tagBDSMSteve Delivers Lisa for Domination

Steve Delivers Lisa for Domination


'What a lovely story, I wish it was me and not Lisa. I would just love to play like this with you.




I met Steve and Lisa online. Steve wanted to see his pretty wife dominated, humiliated and used. Lisa wanted this perhaps even more than Steve, and chatted passionately online while she sent him out of the room.

After some time, we agreed a meeting. I would take delivery of Lisa, who would come to my house alone for an evening and stay overnight.

I instructed Steve to dress Lisa in black skirt, white blouse, black stockings and suspenders, full white lacy panties, matching bra, and flat smart shoes. Her cunt lips were to be shaved, but the rest of her bush was to be intact. We would meet in a layby, where Lisa would be handed over to me, blindfolded, and I would take her home alone. Steve would meet us there the following afternoon to take her back. She was to bring an overnight bag with changes of clothes, make-up, and so forth.

All went to plan. It was dark and rainy at the meeting place. Lisa was dressed as instructed and blindfolded. Steve and I shook hands, he placed her bag in my boot, and then he led Lisa out and sat her in my front seat. Steve pulled away. Lisa looked calm and poised. Her pretty white face was sophisticated, almost Parisian in its looks. Her small but poutingly full lips were set of with bright red lipstick, her eyebrows beautifully shaped. Her thick black hair in an expensively cut bob. I remained silent for a while, before giving Lisa her instructions.

She was to call me Mark, unless I told her otherwise, or unless she thought that the situation demanded it. She was to obey me at all times. I explained that my domination was a form of love from me and from her husband. She would be hurt and humiliated, but not injured. She knew many of my planned humiliations from our previous conversations, and would therefore be expected to know how to act. Other situations and punishments would be new to her. Her safe word was to be 'Rowan'.

Finally, I instructed her to pull her panties down around her ankles and to put her seat belt on. She gently lifted her bottom, pulled her delicate lace panties to her knees and then to her ankles. We set off in the rain for the short drive to my country house. Along the way I told her to start to finger her pussy, but under her skirt, and not to expose herself. She obeyed quickly and silently. I could hear the faint sound of her juices squelching above the rain. I asked her to remove her finger and place it in my mouth. Again, she obeyed, and I tasted the sweet honey of her slit.

'Good girl Lisa, that's lovely' I said.

'Thank you, Mark.'

Another 10 minutes passed in silence, and we arrived. Still blindfolded, I asked Lisa to step out of the car and pull her panties back up. Then I led her to the house, where the fire was keeping the room warm. I stood her in the middle of the floor. I left Lisa alone while I fetched her case in through the back door, into her bedroom, and then sat in the kitchen for quarter of an hour while I had a drink and a smoke.


I walked back into the front room; Lisa was standing, waiting patiently as I had left her. I undid her blindfold from behind, turned her round, and sat on the sofa so I could look at her standing in front of me.

'Lisa, I'm going to inspect you now. Obey all my instructions. Please lift your skirt up around your waist for me.'

She raised her black skirt, the silk lining slipping smoothly up over her stockings and her milky thighs. Her white panties came into view, fitting snugly over her cunt - I could see her mound covered tightly, with neat black hair clearly visible through the lace above her pussy. Her tight white tummy looked virginal between the top of her knickers and her suspender belt.

'Turn round'.

Her arse looked tight and pert, covered snugly with expensive lace. I was already looking forward to punishing and humiliating this superb slut.

'Bend over.'

As Lisa bent forward, her buttocks pushed out against the material of her panties.

'Now stand up and face me again. Good girl. Please remove your skirt.'

Lisa undid her skirt, let it drop to her feet, and left it there. I ordered her to fold and tidy it, and to add her blouse and shoes. She stepped out of her shoes, undid her blouse, and folded all the items in a corner of the room. I had her standing in her underwear, looking demure and gorgeous.

'Lower your panties to just above your knees.'

As she placed her fingers in the elastic of her knickers, I had the fantastic sight of her neat pussy being exposed, framed by her stocking tops, garters, suspender belt and panties. I stood and had a closer look. I slapped her thigh gently, and my captive willing slut quickly opened her legs, stretching her panties slightly. I could see how neatly her labia were shaved, as well as the exquisite tangle of black hair above - not too bushy, but enough of a nest to look like a proper woman's cunt. I stroked her pussy lips with my fingers, and explored her pubes. I pinched and tugged her labia, pulling them down and out slightly. I had a glimpse of her tight pink slit, already glistening wet. I walked behind her, and took each perfect buttock in my hands.

