Stepdaughter with Her Best Friend


Since no one else had spoken, Ellie filled the silence. "If you aren't careful, T, that thing might go off."

Both girls giggled, I shifted my head carefully, not wanting to be obvious, but allowing myself to check that Ellie's nipples were still erect, like two large pebbles trying to drag the weight of her chest down, fighting her youthful athletic muscularity.

"I'm counting on the fact that he came hard inside me to slow him down this time, El," Tina said, her fingers still drumming against my inner thighs and teasing my balls.

"He looks just about ready..." Ellie paused. We waited. She continued,"...and it would be such a shame to waste it."

Tina laughed again, and replied. "What shall we do with it then, El?"

I thought I saw my stepdaughter gulp, but maybe I was just projecting my own conflicted feelings of lust and guilt onto her. Was the bragging a cover for fear, or was she as bold as Tina claimed? We had reached a turning point. If she touched me, or said she wanted to, she was committing to crossing a line. Then, it would be up to me to stop her. Or not.

I want to take it up my pussy, while I eat what's left of his last load out of you before it dries," Ellie suggested. She had made her move.

"Don't you want to taste it first?" I asked before I had a chance to think. So much for the taboo.

"Yeah, El, go for it," Tina added. She emphasized her encouragement by pumping me again with her fist, baby finger trailing toyingly across my sac. Only her tight grip prevented my exploding right then.

Ellie had not moved from her crouching position on the floor by where my head lay on the love seat. I watched her tits rise and fall with her breathing, her nipples swaying. I wondered whether she would move Tina out of the way and lick me from that side, or whether she might want 69, or just drag those delicious looking points down my flesh, but not offer me a taste of her sweetness.

"Are you chicken suddenly?" Tina asked, her tone not teasing now. "Being a slut with strangers, classmates, dates, is fine, but sucking your stepfather's cock is just good as a fantasy?"

"It's fine if you want to stop," I agreed.

"She talks about this all of the time," Tina told me. Then she turned to look Ellie in the eye. "Sometimes, hot fantasies are only hot when it is just imagination."

Tina turned her head to look back at me. "Ellie and I get off together sharing her fantasies a lot -- when we can't find a guy, or two, or sometimes while they recover. A lot of Ellie's fantasies feature you."

Both girls giggled. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ellie's shoulders relax again. Tina reached over again, taking Ellie's hand, and placed it on my shoulder. I felt warmth spread through my body, pulsing into my groin. The forbidden fruit that was about to be plucked really did add to the excitement. I heard the little devil voice in my brain stem wondering if the thrill might wear off. Only one way to find out, it argued.

Tina had released my cock, and a first chunk of goo nudged tentatively out of the tip, surging enough to coat the head, but then subsiding. The hand which Tina had been using to stroke me now guided Ellie's fingers along my chest, drawing my stepdaughter closer to me, so that she had to rise up, her face above me as I lay there, her hair brushing against my cheeks. Her mouth was close enough that I felt her breath bathing my nipple.

As Ellie's tits dangled by my side, I watched Tina lean over and suckle Ellie's right nipple, after first cupping the pendulous flesh in her free hand. Tina's tongue flicked quickly across the bud, sending a shiver through Ellie, causing her other nipple to rub fleetingly against my chest hair.

"If you aren't careful, I'm going to explode before you two are ready," I managed to croak out as Tina drew Ellie's nipple firmly into her mouth. Ellie sighed, obviously enjoying a familiar sensation, and again, tension flowed out of her body.

Tina's hand moved around from Ellie's breast, stroking her back, and then flowed down to caress that fine young ass, though I could barely see this with Ellie shielding all but Tina's head and shoulder from me, and was largely inferring from how the two youngsters moved. What I really saw was Tina's shoulder shifting and Ellie's body swaying.

"Wouldn't want to w...waste it," Ellie gasped.

"You're being very naughty, Ellie," I said, without thinking.

"Yes, I am," she giggled, "and what happens to naughty girls, Tina?"

"They get punished," her best friend replied, pulling her head back from Ellie's tit.

"Ellie loves being punished, Daddy." She continued. "Don't you, slut?"

Ellie nodded, which caused her left nipple to rub against my flesh. At the same moment, Tina tweaked Ellie's right nipple, giving it a hard twist, causing my stepdaughter to yelp. This caused her to move further along, so that I now felt her breath washing my navel.

