tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStripping Steph

Stripping Steph


Steph was late from work and rushed though a simple game night was all we'd planned. Ted and Ursula were already here and had a libido loosening three drink head start. I suspected that my hints about what kind of games I had in mind were correctly understood. Both of them wore loose-fitting orange shorts that were tailored around their butts, hers were neon!

Despite her bountiful bust, Ursula wore a braless, thin and fragile, yellow, button down top. It was an interesting cross between a tank and cami as it had a low scoop neck and wide straps that bunched to a daring, tiny connection to the core, front and back. Her fleshy D-cup cleavage was already provocatively displayed even if she hadn't also opened the two top buttons. The sub-bust bead tailored to her chest seemed to add another cup size by separating and drawing attention to the clingy bust line. From the taut bust down, the blouse flared out boldly until it ended at her low rider waistline. Leaving the last four buttons open exposed her rippled abs far above her navel. She was a vision to drool over.

Knowing how much Steph loves surprises -NOT- I still didn't stop Ted from crouching in her closet in ambush. I suspect he wanted a peek at my wife as she changed which, since she is a closet exhibitionist, would fulfill their two fantasies and titillate Ursula and me as we watched. Steph loved to flash friends and strangers as long as it 'wasn't her fault' or she was 'forced' to comply.

Steph's split skirt flowed behind her as she hustled past us in the living room and <whooosh> left a Doppler shifted greeting in her wake. Ursula and I rushed to follow her and check on Ted. We found her already sloughing off her blue suit jacket and simultaneously kicking off her shoes, dropping her bag and propping her attache against her dresser.

"Wait! Where's Ted? I hope he's late too." I told her he was around somewhere, but she didn't need to rush. "OK. Whew! You two better scoot, I'm not an ecdysiast." No, she couldn't just say 'stripper' when still in 'business mode' - she HAD to use her $2 words! "I'll just slow down and change into something more casual. Maybe shorts or my old white jumper..." As she reached for the closet door, Ted shoved it open, leapt high against her chest and bellowed a loud YEOWWWW.

Steph gasped and, whether from recoil or the force of Ted's exploding against her chest, launched backward, eyes and mouth wide open. She gasped loudly and before she could complete her terrified scream, she was on her back crosswise on our bed with her blue skirt's center-split splayed along each outer thigh. It fell high across her tempting legs and briefly exposed her thick, barely clad mound. While she was catching her breath Ted was clutching his sides, laughing and bouncing up and down between her feet, even gauchely pointing at her groin. His wife was trying hard not to laugh, and failing, as was I. Next time Ted stood, Steph kicked out with both feet to try to knock him down. It didn't hurt her agenda that her loose skirt shot up above her waist and completely exposed her sexy, white cotton panty.

Ted abruptly stopped laughing when his eyes locked on my wife's translucent panty which barely covered a developing, lusty camel toe. Ursula stared and licked her lips at the barely covered snatch as I smirked at their enjoying the beautiful, sexy sight of my wife 'accidently' exposing herself. I knew better than to 'help' her. She shouted a few choice obscenities and flapped part of her skirt across her thighs. She shouted a semi convincing NO as she threshed her legs at him.

Ted dodged her flailing feet and grabbed an ankle. The more she kicked out at him, the higher and harder he pulled on her ankle. Her skirt split wide open again and his wife moved behind him to better appreciate the titillating view of Steph's exposed mini bikini. As alluring as her toned, shapely legs looked, her kicking spoiled and blocked the view. Steph saw Ted subtly shift his tenting cock while she kicked out again, while pretending to preserve her modesty. She hooked her toes under his shorts and pushed under his already aching, bare cock. He startled and grunted when he felt her warm foot push his shorts and boxers up then compress his torrid, swollen dick against his thigh. Ted grabbed her other ankle and yanked it high enough to lift her ass off the bed, but not before briefly exposing his purple cock head.

He pulled her feet onto his shoulders and her ass closer to the edge of the bed. The open skirt began to bunch just under her ribs so we all admired the soft curves of her sweet cheeks. Ted, gasping thru gritted teeth, told his wife to unzip Steph's skirt. I wasn't sure if I wanted to abort his taking control until I saw the half hidden tiny smirk on Steph's lips that said she was happily overcoming her resistance and reluctance. She shouted NO again.

Ursula, lower blouse flapping, had to pull the blue skirt down from Steph's navel to unhook and unzip it. Steph pretended to struggle, but easily lost to Ursula's fondling as she tugged the loose skirt down sexy legs and up toward her husband's face. Instead of releasing the captive gams, Ted told his wife to slip the skirt over his arms, head and chest. She stared for just a second while wondering if that were even possible. She tried and in seconds Ted had my wife's skirt around his neck with the open slit gaping around his right arm. Steph twisted and wiggled her bared legs and slinky ass which caused her to crab walk her swollen mound closer to Ted.

