tagTransgender & CrossdressersStrange Brew Ch. 01

Strange Brew Ch. 01


My parents moved into the area when I was about to start Grade 5. Next door to us was Terrance's family. Terrance was the same age as I was and we quickly became my best friends. He was always more physically active than I was and I managed to keep up with him but our development paths diverged.

In high school, he was a varsity hockey defenceman while I was a junior, assistant equipment gofor. Especially during his last year, Terrence's body bulked out; I remained the same with a mostly non-descript body. Not scrawny or fat or anything just really non-developed. He had no problems with the girls while I had to beg my cousin Katrina to go with me to Prom.

Despite our differences, we both went into the same college under full scholarships: he with sports and me with academics. While we remained in the same home city, Terrence and I decided to get away from our parents and share residence near the college. The dorm had a common area with separate bedrooms for privacy. Terrance easily made first string as a rookie freshman while I managed to get an equipment and water boy position with the team.

One day while I was in the locker collecting towels and water bottles, Terrance was naked by his locker. He had just finished his shower and was drying his hair after some extra iron pumping in addition to the team's regular practice. Even back when he was 18, Terrance was over six feet tall and weighed around 200. Now a couple of years older, his body was cut; his muscles bulged and a big piece of meat dangled between his legs.

Really in all the years we've know each other, this was the first time I had seen Terrance naked.

"Mike!" I didn't respond to Terrance calling my name. "Mike!"

I looked up to see him smiling. "Er... Aah..."

Terrence said nothing but just looked at me quizzically.

"Terrance. Um. Wow, your body is incredible." I spoke in awe of my friend. "I've seen you work out but wow."

"Shhh!" He brought his index finger up to his lips. "Yeah and with some help. Meet me back at the room and I'll let you in on a secret. Too many ears and eyes around."

Later on, we met up in our room. We popped a couple of beers from our dorm room fridge. Terrance poured in some dark blue powder into his. He called it protein powder but always used air quotes when he did.

"I didn't want to say anything in the locker just in case." Terrance said. "This really isn't protein powder."

"Terrance! That isn't steroids or like a grow hormone or anything. You could lose your scholarship and get kicked out of school!" I exclaimed.

"Don't worry but no, I've had this tested and there is no banned substances or anything like that." Terrance smiled. "A while ago, I met this Asian alternative medicine woman. She concocted this for me. She told me the natural ingredients would react with my body and enhance what I already have. I started taking it a couple of years ago. The changes were almost immediate. I've got to tell you though Mike, not only did it beef me up but it made my dick bigger too. I was maybe five inches hard now I'm eight inches soft. Now only use the powder to maintain what I have."

"Gee." I thought for a second then asked. "Do you think that would work for me?"

"I'm not sure Mike." Terrance answered reluctantly. "You're my best friend and it's not that I don't want to give you any but she prescribed it especially for me and told me not to share it. But maybe she can mix some up for you. I almost out and need another refill."

The next day before classes, we made our way to the place where he got his stuff. It was a small shop. Inside was dark and dank. There was a counter with shelves behind displaying different jars of stuff. I blinked and suddenly this woman appeared. She looked to be in her 50's. Dark hair, attractive in a strange sort of way.

"Hello Terrance." She greeted my friend. "You are Mike."

"Wow! Are you clairvoyant too?" I was taken aback by her.

"No. Terrance called me and asked it if was okay to bring you here to meet." She smiled. She handed Terrance a package; he handed her a number of bills. "I'll see you later, Terrance. Mike you stay."

After Terrance left, the woman beckoned me to follow her into the back. "Terrance tells me that you want to enhance your body too. Let me tell you. First, everyone is different and especially formulated for the individual. That is why it is important that you do not share with others. It may react differently or cause harm to them. Second, yes it enhances your body but beware. You may not get what you wish for. Third, once you start this enhancement, you must finish. If not, the result could be fatal. Finally, the initial treatment is $400 and includes the initial examination. Subsequent treatments or maintenance may be necessary but the cost will be less; maybe $200. Do you agree, understand what I just explained and want to proceed?"

