tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStolen Innocence Ch. 02

Stolen Innocence Ch. 02


(This is part two of a series and will make much more sense if you read them in order.)

I walk past Max on my way to the bathroom.

"You okay, kitten?" Max asks.

"Yeah, they are harmless." I say and give him a fake smile.

"Ok, but you let me know if you need me." He says sternly. I smile at him and go into the bathroom.

I wash my hands good and leave the bathroom. I grab the coffee pot and head back to the floor. The old couple barely notices me as they are deep in conversation. I avoid the biker until I take care of all the other tables. I walk by slowly and drop the small pile of cotton next to his soda. I hear his friends snicker as I check for food orders.

Daddy got a cup from the cupboard and moved to the refrigerator. I saw his eyes as he turned, he looked right at me but did not see his baby girl, tied up and naked only 20 feet from him. I sobbed but stayed silent. My heart was breaking, he would never love me the same way again after this horrible man ruined me. My Daddy would know, he would see it in my eyes, he would know. I would be damaged. I sobbed hard as Daddy pulled ice cubes out. I felt tears hitting my breasts and the dirtiness of it struck me. I was naked. Please Daddy, don't look in here, I couldn't handle the disappointment in your face if you saw me standing perfectly still, waiting to be raped.

Daddy walked back up the stairs slowly and I lowered my head. My spirit was broken. I think that was the moment. I didn't care now what he did to me. It didn't matter anymore, I would never be the same again. His warm breath was on my thighs and then I felt his hands on my thighs. He spread them a little and I felt a warm wet tongue hit my pussy. I whimpered again. He licked up my slit, sliding inside. I shuddered, it felt really good. I was embarrassed and scared but I couldn't fight the physical reaction. He licked my clit and I felt a surge hit my crotch. My legs shook and I fought to stand still. He was licking furiously now and I was fighting to not feel it. I lost the battle pretty easily and came hard on his tongue. He squeezed my firm ass, holding his face against me as I convulsed. My humiliation took another leap as I had my first orgasm with a man and he was my rapist. I could feel my self-worth taking another shot in the stomach. Daddy would know.

The food is ready and I gather it up. I am getting pretty good at carrying a lot of trays. I bring the food to everyone before I get theirs. He looks like he owns the world when I walk up. My panties are still on the table. I put his plate down without making eye contact. His buddies snicker. I slide the far plate over and feel his hand touch my thigh again. I don't react. I don't care. Whatever, I think as I stand back up. His hand stays there, sliding a little farther up under my skirt. I turn a little so Max can't see. I don't want the scene.

"You guys need anything else?" I ask.

"Not yet sweetie, but don't go too far." He says and gives my bare ass a little squeeze.

Where can I go asshole, I think. I am stuck here literally. I will be here for the rest of my sad life, waiting on schmucks like you and letting you grab my ass. I turn away and walk slowly back to the counter. I sit on a stool and put my head in my hands. My life sucks. For the first time I feel the question cross my mind, what am I living for, what does it matter?

I felt him stand up and move behind me. He grabbed my shirt and moved me. I shuffled over and he pushed me to my knees next to the coffee table. He pushed me over and I felt my breasts hit the cool glass. His hands were on my ass, rubbing and squeezing.

"What a perfect little ass. So firm and smooth. You really are quite a treat sweetheart." He said.

I closed my eyes and tried to think of happy things. I thought of my cute little cousins and the way they played in the pool. He spread my ass cheeks apart. I thought of my uncles and how they teased me. They had been teasing me for a few years. My Mom had three younger brothers. They were all nice, two of them married now with little kids. I felt something warm hit my ass and I realized his cock was now resting between my ass cheeks. I shuddered again and the happy thoughts left me in a rush. My despair and sadness returned as the tool that was going to rip away my virginity was lying on my young ass.

He slid it up and down my ass a few times. I could tell it was rock hard and I felt his balls touch me as he pushed up. My breasts were hurting a little as they were squashed on the table. That took my mind off of the cock for a second and then I felt it touch my pussy. He was rubbing it around my hole. I could feel the moisture from my body as he moved it around. He pushed a little and the head nestled just inside me. I wiggled a little out of instinct.

"Be patient, little one. You will get it soon. This little cunt was built for cock." He said and slapped my ass.

He thought I wiggled out of excitement? I felt myself sink a little deeper. Did I move for that reason? Did I want him to rape me? Was I built for cock? Was that my only purpose? He pushed a little more in. I felt my body opening to him, there was no pain, only fullness.

"This is the sweetest pussy I have ever felt. You should be proud little one. You are prime meat." He said.

Meat, that was good. I was meat, just here for his pleasure and use. He pushed in a little more. It was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. It felt huge, I had no idea how big it was but it felt like a fricking telephone pole. I grunted as he slid a little more in. I tried to slow my breathing to prepare for the pain. I thought there would be pain, everyone said there was. Cindy lost her virginity last month to Tommy after the prom. She said it hurt like a mother fucker but then it felt a little good at the end. Somehow I doubted this was going to feel good at the end.

