Story Time


Author's Note:

This is the first story I am submitting. I welcome your comments and feedback.

I'd like to express my unending sincere thanks and appreciation to my favourite literotica writer, alana9, for her encouragement and amazing editing!

Story Time

It was not an ideal situation.

As a full-time student for many years, Kate was up to her eyeballs in debt and didn't have much income to sustain her. So, after much deliberation, she had decided to share an apartment with a couple. Nowhere near her first choice, but necessary. At least she really liked the couple.

Kate had been best friends with Tina for over ten years. Now, they were both full-time grad students. Kate was working on her master's degree, and Tina was working on her PhD. Mike and Tina had been dating for over two years and they had recently moved in together; into a nice two bedroom apartment just off campus.

To save them all some money, they offered to rent Kate one of the bedrooms. She was reluctant to move in with a couple but she loved Tina like a sister and she genuinely liked Mike. He was a really nice guy and had demonstrated that he really loved Tina. That was good enough for Kate. And of course, Kate's biggest motivation to move in with them was that she really needed a cheap place to live, so she agreed to rent their extra bedroom, and had moved in about three months before. So far it had worked out. They all got along and didn't seem to have any of the usual awkward roommate issues -- they shared the housework, respected each others space and belongings, didn't steal each others food. All was going well.

The only complaint Kate did have (not that she would ever voice it out loud) was having to listen to Mike and Tina have sex several times a week. Kate was a light sleeper and she would frequently awaken to Tina's muffled screams or lie in bed listening to them. While she was genuinely happy for her friend, her issue was more of envy. Kate desperately needed to get fucked. It had been six long months since she broke up with Sean, and except for a mediocre and ultimately unsatisfying one-night-stand, she had been taking care of herself.

Kate did have some nice fantasy fodder though: Mike's delicious best friend, James.

James hung out at their apartment several time a week and most weekends. He was tall with broad well muscled shoulders and was very fit. With light brown skin, close cropped black hair, deep dark eyes and those full kissable lips, Kate thought he was breathtaking. She had found herself staring at him several times when he was hanging out at the apartment on a Friday or Saturday night, and whenever their eyes met, her heart would quicken and butterflies would flutter in her stomach, but she would always quickly look away.

James and Mike had known each other since they were little kids and they joked around with the easy-going camaraderie of lifelong friends who were practically like brothers. Kate liked to see how comfortable they were with each other, and the fact that, even when they let loose, they were genuinely good guys. Sometimes the four of them would get into far-ranging, in-depth conversations about political or social issues. These sometimes got quite heated when they had been drinking, but were always entertaining and for the most part good-natured. Through these encounters, she found herself liking James more and more - beyond her initial attraction to him.

Even though she fantasized about James, she never made a move, because he hadn't given any indication that he was attracted to her at all. And she could usually tell. Kate was attractive, twenty-seven with long blonde hair and a nice body. Men looked at her and came on to her regularly. She could usually tell within the first minute or so if a guy wanted her and she generally had her pick. But lately, although she'd had lots of offers, Kate just hadn't met anyone who really interested her, except James. Unfortunately, he didn't seem interested.

So James remained nothing but a regular feature in her fantasies and she continued to listen to Mike make Tina scream on a regular basis. Sigh. Such was her life.

One Friday night, Mike and Tina had gone to a party that half the campus was going to. The place was abuzz about it for weeks. Kate had to stay in and study because she was trying to juggle a full course load, and a part-time job. The next few weeks were full of essay deadlines and exams, so she had to study whenever she could find some time. In fact, her insanely full work/school schedule and the lack of free time was probably contributing to her lack of dates as well the sexual dry spell. Well, that plus the fact that the only man she wanted right now didn't seem to want her.

On this particular Friday evening, she had been working on an essay and she decided to take a break and write a story. Kate loved erotic literature and was addicted to reading stories online. Occasionally she wrote her own stories as a creative outlet. She had never submitted any of them to any public website though. In fact, no one had ever read them. No one even knew she wrote them. It was her dirty little secret.

