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Storage Locker


I was NOT in a good mood. The stress and work of moving was bad enough, but I now needed things that were in boxes in my new storage locker. I hadn't had time to go to the locker and rearrange everything. The boxes had been unloaded so the rental truck could be turned back in. Of all the stupid dumb things to do, I needed towels.

There was no one around when I went in through the gate of the storage lockers. To add to my irritation, my locker was all the way down to the end of a long long row, and around a corner. I think there were only two lockers at the end and then the lockers went up the other side of the building.

I was in a hurry. I didn't need this! I drove there in a rush, and just slipped on a pair of shorts and a tshirt without a bra. I had discovered the shortage of towels because I had just taken a shower and had to air dry myself. Muttering @#$$#@%$# to myself, I grabbed the key to the padlock and lifted the big overhead door. What a mess!! Good thing I had made a list of items and had given each box a number. Now, only to find box #19. Grrrrrrrrr

My thoughts were on finding the box, so I was startled when I heard a voice behind me, saying "Hello there, is there anything we can do to help"? I jerked upright, conscious of the view I must have presented, when I bent over to check a box. Turning around, I saw two men standing there, both appeared to be in their mid thirties. Both obviously worked out. One was blond and fair (Jack) and the other was black (Ed), but with a nice smile.

The told me that they had the other locker at the end and were glad they had neighbors. With a low whistle, they looked at the jumble of boxes that seemed to be piled just everwhere. "Seems to me, it would be easier to put the boxes in order, so you could see the numbers on them," said Jack.

"I know," I replied, "but I didn't have much time to return the rental truck and I was going to take some time this weekend to work on this mess." "Well, it wouldn't take the two of us fifteen minutes or so to do all of that for you - we work here, and we load and unload trucks for tenants who don't do it themselves. One thing that should be taken care of as soon as possible. The mattresses should not be propped up against the wall like that, or kept in the plastic covers. The bed should be flat and the mattresses covered with a sheet so the surface can breathe. Otherwise, they will start to smell."

"Oh, I couldn't intrude on you like that, but thanks for the offer," I replied. Ed grinned and said that they had a six pack of ice cold beer and we could all have a drink while they did this for me. I could replace the six pack as a "thank you" at a later date. Emptying half the can at one swig, I thought..........what the heck.........I am not in a rush.

I sat back on a box and watched them as they moved boxes and set the bed up at the back of the locker. I had to admit that watching their muscles ripple under their tshirts made for a very interesting sight. Their jeans clung to their legs like second skins. They talked while they were working, asking me questions about where I had been living, why I had moved, etc. Conversation was easy and I was actually enjoying myself.

They then left room around the bed, and started stacking the boxes in a neat row, three high, with the numbers facing the front of the locker. I had to admit they knew what they were doing. It seemed no time before all the boxes were neatly lined up, and box #19 was set aside so I could get the towels out.

I bent over, cut the tape with my cutter, and reached inside for the stack of towels. When I straightened up, I realized that Ed was right behind me, and his arms went quickly around my waist. I dropped the cutter. Before I could say anything, Jack stepped in front of me and put a strip of tape over my mouth. "What the hell"? Whipping a piece of soft cord out of his pocket, he tied my wrists together. Not that he had an easy time of it, because I was struggling with all my strength, but I was no match for the two of them.

"Now, what shall we do with this hot piece of pussy"?, said Jack. Ed replied, "Well, I think we deserve a big reward for all the work we have done - what do you think"? I just stood there trembling, not from fear, but white hot anger. How dare they think they can get away with this? This is a public area, someone will be coming by at any moment and can see that I am in trouble.

As if reading my mind, Jack softly commented that it was now past closing time and the gates were locked. No one would be in the compound until the following morning. I couldn't help turning my head to look outside and yes, the sun was going down. I shivered now, with a bit of fear. What was going to happen to me?

Ed grabbed the bunch of towels that I had taken out of the box, and he walked behind the stack of boxes, and placed them on the bed. I realized then that the stack of boxes were placed in such a way that no one could see the bed from outside the locker. "NO, NO," I moaned behind the tape, you bastards are not going to rape me, not here, not now, and NOT ever. I don't know how, but if I get myself free, you two are going to pay for this.

