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Stephanie's First


A Literotica 2018 Summer Lovin' Contest Entry

My eyes were closed, but I felt the shadow move across my face and it startled me. Opening my eyes, I saw that it was just one of the seagulls patrolling this part of the beach looking to snatch anything edible. I sat up on the lounger and drank in the beautiful scenery. The waves were light today, their aqua tinted rolls turning to white foam close to the sand.

I got here quite late last night and was only now enjoying my first beach moments. I had come to this exact spot several years ago with my family as a young teenager.

Back then, they were so focused on other things that we spent very little time at the actual beach. My mother wanted shopping, my brothers wanted to go to a baseball game, and Dad drug us on a fishing adventure. Before I knew it, it was time to pack our things. I said back then, as soon as I was old enough, I would come back out here alone and do very little else but sit at the beach and enjoy it my way. Two weeks ago, I graduated and made a decision that I would take this solo vacation. It's not like anyone was begging to come with me, I only have a handful of close friends and my family is who-knows-where and doing who-knows-what.

Romantically speaking, I'm single. The truth is I have always been single. I have only been on two dates in my life and never had a boyfriend. School was always my main focus and I'm very shy to boot. Not long ago, I also started to think that there is something off-putting about my personality since I'm rarely ever approached by guys. When they do talk to me, it's not for long. I really hope I'm wrong about this, but when I had that realization, I decided to really work on what I do and say around guys. When in doubt, smile and shut up. That's my new motto. No more acting like an awkward dork!

Last week I went shopping for bathing suits for the trip. I was dreading it, having not bought one since before I could fill one out. I just knew I was going to look terrible that close to naked. Even though I dress every day in dorky jeans and t-shirts, I've got quite a nice figure underneath, it turns out. Trying on those swimsuits, in fact, I realized that I had a great bikini body. It may not be the most curvaceous figure, but it's lean with enough up top to fill out a b-cup and a bubble butt that fills out the bottoms pretty nicely as well. So, I bought three of them, each slightly different, none overly skimpy, but all three making me look fantastic.

I started tanning at one of those small tanning salons near the house to get a base tan. I'm such a nerd, I didn't want to get naked, so I wore one of the skimpier bathing suits. One of the girls came in to the booth to help me with the machine and couldn't believe how, "That mousy quiet girl turned into this sexy thing!" I hadn't even noticed until she pointed out that she could even kind of see my abs. Considering that the compliments came from such a pretty and very cosmopolitan girl, it gave me a new confidence. It made me feel pretty.

Maybe this trip to the beach might be the start of something new. A new confidence, a new diploma, a couple of job prospects back home, and, who knows, maybe I would even get noticed by the boys.

Laying there all morning had lulled me into a deep state of relaxation. When I glanced at my phone, I realized that it was already 1 o'clock and I hadn't eaten anything all day.

I walked along the beach to the short boardwalk where I had heard, there was an open-air snack stand. The beach got gradually more crowded the closer I got to it and I could smell fried potatoes and grilled hamburgers wafting the ocean air. The smell really amped up my hunger, but I wasn't single-minded enough to miss the handful of stares that I got from some of the young guys who were hanging by the boardwalk. They were stares like I never got at home in my frumpy clothes.

There was a bit of a line at Sharkey's Snack Shack, but I didn't mind because it was shaded, and I was studying the menu posted above the cashier. A voice from behind me startled me, "If it's your first time here, you should try the grilled shrimp tacos."

I turned to face one of the most beautiful guys I had ever seen. He was at least 6-foot-tall and his shaggy blond hair nearly covered dreamy blue eyes. Before I could stop myself, my eyes quickly scanned down the length of him. His trunks hung low on his torso and it seemed as if I could see his pubic hair if I dared to look closely. His lean and lightly muscled frame glistened in the sun. This handsome specimen was certainly an athlete or maybe even a model.

Catching myself, I shut my mouth, which was hanging open, and felt my cheeks blush a little. I hoped my sunglasses had concealed my exploration of his body.

Compose yourself and don't let on that you're a raging dork! I took a breath and said, "It is my first time here, and those sound really good. Thank you." I turned to face the front of the line again.

"I'm Adam, what's your name?"

"Stephanie." and turned to shake his extended hand.

"I'm here with my family and staying right there at the Emerald Coast Condos. Where are you staying?"

"Down the beach two or three condos, it's called Pelican Pointe."

"Looks like your next up to order, do you want to have lunch together? I hate to eat alone."

