tagLesbian SexStrange Day Ch. 02

Strange Day Ch. 02


My name is Sarah Jamieson. As you can remember I am eighteen years old and a very late bloomer; so much so I was a tomboy up until this day; the one that started out so very strangely.

As I walked away from the gym I could not get my head around the fact that my first sexual experience was with a girl in the school. I knew that fact alone should make me worried but all it did was make me think about it more and make me wet. I knew that it was strange that I was still wet after it happened but as I walked to the next class I felt that my panties were still damp. As I wandered into the next class a part of me wanted nothing more than to turn around and go somewhere private so that I could pull my panties down and masturbate over what had just happened but it was then that I heard my name being called out. I looked over to see who had called out my name just to see Josh sitting there, waving his hand above his head like an idiot. I walked slowly over to him and as I did he looked at me as if there was something strange.

"What is up with you Sarah? You have been acting strange all day."

My first thoughts went straight to what had just happened in the gym and I took a deep breath to get my thoughts flowing again.

"It – it's nothing Josh. Just having one of those mornings I suppose."

Josh sat there and gave me another weird look but then shrugged his shoulders, "I know those mornings. Some of my days don't start until lunch time."

I wanted to laugh at that but before I could the teacher came in and told us all to sit down, making me sit down next to Josh.

As the lesson went on all that was going through my head was what had happened to me in the gym with Carole. As I replayed the whole thing in my head I could feel myself getting wetter and more turned on. I tried as hard as I could not to show what I was thinking on my face but the more that I tried the harder it seemed to be and I found that I had no idea what the teacher had been saying. It was when Josh jabbed me in the ribs with his elbow that I realized the teacher had been talking to me.

"Thank you for joining us once again Miss Jamieson," he said as everyone in the class room laughed, making my face go red.

I looked at him and wanted to say sorry but I found that I could not find the right words and just sat there with a goofy look on my face which made everyone else start laughing again. Mr. Finlay just stood there for a second longer before he turned back to the black board and started to write on it again. As he did I began to chastise myself for not paying attention for him but as much as I wanted to study all that I could think of was what had happened in the gym. I wanted to tell myself not to think about that but the more I told myself not to the more it came to me.

By the time the bell had rung my panties were drenched and I knew that I needed to go somewhere to take them off. I just hoped that someone wouldn't smell my juices that clung to them. As soon as I made it close to the door however I heard a cough and turned to look at Mr. Finlay.

"I am surprised at you Sarah. This is the first time I have ever seen you not paying attention in class. You are one of the brightest students I have known. Please do not screw it up thinking about other things."

I wondered what he was talking about but knew that I had to get out of the room so that I could go somewhere and take my panties off.

"I am sorry Mr. Finlay. It will not happen again."

Mr. Finlay just looked at me and gave me a somewhat strange smile before he turned and let me walk out the door. I saw Josh waiting for me and I knew this was the last thing that I needed. I knew that I could ditch him so that I could go to the toilet but when I saw the look on his face I knew that I couldn't and walked straight up to him. He waited until I standing near him before he started to speak to me.

"What is up with you Sarah? You have been acting strange since you got off the bus. It is the first time I have ever seen you not take notice in class. Something weird is going on with you."

As I stood there I could feel how wet my panties were against my pussy and wanted nothing more than to get to the toilet so that I could take them off but I knew that would be rude and stood there for a second, trying to get that thought out of my head.

"It is nothing Josh. I am just having a slightly off day. I am sorry that I have to do this but I have to go somewhere before the next class."

Josh just looked at me without saying a thing and I hoped that he wasn't going to ask me another question but he just turned and walked away from me. I knew that with that situation that I shouldn't have breathed a sigh of relief but as he walked far enough away I let out a soft one then turned and started to walk as fast as I could towards the toilets. I just hoped when I got there that it wouldn't be crowded.

