tagBDSMStud Ch. 03

Stud Ch. 03


My final assignments had all been handed in and exams were now over. I had studied hard, urged on by my mistress and not wanting to disappoint her. I felt good. I felt alive. The exams had gone well. I would do well, I was sure of it. And my life was full and satisfying. I looked forward to waking up every day to get to see my Mistress and do what she wanted me to do.

There were three weeks from my last exam until convocation. I told everyone that I was heading to the beach to unwind after so many years of school. Already the questions were starting about whether I would pursue my PhD.

I didn't go to the beach. I locked the door on my apartment and drove my car to Mistresses and parked it in her back garage out of sight. I didn't bring any clothes, as they would not be needed.

My days were simple. I didn't think, I just did what I was told. Mistress threw my clothes in the garbage when I arrived and fastened a stainless steel chain around my neck. It wasn't too tight but I knew it was there. It was not dainty. It was meant to show the strength I had given up.

I wore nothing but the chain for three weeks. Well, not exactly. When the Mistress put me onto my running regime (inside on a tread mill), she insisted that I wear a black spandex thong to ensure my balls were held firmly and did not bounce around. But the thong she gave me did not offer any support for my shaft which was always out on display flopping around, although it was generally at least a little hard and therefore under control.

Discipline was much more pervasive. Mistress always seemed to have a crop in her hand and for the slightest misstep, the slightest movement when told to stand still, the slightest anything; I would get quickly striped on my ass. And then she worked my upper thigh when my ass needed a break.

Obedience and instant response were the order of the day. I did nothing without permission and once told to do something I moved with speed to get started or do what was demanded. To do otherwise was now against my very nature and also quickly brought about some pain.

I saw only a few people during the three weeks and spoke very little. Tanya was ever present but mainly quiet and I only spoke to Mistress when requested and never looked her in the eye for the entire three weeks I was there.

And I improved my physical conditioning while I was there. I worked out three times a day, targeting different aspects each time. I ran to keep trim. I did strength training to work my body into perfect proportions and I did anaerobic exercises to increase my lung capacity. Three times a day I was exercising something on a carefully thought out fitness plan.

A lot of this exercise was done in the backyard under the sun. I was oiled by Tanya and set to exercising as well as bronzing my skin. During a break in exercising, Tanya would re-oil my skin. Often mistress would sunbathe in her lounge chair outside while watching me sweat for her. And sweat I did. And my body responded, even in the few short weeks I was there.

Every morning Tanya would come to wake me up. Quickly she would unchain me from the bed and lead me into the bathroom where I would finally be able to pee after the entire night. Tanya would watch, and she would report if one dribble went anywhere other than the toilet. This process could take a while as the morning hard-on could make it difficult to pee.

Tanya would get the shower going. She always set the temperature. It was quite a few days until my errors had been reduced to a number such that I got warm water. Whatever the temperature, I would quickly wash my hair and my body before stepping out. I would stand there dripping and cold and Tanya would get on a stool to attach my wrists to the overhead bar to leave me stretched upright and tall. I would have stood there without moving on my own, but this instilled my lack of control and my mistress's possession of me.

Once strung up, Tanya would roughly dry me, and then closely inspect me to determine if there was any hair in any place. Hair anywhere below my eyebrows was strictly forbidden. With shaving cream and a sharp razor, she would attack anything. Almost everyday she would be slathering cream all over my cock and balls, which would bring it up to full wood, making it easier to grasp and move around to provide easy access to any pubic hair that may have tried to grow during the night.

I would remain there chained upright until Mistress arrived to supervise two other daily morning rituals.

Firstly she would comment on my behaviour the day before, and the number of punishment stroked I would have received the night before going to bed. Too many stripes the day before would earn me some more stripes in the morning. Tanya would detail to Mistress my morning so far and my early faults.

Then without much more ceremony, after having laid bare my shortcomings, Mistress would lay into my ass with her crop. It hurt. I was stretched out and it hurt. I always wanted it to stop. Would beg for it to not start, but the first time I had tried that got me quite a few extra.