After I heard her say "enhances" I was already sold and handed her money. Terrance had warned me about the initial cost. "Yes."

I signed some release papers and she gave me a copy of the agreement with all the blah, blah, blah. She drew quite a bit of blood from me along with some hair samples, some urine and finger nail clippings.

"I'll start some of your analysis now. Then we can finish the rest of the exam." She went to the back and returned a number of minutes later. After taking my BP and listening to my heart, she had me strip.

"Really? Do I have to?" I asked with concern.

"Yes, I need to know basically what I am working with." She explained. "Please take off your top and pants. If you are wearing underwear, please remove it too."

The shirt and jeans weren't the issue. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of my underwear and paused. The woman was patient and waited. I took a deep breath and pushed them down to my ankles. Between my thighs was my flaccid three inch penis. To her credit, her demeanor and expression did not change at all, although I couldn't hear what she might be thinking.

The woman snapped on some rubber gloves and took a seat. "Please come and stand in front of me. Don't worry. I've seen all types."

Obeying her request, I stood there. Hands by my side; legs slightly parted and my eyes looking upward. I bit my lips as she reached for my dick. She lifted it up and examined my testicles. She manipulated both of them in her very warm hands. One hand continued to cradle my balls while I could feel her peel back my foreskin and expose my knob. She used a couple of her fingers to stroke me. I reacted immediately and what now sporting a boner. I knew from my own measurement, I was only four and a half inches hard.

I felt my pre-cum start to flow. She collected some in a small vial. Then she handed me another container. "Please bend forward over the examining table and hold the container over you penis."

I was unsure what she meant to do next but did as instructed. The woman moved behind me in her rolly chair. She used her feet to kick my feet apart. I felt her apply a dollop of cold something on my asshole when I realized what she was going to examine next. Before I could say anything I felt her smear the slimy goop around my hole then slowly pierced a finger inside me.

"Oh god!" I moaned. If felt nice; like the finger dildo I often used on myself when I masturbated. No this was better. She started to wriggle her finger around. When she pulled out, she told me to stay there. I panted. "Yes. Okay..."

She used one hand to spread my cheeks apart. Again, I felt something press against my anus; it didn't feel like her finger. She started to push it; I felt my ring start to stretch open until it easily slid inside me. Fully inserted, she told me to relax. I tried but suddenly I felt something start to buzz in my belly. As the intensity started to grow, I realized it was from whatever she forced into my ass. The intensity increased more and more. My free hand scrunched the paper sheet covering on the bed as my knees started to shake. I realized that I couldn't hold back anymore and started spurting my cum into the container. "Oh god! Oh god! Fuck! Fuck! Uuuuhhhh...!"

Even after the buzzing had long subsided, my body was spasming in post-orgasmic convulsions. The woman took the container from me and held it to eye level. It was the most that I had ever ejaculated. "This should be a sufficient amount for now. You can pull the plug out and get dressed."

I slowly extracted the tool from my ass and examined it carefully. It seemed to be some sort of wireless vibrating plug. "I gotta to get one of these!"

I was barely dressed when she returned. "I should have your enhancement solution in a couple of hours. You can wait or return later."

Although I was still a little weak kneed, I decided to walk around a bit rather than wait. I got to the corner and found myself a coffee shop. I gave her an extra half hour before returning. She had everything prepped.

"Here is your on-going treatments. It is dated and pre-measured so you just have to mix one dose with something to drink. Take it after dinner." She pointed for me to sit down. "This will be your starting dose. It is a needle and I want to see if you have any adverse reactions before I let you go."

She stuck the needle in my arm and injected the bluish liquid into me. Within a few minutes, I thought I could feel changes happening already. My mind felt a little foggy and there was some tingling in my groin and torso. I told her "I think it's working already."

She gave me a quick once over and then said I could go. "Take one dose this evening after dinner. I recommend you don't go out this evening and until you are accustom to it. Maybe a couple of days."