'Bend over, Lisa.'

She bent, her plump little pussy lips poking out between her thighs. I slipped my fingers between her cheeks, and eased my finger into her anus. She remained impassive apart from a slight squirming against my fingers to help me reach inside her. She was clean inside, but moist and easy to penetrate. I fingered her up to my knuckle, twisting and turning gently. I asked her if she was enjoying herself.

'Yes, thank you Mark, I love having my arsehole filled. I want one in my pussy too though.'

I slapped her bottom quickly, once.

'You dirty slut. You must be grateful for what you get, and ask for more only if prompted. Do you understand??'

'Yes, sorry my master, thank you for fingering my arsehole. I am grateful to offer my body for you to use as you want.'

'Good girl Lisa, now tell me how it makes you feel?'

'Oh, I feel so dirty and slutty bending over, my panties down, in my underwear, having my master explore my arsehole.'

I withdrew my finger, and let myself smell a sexy muskiness on my finger.


'Now Lisa, it is nearly time for your first punishment. I am going to whip you, but first you must collect the whip for me. I am going to give you a pair of secateurs, and you will walk into my garden and cut yourself some fresh whips of year-old willow branches from the trees next to the stream. Pick a variety of thick and thin ones, but ensure they are all fresh and whippy, with good clean lengths on them, no painful buds or knots.'

I handed her some Swedish secateurs, opened the door, switched the outside floodlight on, and showed her where to walk.

'Oh, and pull your panties up, you look ridiculous walking like that.'

Lisa did so, and walked across the lawn in her underwear. It was wet and slippery out, and I enjoyed watching her stockinged feet squelch across the muddy grass. She slipped a couple of times, and then had to negotiate a small grassy bank to reach the stream. Edging her way gingerly down, she suddenly slipped and sprawled down the slope on her side. She stood, adjusted her knickers, which had ridden up in the slide, and tried to brush off the mud on her hips, bottom and thighs. It was too wet, though, and she merely spread the sticky mess around her white body and onto her underwear. She managed to pick her way over to the willows, and cut a dozen or so whips. She made her way back up the wet grassy bank, but slipped forward, covering herself in mud again, this time on her bra, stomach and the front of her thighs. The secateurs and whips went flying, and she had to crouch to pick them all up. She finally came back to the door, stood on the step and held out the whips on her flat hands, eyes cast down.

'You filthy little girl, look at you! You can't come in here covered in mud like that. Round the back of the house, now!'

I walked quickly outside, and made Lisa, the dirty mud-slut, stand on the patio.

'I'm sorry master, so very sorry...'

I attached the hosepipe to the outside tap, and unravelled it.

'Stand straight and don't move, while I clean you up'.

I turned the tap on, and adjusted the hose until it was spurting a strong jet of cold water. I aimed it at Lisa, who immediately yelped with the shock of the cold water.

'Keep still!'

She tried hard to remain impassive, but as I played the water over her tits and abdomen, she was obviously struggling, and started to shiver. I wet her all over, until her bra, knickers and stockings were dripping wet, and became see-through.

'Turn round'.

She turned, and I continued to wash her off, water spraying off her back and thighs.

'Now bend over, and pull your panties down to your ankles'.

I was very keen with my sluts to keep them pulling their panties up and down. Partly because I am a big underwear fetishist, and love my sluts in and out of beautiful knickers. Also because they feel so much more exposed if they have to pull their own underwear down, and this is accentuated if it is repeated throughout their humiliations and punishments. 'Panties' is also such a porn word, or a little girl word, and the use of it, particularly if they are forced to say it themselves ('May I pull my panties down for you master, so that you can play with me or punish me??'), accentuates the submissive sexual role.

As Lisa bent and exposed herself, I concentrated the jet of water on her arse, washing any residual mud off.

'Spread your buttocks with your hands, slut'.

As she obeyed, I walked closer and concentrated the spray right on her anus, until the nozzle touched her little rosebud, spraying water out in a circle. I moved the water down, repeated this with her vagina, and eased the end of the hose inside her, so that the spraying ring of water gradually subsided, and I could hear the water gush into her cunthole, only to dribble out down her thighs. Lisa was now gasping with the shock of the cold, and shivering uncontrollably. I had to support her round the waist to finish cleaning out her pussy.

