tagMatureStephanie and Her Friends Ch. 07

Stephanie and Her Friends Ch. 07


Couple of earlier comments requested multiple pages -- here you go...


Thursday. This was the Starbucks day. Now nobody told me whether or not they would be doing their regular coffee meet in the afternoon, so not hearing anything, I decided to head over there on my way home.

Got my regular iced cappuccino, and sat in my regular chair, reading the days' news.

I was pleasantly surprised when about 10 minutes later the gang rolled through the front door, throwing down backpacks and purses, and went to the bar to order coffees.

Kelly was the first one back to the sofa, and waved her finger towards me beckoning me to come over. I grabbed coffee, iPad, and went on over.

"Come sit with us, I think we know each other well enough now."

I sat in the middle of the couch. Steph came back next and sat next to me on the other side from Kelly. Lane, Brook and Tammy were last, and plopped into the two chairs and grabbed one from a nearby table.

"Hi Sweetie," Steph coos as she puts her head lightly on my shoulder.

"Hi ,yourself. So how are all you guys?"

Lane responds first, "Well, good, but some better than others."

Steph turned towards me. "Kelly told me about her visit to your office. I'm OK with you guys fooling around, but I get a little bummed out when I find out about it the next day."

"I don't know what to say. She ambushed me. It's hard for me to turn down an opportunity like she put in front of me. I would like to have you as part of whatever we do, but sometimes, it's just not possible. I can't just call you at 5 and say, "Kelly wants to play, is that OK with you? Do you want to come down here and help?"

"OK , I understand. But we have to work something out here. I'm not too happy with the way things are going on here,"

"No problem, we'll figure it out, OK?"


The rest of the girls had their coffees and sat down around the table in the middle of the sofa and chairs.

I decided to start the conversation with, "Girls, I think we need to talk about some stuff here. I am getting a sense that this is not working as smoothly as it should be. Steph?"

She sat for a while, collecting her thoughts, then said, "Guys, this is different somehow, I know we shared a lot of things, done stuff, but I have this feeling that Gene is kind of my personal friend, and I have no problem sharing my personal friend, but, I get really worried when stuff happens and I am completely on the outside. I don't know how to fix it. I know that if the opportunity comes up, you can't call me for permission, but on the other hand, just going out and fucking my lover is hard for me to take."

Then all of the sudden she realized what she said.

I had to chime in, "Look Steph, like I told you before, I do love you, it may not be the 'have babies and live together until we die kind of love', but I really care for you. Whatever we do as a group will not change how I feel about you, in fact, it might actually enhance it. Please trust me babe, if you want to share with your friends, I will do that, but I promise you now, that I will always look after and respect you, OK?"

"God, that was exactly what I needed to hear. You and I are good then, very good."

Then Kelly -- the project manager chimed in -- "OK, so now that that stuff is all cleared up, are we all good for the long weekend?"

Responding to my quizzical look, Kelly continued. "Brooke asked her parents if we can use their mountain house on the long weekend. They aren't using it, so we've got it for the whole weekend from Friday afternoon until Monday night. So we have the grill, wine cellar, hot tub, awesome views, flat screens, DVD player, and four bedrooms, are we good?"

The girls all chimed in more or less together, "Yeah," and "Great,", and "Can hardly wait"

"How are we going to get there? One car or two, and whose?"

"We'll all pile into my dad's Explorer," Steph offered, "It will have room for all of us and our stuff."

"Sounds like fun, what a great way to wrap up the summer on the long weekend," I said.

"You'll need to know how to get there. Steph will send you the address and directions on how to get there. It's about and hour and a half drive west on the interstate," Kelly said looking at me.

"I didn't realize I was invited."

"Of course, silly, we wouldn't set all of this up and not include you," Steph giggled, and then a look of shock on her face "Oh, my gosh, I never considered that you might be busy. You can come can't you? We'd be so disappointed if you couldn't. We just kind of assumed that it would be no problem."

Ohhh. this is so crazy, an invitation to spend a full long weekend with these five lovely, horny, young girls.

"Yeah, OK, I can make it. I have no plans. When are you going?"

"As soon as we're all done classes and work, I think we should be on the road by about 5 or so. When can you leave?"

"That about works for me too."