Then, even as I was recovering my breath from the punishment, the milking would begin. I was still pretty much hard, as Mistress had told me that she wanted me, and I was trying, to be hard virtually all the time.

Tanya would coat her hands with lotion and then quickly work my cock to full stiffness and I would rush towards another cum. I was, I later learned, going to be a breeder, so I needed to be able to cum often and copiously. And this was the beginning training.

Tanya would milk and Mistress would move in and out of the room until it came close to the finish, then she would be cooing in my ear and twisting my nipple causing me to erupt. Tanya would expertly catch it all in a glass, and hold it up for all to see as I tried to recover my breath. The glass was usually pretty full. It would have been a few hours (my sleeping time) since I last came. Mistress would take the glass and look closely and then disappear.

On a few days when I had been good or Tanya had been bad or both, she would be on her knees slobbering over my cock. Even when she was forced to it, she always went at it with her whole heart. There always came a point where the switch would flick and she would become lost in her task. The cock would become her whole reason for being, for that time anyways. And then it wouldn't be long until Mistress was pinching my nipple and I was bursting forth into Tanya's mouth. Her cheeks would bulge and her breathing would stop, and when I was done she would slowly pull away and open her mouth to show mistress what I had just done. Only after getting the nod would she swallow it all, and lick my cock clean.

Tanya would unchain me then to proceed with the rest of the day. Breakfast would follow, prepared for me, and very healthy and fit. No coffee allowed. Fresh fruit, muslix and juices.

My first exercise period of the day would follow. Generally about two hours long, as far as I could estimate, and it would all begin with Tanya handing me a card with the workout details typed on it.

The work would be outside in the sun. The thong would be washed and fresh and waiting for me. Often mistress would take her morning coffee out there as I sweated away. The first time that Mistress had a guest over for coffee, I faltered briefly, but Tanya was leading me by the leash that time and I had to keep going.

Throughout that morning they chatted and looked over at me working out, almost totally naked, with my cock shaft swinging and bobbing with the movement. Eventually, just before she left, Mistress's guest came over and looked me over closely, commenting the whole while about my physique and especially my cock.

One morning, Mistress had six guests over, and Tanya was busy serving coffee and muffins and then even busier buried in their lap sucking their pussies until all had been satisfied. Meanwhile, I worked on the hills schedule on the treadmill with a huge hard-on.

They all came over to watch me as I finished, and then stayed for the milking. As with every other day, even while still breathing hard from the exertions, I would put my hands behind my head while my cock was manipulated to cum. With six guests watching, mistress couldn't resist and Tanya sank to her knees before me and was soon lost in her world of cock. She slurped and rode and licked and teased and it was all so incredible. Some of the women were actually running their hands over my tight frame, especially my ass that was starting to clench as the cum express came thundering down the tracks. Mistress shooed them away and ordered Tanya to finish me with her hand as she pinched my nipple.

I spewed shot after shot of thick, heavy cum across the grass and onto Tanya. There was lots. I was excited. There was mild applause and some congratulating of Mistress by her guests as they moved away, and Tanya, still dripping cum, attached my leash and led me away to lunch.

After another healthy lunch would come classes. I called them classes. They might also be called torture. Various mistresses and masters came in to work on parts of my training. They all carried a crop of a whip and they were free to sue it.

Obedience class turned me into a small, snivelling pile of eager obedience by the end of the hour. Snapping a long leash onto my collar, the mistress would start to bark out commands. Most usually they were for me to assume positions, but sometimes they were to do things like march or turn around. If I didn't move quickly enough or do it properly, the crop would strike until I did. In English it would have my heart beating trying to anticipate the next command and avoid the crop. But then there were days when the language was foreign.

In a different language it took time to understand when I should be on the floor with my ass up in the air with my hands behind my back. When I should be on my back, legs spread, when I should be bent over touching my toes. And every hesitation caused some pain. After an hour of that I would be covered in stripes, crying with the frustration of trying to understand and filled with a submissive desire to please.