I stood her up, turned her round, and sprayed her hair and face with the hose, before switching it off. Still supporting her, I told her to pull her panties up. She was gasping in short breaths and still shaking. She barely managed to pull her knickers back up, struggling to get up, and finding the soaking wet lace hard to move up her legs and over her stockings. I pulled over a wooden garden chair, and bent her over the back of it.

'Ask me for a punishment, Lisa'.

'Oh, *gasp* master, plea...please...please cane me with one of..of..the firm whips that I cut for you to use on me.'

I stood to one side of her, resting a nice piece of red willow over her wet lacy bottom. I waited, watching her shiver and hearing her panting. SMACK! The willow landed on her lace panties, the supple wood slapping loudly. She squealed and jumped.

'Relax your buttocks, and stick them out a little more.'

She obeyed, and I landed 5 more strokes on her, each one making her squirm and yelp.

'Good girl, now 6 more on your skin please...'

She obediently pulled her panties to her knees, and I gave her two strokes on her thighs, and four on her beautiful buttocks, watching as the dull marks from the previous blows were intersected by fresh red welts, and as her buttock flesh flattened and jiggled with each impact. I stroked her thighs and buttocks, before giving her a few hand spanks, finally reaching to touch her pussy, which was pleasingly agape and juicy. 'I have one more punishment for now, Lisa, and then you may warm up and dry off.' I had her remove her panties completely and spread her legs as wide as she could. Without warning I gave two whips upwards between her thighs, one cracking into her left cunt lip, the second splitting her, landing right between her wet slit. She screamed and shook more than ever. After a pause, I bid her stand up and turn around.

'Thank you Mark, I deserved that. Thank you for cleaning me and punishing me. I'm a little sore, may I relieve myself please?'

'You may Lisa, good girl.'

She rubbed her bottom, and gingerly rubbed her pussy where there were two painful raised welts appearing.



'Come inside with me Lisa'

I led her indoors, into the warmth of the house, and led her upstairs, to the bathroom. I started to run hot water for her. As the steam filled the room, and as the bath filled, I took Lisa and enveloped her in my arms. Her weight sagged with physical relief. I nuzzled her into my chest, and spoke into her ear:

'You've been a delight so far tonight, Lisa - you're fantastically sexy, and you take so much of my punishment and humiliation without questioning - much more than any other wife I've had here... such a good obedient strong girl!'

'Thank you Mark. Already it's been beautiful'

'Now take all that cold wet underwear off Lisa.'

As she stripped I took in how composed and beautiful she looked, her sophisticated French conformation, the sight of her lovely white breasts, and her lovely black bush, with wounded lips hanging down slightly.

'You must bathe and get warm for the rest of the evening, Lisa - but while we wait for the bath to run - you must piss for me'

Lisa looked slightly uncomprehending at me, and then regained her composure. She sat on the lavatory...

'Not like that. I want to watch you piss close up. Squat over my face'

I undressed and lay on the floor. Lisa stood over me and squatted, as requested, over my face.

'Turn round, and don't start your stream until I say'

Lisa's whipped buttocks were hovering over my head, and I could see the welts on her cunt lip as well as the raw redness along her slit.

'Please piss for me now, Lisa - don't be embarrassed, don't worry about the mess, just let go.'

Her pussy and arsehole twitched, as she tried to release. A few drops came out, and then a sputtering drizzle, landing on my neck and running onto the thick towel beneath me.

'Good girl, just relax'

Lisa managed to make her piss flow more strongly, I could hear the distinctive hissing noise from her pisshole, and felt the erotic warm stream hit my chest. I watched as the showering stream issued from her, and then guided her, my hands on her buttocks, so that she pitched forward until she was pissing in my mouth. I swallowed but let some of it dribble deliciously out of my mouth, and lost myself in the feel, taste and warmth of Lisa, enjoying the sight and sound of this intimate, dirty, taboo act. Her piss started to wane, all too soon, and as the last spits and drops fell from her cunt I pulled her onto my face, rubbing my pissy mouth into her dripping twat. I lifted her off and kissed her full on the mouth. She returned my kiss passionately, thanking me for letting her piss on me.