Kate was writing a story about James. It was not the first, nor would it be the last. She was enjoying the creative process of setting up a fantasy scenario and seeing where it would take her. Every time she took a moment to think of her next sentence, she would twirl her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, sending a jolt of electric pleasure through her. Between the subject matter and the nipple stimulation, she was starting to get quite wet. She intended to finish the story and then re-read it while masturbating.

Suddenly she heard a loud knock at the apartment's main door. It startled her. She got up and strode across her room and down the short hallway to the front door. She looked through the peephole. Oh my god, it's James, she thought. What's he doing here? She became frantic. She looked in the mirror beside the door. Oh god, you look like hell, she thought.

She would never have allowed James to see her like this. She always made an extra effort to look her best when he was hanging out in the apartment. She quickly wiped the smudged mascara from under her eyes. She took her hair out of the pony tail, hastily threw the ponytail holder in the coat closet, shook out her hair and ran her fingers through it. Then she licked her lips, and tweaked her nipples one more time (to make the stand out more prominently), and opened the door.


At the party, James had been anxiously waiting for Kate. As soon as Mike and Tina had arrived, James had asked where she was. Tina told him Kate had decided to stay home and study. James was sorely disappointed. Tina seemed perplexed by this, but James had told Mike that he had a thing for Kate ages ago. James couldn't stop staring the day Kate had moved into the apartment, but Mike had told him to 'keep it in his pants'. Mike had asked James not to do anything to mess up his relationship with Tina, including coming on to Tina's best friend. James had agreed, for the sake of his friend. So up to now, James had kept his promise and kept his distance. But he was seriously starting to rethink that.

Uncharacteristically, James was despondent. It was a great party, but the only person he really wanted to see was Kate. She was beautiful, smart, funny, and so sexy, and he really liked hanging out with her. He looked forward to going over to Mike's place so much more now than he had in years past, because it meant he got to see Kate. He was genuinely glad that she had moved in with his best friend because it gave him a chance to get to know her a little. But he wanted to know her so much more. Realizing he was so disappointed that she hadn't come was a bit of a shock for him. He started to realize that he was beyond just checking her out and fantasizing about her sexually; he was starting to have stronger feelings for her. After his third beer, he decided he had to do something about it. Without telling anyone, he just left the party.

James went straight to the apartment. Throughout the entire walk there, he was confident. He knew what he was doing. But, after he got out of the elevator on their floor and began walking toward the apartment door, he started second guessing himself. Doubts swirled in his head.

What if she doesn't want to see me? What if she really isn't into me? What if I piss her off? Mike will kill me if I come on to Tina's best friend and piss her off. Mike is finally happy. I don't want to do anything to ruin that. If I screw this up, it could be really awkward to hang out at the apartment with Mike.

"Fuck it," he said out loud and was surprised when his voice reverberated off the hallway walls.

I have a right to be happy too. And god, she is so hot, and beautiful, and sweet, and HOT. I can't stop thinking about her. I'm sure I've seen her check me out. I have to find out if there's any chance. I have to try, he thought to himself. He walked up to the apartment door and hesitated again. He couldn't hear any noise at all coming from inside. Maybe she's not here, he thought.

Fuck it, he thought again. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door -- harder than he had intended.

There was silence for a long time. Then he swore he saw the peep hole go dark, like someone was looking through. But there was still no sound. Then he heard the deadbolt slide back and saw the doorknob begin to turn. Kate opened the door. A huge smile spread across James' face.

At first James was struck by how beautiful she looked. She wore very little makeup - just a little around her eyes. Her lips looked full and wet, and her cheeks seemed flushed. Her beautiful blond hair was cascading around her shoulders in waves. Her gorgeous green eyes sparkled and she smiled brightly when she saw him. He couldn't help letting his eyes wander over her body. She was wearing a tight purple t-shirt that showed some midriff, and he could swear she wasn't wearing any bra. Her hard nipples were standing out prominently through the thin material of the t-shirt. She was also wearing black yoga pants that hugged her firm hips and thighs and flared out slightly below the knees. And she was barefoot. He'd always admired her feet when she was walking around barefoot in the apartment. She kept them well groomed and her toenails nicely painted. They were just one more of the many little details about her that made her so sexy.

