tagRomanceSteamboat Willy Ch. 02

Steamboat Willy Ch. 02

byGrey Eagle 286©

I awoke and looked at the clock, it was almost noon. I was alone in bed again. I got up and but on my robe and looked for Sally. She wasn't in the bath or in the kitchen. I saw the t-shirt she had been wearing. I looked out the window; there was no vehicle in the driveway. She was gone. I felt empty. I walked toward the living room and saw a note on the dining room table.

I looked at the signature and saw it was from Sally. It read;

Dearest Rich,

I will never be able to thank you enough for your tender warm loving. It was by far the best of my life. Tears still drop from my eyes as I think back on it. I know I have placed you in a very awkward position, please feel no obligation of any sort to see me again in light of the things I revealed to you today.

I will always cherish the time I have spent working with you and every second of the other times we spent together. I will never forget your kindness in helping me realize my dream of completing part of my father's project. I know you are the finest most honest and honorable man I have ever known in my life. My deepest regret is that I chose to live my life in a manner I know is abhorrent to you. I wish with all my heart it was otherwise. Please remember me fondly.

All My Love,

Sally I read it again. I had to think this through. What if I never saw Sally again? Then why live? What harm did Sally do to other people? Who did she steal from? Who suffered because of what she did. The answer was clear. Only Sally suffered. Her father got his medications and lived out his life in comfort without pain. She brought a reason to live and happiness to a group of wealthy old men. Hate her for all that?

No, not hardly.

Did I still love and want her?

You bet your ass I did.

Could I trust her?

With my very life? Hell yes!

What the shit was I doing here with my finger up my ass?

I jumped to my feet and ran to my room. I slipped on some shorts and a polo shirt. I grabbed my wallet, money and keys and dashed out the door. I jumped in the old Jeep and was off in a cloud of dust. I kept that gas pedal firmly on the floor until I braked hard to make the turn into her drive.

I jumped out of the Jeep as it slid to a stop in front of her doorstep. Her car was there! I jumped out of the Jeep and screamed her name. No answer! Where was Sally? I ran to the door and tried it. Locked. OH no! I slumped on the porch. I tried to think. I ran to where I could see the dock. Where was WILLY? She had to be out in WILLY. I ran down the hill and out on the dock. Nothing! I saw a bass boat coming up the river and waved him over. He pulled into the dock and I asked he would take me out to look for WILLY. He said he had passed the sternwheeler about ten minutes before. I offered him a pair of 50-dollar bills. He grinned and yelled, "Jump in mister, We'll find them pretty quick."

The man was eager. The bass boat had a 225hp Mercury outboard on the back and he knew how to handle it. I almost lost my ball cap and my sunglasses. We got to the place where the river straightened out and headed east. The guy grinned at me and shoved further forward on the throttle. We were flying low now at about 70 miles an hour. I saw a wisp of smoke in the distance and the steamer underneath it. In a little while we started hitting the wake from WILLY and he had to slow down. He eased up behind WILLY and jumped the wake and pulled up beside her. Sally was at the helm and Jeb was the engineer. Both of them grinned when they recognized me. WILLY slowed and the bass boat pulled along side. I stood on the bow of the bass boat and jumped aboard WILLY. Sally ran to me and hugged me.

She looked into my eyes and kissed me passionately. I whispered, "Sally, don't ever leave me again, I love you." She buried her face in my chest and sobbed. Jeb yelled, "Hey! One of you guys got to stop kissin' and steer the boat." I got to the wheel in time to turn away from the riverbank. I stole a couple more quick kisses as she clung to my side. I looked down at her and she looked back up at me. I placed my lips to her ear, "Are you ready to go home. I never finished making love to you; I was only resting. I need to start all over now."

She wiped her eyes, "Your place or mine?"

"Yours is closer."

"Let's go, lover."

I looked behind us to see we were clear of traffic a turned us around. When we were headed home I turned to Jeb, "OK Engineer, FULL SPEED AHEAD!" We surged forward and we were going faster than I thought the boat would go. Spray from the paddlewheel rose in a rooster tail plume behind us. Grey smoke marked our trail. I guessed our speed at over twenty.