Steph then put her hand on my thigh and rubbed her hand up and down a bit, then grabbed my hand and squeezed. "It's going to be a lot of fun, and I'm soooo glad you will be there with us."

The rest of the time was spent with the girls talking about who is bringing what, clothes, food, and other odds and ends. So, I asked if there was anything I could bring and was told, "Just yourself, and maybe a few bottles of wine and some beer. We don't drink much but we like a little with dinner, our parents don't mind," responded Brooke. "My dad has a good wine cellar there, but we shouldn't drink too much of it."

A little more idle chit chat followed, nothing sexual at all, I didn't add much, just listened to the banter back and forth. It was really obvious that these were truly very best friends.

Then Kelly said, "Well, I've got get going, you all coming with me?", and last sips of coffee were taken and they started to get up. Steph leaned over to me, gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and quietly said, "I'll send you what you'll need to get there and see you tomorrow night."

And they got up and were gone out the door.


Later that night, around 9:30, my phone chimes and I see I've got mail. Go over to laptop and open up g-mail. "Subject: Directions for tomorrow", plus there was an attachment.

I open the email, there is an address and a list of directions, but I know how to get there, except for about the last mile or so. It's an area that I've been to quite often. Brooke's dad must be doing very well to afford a place in that area. Then, I clicked the attachment, and up pops a picture of Steph, no face, but she's nude from the neck down, and there is a hand on each of her breasts, kind of holding them up a bit, and squeezing them together. The only thing is they aren't her hands, and they both don't belong to the same person. The note at the bottom of the e-mail said:

"We're all looking forward to the weekend, sweet dreams. Can't chat tonight. Tomorrow. Steph, xx"

And that was it.


Friday ended being a really busy day for me. Had to get a couple of reports finished and off to our tech writers to embellish. A couple of long web meetings with clients, so had little time to think about the weekend, though there were times, when I was caught off guard when my mind was wandering.

Before I knew it, it was past 4:30, and folks were leaving. I had about another 20 minutes to wrap up some loose ends and final e-mails. Just as I was shutting everything down, my phone chimed its text message chirp. Popped the phone open, and text simply said "On our way now" with a smiley face attached.

OK, let the weekend begin. Drove home, packed my duffel with changes of clothes, swim suit for the hot tub, but probably won't need it, toiletries, went to the cooler and looked at my wine stash, thinking -- well five of us, two, maybe three dinners, shouldn't need more than eight. Can always get more if I need to. Grabbed the box, and took it out to the car. Grabbed my duffel, and headed out. Stopped at the liquor store and picked up three six packs of beer, and headed west. I love driving up to the mountain passes in the convertible. The big V-8 sounded great, warm wind blowing around me. Great start to a great weekend.

After about an hour and a bit, my sat-nav was directing me down a quiet tree lined lane and telling me as I pulled up to the end of the cul-de-sac that I had arrived. I checked the address, and it's the one Steph gave me. Nice house, probably a bit modest for the general neighborhood, but quite nice. Probably under a mil, but not my much. Lots on either side were open, so no immediate neighbors. Nice.

I got out of the car and walked up to the front door. I was about to push the button for the doorbell, when the door opened. Brooke opened the door and said, "Hi, glad you came. Welcome to our little hideaway." She stepped out, put her arms around my neck, reached up on her toes, and gave me a really nice kiss on the lips with a little bit of tongue slipping between my lips. "I think I'm the only one who hasn't done that with you yet. Heard you drive up, your buggy does make a bit of noise. We'll have to get it out of sight in the garage soon. Welcome, and come on in."

She took me by the hand, into the house, through the living room, and into a dining/kitchen area. The other girls were sitting up on stools around the kitchen island with a couple of bowls of junk food snacks in front of them, and some cans of soda. As I came in Steph jumped up and ran to me, and put her arms around my neck, legs around my waist, and gave me a really nice kiss. She whispered in my ear "Thanks for coming."

I put her down, and Kelly came over and kissed me followed by Tammy and Lane. Lane gave me a little extra with a little squeeze of my crotch. That was getting to be really habit for her.

"We've started on dinner. We've got pasta ready to go on the stove, salads are made, we'll heat up the clam sauce and be ready to serve," Brooke announced. "All we need is get you settled. Let's get your car in the garage, and your stuff in the house. Did you bring the beer and wine?"

