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Ste. Vivienne's Clinic: The Doctor's Counseling


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This is a work of fiction, intended to entertain adult readers. It has graphic lesbian sexfights/catfights scenes and some offensive language.

If you can't legally view this, please don't! All characters and names of the story are fictional!

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Dear readers this is my second story . It's just a part of a longer chain story called

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Dr. Nikki Morton was awaiting her last patient after a long, exhausting day. She was one of the top psychologists in her field, working currently in Ste. Vivienne's Clinic. She was an attractive 45-year-old redhead. Her colleagues respected her and often asked her opinion on difficult mental cases. There were some murmurs about her methods because of her out-of-the-box perspective and the tailored treatments of her patients. Her sharp mind had distinguished her as a young medical student and made her the effective doctor that she was.

Dr. Morton didn't gave any attention to rumors and gossip. She let her work and her happy, healthy patients (many of them very famous) speak for her.

This afternoon, Nikki was sitting in her leather chair behind her large oak desk, reading the file of her next patient. The patient's name was Linda Marks: 35 years old and a lawyer. She was suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and nightmares. Her condition had degraded so badly that it made it impossible to continue her work.

Dr. Morton took a look at the brain scans. Then she read Mrs. Marks's medical and psychological history. There was no head trauma, stroke, nor aneurysm in the past. Nikki read other doctors' assessments, treatments, and evaluations.

There was nothing wrong with Linda Marks's body, nor with her brain.

"So, it's purely mental. That's interesting," Dr. Morton thought as a knock at the door interrupted her thoughts.

"Enter please," Nikki said.

The door opened. A woman considerably under 40, casually dressed, entered the office. She was tall with curly black hair and she seemed out of shape. Nikki noticed her beautiful but tired face. She had dark circles under her brown eyes and she seemed nervous. Keeping in mind those observations, Nikki shook hands with Mrs. Marks.

"I've heard so much about you Dr. Morton. You must help me restart my life and save my marriage. I'm at a dead end. I don't know what's happening to me! I went to so many doctors and spent so much money on treatments but nothing seems to work," Linda said with a husky voice and a thin, sad smile.

"Let's remain hopeful, Mrs. Morton. Every problem has a solution. Our bodies, our brains, and our subconscious try to tell us things--give us signals that we can't translate or decode easily. Please sit! Get comfortable and let's have a nice conversation. Please be honest with me; everything you say is under doctor-patient confidentiality."

Linda quit forcing her smile. She sat and looked at Dr. Morton.

Dr. Morton said, "To tell you the truth, I can't find anything wrong with your brain. The problem is mental. Something triggered your situation and made you feel off--balance. So let's begin.

"The causes of lack of sleep are the nightmares. Please, start from the beginning," Nikki said in a deep, soothing voice. She noticed that the patient( tense at first) visibly relaxed in her leather chair.

"Well Doctor, everything went to hell--excuse my language--five months ago when I returned home earlier than usual from my office. I entered the house and called that prick's name--please excuse me again--"my husband's" name. There was no reply, which was strange. He usually returns from work earlier than I do on Fridays. So I entered the house and started to change clothes when I heard sounds from the upper floor: murmurs, laughs, screams, moans. I was scared; I thought there was an intruder in the house.

"I took out my cell and prepared to call the police when I heard my husband yelling, 'Oh! Fuck! Take that cock, bitch...deep inside you! Ride me, Karen!'

"I was shocked! I didn't know if my imagination playing some kind of trick. I slowly and silently climbed the steps. I realized that the noise and the moans came from down the hall. I quickly opened the bedroom door.

"I saw a scene from my worst nightmare. I was shocked at first; I thought I was dreaming a perverted nightmare. My knees were like jelly; I was barely holding up. There--in my fuckin' bed!--I saw that blonde slut (his secretary) fuckin' him. She was riding his cock, bouncing up and down, and screaming. I remember that I whispered my husband's name.

"Then that bitch turned her head slowly. She had an evil grin on her face. She licked her lips and said, 'Well well, we have an audience, Tim. Come join us, Linda!'

"I screamed. Then everything became a blur. I remember running from house and into my car. My husband was shouting behind me, 'Oh my God! What I have done?' and that bitch was laughing.