As Ted spread her legs, she showed us her plumped puss, tiny, bulging clit and a rapidly growing wet spot below her obvious, needy lips. Her blouse had also risen and was barely blocked by her lacy bra. Ursula ran to the far side of the bed and pulled the blouse above the bra, showing us her small, but lively tits as they fought to escape their delicate prison. Steph fought back and, reaching over head, yanked Ursula's tank top down and apart. All the closed buttons flew across the room and one strap broke at the small front contact. She shrieked when her bare, full, D-cups fell out of the torn top that barely clung by one damaged strap. With her big, beautiful, bare tits exposed and rebounding, Ursula renewed her attack and jerked harder. Steph's blouse caught above her head, at her elbows and Ursula paused, holding it there so Steph's arms were locked down.

Ursula swept over Steph's tiny tits and stiffening nipples, nearly pushing the wispy cups off them, and rambunctiously tickled her ribs. She hated her spasms and reactions to tickling! While convulsing from the tickling, her lurching legs pulled her crotch closer to Ted's face. Still gasping her counterfeit 'NO', Steph grabbed and yanked Ursula's shorts by the hem until the button clasp tore open. She gasped, pulled away and yanked on the trapped blouse.

As soon as Ursula pulled the bunched up blouse free, Steph twisted onto her chest and grabbed at Ursula's waist. In one vengeful jerk, she pulled Ursula's shorts and damp panty to her knees and exposed the dark bush and aromatic, swollen, glistening pussy to all of us. Ursula shrieked again and saw me and Ted locked onto her slightly gaping cunt. Since she had expected to be exposed in some silly adult game anyway, she left her pussy exposed and her bare tits swinging as she refocused on my nearly naked wife. Slapping Steph's hands away, she released the front bra clip and pulled the bra harshly off her. Steph's tiny, flattened, gyrating tits stared back at us and her tight, tall, perfect nipples crinkled firmly for us to enjoy.

This was the first time this couple got a clear, close look at so much of my wife. She stopped fighting and said to me, "Happy now? You stripped me and exposed me to our friends. Now what!" The obvious dare was answered by Ursula tossing her shredded tank top aside and kicking off the rest of her clothes. She knelt on the bed with her knees astride Steph's ears and her wet pussy on her head.

"You're not naked yet, honey. Not until my husband rips or pulls off those wet panties. They won't fit over his chest like that skirt! In fact, Al, why don't you help and pull your wife's panties as far off as you can. I want a close look at that angry snatch and I bet Ted does too." Steph pinched Ursula's nipples hard to try to get her off her face, but she seemed to enjoy the pain! I went next to Ted and stared at the lusty, wet mound my wife had moved nearly against his swollen slacks. The panty was half down her hips, so I pulled the crotch up tighter to let her slit show thru the wet cotton.

After teasing her and Ted by slowly tracing each obvious lip, then deepening the gap between outer and inner lips, I cupped her mound and deepened the center gap. They both moaned. I scraped gently around her clit so Ted's attention was focused on it and finally, slowly dragged the last bit of her modesty off her hips, down her legs, over her feet and up to Ted's arms and face. I left them at his wrists so they were tight across his nose. She groaned a less emphatic NO. After adjusting the huge bulge in my slacks, I repeated my adorations on my wife's naked, exposed, hungry pussy. This time I easily slipped three fingers into her slippery cavern below her light brown trim.

She lurched as I twisted the fingers inside her hot, gaping cunt and coated them in her nectar. Again, she moaned NOoooo. The aroma was intoxicating and I struggled to lick and suck just one finger. She groaned as she watched me offer a second, sopping finger to Ted and how he didn't hesitate to suck it completely into his mouth and savor her most personal pussy juice. His dick throbbed against his slacks. I leaned forward to offer Ursula a taste of my third, sopping wet finger. As she leaned across Steph's face to lick the thick sauce off me, I leaned farther and kissed her around my finger.

Ted tossed my wife's wet panties on the bed and pulled her skirt over his head. I told him to keep the panties nearby because if he didn't suck them dry, I would. I grabbed and sniffed Ursula's panties before putting them with Steph's.

A dozen inches above Steph's face, our tongues danced thru my wife's sex juice and then deeply with each other. Barely noticing her sneaky, vengeful touch, Steph opened my slacks and pushed them down enough to expose the head of my hard tool. As I passionately kissed her friend, she lightly jerked my prick before moving Ursula's hand onto it. The difference in warmth and stroke was obvious and surprising. I felt my slacks dragged down and off seconds after noting that Steph's legs were flat on the bed and she'd stopped kicking. When I finally broke the kiss with Ursula, I realized that Ted must have pulled off my clothes.

I bent to kiss and suck Steph's nipple and found Ted's hand on the other one. As I pinched Ursula's nipple, I looked back and saw Ted naked, his stiff, uncut cock pointing straight out, and beginning to kneel between my wife's feet. He stroked then kissed my hairy ass. Hugely surprised, I froze and waited for his 'friendly' slap of buffoonery. Instead, he pulled my cheek away and licked my toroid muscle. Fearing the worst, it was my turn to call out a definitive NOOOO! He understood and moved his torrid tool away from me and guided it back toward my wife.

