tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStrangers Ch. 03

Strangers Ch. 03


Jennifer sat on the couch, legs pulled up. She held on to a bunch of crumpled paper tissues and every now and then wiped tears away. "I can't believe I ruined everything," she sobbed, sniffling. "For what? Some stupid fuck?" Her eyes met her best friend's worried ones. "You think he will forgive me?"

Sally, her best friend, wanted to be reassuring, to say that everything would be fine. But she'd been betrayed once before and knew how badly it hurt to experience that. And had been lucky enough not to have caught her ex in the act itself. "I don't know, Jen. I mean, I really want you guys to make up. You know that. But what you've done...it's bad."

"I know," said Jen and sniffled again.

"Why'd you do it then? You must have known how likely it was to get caught!"

"I don't know. Mike...he just had this effect on me. I don't even know how to describe it. Have you ever felt something like that before? You look at a person and you're overcome by this raw, sexual desire. You just want to grab that person and fuck his brains out. And it's not that I was unsatisfied or sexually frustrated. Things between me and Tom - I thought they were good. Great. He always makes sure that all my needs are taken care of. He's gentle and caring and really eager to please me. Mike...he used me for sex and I knew it. He would have fucked me on the dinner table in front of his parents. And for some sick reason I would have let him. I've never felt so wanted before."

Sally handed her another paper tissue as fresh tears streaked down her face. "Jen, if Tom can forgive you - if things work out and you get back together - can you promise that you'll never meet with Mike again? Cause it's likely you two will run into each other. He's the son of Tom's boss. What if he wants you again during your next run-in?"

"I won't give in again," Jennifer swore. "I'd do anything to make Tom forgive me."


Both Jennifer and Sally looked towards the door, where Tom was standing.

Tom let the apartment door fall shut. "Anything, really? What do you have in mind? Beg? Cry? Promise never to screw up again?" He shook his head. "I have to see Mike again. We will run into each other regularly. He helps out in his father's firm. He can get me fired! Do you have any idea how that makes me feel? This job is my dream job, Jen. And even if I hated it, we need the money. I can't just quit! That means I'm constantly reminded of what you've done. Every time I look at him, or even you, I see you wrapped around him, sweaty and wild, begging for more! What could you possibly do to make me forget that, huh? I don't think some lame apologies will do!" He walked into their bedroom and slammed the door shut.

Jennifer buried her face into her hands.

"It's a good thing he hasn't broken up with you yet," Sally said, trying to give her friend some hope. "I think he's willing to work through this. Just give it all some time." She checked the time. "Shit, I'm late for work. Call me if you need anything, okay? And don't push him. Give him some room. Bye, Jen!"


Two weeks later, Jen was still sleeping on the couch, barely talking to Tom. They hardly spoke three words during a day. When he was back from work one afternoon, she had enough. She couldn't live like this anymore, in constant limbo, not knowing if their relationship stood a chance. She cornered him in the kitchen when he poured himself a drink.

"We need to talk."

"About what," he asked, his voice tart.

"Be angry with me all you want. But please, yell at me. Call me a slut, kick me out, or for God's sake, scream at me until your lungs hurt, but don't ignore me. I know I messed up. If there was a way to make up for it, I would do it. But don't expect me to be the one to end our relationship. I want to fight for us. I still love you, Tom. Love was never the issue. Mike and I--"

"I don't want to hear about Mike and you," he snapped and swallowed all of his drink in one long gulp. "I don't care about you and Mike! I don't want to think about you and Mike. But you know what? I can't escape you and Mike! I have to work with him. Our firm is co-working on a project. And since my boss doesn't that his son fucked my girlfriend during his party, I can't expect him to let me focus on other projects."

"Mike...does he remind you of what happened?" she dared to ask.

Tom looked away. "Does Mike brag about having fucked you? No, Jen. He acts professionally. Like I do. But that doesn't make it any better or less awkward! It is a huge elephant in the room."

She leaned back against the fridge, looking guilty and ashamed. "I'm so sorry, Tom. Believe me, I will do anything to make up for it. But please, give me a chance to do so. If you want to sleep with another woman to even--"

He interrupted her with laughter. "You think that will make it better? Who am I supposed to have sex with. Your boss? He's fifty years old and so fat that he needs a crutch to stand up. Or your co-worker, that seventeen-year old intern that's barely out of her diapers? She still has braces! Besides," he said helplessly. "That's not how it works. I'm tired. I'm having a headache. I want to rest. But have fun figuring out how to make up for what happened!"