"We stayed apart for two months. All that time, he begged me to come back to him. He sent me expensive presents; he left messages on my phone; he came to my parents' place looking for me; he cried.

"I hired a private eye to watch him. I learned that he fired his slut secretary. He was all alone in our house. He was taking long walks on his own. I finally was convinced and turned back to him. After long conversations, we decided to give our 5-year marriage a chance. We went to a marriage counsellor.

"For a while, everything was well.

"Then other problems started. During sex, he forgot himself and called me Karen. I let it pass. Then he started talking in his sleep, calling her name.

"Enough was enough. A new cold war began between us. He denied everything. I was on edge. Sex became non-existent. Something was missing for both of us. The passion, the love was gone. It was time to make a decision about my future: I couldn't compete with the slut in Tim's mind.

"I took some time for myself to make the big step, because I thought that divorce was inevitable. I left the house once more and stayed in a hotel. Tim tried to stop me, but he knew that everything was going to hell. He knew that there was no turning back.

"At that time, the nightmares started. I couldn't sleep; I put on weight; I couldn't do my job. I was so tired. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw the same perverted nightmare again and again."

Dr. Morton offered her patient a glass of water. During the time that Linda was telling her story, Nikki noticed Linda's glazed stare. Linda was angry--no doubt about that--but her thoughts were in order. She was clearly an intelligent person. Nikki knew that soon the root of Linda's problem would be revealed.

"Linda, if you're tired, we could stop and continue tomorrow," Dr. Morton said.

"No! Doctor, I'm okay. I must finish this," said Linda nervously.

"That's fine, Linda. Take your time and describe everything--every detail of your nightmare--in your words. I don't mind if you swearing," Dr. Morton said in a calming voice.

Nikki noticed reluctance and a blush from Linda. "Well...Doctor, that's a little--I mean, the nightmare has some awkward details--I'm a little ashamed to discuss them. But I'll try," Linda said.

Dr Morton was not surprised. She had heard every kind of nightmare. "That's my job my, dear. Continue when you're ready," Dr. Morton said smiling.

Linda began with a trembling voice, "Doctor, the dream goes like this. Every time I close my eyes, I return to the same moment that I open the bedroom door and see Tim fuckin' his secretary. But the thing is that I don't feel angry or sad. At the moment that his secretary turns and looks at me and calls to me to join her, I slowly go toward her! I try to stop but my body refuse to obey me. As I approach her, the details of her body become so vivid; as she bounces on my husband's cock, I notice her well-formed body, how her sweat-glimmering muscles tense and relax, her curved hips, her full, jiggling, round breasts....As I get closer and closer, I see her sex-glazed eyes and her long blonde hair. She still smiles and an urge to touch her body and feel her overcomes me. Suddenly, she grabs me by the hair and kisses me, deep and long. I feel her tongue, her taste in my mouth.

"Then the entire scene changes. I'm flat on my back, naked. I feel that bitch's naked body on top of me; she has me pinned. I try to break free, but the feeling of her breasts, her hard nipples digging into mine, makes it impossible to react. She slowly grinds her pelvis into my own and finally slides between my thighs. The arousal is so overpowering that it breaks my resistance. When she kisses me and her tongue finds mine, every part of my body trembles from desire and lust. My body slowly follows her rhythm and begins to grind; my tongue chases hers. She breaks the kiss and lifts her head and looks away from the bed with an evil smile. I follow her gaze. There, in a chair, is my husband. He's watching with a grin on his boyish face.

"Then Karen speaks. 'See, Tim, I told you so. I can easily fuck your wife, dominate her, make her my slut. She's not woman enough to resist me, to fight me. She's not my equal. You don't deserve someone as weak as she is.'

"Then I wake up, screaming. The strange thing is that I feel aroused. After all that, sleep is out of the question. I'm so frustrated, angry, ashamed of myself. I'm not a lesbian; don't get me wrong. I don't have a problem with this type of woman. If I did, I still wouldn't look twice at that fuckin' slut!"