"What sort of punishment should this naughty girl receive?" Tina asked.

"May I have a spanking, please, mistress?" Ellie responded quickly. This sounded like a well practiced role play. Another passion in common with her mother, perhaps?

I glanced at Tina. She saw me looking, and smirked at me. "What do you think, Daddy, does this naughty girl deserve a spanking?"

"She looks so cute, so innocent... don't mark her, that would spoil the fun," I improvised, hoping I was close to the script.

Ellie's body was vibrating with a mix of fear and excitement. Her eyes seemed locked on my cock. It waggled, and this made her giggle, and relax a bit. "It's saying hello," she observed.

"You should shake hands," I encouraged. Ellie started reaching forward, tentatively, but stopped, and shook her head, just a tiny bit, more hesitation than refusal.

"Touch it, slut," Tina commanded. As she spoke, she slapped Ellie's ass, just once, firmly.

"Ouch," Ellie complained, but then she giggled, her tongue flitting across her teeth and over her lips, a sure sign that she was having fun.

"Oh, you like this?" Tina said, striking the other cheek.

This blow jolted Ellie forward. I could now feel her breath on my dripping cock head. The hand she stuck out to steady herself fell on my thigh, almost tickling the edge of my abundant nest of pubic hair.

"I said, touch it, slut," Tina repeated, spanking Ellie again.

My stepdaughter's big tits wobbled from the blow, her nipples caressing my belly. She still seemed reluctant to follow her best friend's commands, but her hand began gently rubbing my leg, and gradually tickling my pubes. I was just able to glance back far enough to see that Tina had risen up off of her haunches, one hand still resting on Ellie's hip. Tina's eyes were glued to my tip, her nipples jutting out so far from her modest boobs that they looked painful. Her jaw was slack. She may have been drooling. Her excitement was a bit surprising, since she and I had just fucked. I knew it had to be caused by the thrill of the taboo of my stepdaughter touching me, perhaps even sucking and fucking me.

"It's winking at me," Ellie giggled, still nervous.

"It wants you to touch it," Tina said. "And you know that you want to -- any good slut would."

The giggling meant that Ellie's warm breath continued to bathe my erection, threatening to make me explode in anticipation. Her hair stroked softly along my skin. Her nipples tantalizingly brushed my flesh.

My hand moved, just a millimetre or so, without my thinking about it. The hairs on the top of that hand were warmed by the heat radiating off of Ellie's naked flesh.

"You do know you want to," I whispered. Ellie and Tina would assume I spoke to Ellie, but I knew that I was speaking as much to my conscience.

"," Ellie stammered, shaking her head, "it's just not right. I'm sorry, T. I'm sorry, Daddy, for leading you on, but fantasy is one thing. Reality is another."

She pulled back, away from the couch, settling on her haunches next to Tina. I rolled onto my side. My cock remained stiff, jutting out at right angles, undeterred by Ellie's decision.

I thought Tina might punish Ellie, but instead, she shifted so that their hips touched and began gently massaging Ellie's back and stroking her hair, calming her.

"It's okay, sweetie, you don't need to do anything you don't want to," I said, "We can stop now if you want to."

"Daddy's right," Tina agreed. "You don't need to touch that fat juicy cock, or suck it past your hungry lips, across your pearly teeth. You don't need to feel it in your cheek, slipping deep, until it fills your throat, making you gag for air, but too ravenous to worry about breathing. You don't need to feel it throbbing inside your slutty teen pussy. You can keep on just fanaticizing about how wonderful it feels when, just before he comes, the head spreads even wider and the shaft pulsates. You can keep being jealous of your mother."

Tina paused, her hands kneading Ellie's shoulders. I lay on my side, close enough that as Tina's arms travelled down Ellie's body, my stepdaughter's hair tickled my nose.

"Of course," Tina continued, as she slipped her hands under Ellie's arms, each cupping a heavy tit, searching for and tugging on already elongated nipples, "now you do have to be jealous of me too, because I've experienced all of these things. I know that not only is your stepfather a great fuck, he's a great lover. I know what you'll be missing if you don't do any of these things."

" want to know...I think," Ellie stammered, and then she sighed, long and softly, leaning her head back against Tina's shoulder.

There are few sights more appealing than a swanlike neck elongated. Ellie's perky young full boobs bobbing upwards, displaying the 'deer in the headlights' erect nipples framed by Tina's nails came close. I was gripping my cock without consciously remembering moving my hand.

