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Steamy Romance Novel: Trolling for a Good Time


Sweltering Heat

Rain poured down hard on the bleak and continually miserable day in the Highlands of Arathi. The sun hid itself behind the clouds as the spirit rained down their life giving water to the battlefield below. The remains of once strong proud and brave warriors from all walks of life littered the grounds, dying the soil a watery red as the rainwater flowed. The rain cascaded against a large, lithe seven foot troll. His dark azure hands clinched his twin Blood Fury hatchets as he stood over the dranei shaman with his foot on his chest. "'ey. Des be tryin' times, mon," he said as he held an axe to the dranei's face. "Dey say tomorrow iz nuthin' promist. Ay suppose I'twas just bad juju dat joo met me 'ere today."

The shaman gulped as he eyed the blade of the trolls ax and the way that the rain turned to steam around it. "Do your worst, troll. If I am to meet my end here, at least I can say that I lived my life doing what I thought was right."

"So joo got no regrets den," the trolls inquired as he gazed down at him.

"None that you would understand."

"Ay see," the troll uttered with a sigh as he lifted his ax, drawing back. The dranei clamped shut his eyes as he waited for his impending doom only to feel the pressure upon his chest vanish. Opening his eyes and sitting up in haste, he found the troll meandering away as he was breaking his weapon and tossing it amongst the corpses.

"What trickery do you play at troll? Why do you only break my weapons and not put an end to me."

"Deh name be Zub'ran, mon. An' I dun keel dem dat 'ave regret, ay 'ave enough spirits ta listen to wit'out bein' haunted by dey likes of joo. Go! 'andle jor regrets, so next we meet, ay can put joo down wit'out worry." With that, Zub'ran left the dranei sitting there, weaponless and defeated.

As Zub'ran walked through the rain swept lands back to the horde base, he stared down at all the struck down bodies. His mind flashed back to a similar time years past when he was slave to a arena master and forced to fight or die. He shook his head as he realized nothing much about his life had changed. Sure, now he had earned his freedom and fought only when he desired or needed to, but everything always ended the same for him. He always ended up standing amongst a field of death, hearing the whispers of the newly fallen spirits as he hoped they went for a better place.

Turning in his tally of soldiers he'd slain to the Forsaken Defilers, Zub'ran closed his eyes and called upon the spirits to take him home. Being surrounded by a massive swirl of spirits, Zub'ran took on a translucent visage as he shifted into an astral form before disappearing. Opening his eyes, he came upon the sight of Sen'jin Village, his now reclaimed home. He lumbered through the village as he passed trolls he did not know nor have much care to, until he passed into the thick brush to a secluded hut. Washing the blood from his body and armor at a nearby spring, he walked back to his hut, ascending the stairs to the second tier. Down he fell upon the bed before drifting off to sleep.

His dreams had been of memories of darker times, of slaughters and carnage. And then she came into his mind to claim his attention. The spry young, slender, turquoise skinned, near naked trollish woman danced in to his dreams. He had watched her dance around him with a sparkle in her eye. As he followed her movements, all his memories faded to the darkness, until not but she and himself were left. And as he took a step towards her, he felt the rush of flowing water over his waist as he was swept away with the current.

Opening his eyes to catch sight of the roof of his hut, he became vaguely aware of two strange sensations as he fought back the blur in his eyes: firstly, the breeze that he could feel upon his hips and secondly a moist yet textured pleasure coiling around the appendage between his legs. Sitting up, he found a grass green haired troll attending to him, "Shi...?"

The woman removed herself with a noisy smack and looked up at Zub'ran's face, grinning hungrily. "Mhmm, you're awake," she mused. "Ay was begin'in ta think you'd finish wit'out even openin' your eyes." Her green hair hung to one side of her face as tiny tusks protruded up out from her plush lips. The only thing that guarded her alluring skin was soft leather bindings about her wrists and ankles along. "When you din'tint wake when ay called you, ay looked for more 'subtle' ways ta wake you from your ancestral sleep."