All this time, Dr. Morton was keeping mental track of Linda's relationships. Nikki's mind was racing: solutions, problems....She tried to put together the scattered pieces of a puzzle. She watched Linda, whose face was flushed, embarrassed from the things she'd revealed. With some surprise, the doctor noticed that Linda's nipples had hardened; they were visible through the fabric of Linda's shirt. "Interesting," she thought. Linda was already forming a possible solution.

"Mrs. Marks, have no other doctors been able to give you even temporary relief?" Dr Morton asked.

"One told me that I'm a lesbian nymphomaniac. Another told me that I must get a divorce. Others have given me prescriptions. Nobody's been certain what my problem exactly is. They don't share their guesses with me, if they have any," Linda replied.

"Did you say anything about all this to your husband?" the doctor asked.

"No! This is my problem. I don't want his help or his opinion," Linda replied angrily.

"Did you confront your husband's ex-mistress? Face-to-face, to talk about it?"

"I've tried many times to go to her house. When I reach her door, I always stop and turn away. She scares me," Linda replied.

"Very well.

"First, you seem set on keeping your husband, so don't burn your bridges with him. I would like to speak to him. Don't worry, I won't reveal anything you've said. I want to understand a number of things about his relationship with you. Second, I would like you to give me the address of the former mistress."

Linda couldn't guess why Nikki wanted that, but finally the doctor convinced her to share the information.

"So you don't need any prescription. You're a stable and intelligent person. It's perfectly normal to feel this way after what you've been through. Don't be afraid to sleep. This dream is your subconscious trying to tell you something. Embrace it; try to remember any new detail: the colors, the talk, the postures of the people, every detail counts!

"Another crucial matter is that your self-respect--your womanhood--has suffered a huge blow. Fight back! Go to the gym or do yoga to get in shape. Train your body. Soon, you will feel much better. The goal is regaining your lost confidence. Don't worry; you'll be reborn like phoenix. We will solve this problem together. I guarantee you that you will dominate the heart, mind, and dreams of your husband."

For the first time since she had entered Dr. Morton's office, Linda started to smile sincerely. Her eyes sparkled as the first new hope arose.


After Linda left the office, Dr. Morton thought deeply. "Could it be so simple? Of course," she murmured to herself. The solution was clear to her, but Linda had to perform or the out-of-the-box treatment would fail spectacularly. Nikki had to trust the patient and the patient had a huge challenge ahead of her. But Nikki smiled. She knew when she accepted the job at Ste. Vivienne's Clinic six months ago that it would be a new chapter in her career.

In the appointments that followed, Dr. Morton explained to Linda that the root of her problem was the avoided confrontation with her husband's ex-secretary. Linda had repressed all her frustration, her anger, her fears deep inside herself. The result was that she had reached her breaking point. She had convinced herself that she was inferior to the ex-mistress, especially in her sexuality and womanhood. She needed to be more dominant--to protect her territory--to become a modern amazon!

Dr. Morton devised and started to execute a risky plan. She arranged appointments. The first was with Mr. Marks. He was a handsome 44-year-old. He knew that his wife was talking to a doctor about her health. He accused himself about what happened to his wife and he was willing to help any way that he could. He was hopeful that he could finally be with his wife as a couple and not talk only over the phone. Dr. Morton assured him that all would be well if Linda was as strong as Nikki believed she could be.

The next appointment was more difficult; it upset even the competent and experienced doctor. Nikki learned why Linda hated and was afraid of this woman. The 25-year-old Karen Wald was a straight man's wet dream. She dressed in tight clothes that left very little to fantasy. She had a beautiful face with blue eyes and full lips. She had shoulder-length, straight blonde hair. She had a magnificent body: long, tanned, well-shaped legs and curvy hips. Her demeanor was provocative. She clearly liked to dominate and control the people--the very environment--around her.

At first, Karen was curious about the reason she was called to a doctor's office. She burst out laughing when the doctor explained that Linda faced some mental problems due to Karen's and Tim's actions.

Karen's response aggravated Dr. Morton. "Sure, Doc; I'm in. I always knew that she would break. I told Tim that he was too much for her. She couldn't satisfy him; I did. I want to see her expression when I tell her that I'll get her husband permanently--and of course, remind her about the open invitation for kinky stuff!"