"Your mother knows how great fucking me is. She loves the feel of my cock in her mouth. Sometimes she accuses me of marrying her because of the great head she used to give me in the car when I took her on dates when you were just a toddler." I chuckled, gave my shaft a quick heft. "Every time she does that, we end up having great sex. The only time it's better is when we role play that it is you I'm fucking, that she's taught you how to suck a cock just as well as she does. She plays you, tells me about learning to swallow a banana without breaking it...."

"Daddy....." Ellie exclaimed, shocked.

At the same moment Tina, who had been licking Ellie's neck, looked me in the eye, chuckling. "Mr. B, I knew you were kinky, but that's extreme..."

Ellie giggled, turning her head to beg a kiss from Tina. The girls locked lips, tongues twisting past teeth, exploring, as Tina continued kneading my stepdaughter's tits, until one of Tina's hands strayed along down Ellie's belly.

They came up for air. Tina's fingers were busy, fondling a nipple, and burrowing into Ellie's lap. I could not quite see exactly what she was doing, but my cock insisted that Tina was teasing Ellie's clit. My cock liked that idea, and strained even more rigidly upward, almost ready to explode.

"I bet what Daddy did to the babysitters on the way home was even more extreme," Ellie said.

"Only the few who were over eighteen," I replied.

"Did Mommy know what you did with them?" Ellie asked. She giggled before I could respond, licked Tina's nose, and said to Tina, "I bet he got Mommy all hot telling her what he did with those girls."

"I wonder just what he did to them." Tina replied.

She nibbled Ellie's earlobe, fingers still working away, now making squishy sounds erupt from my stepdaughter's lap. I felt like I was about to erupt, and found myself regretting the turn the conversation had taken. My aching cock wanted attention. It might have preferred the novelty of Ellie's lips, but would have settled for her fingers, or any part of Tina. Instead, they were diverted by the story, and playing amongst themselves.

"I did whatever the babysitter wanted," I said, testing their responses. I was pleased that they paused and both turned to look at me. "Even the virgins."

"How did you know what the virgins wanted?" Tina asked.

"They were the toughest to know about. A couple, I knew they were virgins; I eased into things over several drives. I would start just by chatting with them."

I gently massaged my balls as I recalled the tender treats, but then I remembered that those sitters had been about the same age as my audience. This was a seduction, not masturbation.

"I bet it wasn't too hard to get them talking..." Ellie prompted.

"...about sex," Tina added.

"I think any eighteen year old virgin thinks about sex almost constantly," I agreed.

"I know I do, and I'm certainly no virgin," Ellie giggled.

"I bet you fucked a lot of dads when you babysat," Tina teased.

"Most of them just wanted to play with my titties, a few wanted a blow job. I think I only actually fucked one. But the fun was a big part of the reason I kept on babysitting after I turned eighteen."

"Dads love big boobs on a girl your age," I pointed out.

I squeezed the root of my shaft tightly, restraining my urgency.

"No fair that big titted girls get so much more fun," Tina pouted with mock drama.

"But I think your tits are so much sexier -- don't you agree Daddy?" Ellie said.

I wasn't going to get trapped there.

"I think both of you have perfect racks for your respective bodies," I replied.

"Did most of the sitters you sexed up have big or little titties?" Tina persisted, perhaps because of her insecurity about her chest size.

"Does it matter?" Ellie said, "Daddy clearly loved fucking you, and I bet he played with your nipples too. I know that I love that part."

To emphasize her comment, Ellie took the aggressive role, a side of her which Tina had described, but which I had not yet seen, at least not sexually. Ellie shifted just enough to comfortably draw her best friend's excited right nipple into her lips. I could see the tiny jaw movement as teeth clamped over flesh, and then Ellie drew her head back, very slowly, in gentle tiny increments.

Tina moaned, throwing her head back, running her fingers through my stepdaughter's hair, keeping Ellie tight to her breast. I noticed that Ellie had stretched her shapely young legs out along the floor, beside where I lay on the love seat. I did not have time to consider the implications before I realized that my hand was reaching down towards that forbidden flesh. I stroked firmly, but only once down from the knee to the ankle, and then I waited to see whether she would object.

Instead, she purred kittenishly, and then lifted her lips from Tina's nipple just long enough to say to Tina, "Mmmm. You love it too."

