Stolen Ch. 07


Firstly I apologise to the readers of my series 'Racers' 'Stolen' has just taken over and demands to be finished.

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"I need to go into town to fill up my bike with petrol." Ren announced as he walked into the room were Hawk had Sky kneeling on the floor in front of him. It was obvious that she had just given him a blow job.

" Mind if I take Blondie here with me?" Ren asked Hawk.

"I don't know if she can be trusted." Hawk said.

"I need a couple of things from town too." Jake said as he walked over to the bed and stood looking down at Sky.

Hawk watched her sit back tucking her legs under herself and glancing up towards him nervously.

"Okay then but it's up to you to make sure she don't attract no attention." Hawk said gruffly.

"You'll behave yourself won't you Sky." Ren said softly.

"I wanta stay with Hawk." Sky said nervously as she glanced from Hawk to Ren and back to Hawk.

"I'll keep an eye on her for you, you said you had stuff to do." Ren said to Hawk knowing the younger man wanted Sky out of the way while they got packed to move.

"Hawk!" Sky said uneasily.

"You go with Ren and Jake and behave yourself, hear me." Hawk ordered.

Sky looked towards the two men as she knodded unhappily, already Ren was sorting through what clothes she had and was placing some on the end of the bed. "Wear those. Hurry up and get dressed, I want to head off soon as I can." Ren ordered.

Sky looked towards Hawk but he was already heading from the room, reluctantly she began to get dressed.

* * * * *

Sky ate the chocolate slowly enjoying the unexpected treat. Ren and Jake were talking quietly over by the two bikes while she waited in the shade, every now and then Ren would glance over at her with a concerned look on his face, Jake held a yellow piece of paper that they had studied before their discussion. "Ren?" Sky called softly. "Yeah what Blondie?" "I'm thirsty. Can I have a drink now?" She asked faintly.

"There's a can of drink in the bag for you." Jake said.

Sky walked over to the two bikes and reached into the sidecar on Jake's bike, in a bag there was three cans of coke, she took one and headed back towards the shade. She noticed that there was a yellow piece of paper stuck to the damp can and she opened the folded up paper curiously. Her own face was one of several that smiled back at her, it was a flyer asking for information from anyone who had seen any of the pictured missing people.

Beneath her picture it was stated that it was believed that she had run away after several disagreements with her parents.

"No! I didn't run away!" Sky exclaimed with a sob as she turned to face back along the road they had travelled on.

"Shit!" Ren exclaimed and hurried over to her, he caught her by the upper arm and tore the piece of paper from her unresisting hand and turned her towards the bikes.

"Drink up, it's time we headed off." He told her as he headed her towards the bikes.

They had nearly reached the bikes when Sky decided she was not travelling any further away from the town, she began struggling and succeeded in escaping his hold, she turned and fled down the road towards the town. "Sky! Get back here! Now!" Ren yelled the order after her but it achieved nothing, realising she wasn't stopping or returning Ren took off after her, Jake watched for a moment then got on his bike, kicked it to life and headed after her.

Sky didn't slow any when Jake sped past her only to stop a little way past her and get off the bike, he tried to block her and catch hold of her but Sky was the veteran of many games of soccer with her brothers and neatly sidestepped around him. Jake took after her and caught her quickly, Sky screamed in frustration and swung the hand holding the can of coke at him. "Let me go!" Sky sobbed angrily.

Jake swore as he blocked a second swing of the coke can, Jake caught her second arm and tried to control her struggles but she began kicking at his shins and groin, she managed to break free and immediately began running once more. Then Ren caught up with her and grabbed hold of one arm, she fought against his hold as she swung around to face him. "Stop it or I'll belt you!" Ren ordered breathlessly but Sky continued to struggle, desperately she threw the can at him and Ren swore as it hit his shoulder, she was crying as she lashed out at him with her hands. "Stop it!" Ren ordered as he secured her second wrist.

Sky stopped struggling but when he tried to walk her back towards where his bike waited she began struggling once again.

"Here, put her on behind me." Jake said as he rode his bike close, Sky struggled and when Ren got her on the bike she immediately got off the other side and would have taken off running only he still had hold of one wrist. The next time he sat her behind Jake but she scooted off the bike backwards and struggled to get away. "Put her in the sidecar." Jake said when it became clear that she was not going to sit behind him meekly.

