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Hi there. Thanks for dropping by. This is my first ever story, here or anywhere, so I hope you like it. Please note that it is not a real story, it is written in Literotica World reality, not the real world reality you live in, so you may need to suspend your beliefs a bit. It is solely for entertainment and I hope some do enjoy it for that.



I met Stephanie at a party when we were 20. Stephanie was actually 4 months older than me, so at times in our future, there was the odd reference to cradle snatching which always got me a jab in the ribs or a punch in the arm with a pouty look of disdain. It was always cute and always followed by a cheeky grin and a 'respect your elders young man' type comment. From the outset we got on like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that locked together perfectly.

We dated for almost 18 months before I popped the question and asked her to be my wife. During that time, our relationship only got better. Sexually we were incredibly compatible. We experimented, we explored and we tasted a variety of sexual pleasures. Sure, we found somethings we agreed to never try again, but all in all, it was more fun than not. The main caveat that I placed on things, was that we were totally exclusive to each other and would never include any one else in our sexual lives, to which Stephanie whole heartedly agreed.

In the midst of all this exploration and experimentation, we discovered a mutual love for anal play, which seemed to develop into some role playing, especially on Stephanie's part, more so once we were married. Once every couple of months she would want me to be her little 'bitch-boy' as she liked to call me. This involved me, her, and a modest sized strap-on, which she use to enjoy watching me suck before lubing me up and pounding away at my arse.

Just to be clear, I am not gay. I have no interest in men, I do not find them attractive, and I have never, ever had any thoughts about being with one. I just enjoyed the feeling of vulnerability, and the heightened level of complete trust in my beautiful partner during these times. And I suppose the way she stimulated my prostate didn't seem to hurt too much either. Don't worry, she let me have her arse as many, possibly even more times than she had mine, so I wasn't unhappy.

Stephanie simply put, is beautiful. Not in a model sort of way, but in that wholesome and sweet, clear skinned, symmetrically faced, sparkling hazel eyed, pouty lipped, girl next door sort of way. Her smile is dazzling to me and always makes me smile in return. She stands at a smidge over 5'6", and I better never forget that smidge, haha. She has long auburn hair that reaches half way down her back and always seems so light and glossy.

The most outstanding physical aspect of her, are her breasts. My god, I have never seen anyone with such naturally perfect round and firm breasts than her. Neither of us were virgins when we met, and we had both been with a few lovers, but no-one matched Stephanie in that department. They were glorious C cups and if it wasn't for the fact that I knew they were real, I would have thought them fake. Just perfection, that she loved to show off to me in tight tops with no bra's etc. Always a tease. Steph was slim, but still had nicely rounded hips and a smooth full and round arse, that did at times, enjoy being spanked.

Myself, I'm still hitting the gym 3 times a week trying to keep the former athlete's body I developed in school. Now it's cross-fit and boxing, with some mountain bike riding with Steph and some friends on the odd weekend that we can all get our schedules together. I'm a lean 6'2" tall and have short dark hair. Blue eyes, a decent smile and as all my girlfriends have said, a cheekily handsome face. I'm not even sure what that means, but I will run with it.

I'm not carrying a lot of excess fat and watch what I eat, most of the time. Hey, sometimes a double stack cheeseburger, chips and gravy with a choc milkshake just needs to be eaten, ok. With all my training, I am pretty strong and fit and have some good definition. There is the hint of a six-pack, but, damn the allure of that burger and fries. Oh well, maybe someday.

Like most guys in my age group, I have a pretty strong sex drive, and it seemed to have matched perfectly with Steph from the outset. The first time she got me naked, she was more than happy with what was hidden in my pants. I'm no porn star, but at 7 ½ inches and what I knew to be a good meaty girth, Steph was very happy. Her screams as I stretched her tight little pussy for the first time would have woken the dead.

Thank god we were at my place, which has luckily been built with a little privacy in mind and noise reduction materials used. It was one of the reasons I bought the place. I've been to friends places where you could practically hear the next door neighbour breathing. No thanks.