Another week later the situation still hadn't improved. Jen was stretching out her left leg as she sat on her yoga mat in the living room. Sally sat next to her, mirroring her friend's moves.

"Still no change?"

"He barely tolerates me," Jennifer lamented.

"Maybe," her friend suggested carefully, "you have to make a cut. I can't go on like this. It's not good for anyone."

Jennifer turned around, lifted her butt in the air and lowered her head far down, stretching her neck almost painfully long. Sally, doing the same, groaned. "Yoga sucks. Why are we doing this again?"

"'Cause it makes your butt look hot," Tom quipped as he came out of the kitchen. "Hey, Sally. How are you doing?"

Despite Jen's and Tom's troubles, Sally got along well with Tom. While she wouldn't consider them friends, he was nice and fair. And a good host. "I'm alive," she joked. "We'll see if I still am when this exercise is over. Care to join us? Jen's got a big yoga mat and some room to spare."

"No, thanks!"

"Too bad."

Mike watched them for a moment longer on his way returning into the bedroom which had become his main habitat in recent weeks. As he observed his girlfriend and her best friend bent and stretch, wearing nothing but spandex pants and tight, cropped sports bras that didn't leave a lot to the imagination, he felt his groin stiffen at the sight. It had been three weeks since he'd gotten laid and was beginning to feel the lack of relief.

He was pretty sure that Jen would be willing, probably desperate to have sex with him, if only to lessen some of her bad conscience but he refused to let her back into their bed so easily. Deep down, past the hurt and the irritation over everything that had happened, he missed her. He wanted to make their relationship work again. Wanted to stay together with her. But he didn't know how to do it. Every time he looked at Jen, he saw her fucking Mike. The imagine was burned into his heart and his eyes. He knew she was sorry. He actually believed her. And yet, he couldn't bring himself to give them a second chance. Some part of him wanted her to suffer. His life since that fateful night was pure torture. Whenever Tom had to see Mike, he had a feeling this man was looking down on him, pitying him, maybe even finding him ridiculous and pathetic.

It was likely Mike hardly remembered that night at all. It was probably all in Tom's head. But it was the brainy, logical part of his head that thought so, not his heart or his mind. The male, pride part of him was wounded. And his heart broken. And for that, he wanted Jen to keep suffering.

It wasn't fair to her. He knew that. But right now he didn't care. He couldn't bring himself to be bigger, to be compassionate or fair.

Snapping out of his thoughts, he realized he'd been staring at Sally's ass for the last two minutes. Lucky for him, she hadn't noticed. He hoped, at least. He slipped back into the bedroom, adjusted his half-hard cock and flipped the TV on. Time for a wank to some good, old porn. He pushed one of his many DVDs into the DVD player, pressed start and lowered the sound to make sure neither Jen nor Sally would hear. Damn, Jen's friends ass was made to be fucked. Jen was every man's dream, skinny, slim legs and just enough breasts to keep a man happy. She was a model. Sally...well, she was different. She was curvy without being chubby. Flat stomach, full breasts, long neck, full ass cheeks meant to be grabbed and kneaded. Her legs weren't thick, but formed. She looked like mythical goddess, with long and golden hair and a voice, soft and husky, as if constantly strained from screaming.

Tom pushed his pants down just enough to comfortably grab his cock. The two women licking each other's cunts in the porn movie hardly interested him. His eyes were closed. In his thoughts, he was imagining Sally's firm legs wrapped around his midsection, pressing against his hips while he rammed his cock deep into her hole, again and again, making that breathy voice of hers call his name over and over. He imagined grabbing her full breasts, deftly fondling them, making their large nipples hard. He'd lick them, suck on them, bite them. He'd thoroughly fuck her until she'd be sore and breathless. He'd be relentless in his thrusts. Hard and deep, making her ache for her orgasm.

As his thoughts grew more and more graphic, his hand kept stroking up and down his penis, pulling it, massaging it. Then his other hand went to give his balls a firm squeeze. A delicious mixture of pain and pleasure overcame him and he sped up, feeling his release nearing. Then he came, hard. He emptied himself, not caring that his spunk stained the carpet he and Jen had gotten just a month and a half ago. She had wanted the carpet. He had only paid for it.

A knock on the door interrupted his solitude.

"Tom?" It was Jen. "Sally needs to go to work in a bit but she spilled juice on her work blouse. I need to get to my closet so I can lend her a clean one."