* * * * *

Brad spotted Ren and Jake in the shade of a tree as he drove up, he stopped the panel van and he and Matty got out of the vehicle, it was then that he saw that Ren was holding Sky against his chest and her face was tear stained.

"What's up?" Brad asked as he approached them "Sky ok?"

"Having a spot of bother so we need you to take our bikes while we take the van." Ren said in a tight voice and attempted to get to his feet but Sky began struggling and arched her back throwing him off balance.

"What the.." Brad said as he lifted an eyebrow, Jake got to his feet before he finished his sentence and handed him one of the flyers, Matty looked at it as well. "Someone was handing these out, we were careful and she wasn't in any of the shops and we got her here before she found one of these papers." Jake said.

"Now she keeps trying to take off back towards the town." Ren explained.

"Why didn't you just put her in the side car and get out of here?" Matty asked. "You try it." Ren invited.

Sky watched Matty warily as he approached, she felt Ren released his hold and she scrambled to her feet hurriedly to take off towards town once again, Matty caught her quickly and she turned on him just as she had with Ren and Jake. Matty promptly backhanded her and forced her towards the bikes, when he lifted her up to put her in the sidecar she braced her feet on either side of the opening and prevented him forcing her to sit in the seat.

"One of you grab her legs!" Matty yelled but Jake just laughed.

"And she'll kick whoever does it." Jake said.

"Well one of you come take her." Matty grunted.

Ren walked over and took the struggling girl from Matty and forcibly dragged her to the back of the panel van, Jake was there to open the back door and Ren wrestled Sky into the panel van. When Ren released her Sky immediately attempted to escape out the back door. "Grab the tape for me would you Jake." Ren said as he hauled Sky well back from the doorway, Jake climbed into the vehicle and Ren forced Sky's arms behind her back. "No! Please! I just want to go back to my family!" Sky sobbed as her hands were secured behind her back. "Shut up." Jake ordered. "Please Ren, please! I just wanna go back to my family! Please, please!" She sobbed, she struggled as she was pushed down onto her back and she kicked in fear, one foot landed in Jake's chest and he swore as he rolled onto her legs, Ren helped Jake to get her ankles together so they could be secured with the electrical tape. "Please, please, I just wanna go home ... please!" Sky sobbed as Ren looked down into her face once she was tied up.

Ren's expression was gentle and regretful as he brushed tears off her face. "Please." Sky begged softly through her sobs.

Jake handed Ren a length of material, realising he was about to gag her, that there was no escape Sky began crying heart brokenly. Ren tied the gag behind her head then climbed from the rear of the vehicle, he shut the door and the four men walked over to the bikes. "Looks like Hawk will have to start all over again." Jake said. "We had better get moving before someone comes along." Ren said as he reached for the keys Brad held.

* * * * *

Ren turned the engine of the panel van off and looked over his shoulder at Sky where she lay curled up asleep in the rear of the van. He could see the faint marks left by tears on her face, he had heard her crying for quite some time after he had started driving and she had only stopped when she had cried herself to sleep.

Jake opened his door and got out, Ren turned his attention away from Sky and got out as well, he saw Hawk hurrying towards him from the group of men around a small fire drinking coffee. "Where is she?" Hawk demanded before he reached Ren.

"She's in the back of the van, I tied her up and gagged her so that there wouldn't be any problem if anyone came across us." Ren said.

"Let me see her!" Hawk demanded as he reached the rear of the panel van and opened the door with a jerk.

Inside Sky woke with a start and looked towards the commotion at the door, her eyes opened wide and she whimpered with fear. "Hey Sky, I heard you gave Ren and Jake some trouble." Hawk said as he reached towards her bound legs.

"You punished her yet?" he asked Ren as he dragged Sky to the edge of the doorway. "No, I figured being caught and brought with us was punishment in itself." Ren answered. "Ain't enough. She tried to run away, you were in charge of her, if you ain't gonna punish her I sure as hell will." Hawk said angrily as he jerked her from the back of the vehicle roughly to let her fall to the ground with a thump, he unbuckled his belt and stepped back so he had a clear swing with the belt.