Jack moved me over to the bed and I just stood there. Ed grinned, as he pulled his knife from his belt. Ohmigod, what is he going to do? I squirmed and tried to get away. Jack spoke in my ear, "Don't worry, we are not going to hurt you. Your hands are tied and from the look in your eyes, we wouldn't even attempt to untie you. So, we are just going to cut your tshirt off. If you just relax and enjoy what we are going to do to you, you will find how nice we can be."

No way, I thought, and I was shaking my head from side-do-side, even as the knife sliced thru my tshirt, falling away to the ground. "Oh my...........such nice tits..........look at how hard her nipples are...........I will bet she is enjoying this." "Well, we will see, why don't you take one and I will take the other and let's see if she is still going to refuse our desires," said Jack.

The two men stood on either side of me, bending down and teasing and sucking on a nipple. I couldn't help it. My nipples are extra sensitive. Seeeing one dark face and one white face suckling on me..........my heart started pounding and I could feel a very familiar gut ache in my groin area. On NO, my body is reacting to them. NO NO! I am NOT going to give in to them.

Jack stopped nibbling and biting long enough to suggest to Ed that they could check to see if I was really not interested in having them touch and fondle my body. Each of them had one hand on my back, to keep me from bolting, and with the other, they spread my legs apart. They had increased their sucking. My nipples were hard as rocks and my globes were aching from their constant caresses. Each placed a hand on the insides of my thighs and slowly worked up. "Migod, but she is wet," mumbled Jack, not taking his mouth away from the constant licking and sucking on my nipple. Ed agreed, "You can't tell me she doesn't want this as much as we do. What are we going to do about this now"?

By this time, I was almost wishing that one of them would rub my clit and the nubbin and stick his fingers in my pussy, but I was trying to hang onto my thoughts and concentrate on how I could have them arrested for rape. I needed to keep a clear head.

"I think we need to take our clothes off........why don't you strip while I hold onto her? Then you can hold her while I take my clothes off," said Jack. "After that, we can take her shorts off - am sure she doesn't want to go home with the shorts soaking wet. When Ed took his clothes off, I stood still in shock. I had never seen such a cock in all my life. It had to be fully ten inches long and as big around as my fist. It was black, with black balls, and a pinkish head that was glistening with pre-cum juices.

Jack let out a loud laugh, "Look at this bitch........she took one look at your rod and she stopped fighting us..........maybe we should have let her see you at the very beginning. Although I do enjoy the struggling, and watching and waiting for her body to admit she wants two cocks even though her mind refuses to admit it." You bastards, I thought, you are going to pay for this. Even as I was thinking this, I wondered about Jack and the size of his dick.

Ed laid his clothes on the top of one of the boxes, stepped behind me, and he and Jack pulled my shorts down and off my feet. Then, he pressed his body into my back, so his thick hard piece of meat was firmly entrenched between my cheeks. Reaching under my arms, he was kneading and twisting on my tits and nipples, until my back was arching into him and my head was thrown against his shoulder. "Oh yes, my pet, I know how you like this.......let yourself go and enjoy this........your body is telling us you want more," Ed crooned.

Jack had his clothes off by now also, and now he reached and spread one of the towels along the bottom edge of the bed. His cock wasn't as big as Eds, but it was rock hard and bouncing up and down with every movement. I was halfways wondering what it would taste like in my mouth.

Then he took over the position that Ed had been in. He clamped onto my nipples and began a slow circular motion against my ass cheeks as his cock throbbled inbetween my thighs. Ed sat down on the towel at the edge of the bed and reached out his hands, pulling me closer to him. Jack moved with me, so I was sandwiched between the two of them. Ed started rubbing my thighs, gently at first, and then insistently trying to spread my legs apart. I kept them locked together, refusing to give in to either of them.

Jack increased the pressure on my tits and told me that he didn't want to hurt me, but I was to spread my legs and let Ed play with my pussy. He pinched real hard and I yelped from the sudden pain. Ed took the opportunity to jam his hand between my legs. "No wonder she wants to keep her legs crossed - she doesn't want us to know how fucking hot she is. Jack, feel the juices that are running down her legs now. This bitch is made for fucking.....now if we can only get her to admit it."