He let his gaze travel back up her body again, lingering a little too long on her full round breasts with the hard nipples poking out at him and returned to her beautiful face.

She was saying something. Pull yourself together, James, you need to respond. Shit. What did she say? Think! Oh yeah, she said Mike and Tina weren't here.


With her heart beating loudly in her chest, Kate opened the door and saw HIM standing there. How surreal it seemed. She was just fantasizing and writing about him and out of the blue he shows up at her door! He looked amazing. His smile beamed. His dark eyes seemed to sparkle and he had a slight glow to his beautiful dark skin.

"Hi James," she said and due to her nervousness she suddenly found herself talking really fast, "Mike and Tina aren't here right now. They left over two hours ago. They went to that big party on campus. It took Tina ages to get ready and Mike was getting impatient.....with......her...."

She trailed off as she noticed how his gaze traveled over her body and a dark look of hunger entered his eyes, even though he still kept his beautiful, wide grin. She noticed how his gaze lingered on her breasts before it came back to meet her eyes. It made her cheeks feel hot, and when he looked into her eyes again, she felt a rush of electricity through her body that seemed to go straight to her nipples and groin.

"I know they're not here. They're at the party. I was just there. Everyone's at the party. What I want to know is ... why aren't you at the party?"

OMG. He came here looking for me. Not Mike, me!? She thought excitedly.

"Well, unfortunately I have to study," she said, and made an exaggerated sad face.

"Kate, it's Friday night! Friday nights are for letting lose. Come to the party. You can study tomorrow or Sunday," he insisted.

"But I have to work tomorrow and Sunday, and I have two essays to do and an exam within the next two weeks." Kate said matter-of-factly. His brow furrowed and his smiled faded. He looked like he didn't know what to say.

Internally, Kate started to panic. What are you saying? He's going to think you're telling him to go away. Invite him in! Invite him in, you moron!

"Anyway, I was just taking a little break from studying," she said pulling the door wide open and standing aside with a big smile, "Do you want to come in for a beer?"

"Sure," he said as his broad grin returned.

Oh, he looks so hot, she thought as she watched him come in. She noticed the bulge in his jeans, and then checked out his ass as he walked past. Oh my god, I'm finally alone with James, she thought.

A dozen scenarios flashed through her mind. He walked through the door, and she closed it and locked the deadbolt.


Kate led the way into the kitchen while James walked behind her. Damn, her ass is nice, he thought. He could swear she was wearing a thong. There were no panty lines, and he thought he had caught a glimpse of the top of a black thong as her hips swayed while she walked. He imagined her with nothing on but the thong. Then he realized he was lost in staring again and should think of something to say.

"Sooooo... what are you working on?" he asked.


When she turned to look at him, she seemed startled, even flustered by the question. He wasn't quite sure in the dim hallway but she appeared to be blushing. Their eyes met and held for a moment too long. There was an awkward silence. He thought she looked almost...could it be embarrassed?

"Writing essays or studying for your exam?" he clarified.

"Oh." She breathed out and sort of chuckled. "Writing." She said and smiled what seemed like a knowing smile. He wondered what she was thinking about.

She turned again and led him into the kitchen. She opened the fridge door and bent over looking for beers. Damn! What an ass. And there, for sure, was the top of a black thong. He saw it as she bent over into the fridge. He knew he was openly staring, but he couldn't help it. What the hell was he supposed to do? She was bending over right in front of him! He just couldn't pry his eyes away from this gorgeous sight. Suddenly, she looked back over her shoulder and looked at him. Damn! Did she catch me? She's smiling. Shit! She caught me. He thought.

"Sorry, I don't have any beer. Do you want a Smirnoff Ice or a Crantini?" she asked

"What are you having?" he asked in reply.