Crawling up over top of him, she lowered herself down, her bountiful chest making first contact as they pressed against the scars that were etched into his flesh. Shi's skin was smoother than the finest silk and her touch drew every pleasure possible. His heavy arms moved over her back while he murmured her name once again. She rested her chin against his as she kissed both his tusks before moving in for the gentler embrace of his lips. "Whut bring joo te meh 'ut, blue lotus?"

"Well," she cooed as she traced her finger over his tusk. "Ay had a vision about you."

"Aboat meh?"

"Jes... and ay had ta rush oveh ta tell ya. But, when ay got here, you were alreadeh among deh land of dreams."

"Ah, ay see," he said as he squeezed her tightly to him. "An' whut was jor vision?"

"You know, in all dey fun ay was havin', ay've gone and forgot." She circled her finger about the muscles on his chest as she stared into his eyes and he stared back into hers.

"Per'aps den, if we 'ad a bit more fun, den joo might remembeh," he said shifting his weight. She gasped softly as she felt his spear rise and tap her loins.

She laughed and playfully slapped his chest, "Ay suppose it be worth a try." Slowly, she meandered down his form to where she began as she moved to engulf his manhood, causing him to moan in pleasure with a satisfied grin. Zub'ran lowered his hands to her head, roughly playing with hair. Shi had curled her body up so that she was sitting on her knees. Hurriedly, Shi bobbed up and down, taking quick breaks every so often and extending her tongue to everywhere it could get to. Raising her head slightly, and eliciting a soft groan of displeasure form Zub'ran, she turned her head to the side. She began to massage the length of his hardness with her lips before once again swallowing him whole. Her hands and finger wandered over his body freely, rubbing at his muscular thighs and toned abdomen.

He withdrew his hands from her head, and she looked up at him curiously. Beckoning her upward, she grinned wickedly at him as she stood and straddled him. She groaned, body trembling for just a moment as the forefront of his manhood kissed at her dampened cavern entrance. She had sank forward and shivered, her hand reaching back and dragging along his shaft, causing him to wince as he pressed into her. She had long since gotten used to the slight pain of impaling herself upon him, and now, looked forward to the twinge of hurt he caused her most sensitive regions as she slammed herself down onto him.

With a groan of appreciation, Zub'ran lifted Shi's torso upward and leaned down, nuzzling at her smooth breast. As he parted his lips, he closed teeth upon her teat- very gently; his tusk grinding upon either side of her breast. She let out a loud shriek and pressed her hips back down hard upon him, parting her thighs wider at his probing touch. She slowly rocked back and forth atop him, her nails scratching at his back, making tiny purple marks upon his skin.

Moaning low, he straightened, rocking his hips to meet Shi's harder, his hips pushing her back up as she came down each time they met. Shi practically screamed; her voice giddy as she rode him, "Yes! Just like that!" Her voice raised an octave as the last word was drawn out as her body shook with excitement. Huffing softly, Shi had moved down one last time as her juices surrounded Zub'ran member, flooding over him. He found himself screaming her name as the fire in his veins burned hotter as rippling waves of heat coursed through him and rivulets of sweat poured over his skin. The rhythm of Shi's hips slightly tightened consciously even further around his length as she felt it pulse and twitch. The fires inside his body subsided as he came to be buried to the hilt inside Shi, shooting forth thick ropes into the tight confines of her womb. She shuddered deeply and moaned with pleasure once more, keeping pressed tightly against Zub'ran as his body shook with the sensation and he clenched his eyes shut.

After a few moments of heavy breathing, Shi giggled softly; he had missed her as he was on the battlefield. Running her hands through the waves of his hair, he looked up to her as she peered down and kissed his broad forehead. "So," he started. "Didja remembeh any ting?"

"Well," she cooed. "Ay'm afraid meh memory iz still a wee clouded. Maybe if..." She squeezed her legs about his hips again causing him to grin devilishly. He pushed up on her which yielded a moan to be carried up into the night sky.

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