"Sure did, let's go, and you show me where to park." We went out the other side of the kitchen into a hall into a laundry mud room sort of area, and into the garage. Brooke hit a button and the big garage door lifted up. The Explorer was parked closest with the other stall of the double garage open. "Just pull it in over there."

I went out, started it up, backed up a bit, and then inched into the far side spot. I opened the trunk. "Hey, Brooke, can you give me a hand?"

She came over I handed her my duffle bag, "Can you take this, and I'll bring the rest." Kelly also came over and said, "give me the beer, you can carry the wine."

And so we want back, closed the garage door and back to the kitchen. We put down the refreshments, and Brooke said, "Come with me, I'll show where you'll be staying.

I grabbed by bag in one hand, and she took the other, and led me up the stairs. "We've got 4 bedrooms. Mom and Dad's master is on the main floor, and the three others are up here. Each has a bath room. I'll give you the one with the shower, is that OK?"

"Sure, that works. Who else is sleeping where?"

"Well, I put my stuff in the first room, and the others just threw theirs in the next room up here. We don't use the master, less laundry to do when we leave." I noticed that she didn't mention who would be sleeping where, interesting.

"Come back down when you're ready." I dropped my bag in the room, checked out the bath. Very nice, glass shower stall, multiple shower heads, granite counter tops, nice tile -- great. Brooke's dad really is doing well. Back in the bedroom I saw it had a good queen size bed, nice coverings. I just grabbed my toiletry bag from the duffel and put it in the bath. Was about to leave, when I had a thought, went back, and took out one of my blue pills, and just put in my pocket for later, just in case.

Went down stairs and saw that the table was all set, pasta cooking, sauce smelled good. Salads were on the table, and garlic toast was coming out of the oven.

"You girls really know how to do it up well. I'm really impressed."

"Yeah, we all help around a lot at home with meals and stuff, so this is pretty easy. OK everything is about ready, just need some wine. You brought it, so you choose," Kelly said as she went to one of the cupboards and started taking out wine glasses. Nice, these people do know how to live, I thought.

"Red or white?"

Steph, Lane, and Kelly took red, Brooke and Tammy asked for white. I almost always drink red. I opened a couple of bottles, went around and poured, then sat at the table.

We ate, the food was great. Wine matched pretty well. Had to open a second red.

We talked, I asked them about school, classes, their jobs, what they wanted to do.. They were a really fascinating group. The older girls stayed around to go to community college, while the younger girls were finishing up school. The youngest Brooke, turned 18 just three weeks before, and was going into senior year. They were all planning to go to the state college next year.

We finished up eating, cleaned the table, and loaded the dishwasher. "So what's next, watch TV, a movie or into the hot tub?" asked Lane.

"I vote for the hot tub," replied Brooke.

Everyone agreed that hot tub would be it. We went upstairs. I went to my room, and fished out my trunks, stripped down and put them on. Thought about just going down with a towel over my shoulder, but dismissed that as tacky and presumptuous of me. So with that I stepped back into the hall. The girls came out of their rooms, all in little two piece bikinis. A couple of them really were pretty skimpy, not leaving very much covered. They ran, giggling down the hall, down the stairs, a continued on down to the lower level. This was pretty nice as well. Nicely finish media room, projection TV, shuffle board, wet bar, a door that could only be to a wine cellar -- etched image of grape clusters on the door. They went out the sliding patio doors and turned to the left. Two of the girls lifted the cover, and folded it back, then they climbed up the steps, and over the edge into the water. It was still a little light out, but the outside lights were off, so it was partially dark.

I stepped up and over, and Steph said, "Hey, come sit beside me." The tub was a good size, but six people filled it up quite nicely, so were all kind of touching, either sides, or feet. Someone leaned over, turned on the jets, and the underwater lights. We were all hidden by the bubbles and froth on top of the water. Steph reached over, put her hand right on my growing erection. "Thanks for coming up," and put her head on my shoulder.

She reached inside my trunks and grabbed by now quite erect penis and slowly stroked it.

The other girls were quietly talking among themselves, but watching us. I noticed that Lane was rubbing Tammy's feet that were resting on her lap. Kelly and Brooke were sitting close to each other but couldn't see if anything was happening under the water.