As I pushed the door open I was relieved to see that it was empty enough for me to get a stall and rushed in there as soon as I could. All that I wanted to do was take my panties off but as soon as I closed the door I wondered why. I looked down and thought it strange I wanted to take them off but I had the overwhelming urge to do so. I don't know how long I stood there debating that thought but I knew that it seemed like an eternity until I sat down and began to pull them down. I did so slowly and something seemed to flow from them towards me, telling me that I was still aroused. I did not want to admit it but the truth there. I knew more than anything that I wanted time to stop for everyone else but me so that I could stay in this stall for just a little while longer and masturbate. I knew I should fight the feeling that was even now screaming at me but my inner voice told me that it was the stupidest thing to fight and that I should just let go.

As I pulled my panties off I looked down and was surprised to see just how wet I was. It was as if Carole's tongue had never left my pussy. That thought made me sit back in my seat and before I could stop it my hand fall downwards. The instant my hand touched the wetness of my pussy I let out an involuntary moan and hoped that nobody would hear it. I opened my eyes, listening for any sound but as I did I noticed that my hand had not stopped moving. It was if it had a mind of its own and as I sat there I felt my own fingers moving up and down the slit of my pussy, making it even wetter. I hoped then that I wasn't making any noise as the last thing I wanted was for someone to come into the toilets or someone who was already here to find me in this predicament. As I thought about that I knew that I should stop but something within me did not want to, something within me told me that I wanted more. I knew that if I did something else I would more than likely be caught and sent to the principal's office, or even worse suspended but at that point I did not care. All that I cared about right at that point was just how wet I was and what I was doing.

As I ran up fingers up and down the slit of my pussy even faster I knew that I did not want to stop but I knew deep within me this was not enough, that I needed something more. I then looked at the walls of the stall and wondered if I could place my feet up onto them before telling myself it was a stupid idea. I sat there for a second and debated whether or not I should try but my fingers and pussy made the decision for me and before I knew it I had raised my feet and placed them on either wall of the stall. I looked down again and saw just how wet I was. I could see that my juices were practically dripping from me and all that I wanted was to keep going. I started to run my fingers up and down faster and faster but then a sudden thought told me that this was not enough, that I needed more. I closed my eyes and tried to figure out just what it was and then it came to me, I needed Carole's tongue.

My eyes shot open when I thought about that but the more that I told myself that I was crazy the more it seemed to be true. All that I could think about was her tongue and the more I thought about it the wetter I seemed to get. It was then I let out another involuntary moan and looked down just to see that two of my fingers were now deep within me. I looked at them with wide eyes and wondered what the hell I was doing but as much I wanted to stop the more my fingers started to move inside me. I looked down at them as they started to move out of my pussy slowly and felt apprehension when they did. All I wanted in that instant was them to slide back in and as I slowly slid them back into myself I let out another involuntary moan. I asked myself whether my moans were involuntary or if I wanted someone to catch me here in the toilet stall. I tried hard to convince myself I was crazy but I glanced at the door and wondered if it was the truth; if I did want someone to come and see what I was doing.

The thought sent a surge through me and as I looked at the door I found that my fingers started to slide in and out of my pussy faster. As they did I could hear how much wetter I was. I could feel my juices flowing out of me and down the crack of my ass and realized this was all I wanted to do right now. It made me wonder if I was going crazy; thinking about sitting in the toilet all day and masturbating but I also knew I did not care. I could feel my pussy reacting to my fingers sliding in and out faster and faster. It was quickly getting wetter and wetter and I did not want to stop; I didn't care about anything except what my fingers were doing to me.

As I closed my eyes and started to let my fingers slide in and out of my dripping wet pussy faster and faster I didn't notice the feet that were directly outside of the door to the stall I was in until I heard a loud banging. When I opened my eyes with a start I looked just to see that they were still there and then heard the girl's voice from the other side.

"Are you going to come out of there or not? You have been in there far too long."

It made me wonder just why this girl was banging on the door to this stall as there were others in the toilets then I became worried; was I making that much noise there had been someone in here the whole time and I had just now noticed that they were here? As I sat there trying to debate what exactly had happened there were an even louder banging on the door.