When my sister Jodie and I were 17, yes twins, our Grandfather died of heart disease. It wasn't a shock really, as he'd been sick for a couple of rough years before the end. I loved my Grandpa, and made it a point to visit him at least once a week. Mum and Jodie were there as much as they could be, but he seemed to like having me visit even more. I got the feeling that, in her love for him, my Mum fussed over him too much and in his pride it annoyed him.

He would always chat to me about the family and school and girls. He loved talking about all the 'sweet little things' in my life. He was a bit of a dirty old man in the end, but it was all for fun. I guess he was beginning to accept all the things he will miss when he was gone. Hearing him talk about past loves and his life experiences, made me appreciate my own life a little more I hope.

After his death, and at the reading of the will, he had left his estate to my sister and I as he was the only one left in his family. I was shocked that Mum and Dad didn't get anything other than a few personal mementos. But they knew and were totally fine with it. My parents were close to 50 by then and had everything they could need. House, cars, money in the bank and no debt to worry about.

My sister decided to spend some, new car, holiday, new clothes, that sort of thing, and save some to pay for college and hopefully have enough to get herself established later on. I sat on the money for a while and just thought about it for a couple of years. After getting a job as a Risk Assessor for a well known Insurance company, I took the plunge and bought a really nice 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, open plan apartment on the 3rd floor of a well built block, in a good area with decent security. The best part was the balcony off the main bedroom that overlooked a park beyond some low lying homes across the road.

Naturally Mum and Dad were very pleased, and on her initial visit, I'm sure Jodie was a bit jealous. She did arrive in her new car, wearing a new watch and clothes, chatting into her new phone, carrying her new bag, oh hell, you get the idea, so I wasn't too concerned for her.

After about 8 months of dating, Stephanie had practically moved in, so we decided to make it official and she moved out of her parents place and into mine. We had never discussed the apartment or its ownership etc before she moved in, so when Stephanie asked what the rent was so she knew how much her share was, I was a little shocked. When I told her I owned the place, it was her turn to be shocked.

We sat for a while and I explained about my Grandfather and the inheritance and to her credit, Steph squeezed my hand and told me she was sorry about what happened. I have no idea why this never came up in the past, I guess I have always been a live more in the moment type, more so since Grandpa died. So discussing what has gone before just never seemed that important unless someone asked, and obviously, Steph had never asked.

Steph knew my sister and my parents, and I knew her parents and her brothers, who if they were older, may have been able to intimidate me when they said I had 'better not hurt their sister, or else'. I think they were 12 and 14 at the time, but I appreciated their protectiveness and assured them I wouldn't.

As I have said, about 10 months after that we were engaged. Our lives together were just perfect, I was doing well at work and was in line for a promotion. Apparently my attention to detail and ability to ignore the sometimes hostile clientele was noticed and well received by my boss. Stephanie did a part time business course online whilst working for an accounting firm in the city as an accounts assistant.

Steph, and both our Mothers, also managed to plan and execute a fantastic wedding and reception about 5 months after we were engaged. All our friends and family were there and we had a great night before we took off to the Maldives for a 2 week honeymoon. Un-be-leiv-able. What a place to experience. Amazing huts over the water, swimming in crystal clear waters, skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, and the most gorgeous woman in the world right there with me.

When we returned, we slipped seamlessly into marital bliss. We had dinner parties, we visited friends, we took holidays together, we hung out as the great friends we were. We made love regularly and expressed that love deeply and passionately. We discussed having a family, how many kids we wanted, agreeing on 2, and when would be a good time to start. Stephanie had passed her business courses easily and this helped her get a promotion to an assistant Manager position, with the subsequent pay increase of course. Things were going along as good as anyone could expect for two 25yo's.

One thing that started making me uncomfortable, was when Stephanie surprised me one evening with a feeldoe instead of the strap-on we had been using up until then. The 2-3 weeks leading up to this 'surprise' had seen an increase in Stephanie wanting to roleplay with me being her 'bitch-boy' as she liked to call me. The reason for my discomfort was that we had never, in the 5 years we had been together, ever bought a sex toy without even a cursory discussion so we were both in the loop.

