Steam Room


Gertrude Auslander was not ordinarily shy, but now, in the United States at the gym, she was feeling out of place. She and a couple friends had just come in for an evening workout and steam: the usual light weights and half an hour on the treadmill or elliptical trainer was Trudi's plan. The workout went fine, good music on the stereo contributed to a good hard burn and a pleasant, mildly sore feeling. Now after a cool shower, a quick steam bath should have been the ultimate relaxer, but it wasn't working out that way at all.

Instead, Trudi sat in the room with her two friends, Anji and William, and another couple, and squirmed with embarrassment. The room was smallish, just big enough for perhaps nine people on two low opposing benches and one higher one. The atmosphere inside was quiet & cloudlike, almost scalding with the sound of an occasional hot droplet condensing on the ceiling and spattering on the clean white tiles below. There was a big picture window that overlooked the pool, but due to the steam, it wasn't really much use. Pretty much ideal conditions.

The room was *so* steamy that on entering, Trudi couldn't even tell who was who, or at first, even how many people were in there. In a great mood, she spotted the empty lower bench under the window and headed for it, bursting out with a cheerful "So which of you sweaty couples is Anji and William?" She had just whipped off her towel and sat on it right in the middle of the bench facing the others before she even recognized the social situation. Her words seemed echoey and over-loud in the close, quiet room.

There was one couple on each of the opposite benches, and Anji answered from the higher one, "This is us, we're over here, Trudi" just as her Trudi's eyes adjusted to the lowered light levels, and she spotted them on the left, fully clothed. Ahead to her right, scant feet away on the lower bench were the other a couple of strangers, also dressed and all 4 of them looking at her fully UNclothed and rapidly flushing naked body like she was some kind of kinky, ...something!

Nobody else was wearing a towel or even bothered to bring one, but they were *all* wearing swimming costumes, and conservative ones at that! Even though she was in America, Trudi hadn't thought to bring one to the gym at all, just assuming the offer of a steam automatically meant "nude," as a matter of course.

Apparently though, Americans took their steam clothed.

"Oh, gosh, *excuse me!" Trudi stammered, jerking up from her seat, whirling and bending to get her towl, only to realize that both revealed and drew attention to her bare ass. She was practically pushing it in his face! The guy over there could literally reach out and touch it.

Needing to make up for her mistake somehow, Trudy blundered along, saying, "I'm German, see, so we always used to go in the steam room, and I always thought..." a useless and not even believable excuse, even though it WAS true. At the same time she spun and tried to tie her towel back in place at the same time. Somehow this was even more embarrassing since now she had her arms spread and the towel behind her back, adjusting the height to cover everything and for a second that seemed like ten times that long, was giving a full frontal shot to a couple of strangers! Her tits were right at their eye level: God! Plus, she didn't really know Anji's new boyfriend Willianm well enough to be giving him a strip show like this either. It seemed like her whole body blushed red before finally getting the towel tied back in place. Trudi let her disclaimers die die away to a meaningless whisper, and quietly sat down, feeling miserable.

Now Trudi sat silent, covered as best she could with the towel, and unconsciously cramped over in one corner of the upper bench trying to be invisible. Another drop fell, splatted in the silence. Then, with a click, the steam turned back on and a new wave of humid cloud began to roll in along the floor, along with a roaring, hissing sound effectively ending whatever polite "that's ok" sort of remonstrances anybody might have wanted to give. The obscuring cloud of vapor couldn't come fast enough for Trudi who could now see all 4 of the others pretty clearly. She felt like she could read Anji's expression of embarrassed sympathy, almost. That was just assumption though, it was really too foggy for that. The other guy just across from her was only a couple of feet away, and he was looking right at her though, down at her waist. Not her waist, lower! With a fresh wave of embarrasment Trudi realized the short gym towel wasn't covering everything sufficiently and she was *still* giving a show.

Trying not to make a big deal out of it, she pressed her legs together even harder than they already were, turned away from the others and ootched over a bit towards the farthest corner of the bench, sobbing a little (thank God for all the steam noise) and pretending to look out at the pool. That was fake: you couldn't see anything out the mostly opaque steam covered window, but she sure didn't want to look at anybody else. Her friend Anjin came to her rescue.

"No problem, Trudi, we usually do it all the time, too," said Anji, in a nightclub voice loud enough to be heard over the noisy steam vent.

Who was "we?" She'd only even KNOWN William for 3 weeks! "We" should've been Anji and Trudi, if anything. Anji was stepping down from the high bench to sit next to Trudi.

"Heck, I'm already way too sweaty for this thing now anyway. You had it right the first time, Trudi!" Anji reached behind her back and pulled the lower string untied. It came loose as her now freed breasts seemed to burst free and outward a little, with the bikini top, not so big or conservative looking after all now just draped over her nipples, hanging down in the wet.