The boat moved smoothly through the water. This was not the speed she was built for but it was nice to know it was available if you needed it. We had to slow down when we reached the curvy part of the river but we were getting very much better at handling the boat now. The engineer was learning that a little burst of power at the right time helped turn the boat faster. Practice made the coordination lots better. Sally and I discussed the possibility of using the more advanced articulated or feathering paddle wheels. I was familiar with the type and expressed my opinion that the fixed paddle was more than adequate for our needs, our interest being more in strength, safety and reliability than in speed.

People who bought tickets with us would be interested in a leisurely sightseeing cruise and not be in a hurry. I felt that the fixed type was better for us because the whole assembly was constructed of wood instead of the all metal feathering paddles.

The river was full of submerged logs and limbs of trees. Some were a hundred years old and some were from recent storms. A log in the paddle wheel was bound to be catastrophic. Hopefully it would never happen. We agreed that the KISS (Keep it simple, Stupid.) theory was applicable in this case.

We secured WILLY and Sally and I drove Jeb home. On our way back to Sally's house we agreed that we were going to finance a car for the Chief Engineer in the near future. He had a driver's license and we had learned to trust him. He was a very sensible young man.

We sat and sipped icy cold long necked Buds. Very refreshing. I couldn't take my eye off of Sally. The more I looked the more the hunger inside me raged. I desperately needed to devour her. She seemed very solemn in contrast to her earlier joyfulness.

I asked, "Girl, you seem very serious, have I done something wrong or disappointed you in some way?"

"Oh no. I just don't know what you feel about me. I don't know where we are in our relationship, if we have one."

"Sally I am not good with words, I can only tell you how I feel. Baby, I love you, our relationship is whatever you want it to be. I have no other information about you other than what you have told me. I totally believe everything you have said. There is no way in hell you have to answer to me for anything you did before we declared our love for each other.

"Since that time I expect your complete honesty and loyalty to me. I shall respond in the same way. If you want to remain just friends I will be heart broken but I will honor and respect your decision and feel I am fortunate just to be near you. I won't lie to you. I do not think I will be able to live that way for long. I would have to leave.

"I must tell you that your statement earlier today that you wanted to have my babies thrilled me like nothing I have ever heard before. I had a great surge of love and adoration towards you accompanied by an overwhelming need to protect and nourish you that far surpasses any emotion I have felt in my entire lifetime. "As I said earlier, our relationship will be what ever you want it to be, if that includes marriage it will make me the happiest man in the world. If not, I will strive to make you happy any way you will let me."

Sally stared at me and said nothing.

I sighed, "Honey, I know I embarrassed you with that long winded explanation. I just got carried away." My eyes started misting up and I stood to walk away.

"NO! That was the most beautiful and sweet thing anyone ever said to me. You just sort of left me speechless. Everything is my decision. Everything I have wished for and dreamed of is there for me. YES, OH, Richie, Yes, I do love you, I do want your babies, I do want to marry you. Yes, I will never lie to you. I never have and never will. I know that there will be times I will hate to tell you the truth but I pledge with all my heart and soul that that is what you will get."

My arms enclosed her and our lips met. We held each other for a long time.

Her cell phone rang.

"Hi Tommy, how are you. Oh! No, not tonight Tommy, I am so happy I can't think straight.. ..My sweet man just asked me to marry him........ About two minutes ago. I said yes... Thank you Dear that is so sweet of you. Can I call you back in five minutes?

Right. Bye bye."

I raised my eyebrows and said, "What was that?" She smiled, "That was one of my clients, He wants to meet you and has invited us to be his guests at the club tonight. He is a sweet old man and I am very fond of him. He was crying and said he knows this will be the last time he will ever see me."

"Do you want to go?"

"I have dated him for fifteen years. He is sort of like a father to me."

I grinned at her, "An incestuous father?"

"Yes," she blushed, "That was true ten years ago but has not been for a long, long time."

"I don't know if I can handle that. Would you agree to meet my old lover?"

"I don't know, let me think. Hummmmmm! No, I don't think I could do that. But if she were forty three years older than you, I might do it."

"He is 77 or 78 years old?"

