoot his Elmer's Glue right up her orange cap again as soon as it was allowed.

Above me I could hear Ronnie counting his money with both hands. He licked his fingers while he counted the ones and the fives. When he got down to business like that, my hot chicken bucket made my panties extra sticky.

With my eyes closed, I heard Tom shove off from the table. I guess he wanted to leave instead of watch me get fucked by a huge dick. I had no idea why a man wouldn't want to stick around and see if he could learn a thing or two.

"Tom," Ronnie shouted after him. "If you're lookin' for Jana, she ain't home no more."

I reveled in what must have been Tom's view from the front door. He must've been looking straight back at Ronnie facing him with my head moving up and down. I made extra wet swallowing sounds, just to hit the point home. I loved that Ronnie was telling Tom about Jana and that he was using me to do it.

"Where the fuck is she?" Tom hollered.

"Sucking my dick!" Ronnie laughed. "Ha! Just kiddin', Tom, but she was earlier."

"Shut up!"

The length of Ronnie's fat girder was hard like steel now. My lips slobbered without shame over the rich veins that brimmed to the top with his arousal. The texture of molten silk slipped against my hungry tongue.

I knew Ronnie must've pocketed his money because both hands went to the back of my head. When he touched me like that, there was never affection. He never touched me like my pansy husband. He touched me for real.

"Imagine Jana's fat, pregnant ass on her knees like this," Ronnie hissed. "Check out how my fingers grab onto her black hair like handles. Like fuck handles."

I felt his fingers grip my blonde tangles with a pain I'd grown familiar with. That meant he was going to fuck his way into my throat, like always. Like I wanted. So I relaxed my jaw for him and raised myself up some for the impending truth. My hands went straight back to his full ass.

My big boy didn't disappoint me either. His fuck stick slammed its way back. My gag-reflex was music to my ears. The sick mixed flavors of piss, stale girl cum, and nasty sweat pushed back my taste buds as he rammed me forward.

"Hey, Tom, remember when sex with your wife changed up? When she started lyin' there instead of taking charge? When she started doin' you like you were some sorta chore? Like seven or eight months ago?" Ronnie chimed every syllable. Then he pretended to act stupid so his next words would be more dramatic. He was always cute when he acted stupid. Usually he did it because I'd done something retarded, but this time he did it for Tom. "Wait a minute... that means it might not be your baby, huh?"

I opened my eyes then, cause Ronnie's hands left my hair. With my lips still stretched around his pounding pussy pleaser, I looked up to see Tom go to punch Ronnie. When he swung, Ronnie blocked it with his arm and laughed.

I bobbed my head back some and moved forward, still pulling his silky flesh with my tongue and lips. Ronnie's helmet popped out of my throat and I dropped down to tongue the head some. I put my hand on his hard on and held it high so I could lick it while Ronnie laughed.

I watched as Tom swung with his fist again. Ronnie knocked the punch back again, but he didn't see the fool's other hand smash the back of his head. With the smash came Tom's angry grip and he jerked Ronnie's head back.

I let go of Ronnie's cock when he pushed me away from it. I fell back onto my elbows, letting drool fly from my mouth to join the condiment stains on my outfit.

From here, I watched Ronnie backhand Tom. Tom didn't let go of Ronnie. With force that always made me wetter than a waterfall, I watched Ronnie slam his open hand into Tom's groin.

Tom let go of Ronnie.

Ronnie turned and gripped Tom's neck. That's when he forced Tom down to his own cock-level.

"Can you blame her, Tom!?" Ronnie shouted at him. With his free hand, he smacked his massive missile right up against Tom's cheek. "Big! Hard! And full of spooge!" He hit him again with it in his eye. With each smack, more breath came from my lungs.

"Jana! Get out of your pants!"

My hands flew underneath my apron to find the button of my plain pants. I was in such a hurry that I snapped the button right off. I didn't care about unzipping, I just went right to pushing my pants and panties down together. I sucked my lip in with the effort while my feet went to slipping off my shoes.