My heart rate instantly shot up and I knew that I would be tongue-tied if I said much. I did my best to give decent eye contact and nodded yes.

"I've got my dad's credit card, why don't you grab that table under the umbrella and I'll treat."

I nodded again and did my best to give a relaxed smile, but I felt faint. This type of thing never happened to me. Walking towards the table I felt my knees shaking.

At the table. I took some deep breaths, thankful that Adam wasn't looking in my direction. I took off my sunglasses and using their reflection, I put my hair into place and gave my bikini top a little adjustment. I soon felt my composure return and I sat up straight on the bench. My eyes wandered over to the snack bar again and saw Adam walking my way with two plastic cups of beer. I don't know if I've ever seen a more beautiful man. He wasn't waxed like some of the guys you see in magazines, he looked more natural. The little bit of hair that he had on his chest and lower belly looked sun-bleached and caused me to tingle a bit. A split-second scene flashed through my head and I saw myself kissing my way down his abdominal muscles into that little trail of hair that disappeared into his trunks.

Adam sat the two beers down in front of us and, flashing a slightly mischievous smile said, "Beer ok with you? They didn't even ask for my I.D."

I had only drunk alcohol three or four times in my life. I didn't like beer at all.

"A beer sounds lovely."

"It's called White Elephant Lager, they say it's strong but really good."

He looked intensely into my eyes and said, "You're very pretty." The way he spoke, he seemed to have no self-consciousness. "Where are you from?"

Trying my best to conceal my nervousness I said, "New Orleans."

That was a lie. I lived in a tiny dirty little town about 45 minutes away from New Orleans.

"I'm from Birmingham. You know, I've always wanted to go to New Orleans. Maybe you can be my tour guide!" He said with a little laugh and he lightly patted my arm.

Our food arrived, and we dug in. He was right, the tacos were delicious. I only ordered them because I was so spellbound by him, I probably would have ordered a grilled cheese or chicken nuggets, left to my own devices.

Conversation died somewhat while we were eating, but at some point, Adam focused his sexy blue eyes on me again and said, "You don't say much Stephanie. Are you shy?"

"Uh, I...I guess a little." I stammered, blushing a little with embarrassment.

I did manage to open up a little bit more by the time we were through eating, the beer calming my nerves and making me a little more comfortable. I liked Adam and got a genuine "good guy" vibe from him.

"It's too bad we're leaving tomorrow," He said, "I'd really like to spend some more time with you."

I felt all the positive energy drain away. Here I was having a fantastic and a little flirty conversation with the most beautiful man I've ever met, and he drops a bomb on me saying that he's leaving tomorrow and will never see me again. I tried to act as if it didn't matter to me, but I know my face betrayed me. I said, "Oh, that's disappointing. Leaving in the morning?"

"Yep first thing. And we have family photos on the beach this afternoon and then dinner. So, this is about it for me. No more fun."

My mind began to quickly process what he was saying. Over our short lunch, I was having little fantasies of sexy dates, a new boyfriend, or, I cringed a little, maybe even losing my virginity. Now this beautiful creature was about to tell me goodbye and I would never see him again. No longer nervous, my blood pounding in my ears, I felt the fear of lost opportunity.

"Would you like to come back to my condo for a little while?" I blurted, completely out of nowhere. I immediately wished I could have pulled the words back in as they hung awkwardly in the air between us.

Adam was obviously caught way off guard, but I could tell he was considering my question. My face burned hot with embarrassment.

"Stephanie, I wouldn't have enough time..."

Panic was setting in. I may never get another opportunity such as this, such a beautiful boy, such a beautiful setting, he could ask for anything he wanted, and I would give it. My eyes searched around as Adam started clearing up the table. I knew any second he was about to tell me goodbye. Then I saw it. Near where we were seated, at the end of the snack bar, there was a roped-off stage. It was probably for live music in the evenings, but at this time of the day it was dead and there were no customers at the tables near it either. I leaned in very close to Adam and placed my hand on his knee then slowly slid it up this thigh until my hand cupped his package.

"Do you see that partition and stack of speakers behind us?"

Adam's eyes were wide. I had his full attention.

"Behind you, next to the stage?" He asked after clearing his throat.

"I'm gonna sneak back there and when the coast is clear, you come and join me."

I gave him a light squeeze. He was much firmer now than when I first took him in my hand. Out came the most seductive look that I could come up with and then I got up and walked behind the tower of speakers, doing my best to showcase my ass as I walked.