When I raised this point, Stephanie simply stood there a little confused and asked what the difference was and then pointed out the bulb end that would be inside her pussy giving her pleasure as well. "It will feel like I am really fucking that tight little arse of yours sweetie. We'll both love it, you'll see" I was annoyed, but I loved my wife and I could see how excited and horny she was so I let it go.

For the next week and a half, that's all she wanted to do. This stupid role play where I'm her, 'little bitch boy', 'sissy slut', which really made me cringe and get annoyed, or 'I love fucking your little man pussy'. What the fuck! Then there were the lusty comments like, 'I bet you'd love to be sucking a real cock wouldn't you?' I didn't respond and Stephanie didn't even notice my cock softening.

I realised that since buying this new toy, we had not made love to each other at all. If I tried to initiate something she would be too tired, not feeling it or busy herself with work things. I'd had enough and resigned myself to discuss this the next night, regardless. I'd had enough of the role play, the lack of respect and the insulting and hurtful language that had been introduced over the past 10 days.

Neither of us had treated each other this way and I was no longer going to allow it. That night, as she snuggled up to me in bed, I started to work on my feelings and get the wording right so I didn't create too big an issue. I understood she was excited by the new toy, and it hit some of her special spots as it moved around in her pussy, and she did seem to get off really hard when she took me, but it was too much and a little off-putting for me now. The last 2 times, I hadn't even had an orgasm and she didn't even notice, or care.

I wanted to fuck her, her tight little pussy, her tighter little arse. I wanted to look into her eyes as I slowly enter her, see her eyes roll and her eyelids flicker as I bottom out in her. Hear her scream my name as she came around my pulsing cock as I pump my cum into her. I missed this over the past, what was close enough to, 2 weeks now.

I rose to the sound of the alarm and went to the bathroom to do my morning ritual. Steph had been up for almost 45 minutes already as she had to catch her train to work well before me as she worked further away. We sat quietly over breakfast and just as I was about to bring up that I wanted to have a serious chat to her when we got home, she beat me to it.

"Danny I have a special surprise for you tonight that I'm sure you will love. I can't wait" she said gleefully, almost jumping up and down like a little kid. I had to smile at that, but before I could respond, she kissed me quickly then almost ran out of the apartment. I heard the door open and just before it closed she yelled, "Love you baby!" I sat a little stunned, and even more confused. What surprise did she have planned? If it's another fucking toy, I will hit the roof. This was all getting out of control and starting to really piss me off.

As you can imagine, it wasn't the greatest day at work. I was in my own head way too much, but by the time the day was over and I was driving home, I had a pretty good handle on what needed to be said, and how I was going to say it. When I got home I was surprised to find Steph at home with dinner already on its way to being made. I usually beat her home by a good hour, unless I head to the gym, which I didn't have the inclination to do tonight.

"Hi sweetie" she smiled that brilliant smile at me.

"Uh..hi babe. What are you doing home already?" I responded with confusion.

"All part of your special surprise." She winked at me and licked her lips. There was some definite passion flashing across her face and as she was wearing a tight tank top, I could see her nipples were harder than ever.

"Oh yeah. Before that, I'd like to talk to you about something important"

"How about we have dinner first, and then I was thinking we could have a nice hot shower together." Stephanie watched my eyes and smirked as I let them drop to her glorious breasts encased in a thin layer of cotton. Her hands then playfully ran up her firm abdomen and she circled her nipples with her fingers before grabbing them and pulling hard on them. I moaned as I watched, which only made her giggle as with a final glance down she could see my pants bulging out as my erection grew.

Dinner was fantastic, one of my favourites, and we had a lot of flirting and laughter during it. I felt like things were returning to normal again. Maybe the novelty had worn off for her as well, and there would be no need for us to have that serious discussion after all. After we cleaned up, Stephanie dragged me to the bathroom and with a lot of kissing, cuddling, groping, fondling and a little swearing when I couldn't get my pants off quick enough, we held each other under the warm water as it flowed down over us.