"Honey, are you ok?" I hear a soothing voice and look up to see Sally.

Sally has been working at the diner for a long time and she is sort of like our den mother. She is always very nice to me and I smile at her. She is a little out of focus and I realize I have been crying. My cheeks feel wet and I try to wipe them with my hands.

"Oh, baby girl. What's wrong?" Sally says and pulls my hands away from my face. She has a tissue and wipes my cheeks while she holds my hands.

"I'll be ok." I say and sit up a little, trying to put on a brave face.

"Sure you will." She says and looks at me with a sarcastic smile.

I smile back at her, she can see though me easily. I guess I am pretty easy to read nowadays. I stand up and straighten my apron. I grab the coffee pot.

"Thank you Sally. Really, I will be ok." I say, lying through my teeth.

She has a sad look on her face as I turn with the coffee pot. I go to the old couple first and they also look concerned. Great, now we have a pity party. I give them a quick smile and move on. I get to the biker's table and they are almost done.

"You guys want dessert?" I ask, reaching for my pad.

The other two order pie and then I turn to him. He looks at me and smiles. Here it comes.

"Yes, I do. But I am trying to figure out how much it costs." He says and leans back, crossing his arms.

I put my pad back in my apron and walk away.

He grabbed my wet hair and wrenched my head up. I whimpered in pain. He put his other hand on my right hip. I was nervous, my life was about to change drastically.

"Say goodbye to your precious little cherry, sweetheart." He whispered in my ear and pushed hard.

I screamed into the tape as the pain shot through me. I had never felt anything like that. My insides felt like they were on fire and the ache was incredible. I felt his skin touch my ass as he buried himself in me. I was crying hard and squirming, trying to get him out of me as the burning pain wracked my young body. I felt like I had been stabbed, I guess I had. I tried to struggle but I couldn't move. He was pulling my hair harder now, like he was in a rodeo. He started pulling out and I screamed again. It hurt as bad coming out as it did going in. His cock felt like it was made of sandpaper as it ripped out of me.

He pulled out of me. I took a deep breath and the pain started to recede. Just as I relaxed I felt him touch me again and then he pulled hard on my hair and jammed himself into me again. He grunted when he banged against my ass and I screamed again. The pain was worse this time. It was like he was tearing open a fresh wound. My tears were pooling up on the table and my body hurt so much I started to feel dizzy. He pulled out again and I felt his warm breath on my neck.

"How does that feel, you little slut? Parading around in your little shorts and tops, flaunting that pussy and those tits around. How does it feel to get what you deserve?" He said and I felt his spit hit my neck.

He rammed his cock into me again and started to hump me. He pumped about five times hard and then pulled out again. He slapped my ass and I heard him laugh. I felt him slide his cock up and down between my legs, it felt wet. He lined up again and jammed it home. He held it deep in me and adjusted his grip on my hair. He pulled back hard and my neck wrenched up again. It hurt but it didn't faze me compared to the burning torture I was feeling between my legs. He pulled out and began fucking me hard again. I grunted as he pounded me deep and hard. He was slamming into my ass with every stroke. I did feel like meat then now that I think of it.

I bring the pie to the table and set it down. I look down and see five $100 dollar bills sitting on the table. I was about fed up with this guy. I grab the money and shove it into my apron.

"Fine." I say and grab his arm.

I pull him out of the booth and I see he has on a stupid grin as I drag him across the floor. I am glad Max and Sally are not in the kitchen as we go through. I take him out the back door and slam him against the back wall. I grab the waist of his pants and open his belt. I rip the snap open and pull down the zipper. I reach in and yank out his cock. It is still a little soft. I kneel down and suck it all the way into my mouth. I feel his hands on my head. I suck him for a minute and I feel him get hard in my mouth. I pull off and lean against the wall. I pull up my skirt and lift my right leg. I grab his hand and put it behind my right knee.

"C'mon asshole, fuck me. You paid for it." I scream at him.

He buries his cock in me immediately and starts ripping into me. I close my eyes.

My neck was getting sore as he continued to yank on my hair with each thrust. My pussy was numb now. He was still savagely pounding it but the pain had gotten to the point where I couldn't process it anymore. I wondered how long he could go. I had no idea, no one had ever told me. Cindy said Tommy only lasted about 30 seconds but we had passed 30 seconds a long time ago. I felt a new pain as he hammered in deep again and held himself there. My thighs were pressed against the edge of the table and they hurt now. He was pushing hard and moving around, trying to get deeper.

"Get ready cunt, I am going to fill your little pussy with enough seed to make three babies. You ready for that you little bitch?" He said and pulled back hard on my hair again.