All this time, Dr. Morton felt uncomfortable. She noticed that the blonde bitch was checking her out hungrily, with eyes filled with lust. When Nikki finished with the arrogant bitch and closed her office door, she murmured, "Prepare for a surprise, bitch."


After three months of intense counseling and conversation, before Dr. Morton sat a changed woman. Both women had become dear friends during the past months. Linda's transformation was just short of a miracle. Her face was glowing. The tiredness in her features was gone. Yoga and exercise routines had made her body look like an athlete's. Her hips and legs were well-muscled. She looked like a model, an amazon. She radiated determination, self-respect, and intelligence. She was sleeping much better; she still had the same dream, but not as frequently. When she did have the dream, it didn't rattle her as it had. Her relations with her husband were somewhat better also, although she wasn't ready to face him. They talked on the phone, but that was the limit of their contact so far.

"My word, Linda, you're stunning! You look like a goddess," Dr. Morton said.

"Thank you, Nikki. I feel fine. I'm practicing law again: just a few cases, to warm up. But you know, the dream is still there," Linda replied.

"About that...yes, it's time to tell you what I've been planning. I hoped you would get into the shape--physically and mentally--that you're in today. Do you remember when I told you that you had to prove to yourself to yourself, that you're a woman dominant enough to claim what's yours? You have to assert that you can protect your territory; to show that you're not a person whom a slut can boss around.

"That time has come," Dr. Morton stated.

Linda shifted nervously in her leather chair. "What do you mean, Nikki?"

"I took the liberty to arrange an appointment between you and your husband's former secretary here in Ste. Vivienne's. I believe you will feel more comfortable away from places associated with unpleasant memories.

"In fact, she will be here in two hours. Tell me, what are your thoughts?" Dr. Morton asked, a little anxious about the response.

"...I don't know how to respond! I don't know. I never imagined that counseling would include that slut in the solution," Linda replied, a little confused and frustrated.

"Linda, just say the word and I'll cancel everything. I always propose high-risk-high-reward solutions for my patients. This meeting can provide closure that nothing else will. Please forgive me if I've overstepped my bounds and we will find some other way."

"No! Damn that bitch if I let her humiliate me a second time. Nikki, I trust you. I don't blame you for not telling me your plan. I blame myself for not doing what I ought to have done months ago.

"Is she coming to your office?" Linda asked calmly.

"To the clinic, yes, but not to my office. I prepared a special room for you."


Two hours passed. The doctor was notified that the people she expected were in the designated rooms. Nikki asked not to be disturbed for a couple of hours.

Linda and Nikki walked the marble corridors of Ste. Vivienne's Clinic and stopped in front of a green wooden door. The room was one of four that Dr. Morton's department used for patients with sleep disorders. It was pretty comfortable: with a large bed, a big couch, chairs, and a two-way mirror. Behind the mirror was an observation room.

"Here we are, Linda. Behind this door is one of the two people who almost destroyed your marriage. Take back what belongs to you. Prove to yourself and to that slutty ex-secretary that she messed with the wrong woman.

"Or tell me that you aren't ready yet! We have time to cancel the whole thing," Dr. Morton said.

"No, Nikki, I'm ready. If I don't do this now, I won't do it ever. Let's do it," Linda replied determinedly.

"I'll be watching you from the observation room. Things won't get dangerously out of hand. It's your show now." Dr. Morton gave her patient and friend a huge hug.

"Whatever happens in there, I want to thank you, Doctor." Linda stepped into the room.

Dr. Morton entered the observation room, where a second person was waiting. Nikki had kept his presence secret from Linda.

Mr. Marks sat on a chair. When the doctor arrived, he rose and spoke angrily. "Dr. Morton, I must say that I don't approve of this. My wife doesn't need to be humiliated for a second time by that slut."

"Mr. Marks, if I were you, I'd be thanking providence that Linda would take me back. Have you forgotten that 'that slut' didn't force you to be unfaithful to your wife?

"Now if you've calmed down, you may rest assured that everything is under control. You will be surprised at how your wife has grown these last months," Dr. Morton replied. She and Linda's husband sat and watched the room.

Mr Marks was amazed when Linda entered. "Oh my god. Is that my wife? She's like a goddess!"

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