I knew I had to get out of the stall and as much as I hated to admit it put my feet back down on the floor, sliding my fingers out of myself as I did. I knew I had to get out of the stall quickly but I also knew that I had to clean myself up as soon as I did as I was completely soaked. I grabbed as many paper towels as I could and try to wipe up as much as I could but as I did the paper towels fell apart in my hands and I started to get upset. The girl banged a little louder on the door then and I knew I had to get out of there as soon as possible. I grabbed my bag from the hook on the door and stood before flushing the toilet. As soon as I opened the door there was Cassi, one of the most beautiful and popular girls in school. She didn't look so pretty as she looked at me though, she looked extremely angry. She just looked at me and didn't say a word before she pushed me aside and walked into the stall, closing the door with a bang which left me to go to the sinks.

As I washed my hands I hoped that I hadn't made too much of a mess and started to get worried but then all I really wanted to do was get out of there before she got out and began a fight with me. I walked out of the toilet quickly and as I did I kept reliving what I had just done. Every time that I did I couldn't help but feel my pussy getting wetter and could not help but wonder why my panties weren't getting wetter as well. I stopped with wide eyes and looked back at the toilet. In the rush to get out of there I had left them on the floor! I just hoped that someone wouldn't find them until I got back there. I wanted so much to run back and get them but stood there for a second and debated if I should go back in there; if someone would be waiting for me just in case they did find them. I stood there for a second longer, before telling myself it would most likely be a stupid thing to do and started to walk away.

I heard a voice calling out my name then and turned just to see Cassi walking quickly towards me. I tried to hide the fear and puzzlement in my eyes but knew I was failing miserably. As she got closer to me I could not help but wonder what she wanted but knew that I should not ask that question. When she was standing in front of me I could not help but notice the look in her eyes and tried to figure it out. Did she want to fight me or something just for staying in the toilet stall for so long or was it because I had left the toilet seat in such a mess.

It was then that a smile came to her face, "I think you lost something."

My eyes widened and I saw her smile get wider.

"I see you know what I am talking about. You had fun in there."

I looked at her and wanted to plead with her not to say anything but she raised a hand, "Don't worry. I won't tell anyone what I found; but only if you do something for me."

She just stood there looking at me for a while longer and I wanted to hear the next words that came out of her mouth, at the same time didn't want to hear them. When she laughed softly I wondered just what had been going through her head.

"Do not look so worried Sarah. I am not going to do anything bad to you like ask you to go into the middle of campus and do a striptease or something. I just want you to meet me in the room where they show those stupid movies during the next period. I know that there is nothing to worry about as we both have study during that period and I don't think either of us will be missed. All I ask is that you meet me there either before the second bell rings or just after."

I knew there was no way I could say no to her and gave her the only answer that I could which was a stupid nod of my head. As soon as I gave it to her smile again before she turned around and began to walk away. It left me standing there wondering just what I had gotten myself into but I knew that there was no way of backing out. If I did it would be immensely worse although it still made me wonder what she had in store for me. It was then that I heard Cassi's voice and looked up just to see her standing there.

"Do not forget. Meet me in the film room after the bell rings for the next period."

With that she was gone which left me wondering just what she wanted me for and once again what I had gotten myself into. I shook my head and wanted to laugh at that point as this was quickly becoming a very strange day for me.

Suddenly the bell rang and I knew I had to get to my next class. I had already missed my break and knew I didn't want to miss my class. I just hoped I would be able to concentrate during it.

As I ran towards my next class I could not help but wonder just what it was before realizing. It was the one place that I could study and hopefully get my mind off what Cassi had said to me. As I ran to the room I could not help but notice one thing though; that I was extremely wet and getting wetter. I wanted to stop and scream out for my body to stop what it was doing to me. The more I did however the worse it seemed to get until my juices were practically pooling between my legs. All I hoped was I would have a chance to stop them from running down my legs as soon as I sat down.

I entered the class room in a hurry and as I did I felt the eyes of the teacher Ms. Inglis staring straight into me. I wondered if I was in trouble but then she smiled and said, "That's very good Sarah. You are the first person to get here. I hope that I didn't make you rush or anything."

I gave her a soft laugh, "Nothing of the sort Ms. Inglis. I was just closer than everyone else I guess."