I bent down and kissed my wife with all the love and passion I could muster. I had missed this side of our love for too long and I wanted to express that to her. The strength of our kiss left us both breathless, but didn't stop us re-engaging again in another hard and emotional kiss. Stephanie's hands explored my back as mine did hers. We both ended up at the others arse and squeezed and cupped each other firmly. I ground my now fully engorged cock against her stomach, causing us both to groan. One of my hands moved to her breast and I toyed with her nipple, making her shudder and look at me with a wild desire I hadn't seen for too long.

Stephanie nibbled my chin, my neck and made her way to my nipples, before nipping and biting at them through smirking teeth. I love the look that was coming from her eyes, so sexy, so naughty, so hot. Her hands had moved around to encircle my cock and she slowly squeezed and released so as not to get me too worked up. Coming back up to meet my hungry lips, Stephanie took my breath away with an amazingly smouldering kiss. Pulling back, she smiled, winked and dropped to her knees. Her hot wet mouth engulfed me in an instant.

Stephanie had long ago learned how to take me all the way down her throat with ease and this was no exception. I groaned loudly as she did and I felt her throat vibrate around my cock as I'm sure she laughed happily for me. The feeling of her tongue as it circled my crown every time she slid her deliciously talented mouth back off my throbbing cock was almost unbearable. Keeping me on edge for a good 10 minutes, Stephanie drew all the way back and let my aching cock out of her mouth. A string of pre-cum refusing to give up on her sensuous lips as it tried desperately to maintain a hold on them.

I groaned almost painfully as I looked down at her in confusion. She smiled that devilish smile of hers and reached up for the shaving foam and razor. Oh no, she was going to shave the newly grown stubble from around my cock and balls.

"No baby please. I'm so close. Please let me finish!" I implored.

"It's all part of your surprise baby. Now hold still, we wouldn't want anything to get nicked now would we!" she giggled as she carefully lathered me up.

My cock was pulsating now and jumping every time she got close to it. She was gentle but teasing, and sensuous, and a bitch all in one. God I loved this woman. She kept me on edge for another 5 minutes while she shaved my pubic area and turned me around to shave my arse crack of its few hairs.

Slapping me on the arse she said she was done and for me to wait there, "And don't you dare touch that cock of yours!"

I was leaning against the wall, my head down, my cock leaking pre-cum like a tap. My breathing was hard and ragged as I tried to gulp air into my overstimulated body. I was almost desperate to finish myself off, but I wanted to be inside my gorgeous wife when I did.

Steph stepped out of the shower, I heard her open a drawer and return with 2 items. A small bottle of lube, and a butt plug. I smiled at her when I saw this, as we rarely used the plug, but when we did it was when we made love with my pleasure the priority.

The plug, increased my stimulation when my wife sucked me into her throat and it pushed onto my prostate. But it was when I fucked her that it provided its strongest benefit to me. As I pumped my cock into her tight pussy, I would naturally clench my butt cheeks on the inward thrust. The plug would not only stimulate my prostate but the added stimulation of my sphincter muscles would cause me to have the most intense and longest lasting orgasms ever.

My wife moved behind me smiling all the while. Another slap on my arse caused me to flinch but not turn around. Steph's hands roamed my arse, lightly scratching, squeezing and outright groping it. Travelling to the centre, I felt her spread my cheeks wide before I gasped as she lightly licked my little brown hole. I heard her coo to herself before licking again, it didn't take long before she was trying to devour my arse, her tongue probing and gaining access through my dilating sphincter.

I was groaning and trying to grind my arse back onto her face before she again slapped my arse, hard, too hard.

"Ow. Careful!"

She didn't comment, instead she slid one, then a second finger into my back door. I was back in the moment, and distracted from the sting that still radiated from my left cheek. I felt Steph stand up and press her body into my back as she slowly eased her fingers in and out of my receptive hole. She kissed my back, my shoulders, my upper arms as she did so.

Then I felt her pull her fingers out, followed by the familiar click of the top of the lube bottle. Firm determined pressure was the applied as the tip of the plug entered my cavity. The first 2/3rds are always ok, it's the last part where the plug flares out so it can seat itself, that is always the delicate bit. Breathing heavy, and with Steph pinching and pulling on my nipples she almost moaned in my ear.

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