tagInterracial LoveStrangers in Paradise

Strangers in Paradise


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I had been planning to go to the summer resort location of Julia-Ann Springs for some time now. A bit of relaxation. A bit of 'me' time. Just what I needed from serving spoilt children and teenagers in the toy shop I work at, day in and day out.

Julia-Ann Springs resort was one of those, beach type places. Lots of places to relax by the pool, soaking in that sun and maybe - just maybe - going into it, however I am not a swimmer but checking guys bodies out by the pool was definitely something I have become quite good at, especially black men. I don't know why but they just seem to turn my head whenever I am looking out of the window to see customers coming into the shop. Just wowness. I have been with a few black men before so maybe this sparked it up a little, I don't know.

Well anyway, I took the train to Galleyware where the resort was located. I had packed everything I needed - sunglasses, sun cream, swimsuits and loads of high heeled shoes - I wanted to be different. I was probably going to be surrounded by women who have a better body than me - I am a larger lady so this was somewhat an issue for me however I embrace my curves, why shouldn't I? Curves are in for the moment, so they say.

Galleyware is a big city so I found out online. So even I can enjoy my clubbing in new places fetish when I stop enjoying the relaxation at the resort. I was welcomed by the busy people of the city and big buildings. I always enjoyed the business of places, maybe because I am young I enjoy being around people. I live in a countryside town myself, few clubs here and there but none that I would regularly go to, prefer the pubs in my area, however clubs in bigger cities I always enjoyed the feeling of and ... men.

I took a taxi to the resort, as according to a few newspaper vendors "it is a bitch to get to without a car". The taxi driver seemed like he was having a bit of a bad day so I kept quiet and enjoyed the scenery outside. Enjoying the lights - it kind of reminded me of New York City or London, somewhere big like that. I love the sights and sounds of busy places like them. I paid the taxi driver when I arrived and walked over to the receptionist, she was blonde with tidy hair and tits on show, obviously something to get the guys to keep coming back to the resort, and ... a slim figure.

'Good Afternoon. Welcome to Julia-Ann Springs. Will you be checking in today?' she asked. I took out a few papers from my bag, handing them over. She smiled at me, a fake smile I know so well. She took my papers and put all of my details onto the system. I heard the automatic doors opening and some footsteps, heavy footsteps, a male's I decided, and then a 'thud' to the right of me as the person got to the reception. I felt eyes watching me from the right of me, maybe I'm going crazy I thought.

'I'd like to... check in....' the male voice said. It sounded... black. Oh god, I have to look. I looked up from the woman in front of me that's when I noticed, the guy beside me was black, he seemed to be in his early 30s and was wearing a red polo shirt, white capris and light blue flip flops with black and gold rimmed sunglasses. I bit my lip as I checked him out a little and then he smiled at me. Oh god what a fantastic smile, there is nothing sexier than a black man's smile. He is facing me but his sunglass covered eyes seem to be look down at something for no more than 5 seconds before his eyes moved to the receptionist behind the desk.

'Yes. I'd like to upgrade to the Melon Condos,' he said as he moved his glasses onto his head. I gulped and looked back at the receptionist who seemed to be a little bit pissed at me. I didn't realise she had tried to get my attention. Oh well, don't put me near an amazingly nice male and I won't get distracted!

'Would you like to be upgraded, Miss. Little?' she asked with an unamused expression.

'No. This is my first time here, so I think I will be fine ...'

'She would like to be upgraded, I'll put it on my card,' the male said as he seemed to have moved over, brushing his hand over my right arse cheek. I gasped as he did so, he looked at me as his hand moved up my stomach and then onto the desk, leaning against it. The receptionist had begun primping her hair as he walked over and handed her his card.

'Th-Thank you. Mister.'

'Tyrone Matthews. You sure are a Little... Shawty...' he said as he winked at me. I blushed instantly and looked away, looking over at the receptionist who had a disgusted look on her face. Normally this would upset me however, having the guy pay for an upgrade and to take an interest in my arse, all in the last 5 minutes made me forget about it.

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