Sky screamed behind the gag as the belt bit into her thigh, she sobbed as she curled up in a ball in an attempt to protect herself as much as possible. "I'll punish her." Ren snarled as he caught hold of the belt before Hawk could land a second blow, Hawk released the belt and Ren looked at Sky where she lay sobbing on the ground. "Stand her up and bend her over the back of the van." Ren ordered.

Sky whimpered as she was pulled to her feet roughly and tossed half into the back of the van so that her bottom was exposed as a target.

Knowing Hawk would use the belt on Sky if he took it too easy on her Ren swung the belt and gritted his teeth when Sky screamed behind the gag and began sobbing harder, twice more he swung the belt before shoving it at Hawk with an angry glare.

Jake picked Sky up without a word and carried her over to where the others were standing and carefully he laid her down so that she wasn't resting on where she had been hit. "She had anything to drink today?" Brad asked. "Not yet." Ren answered as he bent down and removed her gag.

"What do you want to drink? Water, coffee or cola?" he asked her. Sky glanced towards him fearfully. "Water." Sky said in a whisper soft voice. "Stop mollycoddling her!" Hawk growled as he walked up, Sky flinched and curled up into a ball once again but Ren ignored the younger man as he got Sky a drink and sat down beside her. "Come on Blondie." Ren said softly as he pulled Sky towards him, he held the bottle of water to her mouth and she drank thirstily. "Here's some baked beans for her to eat." Jake said as he placed an opened can near Ren, Ren placed the bottle of water aside and scooped out a spoonful of baked beans. "She don't get to eat!" Hawk growled and knocked the spoon of food away from her mouth. "If you want your leg broke do that again." Ren growled at the younger man but made no attempt to feed Sky. "I need to go to the toilet." Sky whispered softly.

* * * * *

Sky lay curled up on her side in the back of the panel van where Ren had ordered her to go to sleep, her hands were still tied behind her back but the bonds were off her legs and her jeans had been removed and taken away leaving her naked from the waiste down thus preventing any attempt to run away. She didn't move as Ren crawled into the back of the van and stretched out behind her, he lay against her back and draped an arm over her waiste. "Warm enough?" he asked her quietly.

"I wanna go home." Sky said miserably.

"I know Blondie." Ren soothed gently as he rolled her onto her back beside him, Sky struggled briefly but with her arms bound she was helpless, using his fingertips he brushed the tears from her cheeks before cuddling her against his chest. "You'll like where we're heading, Hawk can take you swimming in the lake." Ren murmured softly, he continued talking to her as she cried silently until finally she was cried out. "That's better." He said softly near her ear and Sky turned her head to look at him, inadvertently her lips brushed against his and she froze. "It's alright." Ren murmured and brushed a light kiss on her cheek as he began to stroke her back soothingly.

Gradually Sky became aware of her body's reaction as he continued to stroke her back in long gentle strokes, she relaxed against him and turned her face into the crook of his neck.

Ren felt Sky relax in his arms and slowly melt against his chest, his body tightened with desire and when her warm breath brushed against his neck he cupped one side of her face in his hand and turned her face up towards his. He kept the kiss light and brief as he brushed his lips over hers before kissing each eye shut, he kissed the tip of her nose then brushed his lips over hers several times, Sky gave a faint murmur and opened her lips against his. His finger tips traced circles on the skin of her stomach as he brushed light kisses across her cheek before nibbling on the lobe of her ear, as his lips moved down her throat his hand moved in increasingly larger circles trailing up over her ribs to brush the underside of her breasts.

Ren kissed Sky on the mouth gently deepening the kiss as he cupped her breast in his hand, Sky gasped softly and arched into his body as he rolled her nipple between his fingertips, Ren took advantage of the chance to slip his tongue into her mouth in a hot sultry kiss.

Refusing to think about the fact he had no right to be seducing her and that Sky would be made to pay for his transgression if Hawk became aware of it Ren moved his hand down her body as his lips found the hard bud of her nipple, Sky gasped and struggled briefly as he suckled strongly. His fingers found the curls at the apex of her thighs and he expertly slid his fingers between her folds to find her clit, Sky clamped her legs together as she turned her face away from him. "Open your legs." Ren coaxed as he moved over her forcing one knee between her thighs. "I just want to go home." Sky sobbed as Ren forced his knee between her thighs, she turned her head to beg for her freedom but Ren caught her lips in a kiss as she went to speak.