The steam cliked off into silence again.

Slowly, Anji grabbed the strings around her neck with and pulled the top off like a long necklace, not bothering to untie the string around her neck, it but leaning her head to the side and lifting the top over her head and then down over all the hair hanging to one side. Straightening up, her breasts gave a quick sexy swing and her hair fell over her right one covering the brown nipple and making the left one seem even more naked.

"Whew," said Anji, flipping her hair away with another unavoidable jiggle. Some hair was left, plastered to her chest by sweat. What guts! Trudi was still embarrassed, but felt like her friend was doing the whole thing just to make her feel better and it was working. Why should somebody feel bad about stripping in the steam bath, anyway, hey? These Americans were ridiculous with their prudishness! Trudi wanted to jump up and hug Anji but contented herself with a little giggle.

Trudi saw Anji look directly across to the other couple as she arched her shoulder blades into the back of the bench and lifted her butt so she could slide her bottoms off. "Ahhhhh, better..." she said in a hot exhalation, looking up towards William, who certainly hadn't missed any of that. The other guy seemed to be having some trouble breathing. Maybe he was just hot, too.

Anji tossed her bottoms lightly into the corner of the bench and crossed her legs, bobbing her right foot a little. Now SHE was the naked one in this room of uptight Americans, but it didn't seem to be bothering her. In fact Trudi thought she saw a little quick flash of shocking pink at the bottom of Anji's dark little bush just as her legs were scissoring one over the other. Anji wore beginnings of a "come on I dare you" grin building up, and said, "Hmmmmm..." contentedly, leaning back and wiggling right left like she was snuggling into her chair for a long sit.

That was enough for William apparently. He mumbled something like "Yah, it's sure hot in here," or whatever, stood up with his neck cocked over (from the top bench you'd hit your head on the ceiling otherwise) and just dropped his shorts in one sudden motion. He seemed a little abrupt and embarrassed and sat right down where he was. Guys can't really gracefully cross their legs to cover up and so there he was, with most of a boner kinda wobbling back and forth in the air, not two feet from the other girl's shoulder, and of course she'd turned to look when he started talking. It was so comical, and Trudi felt bad for William now. What a good sport he was!

Anji was enjoying herself immensely: William's move had brought a smile to her face and she made a little gun with her hand and shot him in the heart, getting a crooked abashed grin back.

"Yah, that DOES look way better: thanks for making me feel comfortable, guys" said Trudi, and she meant it. No longer embarrassed at all, she stood, undid the towel, folded it into a neat little seat cushion, gave it a pat and sat down. As she turned to sit, the situation had changed utterly. William's eyes were like saucers as he tried sooo hard to keep his gaze off Trudi's nipple rings, his hands flat on the bench not knowing where to go since he desperately wanted to hide his now full hard on but what could he do, and how could he not enjoy it with three chicks almost in arm's reach looking at it?

The other girl's head was practically swiveling as she went back and forth between keeping an eye on her boyfriend on the left, and William's dick on the right, which seemed like it would hit her in the ear if it fell over, which it surely would if it got Any Bigger. Trudi gave her upper lip a little lick.

Anji uncrossed her legs and placed her feet flat, not quite together, relaxing in the heat, and yes her clit was definitely peeking out now. It was William's turn to have his head on a swivel, or his eyes anyway: he could take us in together without moving his head but it was hysterical to watch his attention slash back and forth and the conscious but perpetually failing effort to drag his eyes up to our faces.

Anji had a huge grin. "Looks like you're overheating up there, Will..."

"Well *I* sure am." Said the other girl somewhat abruptly. "Maybe you just need a quick shower?" tried her boyfriend. "Yah, let's both shower and get out of here. See you in the lobby, Brian." she ordered. This was not her cup of tea I guess.

The steam fired back up just as the door closed on their retreating butts, and we three all burst out laughing.

"Thanks SO much you guys! Anji I love you." laughed Trudi.

"Uh, no problem, Trud. You're cool." offered William.

Anji giggled and said, "Well, it LOOKS like you've got a problem, Will. I'll take care of that for you later, though."

"Well, what you exPect? Huh? This is not your average day in the gym for me, that's for sure! I think I want to visit Germany."

"No way!" teased Anji. "All the other girls in Germany look just like Trudi and you'd drop me in a second." She said this while brushing all the beads of condensation from her stomach, in one deliberate slow sweep, starting just below her breasts and continuing on over her thighs down to her knees, ending with a flick that jiggled her breasts and a quick readjustment in her seat. Or was she just waving that little pink cunt at him a little?

William didn't look like he was thinking about all those other girls.

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