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Ste. Vivienne's Clinic: Neurology


Fate can have a funny sense of humor sometimes. Or so I learned the hard way.

It was my final term in nursing school and I was assigned to the neurology unit at Ste. Vivienne's Clinic. Worse yet, being a mere student, I ended up with all the night shift. And usually the most disagreeable of the patients.

He was one of those. Charles Chatsworth. Oh, don't get me wrong, there was plenty to recommend the man. Drop dead good looking among them. He was tall, almost six and a half foot, and with the body of a slightly aging football player. He was intelligent as well. He would have to be considering he was one of the top attorneys in the city. But there was something else as well, something indefinable about him, a commanding sense of authority that even in his condition he wore with style.

His condition, oh yes, I almost forgot that. Mister Chatsworth had been diagnosed with MS. Multiple Sclerosis. Now MS is one of those odd birds that can vary from person to person. Some people learn that they have it early, many in their twenties, while a few others do not get diagnosed until later in life. He had been at the top of his game physically and mentally when he was diagnosed a couple of years before I met him. The other thing is that how it effects people can vary greatly from person to person. For some it comes and goes, remittent, they call it. And for others it is a steady progression.

He was one of those. In the past couple of years, he had gone from that arrogant bastard of an ambulance chasing lawyer to a wheelchair. The use of his legs was all but gone except for short distances from the bed to a chair perhaps. But even then he sometimes fell, especially if his legs simply gave out on him.

Now being young and more than a bit full of myself, all I could feel for this man was pity. How terrible it must be to have gone from the height of his career to, well I know it is not political correct, but a cripple. But I had to give the man credit; he had an amazing attitude and a wonderful sense of humor. He was everyone's favorite patient on the neurology ward. Except mine.

He and I just did not hit it off. I had never liked arrogant men. It was my pet peeve. Something inside of me always enjoyed bringing them to their knees...and walking away. And despite his sense of self-deprecating humor, his legs and the wheelchair, Charles Chatsworth remained a tad too much that cocky lawyer for my taste. Of course, I was soon to discovery just how COCKY he was.

It was late that night. He was not one of my patients, like I said I got the difficult ones. The head nurse had of course taken him for herself. She seemed to really like the guy. More power to her that was perfectly fine with me, like I said, he and I were simply oil and water. But she was on her break and more than a bit late getting back, which probably meant she had found some young and good looking resident to screw in one of vacant rooms. So I was stuck covering her patients...for as long as she wanted. Oh, the joys of being a student nurse.

Anyway back to my story. I was writing up some charts (another joy of a being a student nurse) when I heard something crash. I was not sure what it was but I followed the sound down the hall. I stuck my head in a couple of my patients' rooms, but all was well; they were sleeping peacefully. Then I remembered that I had hers to cover too. Damn, the bastard had better be good, whoever he was, it thought. The first door I opened was the same as my own patient, sleeping peacefully.

But when I opened his door, I got the shock of my life. There she was. The head nurse. Her scrubs top was pushed up around her neck. Her rather impressive tits hung out of a really sexy push up bra. And she was butt naked beyond that. I do mean butt naked. The woman definitely had plenty of junk in her trunk. I would not exactly consider myself bi-sexual despite a couple of drunken experiences at my sorority house, but I can definitely appreciate the woman's assets as it were. For a woman of her age, she had a very nice hourglass figure. At least the back side of it, which was all I could really see from where I stood with the door cracked open.

She also knew quite a bit about how to ride a cock that much I could see for certain. She was bouncing up and down upon one of the most impressive cocks I had ever seen. Thick and long and very much hard. Her face contorted as her body shook in climax. I did not have a clear few of course as the lights in the room were dim, but I knew enough of anatomy and physiology to recognize the signs of a powerful orgasm.

She collapsed forward on to him. I noticed then that he was naked as I have to admit I felt more than a touch of jealousy at the sexy, hairy chest that she was using as her pillow then. And the man definitely knew more than a thing or two about kissing from the way his tongue wrapped about hers. They kissed for a couple of minutes before he brought his hand down hard upon her bare bottom.

From where I stood even in the dim light I could see the sexy smile and twinkle in his eye as he pushed her off his still hard cock. Damn, he had every reason to be cocky with one like that. His next words tore a startled gasp from my throat, "Who's the cripple now?"

I must have been louder than I thought because she turned towards me and they both stared at me for several seconds. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks as embarrassment overcame me. Without a word I closed the door and rushed back to the nurses' desk.

I don't know what I expected when she came back but the surprises were just beginning. When she did get back...quite a bit later, she sent the only other nurse that night on her break. She turned calmly to me and said, "I hope you learned an important lesson. Don't judge people. You have the makings of a good nurse, but your attitude sucks. Patients don't need your condescending pity. Just your skills and compassion."

Her words hit me hard. I was speechless and once again turning red rapidly. Then she smiled at me, "And occasionally special ones can use a bit of your passion too. Your break is next. If you want to do more than just look, the little blue pill I snuck Charlie should be good for a couple more hours. That man ain't joking after a good long ride on that cock; you understand what it feels like to be the cripple." Her laugh broke any remaining tension. "It took me that long just to make mine work again for that."

Of course, what girl could refuse such a kind offer to share her candy? And she was right. That man could definitely fuck you until your legs were as useless as his. I came to love that sexy smile and those words, "Who's the cripple now?"

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by masculinbrain11/16/18

real life

I was diagnosed with MS seven years ago, at 60. The best sex of my life came afterwards.
Doctors keep telling me that MS is a terrible disease. The MRI tests show typical MS patters in my brain. Fortunatelymore...

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