His hand was stroking my clit and my little button and I couldn't help myself. Ed looked up at me and asked me if I wanted his fingers up inside my pussy. I shook my head NO, but it was not as vehement as before. "Bitch, you are going to have to beg for me to put my fingers inside you. Nod your head when you are ready for me." With that, he bent forward and using the flat of his tongue, he stroked slowly. My clit and then my button and my now swollen pussy lips. I couldn't help from moaning. My tits were being pulled and squeezed, Jack's mouth had teased them into almost soreness, and now this hot tongue on my clit.

I gave in and nodded my head. "Good girl" - Ed proceeded to slide one finger inside me and I promptly sucked it in as far as I could. Oh God, but I wanted more. As if reading my mind, Ed slid another finger in and then a third, using his thumb to finger my clit. With a sudden motion, he withdrew his fingers and his mouth from my pussy. The sudden withdrawal and my legs were trembling. "Nod your head if you want me to continue." By this time, I would have done anything to have those fingers inside me. I nodded frantically.

His fingers were jammed back inside me, hard and fast and he fucked me furiously. I spread my legs. I arched back onto Jack's chest, I thust my hips forward, wanting him to release me. "The bitch is going to cum.........shall I let her cum now, or later," he asked Jack. Jack said to let her cum, cuz we need her well lubricated for what we are going to do to her next."

I hardly heard the words, wondering what else they had planned, when my mind went into blankness and my body jerked. Ed kept up the rhythm and I kept cumming and cumming. I felt like needles were striking me all over my body, as I hung onto the fingers that were being thrust into me, over and over again. I couldn't breathe.......the tape across my mouth was strangling me. I slumped over, with Jack holding me up. I saw stars, and blackness. I was breathing hard, and my body was covered with sweat.

They grinned. Ed said, "I don't think we are going to have a problem with her now." He looked at me and asked me if I was ready for the next session? I was still able to shake my head.........I wasn't going to give in to them.

Jack turned me around, so I was standing next to the bed, with my legs inbetween Ed's legs. Ed's hand was around the base of his huge cock and he was rubbing it over my ass cheeks and lazily just around in circles.

Jack looked into my eyes, then spoke slowly and carefully. "Now my little slut bitch, you liked it as much as we did. Don't shake your head.........feel the juices running down your legs? That isn't our cum juices, it is YOURS. I am thinking that you are going to the police and tell them that we raped you. Yes, the look in your eyes tells me that. So, I have a plan.

You are going to ask for sex. You are going to want Ed's nice big hard cock jammed deep inside you. You want to have my cock buried deep in your throat.........right"? "NO NO NO," I moaned behind the tape.

"Okay, so now we are going to play a little game. I will give you ten minutes. After the ten minutes, if you still don't want to have our cocks buried inside you, we will release you and let you go. Then you can't say we raped you because there will be no trace of semen inside you. You will be a laughing stock, trying to bring charges against two respected members of the community. If, however, you choose to have our cocks, then you can't say we raped you."

I thought to myself that this seemed almost too easy. I could withstand them for ten minutes. Fair enough. I nodded my head in agreement. Jack grinned.

Jack lifted each of my legs and placed them outside of Ed's legs. This put me in a somewhat awkward position, almost on tiptoes and I had to lean into Jack to keep my balance. I wish my hands weren't tied, but I sure wish more that the tape wasn't over my mouth. If Jack even tried to force his meat in my mouth, my teeth would certainly teach him a lesson.

Oops, these bastards. What are they doing now? Jack had moved forward just a bit. Ed separated his legs so Jack's legs could fit inbetween. That put me more on my toes and the position was definitely uncomfortable. And the ten minutes hadn't even started yet. I felt like I was going to fall over backwards. Oh NO............Jack had reached around and spread my cheeks. I felt Ed guide the huge head of his cock to the entrance of my pussy. The bastards are going to fuck me anyway.

But they stopped. I looked questioningly at Jack. "Yes, my little slut bitch, NOW it is up to you. The ten minutes start NOW. If you can stay on the head of Ed's magnificent rod for the ten minutes, we will let you free. However, if you slide down on his dick, then you will have sex with the two of us and you won't be able to prove any rape charge." Just for insurance, we are going to record the next ten minutes. It is all up to you."