Steph leaned closer to me and whispered, "Kiss me please."

I did, putting my lips on hers, and she took my right hand and put it on her breast. "Rub my nipples please, they are really sensitive." I did as asked, and it felt wonderful. I slipped my hand inside her bikini top, cupped her breast, massaged it gently, slowly under, around, took her nipple between my thumb and first finger. She kept her head on my shoulder, and moaned faintly as I continued to massage. This went on for quite a while, she didn't seem to want to change anything or to start doing anything more. I was getting hard, but not getting any closer to an orgasm, as she really wasn't working to get me off, just gently caressing it.

I checked on the other inhabitants of the tub and saw that Tammy was now beside Lane and it looked like their arms were crossed, over each other. Lane had her hand over on Tammy somewhere, and Tammy had hers on Lane. I couldn't detect any movement of any kind, but they were looking directly at us. But Kelly and Brooke were something else. Brooke was sitting astride Kelly's legs facing her. Kelly had slipped down so the water was right up to her chin. Kelly had her hands under the water, and Brooke had hers on Kelly's shoulders. They weren't looking at us but at each other. Had to wonder what Kelly was doing.

Steph then took my hand from her breast, and slowly moved it down to her waist. She didn't have to give me any more hints. I slowly started to rub her tummy, back and forth, then down a few inches, until I was at the top of here bikini. She whispered in my ear, "Keep going."

I slipped my hand down inside, and touched the very top of her slit, then slowly a little lower until I had my finger on her clit. I slowly rubbed it in a circular motion, like I learned from Tammy. Steph had her head buried in my shoulder, one hand around my shoulder, the other, now not stroking, but just holding quite tightly. I continued this for several minutes and her breathing was starting to get quicker and deeper. "Rub me down on pussy too, I like it there too." So, I rubbed down, around, back up, on her clit, then down around her pussy. I put the tip of my middle finger just a little inside her pussy, and just wiggled it around, and she jumped as I did so, obviously hitting some very excited nerves. Now she was whimpering on my shoulder, and can feel her convulsing, and let out that muffled little scream. Her body slumped down against mine, and she just rested there for several minutes, her hand still on my cock.

I looked over at Tammy and Lane, and Lane smiled and said, "That was so incredibly hot to watch. You guys are really good together." Her words were a little uneven it seemed, so what Tammy was doing to her must be making her pretty excited as well. I could now make out rhythmic movements of both their arms and it had to be that they were masturbating each other. Looking over to the other two. Brooke was still on Kelly's lap, but now I could see that she was rocking back and forth, and now her head was on Kelly's shoulder.

As I continued to watch, Steph turned her head, and looked out towards the others, not saying anything, arms wrapped around mine.

We were both watching Tammy and Lane, and we could tell that they were close. Tammy tensed up and squealed first, quite loudly exclaiming, "Oooohhhh, it's there, it's coming, coming, keep going, gaaaaawwwwwd!!!" She was barely done when Lane climaxed as well, but much more quietly. When we glanced over at the other two, it looks like we missed what happened, because, Brooke, was now sitting beside Kelly, leaning over and giving her a nice warm kiss, then flopping back beside her saying, "Thanks baby, that was really nice."

Just then the jets stopped. Brooke then said, "Twenty minute automatic shutoff," smiling.

"So are all having fun yet," asked Kelly.

"Oh yeah," both Tammy and Lane said almost simultaneously."

Brooke announced, "I'm going to go back in, you all can stay just turn out the lights and close the lid when you're done, OK?"

Tammy then said, "No, I'm good too, let's go in."

Steph said to me, "Let's stay just a couple of secs after they leave, OK?"


The other girls got up and went back into the house, and I noticed that Brooke was carrying her bikini bottoms in her hand, and that Kelly's top was positioned so that both her tits were showing. Clearly they had a good time. When they were gone through the door, Steph got up and stepped out of the tub. I followed, went around and flipped the cover over and closed up the tub.

She came over to me as we walked towards the doors, "I want to sleep with you tonight. We can play some more, and I owe you at least one for what you gave me, but I'm not ready yet to have sex. Is that OK with you? I mean, I don't you want to be disappointed or mad at me or anything, but I just don't think I'm ready yet, I mean, I do kind of love you, but I'm just not sure.....shit, I'm babbling here..."

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