I was not taught all the pleasure of making love or pleasing a woman, that was not going to be my lot in life. I was taught obedience and my body was trained to cum copiously on demand.

While still reeling from the various stings and bruises of the obedience classes, I would be quickly ushered outside for another workout session. Weights and toning would often be the afternoon requirement.

And once again shortly after finishing I would be milked. Tanya would do it efficiently and Mistress would supervise and finish the deal. Once the task had been accomplished I would remain standing while Mistress would recite my shortcomings so far for the day. Tanya would help if she knew of anything. And then Mistress would crop my ass. It hurt. It always did. Especially so soon after a good cum and the relaxation my body felt. But, as my mistress was training me, a cum wasn't supposed to relax me, I was just supposed to get ready for the next time.

Tanya would them clean me with the garden hose. It would be cold. I would shiver with my hands behind my head and the water dripping everywhere.

Then there was a certain period of rest. Mistress would either be in the garden reading or working on her laptop or she would be in the house watching TV or finishing her work on her computer. Either way, I would attend her and kneel close to her in a proper kneeling "rest" position. While it was resting, it was not restful as I had to be alert to mistress and her commands. Often it would be nothing. I would sit there with her hand on my head or shoulder. Sometimes she would have me move through various positions of slavery. Her favourite seemed to be when I had my forehead to the ground and my ass high in the air. It re-enforced my submissiveness as she rubbed the crack of my ass and my hole with her fingers or manipulated my low hanging balls that were so vulnerable in this position.

A few times, she would suddenly order me to run to the fence and back or do 10 pushups. Not hard work, but intended to keep me on my toes even while resting.

The evening meal was served by Tanya at the main dining room table. Mistress dressed more formally and often entertained guests. I kneeled naked at her side and ate what she fed me. Eventually Tanya would place some more healthy foods in a bowl at my feet and I would eat on command of Mistress.

Before taking her guests into the parlour after dinner, Mistress would often stand me up in the "present" position and let her guests admire, feel and fondle her slave. The slave with the tremendous hard-on. The slave who knew another milking was coming. But this milking was never done in public. I had to learn that milking is what I did, not what I did for pleasure.

The late night milking happened in my room. The room that was bare except for the cot on which I slept and the HD TV mounted on the wall. Tanya would attach my hands to the chain hanging from the ceiling, and attach one leg to the chain on the leg of the bed and then quickly stroke my ever hard cock. As always it didn't take long. She really knew how to get me going. And, as always, Mistress would appear near the finale and put me over the edge with a nipple twist. And, as always, I would grunt and buck and spew forth a great big load to be captured in a glass by Tanya.

Then, just as efficiently, Mistress would get my hands unchained from the ceiling and cuffed close together on my collar right under my chin. And with my leg still attached to the leg of the bed she would bend me over until my head was on the mattress and my ass was up in the air, and she would lay into me with half a dozen strokes of her crop. For no reason, really. Just to continue to impress into my psyche that I was a slave.

Then, with no ceremony she would leave the room after a small caress to my head, and Tanya would roll me into bed and cover me with a blanket. The TV would them come on and play for most of the night. It was scene after scene of a restrained male stud, fucking whatever was put in front of him. It also showed male pups, heavily restrained, and lots of ponyboys. And that is how the day would end.

After some three weeks, although I never was able to keep track of dates, right after finishing my afternoon workout I was returned to my room to rest.

Tanya came in with some clothes later. I was confused but put them on as directed. It was a suit. When she came in with the robe and hood I remembered. I was graduating.

To ensure I remembered just who I was, underneath all my clothes I wore a stainless steel cockring that was tight enough to be felt throughout the ceremony. Mistress's limo dropped me off right before the ceremony. Both my parents and sister had come to see me graduate with first class honours. We had spoken about this weeks before. They were immensely proud and had juggled their calendars to make sure they were here, but all three had to dash off to catch the train and get back to their busy lives. I was glad they had come, and also glad they had to go.