With a groan he pulled his pants up and tossed an old shirt on the floor to cover his sexual leftovers. He flipped the TV off and unlocked the door. "Sure."

"Thanks," said Sally as she slipped into the bedroom and towards Jen's closet. "Um, you mind stepping out for a second? I want to change."

Tom shrugged. "Sure. Whatever." He grabbed his phone and wallet. "I'm out of beer anyway."


"I told you to just leave the laptop at the reception," Tom admonished when Jennifer knocked against his doorframe. The door was open.

"The least you could do is say 'thanks', you know?" She stepped inside. "I don't mind dropping off stuff that you forget at home." It wasn't the first time she had to do it. "But don't bitch when I do you a favor!"

Tom nodded, his face showing signs of regret. "Sorry. Thanks for doing this for me. Look, I don't have much time." He got up and walked over to her, to take the laptop from her hands. "I'm late for a meeting and--"

A firm, impatient voice interrupted him. "Tom, you comin'?"


Jen froze as the familiar tone of that voice registered with her. It was Mike. Her thoughts immediately returned to the last time they were in the same room together. A month ago. At Mike's parents. With her jizz-filled pussy still snugly wrapped around Mike's cock. Now, with flamed cheeks, she slowly turned around, lowered her head and avoided both Tom's and Mike's gaze. "Hey."

"Tom's girlfriend. Hey."

Wow, Jen thought. Tom's girlfriend. That's what she was. A nameless fuck. Had she expected to be more? Not really. Mike wasn't more than that, either. But the part of her that was all womanly pride and high self-esteem was severely irked by the fact that he didn't recall her name. "I should go," Jen said.

"You should," Tom agreed.

Jennifer did walk away, heading straight for the elevator. Mike and Tom made their way towards the conference room. The large room, surrounded by glass walls, was filled with middle-aged men. Half of them were staring at the tall woman waiting for the elevator.

"That your chick, Tom?" Dan, from accounting, wondered, leering at her from afar. "Nice legs."

"That's not all that's nice," grinned Mike.

Tommy swallowed his anger, took a seat and went to work.


"I need to do something," Tom said as dropped into the couch next to a surprised Jen. It was the first time in weeks that he began a conversation with her. "I thought about it. I can't forgive you without...without, I don't know, feeling different! I walk into a room with Mike and I know that he had you. It's always gonna be awkward. I need to know that you get that feeling. I need to know that you understand what you've done with my life."

Jen tugged a blanket around her legs and glanced at him from the corner of her eyes, afraid a direct look might scare him away. "What do you want me to do?"

"I don't know, Jen. I honestly don't." He thought about something she had said weeks ago. "If I could sleep with your boss, I'd do it. Just to let you know how it feels to be me."

"You could sleep with one of my friends," she quipped, all but genuinely.

"Yeah," he chuckled, not taking her seriously. Tom glanced at his watch, then rose to his feed. "I've got an early morning. See you tomorrow."

"Night," she whispered, suddenly emotional. For the first time in weeks he'd shown some emotion other than hate towards her. Maybe their future could still be salvaged.


"I want Sally," Tom declared the next morning, as Jen prepared her breakfast. "I thought about what you said last night. Sleep with one of your friends. I want Sally."

Jen was shocked. Was he serious? "My best friend? What would make you think she'd even go for it?"

"You. You want a second chance? Get me Sally." With that he grabbed his bag and headed for work.

Jen slouched down on a nearby chair and let the words sink in. Tom, her Tom, actually wanted to have sex with her best friend Sally. Sally would probably never go for it, not that Jen wanted her to. And even if she would, it would likely ruin their friendship. She wouldn't be able to look at Sally. Not without knowing what her best friend and her own boyfriend had done. A heavy sigh slipped from her lips. That was the core reason why Tom wanted her friend, Jen realized. To retaliate.

But if she would allow it, then Tom would forgive her, Jen also knew. He had said so, and Tom always stood by his words. Feeling suddenly sick, she leaned forward, held her stomach and breathed deeply, attempting to suppress the urge to vomit. After a few minutes, she sat up again, leaned back and closed her eyes. Could she really ask Sally to do it? Would Sally agree? Would the mere question already ruin their friendship?

Jen pulled out her phone and unlocked it, and was greeted by her background wallpaper - her and Tom on vacation at the beach last year. How happy they had been then. She wanted that happiness back, she decided. And dialed Sally's number.

"I don't have much time," said Sally as Jen opened the door for her half an hour later "What's so important? And shouldn't you be at work yourself?"