I was pretty proud of myself when I made it to the stage, no one had seen me, and it was a perfect little nook for some privacy. It was only a few seconds before Adam emerged from around the speakers. Immediately, I brought my mouth to his and started kissing him passionately. He was definitely into it but seemed very surprised by my aggressiveness. I let my mouth began kissing down his chest and, like in my brief fantasy earlier, I kissed my way to his lower belly while undoing his swim trunks. His trunks dropped to the floor and I was staring face-to-face, for the first time with a man's rapidly hardening cock. I gave the tip a quick lick and hungrily shoved it into my mouth. I may not have ever given a blow job before, but I had seen enough pornos to know what to do. I sucked hard and started jerking him fast with my hand. I swirled my tongue around the underside of the tip as best I could. It was harder than it looks in those movies to do all these things at once.

I looked up at Adam saw a look that was a combination of pleasure and bewilderment. I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying sucking him. Even though it was supposed to be him receiving the pleasure, I found myself getting more and more aroused. When he was fully erect I began to have trouble getting as much of it in my mouth. I supposed that he was well endowed in addition to good-looking. It was around then that something started changing. He started pushing his hips toward me and I felt a little bit of thick salty liquid oozing out of him. I was afraid he was about to cum in my mouth.

"Don't cum yet Adam," I said in an urgent whisper, "I want you to fuck me." Quickly turning to face away from him, I kneeled on the step that led up to the stage and placed my elbows on the stage. I turned to look at him as seductively as I could.


I reached back and pulled down my bikini bottom, pushed my ass high in the air, "Fuck me, Adam. I need you."

I turned to face away from him and steadied myself for the big moment, bye-bye virginity! I felt his hands on my hips and then his hardness push against my entrance. I was wet, but I wished I was a little wetter as he pushed into me in a slow but firm stroke. I braced for the pain, but it never came. It was a bit snug and a little like I was going to be split open, but as soon as he moved in and out a few times it began to feel really good. Better than good, it felt amazing. I held tight to the short carpet of the stage and bit my lip to keep from making too much noise.

I know that Adam was enjoying me because little moans and grunts were coming from back there. The strokes and his grunts were coming closer together now and I knew he was getting close to cumming.

"You feel so good. So tight." There was more grunting, and I felt his hands caress my back. Instinctively, I knew he would cum any second. Wait, cum inside me?? Should I tell him to stop??

More than anything though, I wanted to feel him cum inside me. I didn't want anything to interfere with this amazing moment. Would it be so bad to have this exceptionally nice, good-looking kid from an intact family, who were flush enough to stay at the most expensive condo in this part of the beach, cum inside me?

Don't cum inside me, Adam! is what I thought, but "Cum for me baby!" is what came out.

I don't know that he could have stopped if he tried. Adam grabbed my hips again and began pounding me furiously. I could feel his balls slapping hard against me with every stroke and his grunts came louder and louder until he pushed hard a final time and stayed pressed up to the hilt, and a warmness spread inside of me. And like that, it was over. He folded forward onto me, slick with perspiration and breathing hard against my neck.

"God, that was so good. You are amazing Stephanie." He pulled me upright and hugged me tightly from behind. I felt his cock slowly retreating from me and his semen dripping warmly down my inner thigh.

"You too, Adam. That was so sexy and...and...well, amazing."

We stayed there a while longer and gradually morphed into a face to face hug. We weren't speaking, just enjoying the feeling of our bodies next to one another.

Adam broke the silence, "I have a confession. That was my first time."

I couldn't have been more surprised by the revelation and was completely tongue tied. Unable to speak, I just hugged him tighter.

In the few last moments we spent together, Adam went on to tell me that he was from a religious family and had planned on saving himself but was overwhelmed by my beauty and by our chemistry. I didn't tell him that it was my first time. In fact, I barely said anything else at all. It's like my brain wasn't connecting with my mouth properly.

When we shared our final kiss, I know I should have gotten his contact information or at least a last name but, for reasons I may never understand, I didn't. It just seemed best to let that door close. I just let him go.

That door may have been closing, but I knew there were other doors opening. They were opening wide and it was going to be a great summer.

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It made me cum.

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Minimal Development

Could have been much better. Not lifelike.

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Nice one, keep writing

Loved reading of Stephanie's blossoming. You have a good, natural writing style that makes the story flow. Hoping to see more from you!

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