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Stripper Wife


It had all started on my birthday a couple of weeks earlier. As a present, my wife Andrea had taken me to a strip bar, given me a stack of singles and told me to go nuts. Later that night at home, Andrea had put on her own little show for me, which to my way of thinking was superior to the show the girls had put on in the bar. The strippers were just teasers, Andrea had been a pleaser, and our lovemaking was long and passionate. I slept so soundly that I nearly missed work the next day.

A few weeks later, Andrea asked me what I had thought of my present. I told her that it was wonderful. She then started enquiring about the girls, what I liked in a dancer, what kind of show I enjoyed most and the like. I answered her questions honestly, telling her how turned on I was by the girls.

“Well, I saw a sign while we were there for Amateur Night.” Andrea flashed me a big grin. “Do you think I’d be any good at something like that?”

I started to get wood as I remembered the show she had given me for my birthday. Besides the fact that I’d gotten laid afterward, I had to admit that it was a very good show. “You’d be great!”

“Those girls are so beautiful,” she frowned, “I could never compete against them.”

“You’re so beautiful, baby,” I tried to soothe her, “you’d do fine if you wanted to. Besides, you’d be competing against other amateurs, not the actual dancers.”

“I suppose,” she was cautious now, “it’s just, well, my body….”

I realize most women are a little sensitive about their bodies. I’ve never met a woman who didn’t think she was too fat or too skinny or too something. As far as I was concerned, my Andrea had nothing to worry about. She may not have been the huge-titted stripper type, but she was gorgeous. Tall at over 5’8”, she was the thin, leggy type that I’ve always preferred. And her legs were amazing, connected to the most luscious ass I’d ever laid my eyes on. She was uncomfortable with her B cup breasts, even after I’d insisted that their firmness and perfect, perky shape more than offset any lack of size. Long wavy brown hair and deep brown eyes completed her wonderful look.

“Your body is wonderful!” I wasn’t sure if I had convinced her. “I’m sure I’m not the only man who’s noticed, either.”

She blushed, “You’re sweet, but you have to say that. You’re my husband.”

“If you really want to find out if you’ve got it,” I replied, “this is the perfect way. It’s up to you, though.”

The subject was dropped. I figured she had decided against it and had nearly forgotten about it. Then, Wednesday, I received a call at work.

“Hi, honey.” She said after I picked up the phone. “What are you doing tonight?”

“I was planning on coming home and having supper with my wife.”

“Why don’t you join me for a drink?” I could practically hear her grinning on the other end. “How about Crystal’s?”

Crystal’s was the strip bar that we had gone too on my birthday. I seemed to remember that Wednesday was Amateur Night. “Sounds like fun. I hope they’ve got some good performers tonight!”

“I think you’ll like what you see.”

We met just after six, Andrea was sitting at the bar in a long, conservative beige skirt and white blouse. Wearing her hair up, she was enjoying a drink, I sat down next to her and ordered a beer.

“I get free drinks tonight!” She had a glimmer in her eye that I’d seldom seen. I also noticed a warm glow that indicated she wasn’t enjoying her first free drink of the evening. “And if I win, I get $200!”

I kissed her on the cheek. “Well good luck, sweetie, you’ll do great.”

The competition started just after 7pm. I took a seat next to the stage as the first dancer, a very busty blonde named Cami, pranced onto the stage. She had the look of a stripper, and her dancing and siliconed breasts seemed to bear that out. She put on an excellent show, and I was sure to toss a few singles her way.

Her set ended and Cami started working her way along the front row, giving short lap dances for a single. My Andrea came on stage just as Cami began grinding on the first lucky spectator. Andrea was wearing the same clothes she had worn when I met her at the bar. She danced around shyly to the first song, keeping her clothes on, but occasionally flashing a bra strap or lifting her skirt enough to show a stocking top. I already liked her show.

As the second song came on the sound system, Andrea tore her blouse open, buttons rattling about the stage. It was quite a surprise to all the spectators, and more than one man applauded her. She removed the blouse and unhooked her bra, exposing her perky little tits. She flung the bra to the back of the stage.

By this time, Cami had made her way to my seat. She jumped on my lap and started grinding her self onto me. I was extremely aroused, getting a lap dance while watching my sexy wife strut her stuff for the fans. I gave Cami a dollar just as Andrea’s third song started.

She spun on one leg, unbuttoning her skirt as she did so. My Andrea was now dancing on stage in just a beautiful black garter belt that I had never seen before, stockings and heels. As she danced, Andrea let her hair down and flailed it about in time to the music. Even if she hadn’t been my wife, I’d have been excited, her performance was electric.