When I got back into the limo, Tanya was there. She took the rolled degree from me and then ordered me to strip. Which I did as the limo took me back to my new life.

Later, Tanya came to my room and oiled me up to a gleaning shine to show off my tan and my now highly toned physique. She stroked my cock on and off the whole time to ensure it remained full and magnificent.

Quickly she tied a leather strap behind my balls to bring them out and to ensure everything remained prominently displayed. She also took more leather straps and efficiently strapped my arms behind my back, one over the other forcing me to thrust out my chest and keeping them well out of way from my ass.

A very nice, elegant and small collar was buckled around my neck and a leash attached to a well placed ring on the cock strap. Then, without much further ado, she walked out of the room and pulled me along. I moved quickly to ensure that the leash didn't pull too tight and soon we were in the main part of the house.

The party was in full swing. There were well dressed people drinking out of fine crystal and eating chef created canapés off elegant china.

But my spot was very nearly in the centre of the room. Tanya stopped there, removed the leash and quickly attached a slender chain that was hanging from the ceiling to the back of my collar. It was tight. Very tight. I would not be able to move very many inches without starting to choke myself.

I could see around the room a bit now. The well dressed crowd also included some leather and latex, on both sexes. Apparently Mistress had many friends who shared her predilections.

Not surprisingly, at least not surprising anymore, were the numerous half-dressed slaves around the room. Some were on their knees attending to their specific mistresses or masters while others obviously served as house slaves and circulated bringing food and drink to their betters. The slave costumes were all designed to show off their assets and their status. Some wore nothing but a collar. One particularly large breasted slave wore a full hood and six inch black patent stiletto boots and nothing more. Nothing if you didn't count the pierced nipples and their little shields that seemed to make the captured nipples stand out further and accentuate her breasts even more.

Tanya had moved quickly to serve her (our?) mistress and was looking as hot and sexy as ever. Mistress obviously took pains to collect prime specimens. Wait. Was that what I was? A prime specimen?

And My Mistress! What a vision. Even amongst the crowd of beautiful people, she was absolutely stunning. Her 6 inch stiletto leather boots hugged her shapely legs up past her knee leaving a tantalizing stretch of perfect skin before the tight shiny leather miniskirt. Given her amazingly athletic body, mistress showed off her tight tummy and belly button complete with dangling diamonds and her luscious breasts were both covered and displayed by a red fringed leather corset/bustier. Her long hair flowed down and framed her gorgeous face. She exuded sexiness and command out of every pore and people naturally gravitated to her with a natural deference.

She cleared her voice and the crowd grew quiet.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank-you for coming this evening. I am pleased to show my latest acquisition and to announce that I am accepting bids for his further training.

A marvellous specimen as you see, he graduated today at the top of his class in his Masters program, has great genetic background with well-educated and frankly gorgeous parents, and a sister that continues to turn heads. My friends, you can see the initial training has toned his muscular physique, and then there is the package.

There was a murmur in the crowd. After all, my cock and balls were well and truly on display and my cock was full but not hard and everyone could see the girth and the length.

It was a sort of out-of-body experience to be tied, on display and described as an acquisition. And, then to realize I was to be sold for further training. What further training. How could I be sold? What was happening?

These thoughts drifted to the back of my mind, though, as Tanya took hold of my cock and with a practiced ease, slid all of it into her mouth. This too caused a stir in the crown.

Tanya efficiently got me to full wood. Standing straight and proud, full and firm. She removed her head for a minute so that everyone could see just how big I was. It didn't matter how many time she has done this, I still had a deep seated need and my cock bobbed and my hips involuntarily thrust ever so slightly forward trying to get it back inside her mouth.

Which she did, after observing the small had signal from Mistress. She slurped and sucked and worked that cock like it was the very essence of her being. She had been well trained too either by Mistress or before coming to her.

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