I got back and found Terrance there. I asked him about his experience with taking the stuff. He said his initial reaction was similar to mine. I asked about him providing a sperm sample. He said "Yeah. I had to jerk off into a small cup."

After dinner, I took my first home dose of the powder. Terrance suggested I mix it into a beer. While it didn't supposed to have any taste, he said "Might as well enjoy the extra buzz of beer."

Again within a few minutes, I swear I could feel it course through my body. My chest felt like it wanted to expand and there was a definite strong tingle between my legs.

Terrance spent the evening with me and we enjoyed a number of beers before I fell asleep. I awoke a little groggy from the night before. Anxiously, I pulled off my shirt. "Did my chest look bigger?"

In the privacy of my room, I stripped down and examined myself. Was it just wishful thinking or did there seemed to be a little change? My little penis didn't look any different than the night before. I measured my flaccid dick. "Still three inches."

For the next two weeks, I carefully measured myself. While my chest seemed to be getting bigger, my penis remained unchanged. I asked Terrance about how long before he saw results and he said almost immediately. Plus with the extra work outs, his body change seemed accelerated. "Maybe we should work out together. That might help."

"What about your..." I was timid to ask the next part. "Dick? How long before...?"

"I didn't really notices any immediate change but..." He grinned. "After a couple of days, when Marissa was giving me a blow job and said it felt bigger in her mouth!"

"Maybe something was wrong with my formulation." I thought, then aloud. "Wait! Marissa tight-ass Scott with the legs glued together? She gave you a blow job?

"Yeah! When I came in her mouth, I spewed so hard she thought I was going to blow her head off." He laughed. "She was worth the effort too. Her virgin pussy was so tight, I nearly came just getting it inside her!"

I returned to the woman's shop and asked her why my enhancement didn't seem to be going as fast as Terrance's.

"People are different. Some quicker; some not so quick." She told me. Her mouth opened as if to say something but nothing came out.

"What?" I prodded. "You were going to say something."

"There is an accelerator but it can really be dangerous." She revealed. Not only will it accelerate the enhancement, it can overreact and make changes even more enhanced. And remember if you don't like what you see and stop, it can be fatal."

"I'll take it!" I exclaimed.

After much begging, she finally relented and gave me the accelerator. As I paid her$100 for two pills, she told me. "Take one with your regular dosage. You should see changes the next morning."

Terrance was over at his parents for the weekend. I stayed in residence. Instead of one pill, I took them both. "She didn't say not to!"

I fell asleep soon after.

I awoke the next morning; no, it was noon! Still a little groggy, I stripped off my shirt. My chest was noticeably larger. I felt my pecs. They felt firm in my palms. My fingers ran over my nipples. They seemed a little swollen and really sensitive. It felt nice to play with them. There was stirring in my groin. I stripped off my jeans. I looked between my legs and was shocked. My three inch dick looked smaller, not bigger!

Something had to be wrong. It was a bit early and I surmised that the woman's shop would not be open yet. I decided to go for some breakfast. I pulled on a tee and found it tight around my chest. My hard nipples were pokies. When I pulled up my jeans, I found them tight over my bum, but the waist was a bit looser. I justified it as redistribution of fat and muscle development and wasn't too concerned.

After my meal, back in my room, as I stood in front of the mirror, I noticed my shirt looked even tighter. I peeled off the top and as I did so, the cotton rubbed against my nipples. My crotch had an immediate reaction. I stared at my chest which had gotten bigger over breakfast. They were almost the size of grapefruit halves. As I felt them, I realized that it wasn't muscle but fat. My nipples were bigger and harder.

"I don't have muscles." I shouted to myself. "I have tits!"

I needed to talk with that charlatan about this crap she gave me. I couldn't walk around with tits just under a tee shirt so I pulled on a loose fitting sweatshirt. As I made my way to the shop, the rough shirt material rubbed against my sensitive nipples. By the time I reached the store, I was so turned on that I almost came in my pants even without masturbating.

I tried to open the shop door and found it locked. The inside was totally dark and I could see no one. There was a note taped to the inside of the glass.