She started working her way along the men in the front row. I suppose another dancer came on stage, but I never looked at her, instead focusing on my stunning wife as she ground herself onto all the men.

When she finally got to me, I was sporting an obvious hard on. She rode me with amazing vigor, grinding her cunt onto my cock. I got a little longer lap dance than the other guys, and as she finished she leaned forward.

“Your cock is so hard,” she whispered, “just like every other guy I rode on!”

She got up and left. I stuffed a buck into one of her stockings as she went off to the next lucky man.

The end of the competition came and all of the girls came back on stage. I tried to realistically gauge my wife’s chances of winning. Most of the girls had been too shy to put on a good show. A few were very good for amateurs, the group I would have put Andrea in. Then there was Cami, she was the class of the field, though I suspected that she was a professional. She had obviously been on stage like this before.

The club owner made the announcement of the winners. Cami won as I had suspected, but my Andrea came in second. She squealed as her name was announced, jumping around as she accepted the $50 second prize from the club owner.

She was still excited when she came over to my table. “Oh my God, baby! I got second place!”

“You were fantastic!” Her enthusiasm was contagious. “Sorry you didn’t take first, but second place is amazing!”
“You don’t know the half of it!” She took a long drink from my beer. “Cami, the girl who won, well she used to be a dancer. She talked the club owner into letting her dance here one night a week!”

“Then you’re the number one real amateur!” I was as excited as she was by now. “Hot damn! I’m going home with a stripper!”

We left Crystal’s soon after, Andrea following me back to our apartment in her car. I wrapped my arm around her waist for the walk from the parking lot to our place. As soon as we entered our apartment, she was all over me, stabbing her tongue into my mouth and rubbing my ass.

“I was so bad tonight!” She was a little tipsy from all the free drinks. “I ground into all of those hard cocks. It made me so wet.”

“You were a dirty little slut tonight.” I feigned anger. “Maybe you need to be taught a lesson.”

“It made me so hot, though.” She rubbed herself all over me. “I need a cock in me so bad!”

“Do you want my cock or just any cock?” She refused to answer. “Do you want to be loved or do you just want your cunt filled?”

“I’m a bad girl….” Andrea turned around and lifted her skirt, exposing her bare ass, beautifully framed by her garter belt and stockings.

I gave her butt a gentled slap and Andrea giggled a bit. When we were dating I had discovered that she liked to be spanked. It was something that was sometimes integrated into our lovemaking, but I had bigger plans for tonight.

“Andrea,” I said sternly, “you were a bad girl tonight. If you think I’m going to let this behavior continue, you’re sadly mistaken.”

“What are you gonna do?” She nibbled on the end of her little figure, trying to look innocent.

I turned my back to her, walked away and had a seat on the sofa. “I’m going to teach you a lesson. Now get me a beer.”

Andrea headed to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of beer. She held it just beyond my outstretched hand.

“Give it to me!” I nearly spat. “Now!”

“What are you gonna do?” she pulled the beer away as I reached for it.

“You will do as I tell you.” I reached for it once more. Again she pulled it away, this time she took a drink.

“Delicious! Would you like some?”

I stood. She took a step backward. “I will not chase you. You will bring my beer to me.”

She giggled and started to turn away, trying to make her escape. I grabbed her wrist before she was out of range, took a step backward and fell back onto the couch. I pulled her down with me and she ended up across my lap. My other hand reached for the beer bottle. I caught it, though some of the contents spilled onto the arm of the couch.

“Look what you’ve done, slut!” My hand free hand reached for the hem of her skirt. I pulled the skirt up over her back, fully exposing her delicious round ass cheeks. “Clean up what you’ve spilled.”

“You’ll have to let me up.”

SMACK! I gave her ass a mighty wallop. She cried out, more in astonishment than pain, pain would come later. I rubbed her ass lightly then smacked it once again.

“You wanted to drink my beer,” I smacked her bare bottom once again, “lick it off of the upholstery.”

She hesitated. I had yet another excuse to slap her butt, harder this time. Her ass began to glow that familiar red and I could feel the heat as I caressed her.

“Please baby,” she pleaded, “I’ll do anything.”

“Lick it up slut!”

Her tongue protruded slightly, tentatively licking at the arm of the sofa where the beer had landed. “I can’t get it all.”

“It’s soaked into the upholstery by now. If you’d have licked it up when you were told you could have got it all.” I gave her ass another smack. “Suck it out of the upholstery!”

She buried her face into the arm of the sofa and began sucking. I took a long drink from my beer. Andrea moved her head to show me her work. She had done a good job, but I’d always known how well she could suck.

“Now,” I said sternly, “to the topic at hand. You will not be so slutty in public.”

