Stepdaughter, Best Friend and Wife


"Go for it," Zola ordered. "Not only is it okay with me, but now that you have talked about it, I definitely want to see if that thick meat can get stuffed into your tight asshole..."

She paused for a moment, and tickled Tina's ribcage, causing that youngster to giggle and squirm on Zola's lap. Zola planted a kiss on Tina's cheek before finishing her thought.

"...though it might be even more fun to watch Daddy assfuck Tina. Since she's so skinny, I can't help but wonder whether that makes her even tighter. Probably not, but your fat ass makes you look like a real woman, Ellie, while Tina still seems girlish."

"I do NOT have a fat ass!" Ellie exclaimed.

As she spoke, that end of her was shoving insistently against my erection. I placed both hands on her curves and caressed them, steadying the target.

"I agree with Ellie, dear, this doesn't feel fat. Ample yes, but nice and firm."

"Well, once you're done fucking that ass, I think it might be Ellie's turn for a spanking anyway, so I'll get a chance to check for myself. Right now though, I don't think I can wait much longer before I see you inside of her."

I could not help but wonder whether my wife intended to spank her daughter for seducing me, or for letting me in on the secret of Zola's cheating ways. All these thoughts tumbled quickly through my overheated brain, rushing down and bursting out the end of my cock, which now leaked precum.

"You better lube me up, Daddy. Just because I love assfucking doesn't mean I want the friction to tear me so much that I bleed."

As Ellie spoke, my fingers were busy scooping some of the abundant juices from her pussy, sliding up and coating the insides of her ass cleft. My hand became quite wet, and I also rubbed my cock until it was slick. After a few passes, I began toying with Ellie's asshole itself, at first just brushing my knuckles of a fingertip along the wrinkled edge, but then gradually easing it open.

This made Ellie's hips shake harder against my thighs and lower belly. My cock was now sliding along between her thighs, bumping across her gaping pussy, adding my lubrication, but threatening to fuck her that way instead of how the women wanted. Since I had already filled her cunt, intellectually, I was also eager to tick off another box on my rapidly expanding mental checklist of depravity. I had to act quickly to keep control of my cock, which by this stage might have a mind of its own.

Ellie's purring became groaning as she demanded. "Fuck me Daddy, fuck me hard, fill my ass."

Her ass began throbbing as I stroked it. Before long, her tender flesh relaxed and was moist enough that, when I ran my wet thumb down her valley, and along the crinkly anus, it slipped into her ass.

"Oh, Fuck," she screamed.

"That's not even his cock, darling, wait until that fills your ass," Zola laughed. "I've had a lot of cocks in my life, but Daddy's is the best -- it's a combination of size, both length and girth, and his fabulous muscle control."

"I bet you love how it throbs inside you," Tina said.

"You'll have to try it up your ass sometime too, dear," Zola told her. "Because it's so sensitive, that motion feels even more intense."

Ellie was busy arching her back, her muscles pulling my fingers deeper inside, two long digits joining my thumb, stretching her.

"I really want it bad," she groaned, shifting all her weight onto one hand so that she could stroke her clit with the other.

I planted a series of kisses up her spine, ending up nibbling her ear and then she turned her head and our lips locked in a tongue swirling kiss. This provided the necessary distraction for me to ease my fingers back, not quite all the way out of her hole, and then spread them apart, opening her wide.

Alice had been a virgin, and when I finally filled her ass, that hole was deflowered by me as well. After all these years, I still got hard just thinking of the tightness of that young blonde babysitter's ass. Ellie had earlier hinted at anal experience, so I knew she would not be as tight as Alice, but I was anxious to compare. Now, I was about to have my chance.

"I'm going to fill your ass with my seed and then watch Zola lick it up as it seeps out, just like she did with Alice," I stage whispered into my stepdaughter's ear.

Zola rewarded me with a smile, a wink, and a nod. She was busy caressing Tina, exploring the young woman's body with the same fascination that she had once shown for Alice. My excitement about assfucking her daughter did not prevent me from wondering how all these female relationships would be altered by the day's events. With Zola still threatening - or was that promising? - to spank her daughter, would they travel down the road of mother daughter lesbian sex? Would Ellie be jealous of her mother and Tina? Would all three share an open sexuality? Perhaps most importantly, would they all still fuck and suck me, and get me ready for more by letting me watch their sex play?