"Yes he is Dear."

"I will do whatever you want. I can't lock you up so you can't see anyone. The trust start here and now."

"Rich, that is so sweet. I love you for it but I don't want to go if you will be uncomfortable."

"If I am uncomfortable and I say I want to leave will you leave with me?"

"In a heart beat. I don't want you to be at all embarrassed or uneasy about anything. I will watch you like a hawk, I can think of nothing that would happen that would upset you, but if I see one frown on your sweet face we are out of there."

"Can you get us in the club?"

"Sure Sweetie, I am a charter member with a life time membership. I am currently the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. I am also the head of the membership committee."

"How did that all happen?"

"Well, a dear friend bought my charter membership when there were only six other members. They were broke and sold me a lifetime membership for two thousand dollars. The monthly dues are more than that now. At first I volunteered to do almost everything. They needed me to keep every thing running. I even washed dishes one night in my evening gown when the dishwasher got sick. I know most of the members except some of the newbies like your friend Jack. Have you known him long." "Yes, he used to work for me a few years ago. He is a nice guy."

"I could tell that he thinks you are something special."

"Yeah! We get along. He wants me to join the club, but do I get to be a member automatically when we get married?"

"I don't know. Normally you must have a net worth of over a million dollars to be invited to join. I don't think it has been waived since the original ten charter members got in; did he tell you that?"

"Yes he did?"

"And you are qualified?"


"Oh! I thought you were well off, but not that." She giggled and said, "Then it is OK if I quit my job?"

"I insist on it."

"Let me call Tommy and tell him we will meet him at eight. You come with me and help me get dressed."

"No way!"

"You don't want to shower with me and watch me dress?"

"Certainly I do, but if I do, we will never go out tonight."

"Oh! I think you are right. Hmmmmmm! That is a tough decision but we can always come home early."

We arrived at the Club on time and Sally was treated like a queen by all the staff. We where escorted to a large table where twenty or more people were seated. Everyone stood until we were seated at the head of the table. Sally introduced me to Tommy Bernhard and his wife Elsa. They both kissed and hugged Sally. I was introduced to everyone at the table. There were several names I recognized. When we were seated Tommy picked up Sally's left hand and said, "Where is the ring."

Sally laughed, "He only asked me late this afternoon. Then I had to think it over for a while. About two seconds I think it was." Tommy looked at me, "Young man, I have a first rate Jewelry store. Be there Monday and ask for the Manager. Let Sally pick out what she wants. Wholesale."

It was a very nice group of people; every one of them had a nice little story to tell me about how sweet and thoughtful Sally had been to them or others. After about an hour Tommy got slowly to his feet. He hit his fork against his glass and the room became silent.

"I have an announcement to make this evening. This announcement gives me great joy and pleasure. Someone all of you know and love is about to have a huge change in her life. Our friend and Charter member of this Club, Sally Thompson has consented to become the bride of Mr. Richmond Murphy. They have not yet announced a date for the wedding. I think I speak for everyone here in wishing them the very best of everything in their life together. I couldn't be happier if it were my own daughter getting married. I have a little gift for the couple in this envelope. At my age I never put anything off because I might not make it 'til tomorrow. Thank you." He sat down. The clapping and cheering started and never slacked off until Sally rose and pulled me up beside her. She smiled up at me with tears in her eyes. She raised her hand and the room was silent. She looked out over the crowd of people that had moved close to the table. I noticed all the staff including what appeared to be the Chefs and kitchen help were there.

Sally said, "Thank you, all of you. I can't begin to tell you how very happy I am. This will be the only wedding I will ever have. We have made no wedding plans as yet. I can tell you where the reception will be though, RIGHT HERE." She sat down and I noticed there was a pile of envelopes in front of Sally's place. Many more people stopped by the table and wished us well, each of them had a sweet word for my girl. Many dropped an envelope on the pile. About eleven o'clock I was feeling a little tired. I looked at Sally and put my best frown on my face. She looked at me and covered her mouth with her fingers and had a giggle fit. Sally tapped on her glass. Only the people at our table heard it. She said, "Dear friends thank you all so much for everything. My sweet husband to be just signaled me that he is in dire need of some comforting and pampering. That is now MY job. I can't wait to get to work. Goodnight all." She grabbed my hand and dragged me toward the door to the sound of laughter. I was getting pretty tired after the night before. Sally drove my BMW and said it was a hot rod in disguise. We stopped and got two ice cream cones and I had to wipe Sally's face and chin as she drove. I think she got the chocolate ice cream on her face on purpose. I licked some of it off, and then she got real messy. She got it all over her lips. I licked it off. She said she thought some of it had run inside her dress and over her nipple. I tried to unzip her dress to lick it up but she could wait until we got home. It was a wonder we didn't kill ourselves on the way home.

