Story Time 2

I want you to taste me - whispered fantasy - masturbation
794 words

Part 2 of the 2 part series

Updated 05/15/2024
Created 05/09/2024
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Listen to me touch myself while I whisper read a fantasy that has been playing on my mind lately...

This is Story Time and I don't cum for real... in the story I cum hard. It's a soft ASMR-like telling of what I would like you to do to me... Best heard with earbuds and privacy, perhaps join me in pleasure?

Please keep the comments and feedback coming, they feed my passion and make me tingle every time. x


I want you to taste me.

I want to feel you placing little soft kisses starting at my feet and travelling up my smooth long legs, your fingers dancing on the sensitive skin of my inner thighs and your eyes meeting mine in a look so full of dark promises I can't help but bite my lip and squirm in anticipation. I'm trying to lie still but my body is forever chasing your touch, craving your lips and hands, the heat radiating from your naked skin is like a whisper and a promise. So I writhe and squirm until your large warm hands pin me by my hips forcing me still. Holding my gaze you lower your lips to my centre, already moist and so ready, eager to share her sweetness. Your warm breath sending shivers all up my spine and I try to lift my hips to meet you. You hum threateningly and grasp my hips firmer as you retract slightly to tell me that this will be done on your terms. But fuck, I want your mouth on me. You give me one last look before you lick. Oh, that first contact. Your soft, wet tongue between my folds gently parting my lips and exploring my essence. The sensation making me tense my neck and draw my breath in sharply. Your mouth is on my pussy, softly trailing over my responsive skin, causing the moisture to flow, I spread my legs wider for you. Your wet tongue is drawing patterns in my folds and dancing a slow dance over my clit in an almost lazy manner that has me whimpering in frustration, like you have all the time in the world, like you're not affected by the raw lust that is literally seeping from my body. I can even feel you smile into me when you hear my wanting wines.

But... you betray yourself. Your hands that have been pinning my hips will leave marks of your fingers... your breath on my cunt is scorching and slightly faster now as you try to keep your composure, hands reaching around to my buttocks, squeezing the plump tissue hard and lifting me slightly to meet your mouth. These little actions betray you and I can feel your veiled desperation for more. I share that desperation. I want more...

I can feel a trail of my juices combined with your saliva running down my pussy to my ass. Igniting my passion even more. Fuck. I need to feel you there too. I need you everywhere. I let out a deep moan and you growl into my wetness, squeezing my cheeks hard you loose your self control for a moment, lifting me to your face so my back is arching and my large breasts jut out, nipples harder than I've ever felt them. While you eat me, my hands grab my breasts and squeeze my nipples in almost painful pleasure. You lick me in long hungry strokes now, from ass to clit, drinking down the sweet liquids that are flowing freely from my pussy, like you'll never be sated. My anal entrance is begging for the most intimate of touches as you taste me and my last inhibitions are melted away by your hunger. I need more. As if you have heard my silent plead you push two thick fingers into my eager cunt, stretching me deliciously and making me grab a handful of your hair, pressing your sucking mouth to my clit as you start to finger fuck me, each stroke hitting the part inside me that make me come apart. I feel the start of my orgasm flowing up my legs and down my chest, leaving a trail of flushed skin in its wake and culminating at my centre. I cum. Oh fuck, I cum so hard for you, my thighs clasping your head while I grind myself onto your face like a feral animal. Riding out my pleasure, milking myself and feeling my inner muscles pulsing. No self awareness, no self control and absolutely no shame. My primal lust for you makes me mark you with my essence and you take it, drinking my juices down with a hunger that matches mine perfectly.

Oh fuck, I want you to taste me.

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AnonymousAnonymous29 minutes ago

Lovely, hot, intimate, personal, powerful, pleasurable, fun, sounds like someone is love to lick and listen.

Simee72Simee725 days ago

This is NEXT LEVEL SEXY!!!!!! 🥵

I think IveBigNutts said it best, and I tend to agree!

Super awesome story, I could have been there.


IveBignuttsIveBignutts9 days ago

Oh Lonely_Rabbit ! I must say, this audio is one of your best. I had my accoustic earphones on and it was as if you were in front of me. Listening to your whispering and enticing words was so EROTIC and INTIMATE. Your words had a soft and sexy velvet tone ... speaking slowly, showing feeling and of course PLEASURE. Thank you for doing this and making me fantasize a wonderful moment with you. Wink

krazzzswedekrazzzswede9 days ago

Your voice is sexy as hell. This is hot as fuck!

thasolutionthasolution9 days ago

You are an erotic goddess! This is another wonderful sexy audio from you. So erotic, and such sexiness in your words!

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