“Yes sir.”

“You will do as you are told”

“Always sir.”

“Good.” I rubbed her ass gently. “I’m glad you’ve seen the error of your ways. I would be remiss if I didn’t punish you for tonight’s behavior.”

With that, I let loose the hardest whack of the evening followed by four or five of similar strength. She wailed with each smack of her ass. My cock came to full attention as she gyrated on my lap.

I spanked her ass for a good 15 minutes, alternating between hard smacks and soft caresses. I saw a small tear well up in the corner of one eye.

“Have you learned your lesson?” I asked, rubbing her burning ass cheeks ever so lightly.

“Yes sir.”

“You can say that, but how do I know?”

“Please, my ass cheeks can’t take anymore.” Her voice cracked. I looked at her ass, practically glowing red from the spanking.

“Alright, then.” A devious smile spread across my lips. “I’m not through with you yet, though. You may leave to go to the bedroom and return with the Vaseline.”

Andrea turned to look at me, trying to gauge how serious I was. I shot her a look that left her little doubt. She got up, and did as she was told, handing me the jar of petroleum jelly.

“Thank you.” I said sweetly. “The skirt and blouse, remove them, now.”

Once again Andrea did as she was told. I could see the apprehension in her eyes as she disrobed for me. I began to rub my cock through my pants. She looked so sexy in her lingerie and I loved the control I held over her. I removed my cock from my pants.

“Lube me up.” Andrea hesitated and I was forced to raise my voice. “You are to put lubrication on my cock so that I can fuck your asshole! Would you prefer I fuck you without lubrication?”

When we were in college I had convinced Andrea to allow me into her ass. I had gently lubed her virgin rosebud, liberally smeared my cock with lube and penetrated her for an entire ten seconds before she told me to stop. I was determined do her longer this time.

“Please,” she cried, “you’re too big. Can’t we do something else?”

“You have been given your instructions,” I stated calmly, “now carry them out.”

Andrea got on her knees in front of me. Instead of smearing Vaseline on my throbbing cock, she took me in her mouth. After a couple of strokes, she removed me from her mouth and looked up.

“Let me take care of you like this.” She flashed her sweetest smile.

“You’ve been told what to do.”

She licked the head of my dick, “You know you love it. I’ll get you off with my dirty mouth.”

“Perhaps you will,” I sneered, “after I finish with your ass.”

“Please!” She pleaded. “I’ll do anything! I’ll let you come in my mouth! I’ll suck you off every day this week. Anything!”

“That’s enough, Andrea!” My patience was at an end; I tossed the jar to her. “Now to your business!”

She did as instructed, coating my thick cock with the cold jelly. She then removed my pants.

“Excellent! Now turn around and lubricate yourself.”

Andrea turned around and got on all fours. She dipped her index finger into the Vaseline, then placed it against her tight butthole. Hesitating momentarily, she inserted the finer to her second knuckle. I enjoyed the sight so much that I considered letting her off the hook, but my cock was now doing the thinking.

I got on my knees behind her and placed the bulbous head of my cock against her tightest hole. I slowly entered her, pushing deep into her near-virgin ass. It was the tightest hole that I’d ever been in, seemingly tighter than it had been even when we were in college.

“You’re too big!” She cried as sunk myself into her completely, all the way to my balls.

“You will take me, whore!” I gave her ass a slap. “You will do as you are told.”

I picked up the pace, fucking her dirty ass faster and faster. Andrea whimpered. Cum built in my balls, my release was near. Andrea let out a loud cry and fell forward, extracting herself from my pumping cock.

“No more!” Both hands reached around to stroke her still red ass. “Please no more! I can’t take any more of you in my ass!”
I began stroking my cock. My beautiful wife lay in front of me, ass glowing, butthole gaping. I sat back on the couch. “On your knees in front of me.”

Apprehensive, Andrea knelt in front of me. I instructed her to remove her bra, then stroked my cock against her tits. I was getting closer now, the speed of my stroke increased. I rubbed my fat tool all over my wife’s beautiful face.

“Turn around!” I demanded.

“No more,” Andrea cried, “I can’t take you back there anymore.”

“TURN AROUND!” I struggled not to cum before she obeyed.

Andrea did as instructed, raising her ass to me as I got on my knees behind her, still stroking. I placed the head of my cock against her asshole as I erupted, shooting my hot cum into her ass. Most of it ran down her crack, trickling over her sweet pussy.

She collapsed once more. Another jet of cum shot across both cheeks as she landed face down on the carpet. I rubbed my spent penis over her luscious bottom for a few moments before I took her hand and led her off to bed.

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