John: Whatcha doing?

Sarah: Reading.

John: Reading what?

Sarah: A story.

John: What's it about?

Sarah: Bah...nothin' good...lookin' for another one

John: Found anything?

Sarah: Not yet

Sarah: Wanna tell me a story?

John: You want to tell me one?

John: :D

Sarah: Hmm

Sarah: Once upon a time...

Sarah: lol

John: heheheh

John: Den I blew the gingerbread man?

Sarah: lol

Sarah: I was hitch-hiking once...across Arizona.

John: Ok

Sarah: Heading toward the Bay, as I recall. One of the rare times I traveled alone.

Sarah: Got a ride with two truckers, nice men.

Sarah: They had a big cab-over with a large sleeper...used to long hauls.

John: Ok

Sarah: Was late at night when they picked me up...don't remember why the hell I was hitching at night, but...

Sarah: One of them crawled in back to sleep while the other drove, and I sat up and talked to keep him a good rider.

John: Good rider...

Sarah: Eventually I noticed him shifting in his seat frequently. Asked him what was wrong.

Sarah: He said his back was bothering him...chronic with truckers.

Sarah: I climbed up on the flat of the engine housing and reached down behind his back, slipping my fingers along his spine, and started rubbing them, just above his hips, working the pressure points.

Sarah: He groaned a little once, but didn't say anything...just drove a while longer.

John: Mmm hmmm

Sarah: Then he took an exit, still not saying a word, and pulled over somewhere out in the middle of the desert.

Sarah: He said nothing, just turned to me and reached to open my pants. I said nothing, just laid back on the engine housing and let him do it.

Sarah: He slid them off of me, and tucked his head between my legs and started licking me...sliding his tongue up and down my pussy like there was nothing he would rather be doing.

John: You didn't have an idea oh why he was pulling over?

Sarah: Oh yeah...just didn't say anything. :)

Sarah: They were nice, good looking guys...

John: And you had maybe thought about it?

Sarah: Well, I did put my hands down his back...yess...a bit...

John: (getting hard)

Sarah: Mmm...

Sarah: The other one woke up kind of bleary and asked, "Why we stopped...oh." he looked at his partner for a moment, then pulled his pants down and looked at me. "Do you mind?" he asked...

Sarah: I smiled and turned a bit to my side and reached for his already hard cock, and sucked him into my mouth.

John: He wasn't too far asleep if he was already hard... *smiles*

Sarah: Oh, he was pretty bleary, and not rock hard, but watching his friend between my legs got him going pretty quick.

Sarah: He had me very wet and tasting the other guys cock helped, I was moaning softly into it, licking at him while he stroked my hair back.

John: Ohhhhhhhh

Sarah: They were both very gentle, very slow, taking their time with me, enjoying.

Sarah: The second one looked up to his friend and said, "turn her around here, before you spoil the eating," and they spun me around on the engine housing, trading places. The second one licking at me, his tongue diving inside me where the first had just licked.

Sarah: I tasted the first's cock, my head hanging back off the housing while he knelt in his seat, sliding it slowly in and out of my mouth.

John: (rubbing)

Sarah: His hands on my breasts, warm and soft, stroking my skin.

Sarah: The guy at my pussy moaned and sat up, crawling forward to the edge of the sleeper and pulled me up onto his knees, shifting me over a bit so I could still suck on his partner.

Sarah: He slowly slid his cock inside me, feeling so warm and hard, with me bent back like that, his head sliding along my front felt soo good.

John: Ahhhhhhhh I bet you moaned on the cock in your mouth.

Sarah: Mmm, yes...was moaning a lot at that point, licking and sucking at him, barely able to move the way they had me bent back...comfortable, but no leverage.

Sarah: They took their slow, sweet time with me, enjoying my naked body in the moonlight on their console, stroking me, quiet in the night other than our breath and my low moans.

Sarah: The cocks slid in and out of me, taste and smell and feelings mingling so well, hands on my skin, warm in the desert air.

John: Ohhhhhhhh

Sarah: The one in my mouth came first, speeding up a little, pushing deeper, supporting my head and tossing his back.

Sarah: He grunted low in his chest and tensed while I sucked him, swallowing as he sent his salty fluid down my throat.

John: So slow, it's hot.

Sarah: I moaned around him again, feeling his friend's hand resting warm on top of my mound, the heel of his hand pressing on my clit

Sarah: He moved through me, my lower body glowing with heat, ripples spreading through me as he slid between my walls.

Sarah: The first lifted my head back onto the console, and bent to kiss me, slowly, enjoying that as thoroughly as he did the rest, while the other leaned forward over me, pushing deeper, only a little faster, and lowered his mouth to my breast.

John: (very hard)

Sarah: I came softly, moaning into his tongue as my body pulsed in slow waves, tightening around the cock inside me until it pulsed too...heat filling me as I came around him.

Sarah: Even the orgasm was slow, deep, something to be savored.

Sarah: He leaned forward and kissed my chest before slowly pulling out of me. Then he lay back down on his bed, and I dressed, and the driver pulled his clothes on, and we drove on through the night, quietly.

John: No further times?

Sarah: They dropped me off before dawn, and I never saw them again...

John: Hmmmm I don't know which story to tell.

Sarah: (smiles)

John: Very good, I was very close.

Sarah: More soft and gentle than our usual, but it was a nice time.

Sarah: Rare for a couple of truckers. (grins)

John: Very.

Sarah: A very good memory.

John: (smiles)

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