tagBDSMStress and Success Ch. 02

Stress and Success Ch. 02


Christine March

She felt secure. For the first time Christine knew instinctively that she was getting what she really wanted. Her ass was exposed to a man she hardly knew, and her dress was unceremoniously crowded around her head. The top of her head still tingled where her red hair had been man handled and he had forced her to the table. Its surface was cold, but the wood still warmed her emotionally.

The entire night had frightened her slightly. She did not understand Westin's desire to meet with her, and had been completely confused when he proposed a relationship with her. It was something she had wanted from the first time she heard him command her boss, yet knew was impossible. Shooting stars like Westin Banks did not bother with junior loan officers who barely sold enough mortgages to justify their employment. When he spoke in the office near her cubicle, she knew he was a man who got what he wanted and got it the way he wanted it. Her nipples had stiffened at the sound. She looked up from her desk and saw the tall dark haired man and his piercing blue eyes. She had recognized him instantly.

The last relationship she had been in was with a man with a voice like that. He had been the assistant professor in her sophomore accounting class. They had dated for three years. But while she worked on her career he became jealous. She wanted to give him complete control in return for his safe keeping and support, and he only wanted his maliciousness to be seen as affection. Eventually she had needed to drop her entire life and move.

Westin Banks was still. She wondered what he might be deciding. SMACK It was his hand on her left buttock; the sting of the blow obliterated all other thoughts inside her. A whimper escaped her throat, and she heard him moan in response. SMACK Right buttock this time, her entire ass began to throb after just the two blows. Her bottom lip was quivering, and she bit down to settle it He alternated; from cheek to cheek giving ten blows in total. She knew her ass was now a bright red contrast to its normal pale tone. It wouldn't be easy to sit. She was tingling all over and had gotten very wet after the blows.

"That was for bringing your jackass boss to my office. Now if your hands move when I step away, I will give you double the punishment." When he spoke his breath was ragged and shallow. The tone was slightly enthusiastic.

She had hated when Mr. Rivisi had barged in on her meeting, claiming his experience would be necessary in dealing with Mr. Banks. Westins eyes told her Rivisi was not invited the second they entered the office. Now she was grateful for the blows, she would no longer need to feel guilty about the mistake.

He stepped away now. She heard him rustling across the room, but the dress over her head obstructed her view. Moments later he had returned. There was movement directly by her right ear, and he put several things on the table.

"It will be a minute before this is ready Christine...Cardinal" He had used the safe word. She didn't understand. Was she doing something wrong?

"I stopped because this will need time to be ready and I wanted to get your input on some things before we continue. First the pain how did it feel?" He spoke in a warm focused voice.

He was concerned for her. She felt her heart stutter, compassion was unexpected. Gathering her thoughts she replied.

"Blissful, it was wonderful, and I knew I earned it when you told me why you had done it."

"Yes, about that. I have decided that is the last time I will mix profession and personal. My dungeon, for all its unused glory. Is just about the people in it. Our work has no place in here, and honestly I know that I just wanted an excuse to spank you. It will not happen again. Unless you earn it in our personal life." Honesty was unexpected also. She would gladly let him spank her again for his pleasure, and his pleasure alone.

"About our personal life, I expect to see you three times a week. Once to go out publicly to enjoy ourselves, and twice to stay in and enjoy ourselves. I will call your home the night before I wish to see you with instructions. We will not make contact at work." She reveled in his decision-making. This was uncomplicated; all she had to do was comply and trust. It was beautiful in it's simplicity.

"I will pay for everything while we are out. I will also pay for anything you purchase for me, that is if my instructions require you to buy anything you will bring the receipts to me." He was calm and deliberate. She reveled in it. He would handle everything. "That is all I have at the moment, I am ready to resume. Lift your right foot if you are ready also."

She picked the foot up immediately. This man could have any of her he chose. His hand griped her right leg just above the knee and pulled it away from her left leg, spreading her and forcing her chest and abdomen onto the table. The wood chilled her torso as his hand now worked it's way up her leg to her privates. She lost focus when the fingers pushed aside her hair-covered lips and hit her moisture. Playing for a few moments the hand left her. She had just started to regain her composure when something hit the small of her back.

It was wet and hot. It burned, and slid down the left side of her back burning a trail as it went. Candle wax. Just as it cooled and the pain died another glob landed on her ass, sliding inward from the left cheek to run down her ass crack. This was much more sensitive and she yelped audibly. Breathing short and choppy until it cooled she began to long to kiss the man, to thank him for wanting to bring comfort and pleasure to her.

"Scream if you must." He implored of her. "No one will hear but me and I think I like it."

With that a stream of wax landed on the right side of her but, and he ran it over to the left, and up her back. It was relentless and scream she did. But it wasn't a pain scream.

"Ooooooohhhhh!!" It escaped her lips full of lust and enjoyment. The wax slowly started to cool. And she became aware of him blowing on her ass to cool it faster.

After it cooled for the third time He told her to stand up. She felt the wax cracking as her skin flexed with the movement. Flaking, and peeling from her backside. It was a pleasant reminder of the sensations the wax had caused.

"Face me." Commanded Westin. She turned on her heels to do so, the dress falling back into place. She saw that he was slightly fatigued, and clearly excited. She looked down to his pants and saw his bulge calling to her.

"Remove the dress and sit on the table."

She unzipped the dress, pulled it over her head and tossed it aside. Her bra, shoes and the little bit of hose around her feet from where he had cut the rest off were all that she was wearing now. His little knife took care of the bra cutting where it met between her breasts. She let it fall, and hoisted herself onto the table. The wax dug into her ass further agitating the angry marks on her backside.

Stepping between her legs he had another command.

"Open my pants."