I was going hold out for those ten minutes. There were thousands of needles cramping up my legs for being in this unnatural position. In front of my face was Jack's hard tool, with Jack slowly and gently stroking it, just inches away from my mouth. Jack asked me if I wanted to play with his cock. I shook my head...........NO. But I was wondering what it would feel like if it was in my mouth.

OH NO............Ed was rubbing my ass cheeks, pulling them apart. He dipped one finger into the wet juices on the insides of my thighs, and slowly ran circles around my asshole. I was quivering and trembling. When he eased his finger into my tiny hole I jerked, only to find that I had let Ed's cock into my pussy, maybe a half inch. This will NOT do. I can't let him inside any further.

But, it was of no avail. The finger in my asshole was up as far as it would go, and stroking in and out. Every time he pulled out, I would sink a little lower on that immense huge piece of meat. So help me, I wanted that cock in front of my face. The two men somehow sensed that the situation had changed. The slut bitch was theirs now. My legs were giving out, there was only one way to go and that was down on that huge dick. I had never felt so full in all my life. He was huge and my muscles were quivering with the need to have him all the way in.

I took a deep breath and lunged down until I was seated on him, all the way. It didn't help that Ed stopped all movement of his finger, and his cock. Now what??? Jack let out a chuckle and said that eight minutes had gone by. And now that I had indicated my willingness to have Ed's cock inside me, then he was going to take the tape off my mouth and let me have his cock in my mouth. Reminding me that the tape recorder was going, he ripped off the tape and I sat there, impaled on Ed's cock. Jack reached for my wrist bonds and freed my hands. After rubbing my wrists to bring the circulation back, he placed one of my hands on Ed's balls. The other he placed around his cock.

I was trembling as the feelings came back into my feet. It was like time was suspended. I opened my mouth and guided Jack's cock into my mouth. It fit snugly and I wrapped my tongue around his head, wetting it, and dipping my tongue into the slit at the tip. Around and around I went. Jack moaned "God, what a good cocksucker she is - she knows what to do with a piece of meat. Yes, we have a hot little bitch here." I would pull back on Jack's shaft as I sunk his dick into my mouth and then pull out again until just the head was inside. I could feel the cord underneath start to swell.

Ed saw that I was firmly in place on Jack's cock. Enjoying the feeling of my hand on his balls, he started a slow movement with his hips. I was buried on him, when he moved I moved. I tried to rise up, but Ed put his hands on my hips and jammed me back down on him. He was so big that every inch inside me was stretched as I went up and down. When I went up on his pole, I went down on Jack's. The harder Ed slammed me back down, the further Jack went into my mouth, until he was fucking my throat.

I started riding him up and down of my own accord. Faster and faster. Words piled out of my mouth inbetween strokes. "Yes, Yes, I want to be fucked by you. I want to feel that big bolus release all that hot cum juices inside me. I want to feel Jack's hot cum filling up my throat and stomach. I need to be fucked. I want to be fucked. Harder. Harder. Jam into me.............oh, oh, oh..............I can't stand much more of this. I felt Ed's cock pulsing and throbbing and he urged his hips up to meet my strokes. Jack was into a rhythm of his own now, both hands twisting on my nipples.

Ed thrust his finger back up into my asshole and that pushed me over the edge. Impaled on his finger and this huge cock stuffed inside me, and another in my mouth. I exploded. "Yes, Yes, I'm cumming.....give me all you have..........I want it all. NOW! Fuck me..........oooohhhh gawd..............I'm cumming." Ed's hot cum burst inside me, filling me, and oozing down around his cock. Jack started spurting into my mouth and I couldn't swallow it fast enough. It dribbled down over my chin and onto my tits. Jack grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock into my throat as deep as he could go. I couldn't breathe, but I couldn't stop him either.

Finally, the cocks inside me started to shrink. Jack slid his cock out of my throat and mouth and I sucked in huge lungsful of air. Ed's cock slid out of me, unplugging what seemed to be a flood of our mixed juices, running down my legs and onto the ground. Jack eased me down, to lie down on the bed, next to Ed, and he lay down behind me, slowly stroking my body. None of us had anything so say. Everyone was breathing hard.

I never had a fucking session like this. It was incredible, and I told them so. I told them they didn't need the tape recorder........I wouldn't even think of reporting them now. They grinned!

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