As Ellie kissed Tina's left nipple, she slid her hand up inside Tina's thigh. I had a clearer view with them in these positions, and rather than guessing, like I had when Tina had finger fucked Ellie, I watched Ellie's thumb expertly twirling Tina's clit as she introduced her fingers one by one into her friend's gash. Once all four fingers were in place, she stiffened her knuckles and began hard cock like thrusting, the tempo picking up with each movement.

I realized that my hand had copied Ellie's action, sliding up my stepdaughter's upper leg, though along the outer edge. She shifted her feet, rotating her hips, wordlessly allowing me access to her most private parts.

"I love you Tina," Ellie moaned, coming up for air as my thumb slipped along swollen labia, ducking through the trough of her pudenda, but popping up to tweak the base of her clit.

My stepdaughter and I had definitely passed the point of no return.

"Love you too, El," Tina panted. She then looked up towards me and said, "Tell me more about the babysitter action, Daddy, help me come."

"Me too, Daddy, make me cum...with your fingers and your words, tell us how you figured out what those virgins wanted and gave it to them," Ellie giggled just before she started licking down Tina's dewy belly.

"Like I said, I took my time. The two of you guessed right, most of them drew the conversations around to sex pretty quickly."

I chuckled, recalling those days fondly, and dug my hand deeper inside my stepdaughter's pussy, my fingers now imitating Ellie's actions, fucking her as she fucked Tina.

"I remember there was one night, not long after I started dating Zola, who had blown me, and then I had eaten her pussy. Both smells must have been lingering in the car, because the babysitter started sniffing, and then asked what the funny odour was."

Both Ellie and Tina were spellbound by my story. Tina's jaw hung slack, her relaxation total as Ellie's furious fucking had slowed to a crawl. I realized that I was continuing to match my stepdaughter's pace, which made her moan with excitement, her juices coating my hand.

"Am I holding you right on the edge of orgasm, T?" Ellie panted as I paused, "because that's exactly what I'm trying to do. Daddy is matching me, so I'm just on the brink myself. I wish this could last forever. Well, maybe not forever. I do love the bursting feeling when a well built climax explodes inside of me. I'm glad I decided to go with the flow and let Daddy do this to me."

She slid up Tina's body and kissed her friend, tongues locking. When she came up for air, she teased each nipple with a swift smooch, but then buried her tongue deep in Tina's navel. I continued my tales of adventures in babysitting as I watched that Ellie kissing lower down Tina's body.

"So, I told the girl -- let's call her Alice - that it was the smell of sex. I said I was surprised that she had never smelt it before. I told her that a pretty girl like her must have had plenty of boyfriends."

Both teen girl heads were bobbing up and down -- Ellir's in Tina's lap, Tina simply with passion -- so I was left to interpret their groaning as asking 'did you fuck her right then?'

"A lot of guys might have asked Alice to fuck, been shot down, because she was a virgin. Instead, I listened to her denial of dating -- not shocking, she was a nice church school girl still babysitting at eighteen. I told her that I hoped that she wasn't upset by the smell, by knowing that Zola and I played together in the car. A lot of the babysitters got skittish then, those I never went further with. Alice was one of the ones who said that lots of their friends did 'it' in cars, because like Zola and I, they had no where else private to play, and grownups have urges."

I paused, savouring the sensation of Ellie's pussy muscles clamping around my fingers with each stroke, trying to keep them inside of her, while wanting at the same time to let the pistoning continue. Ellie's head was now twisting from side to side, hair flying wildly as she pleasured Tina. The combination of scents was not unlike the mix of orgasmic odours in that car with Alice, which reminded me that Ellie must taste my left over seed spilt into Tina earlier. She must know this as well, yet she kept on lapping it up, without hesitation.

"Luckily, I took Zola out again the next night," I recalled, "and she got Alice to baby sit you, Ellie. Zola was as horny as ever. She played with my cock under the table at dinner, then at the movie, we sat in the back and she took my cock out, jerked me, and then swallowed my goo into her mouth as I came. So the car only smelled of her orgasm that night. Alice noticed right away. She asked if we had not had sex that night. I corrected her, pointing out that technically, oral sex is not having sex the way the term is commonly used. She pouted a bit. A block later though, she said that she was just noticing that the car smelled different -- still not like her parent's car, but not as sweet as the night before. That's when I told her that the muskiness was a pure female scent, unmasked, absent the sweet smell of my semen. I explained why after she asked."

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