She fumbled with the tuxedo for a moment and released his cock. It leapt out into her hands and he groaned as he shrugged the jacket off. She had completely undone the pants so they slowly began to make their way towards the floor as he continued.

"Guide me."

She put one hand on his cock and the other on his ass and pulled him into her slowly. She saw the shiver of pleasure roll down his shoulders when he was hip to hip with her. As she wrapped her legs around his waist he put his left hand on the table for balance, and thrust his right hand into her hair.

Pulling her head back by the fist full of hair he had, he began to slowly move in and out of her. In contrast to the force he was using, he softly kissed her neck at its base then started to kiss her collarbones. She climaxed on the third push, screaming with pleasure and gripping his ass with both hands now. Her all ready moist pussy got sloppy with the added wetness. Now making slight wet squeaks when he thrust. He did not last much longer. Picking up his momentum he began to hammer her crotch for a dozen or so strokes before pulling out and yanking her off the table, and with the hold he had on her hair forced his cock to her face. Yelling aloud he blasted her face with the first of his orgasm. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue to catch the rest.

Cum dripping down her cheeks she sucked the remainder of it out of him and flicked her tongue over his member to get the rest. Swallowing all but the first bit, she moved to wipe the rest to her lips with a finger.

"Leave it."

She obeyed. Putting the hand down. His semen began to drip onto her neck and chest. Longing for it, she wished she could lick it up and have all of him.

"Follow me."

He was now breathless and satiated. Quickly he turned and went up the stairs to the house proper. She wasn't more than a step behind him. Then he went to the front of the house and took the long curved staircase to the second floor. In her black shoes and the bit of pantyhose she followed him into the master suite.

They showered in an enormous gray marble and frosted glass shower that had three showerheads protruding from the wall. Not once did he speak, he simply bathed her with a large washcloth, and then bathed himself.

While he was drying her with a gigantic blue towel he massaged her shoulders and legs, then lingered a long time rubbing her ass through the towel. Calmly he spoke at last.

"There is no need for you to return home tonight. I will take you back in the morning."

With that he grabbed her hand and walked her into the large bedroom. It was decorated in a very masculine fashion. The room was dominated by a massive king size four-poster bed in dark wood. On top of it was a thick burgundy comforter. A large plasma television hung on the wall opposite the bed with a small table below it containing the requisite satellite and DVD boxes. Against the wall to the left of the bed was a nine-drawer dresser in the same dark wood as the bed. On the right side was a burgundy fainting couch like what may be found in a psychiatrist's office.

He pulled the comforter back and arranged the pillows against the wall so they would be sitting up. He motioned for her to climb in the bed and then followed her, both naked. The bed was lavish against her. Sheets were obviously an absurd thread count, and the mattress conformed to every shape of her like a cocoon. After he was settled sitting against the headboard he spoke again.

"You will need to bring two sets of work clothing, and two sets of casual clothing to my house. I will be able to keep you overnight whenever, and the day of the week needn't matter." This time she began to reply sensing the calm.

"Of course. That won't be a problem" "You need something to keep you occupied, I did not ask for your input, and a simple yes sir is all I will allow you to say unless I ask for more input." With that he lifted the comforter and held it up. After a long moment she got the idea.

"Yes sir." Panted Christine. She had been hoping that he wasn't done anyway, and salivated when she knew what he wanted.

"Occupy yourself while I think of more things that will be necessary." He commanded. She immediately slid beneath the covers and kissed the head of his dick. Pulling back slightly she ran her tongue over his glans and around the head before opening wider and taking half of it into her mouth.

Dropping the comforter back into place he was silent for several minutes.

"I want to control when you cum, I felt that it was inconsiderate on your part to not inform me that you were about to. From now on you will ask permission from me first. This includes masturbation. You will require my permission to cum then also. In fact I think you will require my permission to masturbate as well. I don't want you to have recently spent yourself moments before I call upon you." His cock was rock hard now, and she had been toying with it to "occupy" herself as he wanted. Slowly licking the sides of it from base to tip, and dipping lower to caress his balls with her tongue. He was breathing harder now. Suddenly he threw the comforter back and she shut her eyes to the sudden light.

"Open your eyes."

She gazed up at him with the head of his cock in sitting on the top of her tongue, and her lips closed tight her cheeks sucking in from the pressure of her suction. When their eyes met she felt him quiver slightly.

"Enough, stop playing, I would like to see your nose pressed against my skin. If you fail to accomplish this for ten seconds or more I will give you a small blanket and you will sleep on the floor. Do not shut your eyes."

She moved to a position between his legs, and opened her mouth wide to stretch it before pressing the head to her lips and slowly descending on it. She got half of it down before gagging, and wiped her lips with her hand before trying again. No better the second time.

"You have ten minutes to accomplish your task before I move you to the floor." The third time she got slightly further, but her body convulsed, rejecting it. On and on she went. Finally, planting her hands on either side of his hips, she managed to feel his pubic hair tickle her nose. She was close...almost there.

She guessed that five minutes had passed when she came up, and the next time she went down she was able to bury her face in his pubic region.


His response made her heart jump, and she backed up and took a deep breath. Burying her face again she began to count. One, two, three, four, five...her throat was objecting, she tried swallowing to tame it. Six, seven, she was gagging now. Eight, nine, he was moaning. Ten. She didn't move, wanting to prove how her desire to please him.

"Amazing, well done."

His praise spurred her on. She pulled back up breathing in and instantly dropping back down. Shivers went through him, and she moved her right hand to his now neglected balls. They contracted at contact, and she pulled back, sealing her lips over the head of his member swirling her tongue around it. This time, she didn't let any of his orgasm get away from her.

He pulled her up to him and they fell asleep with his right hand clasped tightly around her left wrist.

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