I crawled up and knelt next to Steph's waist then watched her friend lean forward and lick her wet, denuded pussy lips. She spread her legs wider for her friend and looked up and into Ursula's wet, gaping and swollen snatch. After spreading it wider and admiring its hirsute decor a few seconds, she pushed her hungry tongue into it and drained it of its sweet flow despite her rapid breathing

Ted kissed Steph's soft thighs while his wife savored her tender twat. I moved behind Ursula and watched her pussy twitch on my wife's tongue. Her wrinkled hole was as tight and pretty as Steph's and pulled me to it. I slid a finger into her snatch, next to my wife's lively tongue and stole some nectar. I pushed my nose against her gaping hole and licked her fragrant, pulsing pussy and my wife's tongue. It was a delirious sensation. After licking my finger of her sweetness, I plunged it deep inside her again and heard her groan.

She was already rubbing her C when I brought my aching, stiff cock to rub her slit. Steph knows I love being licked while I plunder the depths of a wet pussy so she wasn't surprised to feel my shaft slip inside Ursula, next to her tongue. I felt her shift to her clit and her fingers push the hood back. As I pressed deeper and slammed firmly against Ursula's firm cheeks, I looked at my wife's naked groin.

Ted was rubbing it with his stiff shaft and I watched it split my wife's beautiful snatch. She moaned as her fattened lips clung to his cock, just as his wife's clung to mine. I watched both pussies fold in as we both pushed. As I synchronized my strokes with his, I had the eerie pleasure of 'feeling' two hot, wet caverns caressing my love tool. Ursula tried to lick Ted as he plundered my wife.

I rubbed a damp finger across Ursula's brown hole and she lurched. Every time I slammed her ass, I let the tip of a finger stretch her rear hole. As she approached climax, her butt hole relaxed and let my finger in. Stretching her sphincter made her moan louder and suddenly climax with a squeal. She collapsed on my wife and began twitching and shuddering. That jerked me over my threshold and I delivered my load deep into her, causing her to squeal again.

I held her on Steph's face and ordered my wife to swallow every bit of my cream from the hot oven above her or Ted would stop fucking her. While she doesn't mind swallowing me when I'm in her throat, she doesn't like cream pies. This time I insisted and had Ted stop for emphasis. I even told him, with fingers crossed, that if she didn't comply, -I- would suck him off and swallow his load. I don't think she bought it, but reluctantly agreed to eat my cum anyway, as I'd thought. When I felt her licking my wilting dick again, I told Ted to continue. He hadn't lost his edge and immediately resumed fucking her hard. Steph finished draining Ursula's fleshy, aromatic bowl and I shifted her off my wife and onto her back. I dreamily watched her luscious, big tits move in slow motion in colliding orbits before returning to my wife's naked, splayed body.

Watching my wife's flower spread wide and obscenely clench another's cock made me hard again. Ursula was still smiling dreamily, so I had my wife's mouth or maybe her ass open to me. She's generally resistant to anal, but seems to enjoy it when already aroused. I moved off the bed and shifted Ted onto his back while he was still plugged deeply into my wife. With her on top, I pushed her down so he could bite her nipples and serendipitously expose her unprotected asshole to me.

Instead of trying to push my finger into my wife along side his dick, I fingered his wife's gaping cunt for her lube. With Steph bent over, I pushed the wet finger quickly into her sweet ass. She lurched and whispered 'no NO', yet began pushing back against my embedded finger. After a minute, I pried another finger inside her. More reluctance and resistance slowed her anal expansion. I saw her ring finally expand without much contraction and lined up my depraved dick then gently popped inside her with Ted's next strokes.

She complained it was too much, yet didn't pull away. Once she was used to the DP and all reluctance was gone, I fucked her with Ted - sometimes on the same stroke and other times complementing his lunges. I felt my balls slap her pussy and Ted's cock. Ursula got up to confirm what she refused to believe and watched us both fucking Steph simultaneously. She vacillated between shock and envy.

Before offering her the same treatment for later, I pulled her to me by her thick nipple and pushed my tongue into her hot mouth. Under a minute later, I felt my seed roil, my balls twitch and relief overwhelm me when I fired my new load into my wife's rear. Ted felt it and unloaded in her soaked pussy and the combination brought her to a screaming climax.

I dropped to the floor against the bed and Ursula knelt behind Steph. I watched her suck all Ted's cream from her pussy before daring to lick my overflow from her leaking rear hole. Steph spasmed and shuddered again as she orgasmed again on Ursula's tongue. I apologized to Ursula, saying that her DP would have to wait until our next gameS night.

.........unless she wanted to wait an hour for us all to rehydrate and recuperate?

( ~ ~ )
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seminal image: Steph on back on bed, Ted holds an ankle high exposing panty; Ursula holds her arms, Steve slides her skirt over Ted's head/chest; Ursula pulls blouse over her head

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