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Strange Day


I walked over to the park for a little time in the sun and saw a friendly man. We talked a little and we both had interesting and differing points. We argued over girls, and the parade of fine flesh that walked through the park. Then it came more to us, to be with a man. I had to blush, hard it was a deep fantasy, a dream that did not let it's self be fully grasped. We talked, my desire to hear more grew his voice and manners drawing me in until we were walking out of the park. Now together his arm around me soft and secure. Feelings rushed over me is it wrong or just un-acted lust? We walked he took my hand and talked, of loving me. His pleasure would be in me.

Now inside we waked down the steps to a cool half lit room. His soft hands held me replacing a hand for silk thongs. The silk, strong soft, firmly holding my arms. He stripped me and smiled in the half-light. I could see him undress, and play with his cock. He was shaved smooth, fingers running over the skin holding his cock. I tried to look at his face but that smooth cock and sack drew me back, back the moth I was. His face came into the light and his soft smile. I looked at him face hot with my blush. He ran his hands over my chest played with nipples and hair, then my navel and to my thick curly pubic hair.

His hands held my sack and started to work my small soft cock to life. His breath warm and quiet, he stepped into me, pressing his chest to mine then kissing my moth. Forcing his tongue into it while he moved his cock next to mine. He was hard and now I was. The kisses stopped me stepped back and looked me over again and smiled.

Walking away my eyes fixed on his ass as it disappeared into the dark. Now he walked into the dappled light holding a small try. Closer he came the try was filled with shaving tools. Now resting on a table the try was a shaving kit, hot water, cream and a razor. But my face and his are smooth, as is his cock; even now looking his legs were hairless.

A small stool he sat down at my feet and again admired me. A great smile filled his face as he started to trim off my matted curls. Applying the warm cream his light touch held the razor. The scrape of a razor over that virgin skin my cock grew hard. I again was a moth my eyes following his hand as his light touch moved around my folded scrotum finding all the hair. My cock hurt I needed to cum, but also was scared because it was a man turning me on.

More warm water he washed me off. His smile grew, as I did not fade, with the warm water over my penis. But I wanted to cum no needed to now. I was tense with his breath on my newly shaved skin. His slow kisses from one thigh to the other. I could only try to move my hips to get my cock in that mouth. But he pushed my hips back against the wall. A smile and breathy laugh was all that mouth gave. He leaned back and cupped my balls. He held his and started to pump hard. Standing he moved close again and told me was going to cum all over me. He did exploding on to me. Thick white ropes hit my body. His seed on my own cock and sack his smile filled his face. Before I knew it he was sucking me I begging for it more and more. He had licked all his cum off and now it would be mine in his mouth. Relief and warmth filled my body, I gave him what he wanted, my seed in his moth. He licked it all up.

When he was done, he tied a small bit of silk around the base of my sack and tied it at the top base of my now growing cock. It was my gift he said, I was his and we would play again. He dressed me and untied the silk on my wrists. Then back out to the park, the silk brushing my smooth skin, I would now shave there as well.

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