"Closed due to emergency. Store will reopen as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience." I read it aloud to myself. "Inconvenience! What the fuck am I supposed to do?"

I made my way back and experienced a number of small orgasmic spasms as I walked. I stripped down again. My breasts were even bigger than before and my cock... My cock had shrunk to about an inch. Even then most of it was foreskin rather than actual cock.

I started to feel myself up. I had no idea of how big my tits were, but they were more than a handful and felt very firm. I squeezed my nipples between my fingers and felt a jolt in my groin. I looked down to see pre-cum leaking out. Used a couple of fingers to start jerking myself. It couldn't have been more than an inch even hard; most of it was still hidden by my foreskin. My balls had also shrunk dramatically and scrotum was tight as it pushed my testicles inside of me.

I used my finger to rub it over my teeny knob. My slick pre-cum gave me plenty of lubrication. I collected some on my finger tip and applied it to my nipples which were engorged to the size of cranberries. My areolae had spread to almost two inches in diameter. I dug out my toy from my bedside drawer and used my lube before sliding it up inside my ass, then I continued to rub my dick with one hand while play with my tit with the other.

Imagination is a powerful tool. I thought about the vibrating thing the woman stuck inside me that made me cum so hard. I imagined it was inside me now and vibrating. The phantom feeling was intense. I started to cum.

Really, for such a small dick and balls, I couldn't believe the amount of cum that shot from me. The first wad splashed my face; the second landed on my chest and then the remaining cum pooled in my bellybutton.

Exhausted from the intensity of one of the most powerful orgasms I had experienced, I laid on my bed with my dildo still up my ass.

While we had separate sleeping areas. With Terrance away, I hadn't bothered to close my bedroom door. Standing there staring at me was Laura, Terrance's girlfriend. I remember locking our front door so...

"Err... Uh... Laura!" I quickly found something to try and cover myself with. "How... How did you get in?"

"Oh, hello Mike!" She greeted me with a huge Cheshire cat grin. "Oh, Terrance gave me a key. He messaged me to check and see if he left his charger here or not. You know, for his phone; like this one. Like this one that I used to video you just now."

I was petrified. "No! Please, Laura. Don't tell anyone. Don't tell Terrance. I'm begging you. Please!"

"Well, we can keep this our secret for now." I could see the sparkle in her Irish green eyes. "But tell me how you come to have boobs?"

With plenty of trepidation, I couldn't explain it fully since I really didn't understand it, but I told her about the concoction and why I had taken. "I thought it would make me more... You know, more like Terrance... Especially um... below."

Laura mused for a moment. "Stand up and let me see. And stop trying to hide behind that tee shirt, it's too small anyways."

I stood in front of her. She moved her finger around in a circle; I turned around. When I turned back, Laura was videoing me on her phone again.

"Wow. Nice." Laura nodded with approval. "You're bum is getting to be a nice girlie shape. Your boobs are maybe an A? What happened to you little dick? It looks more like a hood that would cover your clit!"

She put her phone down and was now standing next to me. Laura cupped both of my breasts. She rolled both of my large aroused nipples between her index fingers and thumbs. I winced in sexual agony.

"Wow, Mike. Your nipples are really sensitive aren't they?" She dropped a hand between my thighs. "My god, Mike! You're leaking already?"

As hard as I was, Laura only used her thumb and finger to stroke my erection. She took my left nipple in her mouth which was the more sensitive of the two. I came instantly and spurted my load against her thighs.

"Ha..ha..ha! My little girl spurts!" Laura chuckled. "I think we're going to have lots of fun, girlfriend!"

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really hot

Loved your story, please continue .. you write very well .. I would love some of that .. give me a nice female body with lucious breasts juicy deep vagina and all the rest .. :)

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Great story

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A cup?

Tits the size of half grapefruits, before enlarging to more than a handful with two inch areola and nipples like cranberries... an A cup? I'm thinking they've left a D cup behind on their way to...?


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this gonna be a great story

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