"Smirnoff Ice," she said.

"Good, I'll have that too." He said. Oh, good recovery. Idiot! I'm sure she's not aware you were checking out her ass now!

She grabbed two bottles and the bottle opener off the fridge which was held there by a magnet. She opened them and threw the caps at the garbage. One of the caps missed the garbage. She took a quick step, bent over and picked it up, and threw it at the garbage. Oh my god! I can't stop staring at that ass. Look away. Look away, he admonished himself. Look at anything else.

When she straightened and turned around again, he was staring too intently at the floor. She passed him his bottle, smiling. He looked at her quickly then looked intently at the bottle and mumbled, "Thanks".

They left the kitchen and out of habit, he turned toward the living room where they usually hung out, but she kept walking down the hallway toward her bedroom.

"I don't usually hang out in there when they aren't home," she said gesturing toward the living room, "it just doesn't feel like my space."

She's taking me to her bedroom! He thought excitedly. A dozen fantasies ran through his head in a few seconds. He realized she was making conversation again and he should respond.

"Oh?" he said. That was lame!

"Yeah, well," she said, "it's just all full of their stuff. My space is really in my room."

Yes! As he followed her down the hallway, his eyes roamed over the back of her body. Of course, his gaze frequently returned to her gorgeous ass and the way her hips swayed when she walked. But he was also looking at the way her hair fell in waves down to her mid back, the little bit of skin visible on her lower back and hips between where her t-shirt ended and her yoga pants started, the way the pants hugged her hips and thighs before flaring out slightly below the knee. He imagined kissing the small of her back, of running his hands up her thighs..... Snap out of it!

As they walked into her room, he was surprised to realize that, despite all the time he had spent in that apartment, he'd never actually been in her room. It was a nice cozy space. The first things he noticed were the great smell and the music. The room smelled fantastic. He didn't know what it was, but the smell was warm, inviting, relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Downtempo electronica was playing from seemed to fill the room, like the smell. His eyes scanned the room and he noticed the little speakers on small shelves in the corners, and a subwoofer under the desk. Cool she likes music enough to set up a good sound system, he thought.

The walls were painted a soft yellow. It was a long room with a loveseat and two full bookshelves on one side, and a matching armchair across from the loveseat. Beside the armchair was a desk with a task chair. A laptop was open on the desk. He noticed one of those scented oil burners that women seemed to like on top of a book shelf. That must be where the great smell was coming from. At the far end of the room, next to the desk was a double bed with a bedside table on the other side, against the far wall. On that far wall, there was a small window that was open to the darkness. A slight breeze ruffled the curtain. At the end of the room nearest where he stood was another door -- probably to a closet or something. There was a lot of art and framed photos on the walls, bookshelf and desk, and books piled on different surfaces (on top of the bookshelf and the desk) but overall the room didn't seem cluttered. .

"Wow....nice room," he said while looking around.

"Thanks," she said. He turned to her and realized that she had been watching him as he'd looked around the room. Their eyes met again and there was another long moment of awkward silence while they looked at each other. He gazed intently at her beautiful face. He just loved looking at her. He could look at her all day. She had a slight smile, but a serious look in her eyes. He couldn't read it. His heart was beating hard. His skin was tingling. He thought she was waiting for him to do something. He looked at her lips. She's invited you into her room. She's looking at you like that. Kiss her. Kiss her now, he told himself. But then he second guessed again. She really hadn't made any indication that she wanted him to kiss her. So instead, he took a drink from his bottle. She did too. He watched her lips around the bottle and couldn't help but imagine those beautiful lips around his own cock. Dammit. Focus. Say something, say something! He yelled inside his own head, jerking himself back to reality. He tried desperately to think of something to talk about.

"Wireless speakers?" he asked, nodding in the direction of one of the little speakers in the corner.

"Yeah," she said. "I have a wireless adapter on my laptop. I was just downloading some music and updating my playlists when you arrived."

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