"Tom offered to forgive me," Jen stated, ignoring Sally's words.

Her friend leaped forward, and hugged her. "Jen, that's great. We can talk about it tonight, okay? I've got to go--"

"Forgiveness in return for a favor," Jen cut her off. "He wants to have sex with you. To hurt me the way I hurt him."

"Asshole!" Suddenly all work and hurry was forgotten. Sally stepped into the apartment, and slammed the door shut behind her. "Who does he think he is? I always thought him so nice. I really hope you've hit him for suggesting that! You made an honest mistake. He can't possibly believe that sleeping with me is the solution to your problems!" Sally was furiously, walking up and down the living room, venting the entire time. "He's such a prick!"

"I want you to do it," Jen said.

Sally froze in place. "What?"

"Sal, I love Tom. And if this is the only chance to get him to forgive me, I'm willing to let it happen. Please, can you do this for me? You're single anyway and--"

"And just because I'm single, I'm supposed to spread my legs for him?" She stared at Jen incredulously. "What type of person do you think I am?"

"You always brag about your hook-ups!"

"My hook-ups. Exactly! I decide whom I fuck and whom I don't fuck! I could never look at you again!"

"You wouldn't have to feel guilty about it! Or ashamed, or whatever. I asked you to do it. If there's one person supposed to feel bad about it all, it's me."

"You got that right!" Sally headed for the door. "I won't do it. Don't call me unless you want to apologize!"

Jen took out her phone, to text Tom. "I asked S. She won't do it."

"Convince her. Or you and I are done." He replied.


Two days later, Saturday night, Jen sat on the floor of the living room, a bottle of red wine in her hand. On the couch sat Sally, clutching a bottle of wine as well, while singing along to a horrible rendition of "My Heart Will Go On" by some slacker who thought he was America's next Idol.

"Again," Jen said, pretending to swallow a large amount of wine, "I'm sorry for the other day. For suggesting...you know."

"Hey, f'get it," Sally slurred. "Fa'given. Celine rocks!" She pointed at the TV. "But'dis chick sucks!" She held up her bottle, shook it and then turned it around. Only a few drops fell onto the floor. "All gone. Got bottle anoth'r?" She frowned. "T'was wrong. I am wasted! Got more wine?"

Jen got up and walked into the kitchen, on her way there, she knocked softly on Tom's bedroom door. He came out and followed her to the fridge. Jen closed her eyes for a moment, thinking her plan over one more time. "I can't believe I'm doing this. I'm giving you permission to rape my best friend!"

"Not raping," Tom clarified. "She's drunk, not passed out. I'll stop if she asks me to!"

"Is this really necessary? Can't you just fuck a hooker?"

"Would that hurt you as much?" He pulled his shirt off and kicked his socks off. "Come with me. I want you to watch!"

"No, I can't!"

"Watch!" He walked over to the couch and sat down in front of Sally. "Hey, you. A little tipsy, huh?"

"Just a lil'" She giggled. Then she got serious, as much as her drunken state allowed it. "You're 'n'asshole. Jen tol'me about it. Said you want to fuck me." She blinked. "T'is not nice!"

He leaned forward and put his hand on her left breast, softly kneading it. Her nipple immediately hardened and he grinned at her shocked face. "Aren't you at least curious?" he wondered, flicking his thumb over the pebbled nub repeatedly. Sally moaned softly. When she shook her head a little he tugged the straps of her top and bra down, exposing one full tit. It was a heavy and well rounded, tipped off by a wonderfully pink bud that begged to be suckled. He gently nudged her back into the couch, then lowered his head, swirling his tongue over her the nipple. Sally tried pushing his head away, half-heartedly, while the other one fisted into a pillow.

"That's it, Sally. Enjoy!" His eyes glanced to his side, observing Jen, who covered on the floor next to the TV. "Remember," he told her, "this only happens because of you." With that he returned to attention to Sally and pulled the rest of her top and bra down to expose her fully to him. He buried his face between her full chest, licking, biting, kissing, groping and sucking on the sweet flesh while she squirmed beneath him.

Tom quickly undid her pants and shoved them down, then her panties, which were surprisingly wet. He took that as his cue to continue. She had stopped pushing him away and instead now fondled herself. As soon as he had her stripped of everything, he rid himself of his clothes and climbed on top of her. One hand went between Sally's legs, probing her, finding her damp and ready. He pushed himself into her, swift and deep. Sally moaned loudly.

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