Trapped beneath his body and with her hands still tied behind her back Sky was unable to prevent Ren kissing her and fondling her body, soon her body began to respond to his ministrations and Sky began to relax, she began to respond to his kisses and when he eased one finger into her slick passage she began moving against his hand. "Like this?" Ren queried as his fingers stroked across her opening causing her to jerk before he circled her clit teasingly.

Ren watched her with hooded eyes as he moved his hand between her thighs, every time he stroked across her moist passage opening she gasped and jerked beneath him, he circled her clit teasingly and Sky bit back a moan of pleasure. Ren slid his hand down to her opening and slid two fingers into her slick passage, Sky bucked beneath him with a groan of pleasure as he stroked a spot inside her. "What are you doing to me?" Sky moaned in bewildered pleasure. "That's your G-spot, feels good doesn't it." Ren told her and moved his hand so his thumb was stimulating her clit while his fingers moved inside her.

Little whimpers of pleasure began to come from her as he worked his magic on her body, she moved in ancient rhythm beneath his hand until he withdrew his hand to run his fingers lightly over her lower stomach. "No!" Sky pleaded as he brushed her lips teasingly with his mouth, she whimpered in frustration and struggled to free her arms. "What's the matter?" He asked her in a whisper near her ear. "Please don't stop." Sky whimpered as she arched against his body.

Ren chuckled as he moved over her fully, she gasped, a mixture of anticipation and fear as his hips forced her thighs further apart. "I have no intention of stopping." Ren informed her as he flexed his hips against her, Sky sobbed and pushed her hips back into the bed beneath her trying to escape the pain she feared would come. "Relax." Ren crooned softly as he moved against her, his penis rubbing in her moist folds without entering her.

Pleasure shot through Sky from were Ren was rubbing against her and she jerked involuntarily beneath him with pleasure, he chuckled knowing full well the effect his movements were having on her body. "Relax." Ren murmured once again as he nibbed on her ear lobe, he trailed his lips down her throat in a series of kisses before working his way back up her neck, across her cheek to her mouth.

His lips were gentle as he kissed her and Sky moaned with pleasure as she returned his kiss and tilted her head to allow better access for the kiss, feeling her relax totally beneath him Ren changed the angle of his movements slightly and Sky tensed with a scream as he slid inside her smoothly.

Ren allowed her to break off the kiss and turn her head away but he began to move within her in slow gentle strokes, Sky gasped in pain at the first movement but pleasure soon replaced the discomfort as Ren moved slowly. "Has it stopped hurting?" Ren asked softly near her ear, Sky knodded and he began to move more strongly, instinct took over her body and Sky began moving eagerly beneath him. "Hawk is on his way over here, think he heard her scream." Brad said from the front seat startling both Ren and Sky.

Ren rolled off her with a muttered curse and Sky's body arched involuntarily as he pulled from her body, she rolled onto her side feeling abandoned and used as Ren hurriedly rearranged his jeans. "What'z goin' on?" Hawk slurred drunkenly as he jerked the back door open. "I tried getting friendly and Sky didn't like it." Ren said sounding angry. "She's mine, aint no-one else fucking her." Hawk growled angrily as he climbed into the back of the van.

"You can get out now. I'll look afta 'er." Hawk said aggressively as he moved up beside Sky. "You ain't kicking me out of my own vehicle boyo." Ren warned softly.

Hawk grunted and moved over Sky forcing her onto her back, he was rough as he ground a knee into her thigh to make her open her legs, Sky struggled and began crying but he easily over powered her and forced her legs apart. "Your getting' wet already." Hawk grunted as he fumbled between her thighs with rough fingers. "I don't wanta do this, I just wanta go home!" Sky sobbed as he began finger fucking her, she knew that when he fucked her for real it would hurt much more than when Ren had moments before. Hawk froze on top of her, completely motionless as he glared down at her. "Just because your face was on some flyer you think your family wants you back? How many times your bin in town? Two and your aint made no fuss, they won't believe your wanta go back." Hawk growled. "I wanta go home!" Sky sobbed. "Why? They'll think your jus' a slut" Hawk said cruelly and Sky turned her head to look at him in horror. "They won't believe you didn't wag that sexy little arse of yourz 'round Wilson an' get him all stirred up, they'll know you like what I do to you. They'll reckon you aint nuffin' but a whore." He sneered cruelly.

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