'Shouldn't you clean yourself up Lisa? You've just had a piss, so kindly wipe yourself.'

As I watched, Lisa took a short length of lavatory paper, squatted slightly, and wiped her pussy from back to front, carefully flushing the used tissue away. Making her perform such a normal and private action in the midst of such extreme distortions of normality accentuated to Lisa quite how subservient to me she had become.

'Lisa, please take your bath now.'

As she soaked in the tub in the middle of the room, I sat and watched her. After ten minutes or so, I left her on her own. I told her where her room was, and instructed her to take as much time as she wanted, and then to dress in clean clothes and present herself downstairs in due course, when we would eat and continue with her submission.


I left Lisa, showered in my own bathroom, dressed, and started to prepare some food in the kitchen - bread, cheese, salad and wine. I had a drink and a smoke again, and mentally rehearsed my plans for Lisa.

After three quarters of an hour, she came into the kitchen, wearing another fresh set of black stockings and suspenders, this time with black lace panties and matching bra. She stopped in front of me, and pulled her bra cups down to expose her breasts below her nipples. She then pulled her panties to halfway down her thighs and spoke:

'Mark, my dominant master - would you please punish my breasts for me?'

'Certainly, Lisa.'

I picked up one of the smaller willow switches that she had harvested earlier, and stood to one side of her.

'How many strokes, Lisa?'

'Six on each breast please, generous master'

Lisa's tits were a lovely pert 36B, with perfect sized erect nipples. She stood expectantly, and I swished the whip downwards and whipped her left beast just above the nipple. She winced, and hopped form foot to foot slightly.

'Ooaaw, thank you.'

I gave her five more whips, including some from below to the underside of her breast, just above the lace of her bra.

I moved to Lisa's right side, and on the way undid her bra clasp. I moved the shoulder straps down and off her arms, and her bra fell to the floor.

'Hands behind your head please, Lisa, and lean back slightly'

Her left breast was looking tender with a pattern of rising red welts, and the right one was white and perfect in stark contrast. This time I whipped her from the front of the breast, as her tit flesh, unconstrained by the bra, shook and quivered with each blow. She was in obvious pain, but tolerated it well, showing signs of discomfort without distracting me too much.

'Thank you thank you Mark. With your permission I would like to bend over the table for you to inspect my pussy and my bottom with my panties pulled down.'

'Good girl, Lisa.'

As she assumed the submissive position, I admired how her shaven lips protruded between her thighs, below her still marked buttocks. I ran my fingers over her labia, and slipped a finger into her pink, wet little gash. I could not resist, having felt the silky slippery tightness of her pussy, getting my erect cock out and sliding it up inside her. She wriggled and squirmed to meet me. I dipped a finger into a bowl of salad oil, and pushed it into her anus. Spoilt for choice, and wanting to make her feel truly violated, I slipped out of her pussy and started to penetrate her tight dark rosebud. My cock popped in, and I quickly worked it deep inside her, keeping a good rhythm, and making Lisa gasp a little.

'You may touch yourself if you wish to come, Lisa - as a reward for your excellent behaviour so far.'

'Oh thank you Mark'

I felt her push against me as she gave herself room to push her hand down between her groin and the table, and soon I heard her and felt her start her journey to orgasm. I kept fucking her anally, and soon she spasmed and came. She slumped on the table as I quickened my strokes, slapping her cheeks as I got closer and closer. I came delightfully strongly, shooting my spunk deep into her bottom.

I withdrew, pleased that she was clean enough not to have to wipe myself off. I kept her buttocks parted with my hands enjoying her red and slightly open anus leaking a small amount of my come.

Pulling Lisa up from the table, dressed now in only stockings and suspenders, I bid her replace her knickers, and to sit and the table to prepare to eat.

I couldn't tire of watching this beautiful woman - another man's wife, remember, who had delivered her to me for sexual humiliation - putting on and taking off her panties. Before we started our simple meal, I poured Lisa a glass of wine, and played briefly with her freshly beaten breasts. I gently took one in each hand, outlining each welt with a fingertip. Lisa winced slightly. I then started to pinch and pull her nipples, until they were nicely stretched and erect. I placed a clothes peg sideways on each one. The pincers of the sprung wooden pegs were pinching her nipples into an oval shape.

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