Ronnie pushed Tom into the table with his plate still on it. I heard creamers, salt and peppershakers, and silverware all tumble with the force of Ronnie's blow. That's when Tom fell on me. His stupid heavy shoulder slammed into my chest and knocked the breath out of my lungs. I had to stop shimming out of my pants cause it shocked me so bad.

It was okay though, cause Ronnie took care of my pants and panties. He jerked them past my knees and down to my ankles. I felt his knees fall down between mine. A glance over Tom showed me that Ronnie had his dinosaur in his hand and was aiming right for my stinky pinky tar pit.

His knees spread to part my legs even more and I felt my pants rip down around my ankles. "Jana, I'm gonna put it in you now!" Ronnie panted from the effort of his fight with Tom.

"Do it!" I gasped, still working out how to breathe again.

Ronnie rolled Tom off of me and we locked eyes. His face was red and sweaty. He was outraged and disconnected. More like a crazed animal than a human being, I recognized his lust and held back the urge to finger myself. His green eyes shot down from my face to my heaving button up uniform.

He tore open the blouse and busted the buttons down to limp danglers on plastic strings.

The hunger on his face thrilled me to no end when he grabbed my bra and tugged it down to expose the offering of my titties. His face fell to my chest right then. The little razors on his hairy chin scratched my heaving flesh. I felt his wet drool smeared over my B's all up and down and around. He moaned in me like a hungry child while I kissed the air above him.

His teeth bit into my nipple. I cried out and grabbed his short hair to hold him against me.

"Oh, Jana," he howled into my nipple. His spittle ran a river down my round hill. I could feel his nose breath blow the wetness and I sighed in content. "You're so skinny! You're so fucking skinny!"

He released my tit then and rose up to look at me. I gazed at him through glassy eyes with my jaw dropped open. I was slamming air in and out of my lungs like a multi-ball Pinball machine.

"No! No! No!" Ronnie showered spittle on my chest and neck when he shouted. With each protest, he slapped my face hard. It felt like my brain snapped against my skull. Three slaps later, my ever-wide wetness just might have leaked a puddle to the carpet. I couldn't control my thighs. They clamped against Ronnie's and tried to coax him to my cockwash.

I made sure Tom could see that the slaps made me happy.

"Why are you so skinny, Jana!? How are you so! Fucking! Skinny!"

I couldn't tell if he was talking to me or Jana.

His breathing relaxed some and smiled.

"This is how I made your kid, Tom!" Ronnie spat in Tom's direction right when he put it in me. My mouth fell open with the satisfaction of getting spread. I made sure to look over at Tom so he could see it in my eyes.

Tom's pink cheeks were clenched tighter than my pussy. His dumb lips had a little bit of blood on them. His eyes narrowed with hatred when Ronnie bottomed out in me and I flashed him an I-told-you-so smile.

Maybe my expression was too much for old Tom cause he pushed up from the floor and went to grab Ronnie's face. My lover's big hands came up to block, but they were just a little bit slow.

Tom was on his feet now with both hands pulling back on Ronnie's face.

Through the stress of Tom's white knuckles, my boy just kept right on giving me the bone. I breathed up at him as my slick sandwich went from losing mean to having it again –despite Tom's efforts to throw him off of me.

"It was my fuck snot that made her titties fat with milk!" Ronnie grunted through his exposed teeth. His hands found Tom's wrists and he tugged at them. I could feel Ronnie's spit hit my neck and panting face as his words made me cream even more.

This whole while, where Ronnie and me were joined, we just stayed joined. My hips kept raising up from the floor and down again. His flabby, pimpled ass just kept pulling back and slamming down again. My pussy and his dick only cared about each other right then.

Ronnie couldn't loosen Tom's grip. I could hear him pant from his efforts with Tom and his efforts inside me. I thought maybe I could help him out, so I spoke up. When I said anything, I made sure that I moaned, hissed, and gasped like the ferocious slut Ronnie could make me be.

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