She just smiled at me once again and went to the whiteboard which gave me the chance to take a seat in the back of the class. I didn't normally sit there but it was the place where hopefully no one would notice me where I could hopefully get my mind onto studying. Just then I heard footsteps as more people entered the room and was tempted to raise my head. I knew it looked as if I was trying to hide but I also knew it was nothing of the sort. The last thing I wanted to do was goof off around here as I needed to do whatever work was given to me and hoped while I was back here that it would get my mind off what Cassi had said to me.

I heard someone say my name and looked up just to see the football captain, Jonas Vale standing there with his arms crossed.

"You know that is my seat Sarah. Get out."

I looked up at him and wanted to plead with him to let me stay but I knew that it would do no good. I knew that this was where he had always sat since starting this class but this was the one time I could not give it up. I gave him with an apologetic glance. I knew this would not be good enough and hoped that someone would stop him from forcefully pulling me out of the chair. I was glad when I heard Ms. Inglis's voice.

"Is there a problem here Mr. Vale?"

Jonas stood there for a second and looked at me and then at Ms. Inglis.

"Sarah is in my seat."

"Funny. I didn't think that any seat was yours Mr. Vale. I thought that they all belonged to the school."

That made everyone to laugh and when I looked up at Jonas I noticed there was a touch of anger in his eyes. I knew I had to thank Ms. Inglis after class if I had the time. She had stopped a major argument in the class. I watched as Jonas moved to sit down but noticed that he looked over at me for a second before he looked to the front of the class.

Just then I noticed Andrew walk into class and take his usual seat. He noticed I wasn't sitting next to him then and looked around for me. When he saw me at the back of the class his eyes went wide. I shrugged before Ms. Inglis put a load of books on his desk. He looked up at her with a smile which made me want to laugh before standing up to start handing them out. As he did Ms. Inglis walked to the front and said, "I know that you are all big boys and girls now so as soon as you have your book I would like you to open them and start working."

It was then that I heard the sound of all the computers in the room being turned on and as I turned mine on I heard Andrew whisper to me, "What are you doing back here?"

I raised my head, "I'll tell you later."

He just looked at me and I knew I would have to come up with some sort of story.

I reached for my book and began to read the first page, hoping that it would get my mind off all the things that had happened to me this day but the more that I tried the more I failed. As I looked at the words all that I could see was what I had done and what had been done to me. All that I wanted was for the images to flow out of my head so that I could study but the more that I tried the more the thoughts and images seemed to stay, which made me wetter. I wanted to stay in my seat, I didn't want to move but it seemed as though my body was telling me something different, as though all I wanted was what Cassi had said she would do to me.

I wanted to scream out at that point but knew I would just look weird. I looked down at my book once again, still hoping the work would at least make me focus on something else. I knew that it was a false hope though as all I could think about was how wet I was. I suddenly found that my legs were opening as if of their own accord and just as they did I heard someone's head smack into the bottom of a desk.

My eyes went wide when I heard that and I looked around the computer just to see Damien, one of Jonas's close friends getting up and rubbing his head with slightly wide eyes. When he saw me looking at him I saw his wide eyed look suddenly disappear and was replaced with a smile. I knew instantly what he had just seen. My first thought was to ask Ms. Inglis if I could leave the room so I could go to the toilet and try and wipe up my wet pussy but my body once again had other plans for me and my legs seemed to do one thing only, stay open. I wanted nothing more than to shout out for my body to stop; that I didn't want this to happen but I stopped and asked myself if it was exactly what I wanted. My mind was focused on just one thing at the moment and as much as I wanted to get rid of the thought of sex, of what someone would do to me stayed. It was as though someone had thrown a switch inside my head and all I could think of was sex. I looked down at the keyboard and then at the book and found that I didn't care what was in there, that I didn't want to do any of the work I had been asked to do. This was the first time that I had ever thought something like this and it scared me; it made me wonder if I was turning into one of those girls I saw walking around the school looking for sex. I had told myself that I would never be like that, but here I was thinking about having sex with Cassi, Carole and now Damien. My eyes went wide when that thought came to me and when I looked around the computer once more all I could see was the back of his head.

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