We went to my place and I felt the need to relax and unwind with a cup of coffee laced with a dollop of brandy. I sat and looked at Sally and realized that she was really gorgeous tonight. One strand of her long blond hair had escaped from her French braid. It hung in front of her face and bothered her. She would blow on it and it would flip out of the way. Then it would slowly move little by little back until it was in her face again. She would unconsciously push the recalcitrant strand of spun gold back over her ear. As she talked and moved her head it began its adorable trip back to its proper place in front of her eye.

"Why are you smiling at me, Rich? Do I have ice cream still on my face?"

"No, girl, I just love to watch you. It make me very happy to see you content and relaxed."

"I love being here with you, I am overwhelmed with love for you."

"Sweetheart, I have to tell you I am about ready to carry you to my bed and ravish you. However I am curious about what was in those envelopes everyone gave you."

"Oh! I forgot!" She jumped up and got the plastic bag one of the waiters had brought her. She sat back beside me. She with drew an envelope and opened it; it contained a note folded around what appeared to be a check. She read the note and a tear ran down her cheek. She handed the note to me.

I opened it, it read;

My Dearest Sally,

This is a small token of the love and affection we feel for you. You brought love and happiness into a life that had become dull and without reason to continue. Both of us were rejuvenated by your youthful energy and appreciation of every aspect of life. The joy of having known you has never dimmed through the years. Thank you.

Helen and Jim Walters

I looked at the check. I was made out for two million dollars. Sally was looking at another note and sobbing. She handed it to me. It read about the same as the first one.

She wiped her eyes and looked at me. "You know don't you that every man at our table tonight was one of my clients. It is over now. I think they wanted to show you that what I did with and for them was not just about sex. Does it say that to you?"

"Honey, I already knew that. I also noticed that you danced with each man and kissed him on his lips."

"Yes, that is true. I cried as I kissed each of them too. It was a sort of good bye even though I know you and I may see them at the Club, I will never be alone with them again, and that is how it has to be." I held her for a while as she cried. She sat up and finished opening the envelopes. The last one was from Tommy and Elsa Bernhard. The enclosed sentiment was very much the same but the check was not. It was in the sum of twenty million dollars and was signed by both of them. We added the total of all the checks together. The total was 48 million dollars.

I grinned at her. "You are a rich little bitch now. You don't need anyone now."

She pulled me to her and kissed me hard and long. "I will always need you, I have never needed money."

I stood and picked her up and carried her to our bedroom. We watched each other undress. I jumped on the bed first. She was right behind me and she rolled on top of me. She straddled my waist and leaned forward over me. She teased my lips with a perfect pink nipple. She would just let my lips close around each succulent morsel when she would pull it away and replace it with the other one. I reached up and pulled her head down until our lips met.

I kissed her lips for a long time and I could feel her warm fluids falling on my lower belly. I reached down and pulled her hips up over my face. She gently lowered her pussy on to my mouth. I held her just above my mouth and let my tongue and lips explore every speck of her.

I rimmed her little puckered asshole and then drove my pointed tongue as deep as I could up inside of her. I fucked her tight little pucker as best I could with my tongue. I could hear her mewing and moaning and moved her so I had better access to her pussy.

I sucked and licked on her clit until she wiggled away from me and slid down and reached between her legs and guided my cock into her vagina. She moved slowly up and down my shaft. She clinched and loosened the muscles in her vaginal tract and the feeling was exquisite. She would pause with her pussy pressed tightly to my pelvis and grind on it.

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