He pulled out a little and then rammed it back in. I heard him moan and I felt him shake a little. I didn't feel anything but a warmth deep within me. He was cumming in me and I had no protection. I wondered if I was going to have a lifetime reminder of this? I prayed that didn't happen. Praying while you were being raped, that was a good touch. How could I love a child that came out of this? How could I not love a child? Again, my sadness overwhelmed me and I started to sob again. He let go of my hair and I laid my head on the cool table. He pulled out slowly and I felt him move away. I lay across my glass coffee table and cried.

The biker rips my young pussy for about 5 minutes and cums hard. He pulls out and I lower my leg, smooth my skirt and go back into the diner. I grab the coffee pot on my way by and go to my tables. The old couple wants their check so I pull it out. She pulls out her little change purse and starts counting coins. So cute. I look at the two friends and they are done with their pie. I grab their empty plates and take them to the kitchen without even making eye contact. I slam the check down on the table and they jump. I walk away with no expression. Who am I mad at? Not him, he is only doing what he normally does. I am mad at myself. Have I become a whore, a slut who will fuck at the drop of a hat? When did I go from virgin cheerleader to alley slut? I stop and put down the pot of coffee. I know the answer to that one. Duh. I just don't know when or where it will stop. How far will I fall? He walks past me to his table. I don't look back on purpose. I go behind the counter and get a fresh rag. When I look up they are gone.

I walk over and clear their table. I wipe it perfectly clean and then move to the old people's table. There is a little pile of money. They have counted out the exact change for their small bill. It is under $10. There is a $20 bill sitting there with a little note. I pick it up and read it –

"Sweetheart, Don't give up."

I sit down in their booth and cry. I feel hands grab my hands and Sally is sitting across from me. I look at her through my tears.

"Baby girl, do you want to talk?" She says in a sweet calm voice.

"No, not right now. Maybe later." I say, secretly praying she won't take no for an answer.

"Ok, when you are ready." She says and puts a tissue in my hands.

I wipe my eyes and cheeks and take a deep breath. I stuff the $20 and the note in my apron. I feel the $500 dollars as I slide the note in. Another feeling of despair runs over me. Am I officially a whore now? I did just fuck for money. That is pretty much a no-brainer. At least I am expensive. I slide out of the booth and check my other tables.

I felt him grab my hair and pull me to my feet. I screamed a little into the tape. It hurt as he yanked my hair hard. I stood and my legs were a little wobbly. My crotch hurt bad. I could feel something warm and wet running down my inner thighs. I couldn't imagine what that was. I felt his breath again on my neck.

"Ok, little one, I am going to take the tape off your mouth. No sound, right?" I heard his cruel voice and I nodded.

He pulled the tape off slowly and I worked hard to not make a noise as the pain ripped across my skin. Fresh tears ran down my cheeks.

"Good girl, that must have really hurt and you were nice and quiet." He laughed in my ear.

He pushed me down and I fell to my knees. He pulled my hair to get me to look up at him. He still had on the ski mask but his eyes were cruel.

"Now, sweet thing, you are going to suck me hard so I can fuck you again." He said with a chuckle.

He let go of my hair and I saw his soft cock swaying in front of my face. He grabbed it with his hand and lifted it to my lips. He rubbed it across my lips and face.

"Open up sweetheart." He said in a soft voice.

I opened my young mouth and he placed the soft cock on my tongue. I didn't know what to do.

"Suck it in baby. Don't tell me you haven't sucked a cock. A little prick tease like you. You have probably sucked off the entire school to keep them out of your pants." He said.

I closed my mouth around his cock. I sucked a little and pulled more into my mouth. It tasted strange and then I realized I was tasting myself. This cock has just taken my precious virginity. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something else.

"Oh God, that mouth is sweet. I knew it would be. I bet all of your holes are sweet. That pretty face looks even better with a cock sticking out of it." He continued to abuse me as I sucked him.

I could feel him getting harder and filling my mouth. He was pushing it into my face. It moved to the back of my throat and I gagged. He slapped my face hard.

"Open up your throat cunt." He said and jammed his entire length down my throat.

I felt his pubic hair on my face as he held me against him. I realized I couldn't breathe and I started to panic. I tried to pull away from him but he held me tight. I was suffocating on a cock. That would be about right. I felt the air rush back into my lungs as he let go of me and moved away. I fell face first onto the carpet and struggled to get my breath back.

The rest of my shift is non-eventful and I look up to see it is 4:10. I clear off my last table and go behind the counter. I pull off my apron and hang it on the hook.

"Max, I am going to go." I say in a small voice through the window and see his head pop up.

"Ok, baby girl. Nice work today. You wanna come in tomorrow?" He asks.

"Sure, Max, what time?" I ask.

"We do need help with the breakfast rush if you can make it in." He says.

"Sure, I will be here by 8:00." I say.

"Great, sweetie. Good to have you back." He says and smiles big.

I feel a little sense of self-worth as I hit the door. I actually feel myself smile a little as the fresh air hits me in the face. I am almost to the car when I hear the roar of an engine and the motorcycle pulls between me and my car. He is looking at me with a weird expression on his face.

"Get on." He says.

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