My cock throbbed at these thoughts, or maybe it just wanted to remind me to let it penetrate Ellie's ass before my balls exploded.

"I hope she does," Ellie moaned as the very tip of my helmet nestled in the opening between my fingers. "But I want Tina to eat some too."

I thrust forward as Ellie spoke. Having done anal enough to know that often, entry is easier if your partner is not aware of exactly when you plan to begin. Too much anticipation makes the sphincter want to tense up at the wrong moment.

With one hand raised to her clit, Ellie was off balance. Though I tried to thrust slowly so she would remain upright, my force was enough to tip her forward. Both Zola and Tina instinctively leapt off their chair towards Ellie. The combination of a gymnast's grace, and being on top of Zola's thigh allowed Tina to drop to her knees quickly, and steady her friend's shoulders as I began rhythmically thrusting my length deeper into Ellie's asshole with each stroke.

Ellie's imbalance had caused her to drop her fingers from her clit. Zola slipped along her daughter's side, reaching underneath, quickly tweaking Ellie's nipple, and then replacing Ellie's fingers with a mother's touch. As soon as Zola established a steady rhythm finger fucking Ellie, matching my own tempo, she massaged her daughter's back with her free hand, and then used those fingers to play with Ellie's tits.

"Going to...come...soon," my stepdaughter panted.

"Fill her ass with your seed, Daddy," Tina suggested as Zola leaned forward, locking her lips to mine in a deep kiss.

Her tongue probed past my teeth, swirling in my cheek. I kept pounding my meat into Ellie's colon, marvelling at how tight she was. Her muscles spasmed around my thrusting prick, trying to milk me. As I looked up at Tina, I knew that I had to fuck that athletic ass next, because her muscle tone must be a special treat.

Zola pulled me back into the moment, saying "I want to eat your spunk as it falls out of my daughter's asshole, and then swap chunks of it into her best friend's mouth."

I saw that she was locking eyes with Tina as she spoke. As they grinned together, the younger woman slid off her chair and crouched on Ellie's side, opposite Zola. Her motions mirrored my wife's; beginning on my stepdaughter's spine, but quickly massaging her other tit, so that one woman was tweaking each nipple. Ellie meanwhile pistoned her ass back, slamming against my groin more fiercely with each stroke.

She was no longer fingering her own clit, having dropped that hand back to the floor for support. Tina and Zola never said a sound, and I didn't even notice a glance shared between them. I just felt two hands caress Ellie's cunt, stretching the lips open from either side, thumbing her clit like two knights jousting with swords. Their baby fingers both curled around and teased the base of my cock and my ball sac.

Ellie's breathing pattern had altered, and she was gasping out single words as she tossed her head from side to side -- the sort of words most girls would never say in front of their mothers -- but then, how many moms fingerfucked their barely legal child?

"Jesus ...fuck... harder... deeper...' please..."

The last few words sounded almost like crying.

"I think she means she wants us to help Daddy," Zola guessed, looking across at Tina.

"Yeah - a little stimulation, maybe?" Tina replied.

Before the words were out of her lips, both women, my wife and her daughter's best friend, shifted over just slightly, the hands which had been torturing Ellie's tits taking over on my stepdaughter's throbbing pussy, while fingers slick with Ellie's juices curled around my butt, entering my anus just as forcefully as I was fucking Ellie's butt. They found my prostate at the same instance, one pushing from either side. No matter how much I had come already, this did the trick, just as they planned.

"COMING ...NOW..." my stepdaughter and I each screamed, our voices blending together.

My climax was so intense that my eyes shut themselves, and I think I blanked out for a moment. My last recollection was of my wife swiftly kissing me, and then turning my face into a three-way tongue twister with Tina. My next recollection was laying on the floor, my spent cock still lying between Ellie's buttocks, but now, the three women were all lying together, kissing.

I watched for a moment, wondering what would happen next.

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