Study Partners


This is my first attempt at this sort of literature, and I hope you all enjoy. Any comments are well appreciated to help me improve my writing. All characters are of course of age and with consent.

Scott is a sophomore at his state university, and he is learning there is much more to the college and the other students than just studying....


"Mr. Shaw..... Mr. Shaw.... MR. SHAW!!!"

I jerk my eyes up, startled and almost falling out of my seat.

"Great, now that I have your attention, can you please tell me the products of the equation on the board?

Half dazed, I stared at the scribble of a chemical equation, blended in with the thin film of white powder cached on the chalkboard. I kept my eyes focused upwards, refusing to allow them to be drawn back to the wavy blanket of wavy blonde hair two rows in front of me now that I had the eyes of half of the classroom. I hoped nobody had noticed me staring at Allyson Sharp, easily the most gorgeous girl in the chemistry major at the university. From the snigger on Mike's face to my right, he had obviously figured out why I had been out of it. I shot him a warning glance and turned my attention back to Professor Turner.

"Err... Calcium Carbonate and water?" I said hopefully.

"Close, Mr. Shaw, close. 2 moles of Calcium Carbonate and water. Pay more attention, you know the answer. But as you will all remember, I do not give partial credit on my exams... speaking of which, I will send out the practice exams so that you all have study material for the midterm next week. You will note that you should particularly focus on predicting the products of reactions, writing electron....

And that was all I had heard. The endless waterfall of gold had already captivated my gaze again, and I was helpless yet again until the end of class. For a moment, as Allyson turned around to grab her backpack, her striking green eyes looked up. I quickly turned to Mike to talk about the party coming up this weekend, but the damage had been done... she had seen me staring, and as a result my face was as red as Allyson's shade of lipstick. But if I wasn't wrong, I could've sworn I saw those cherry red lips turn upwards at the corners as she strode past me, up the stairs and out of the lecture hall.

I let out a sigh, momentarily pausing conversation with Mike and letting my eyes roam towards the two crescents bouncing past. I got a spectacular view of endless pale white thigh as Allyson's ass rose higher up the stairs, and I could just make out a strip of pink...

"Scott, I appreciate a nice piece of ass as much as the next guy, but focus man! What were you saying about the party this Friday? Do we have to have a good guy to girl ratio or are we allowed stag?"

"Sorry, sorry man, just distracted with being called out earlier..."

I tore my eyes away from the disappearing legs and turned towards Mike. He was what the girls would call 'alright lookin'' but he was the best friend a guy could ask for. With scraggly hair curling from his chin, a receding hairline, and a bit of a growing stomach, I was thankful for my fast metabolism and gym habit.

"Nah man, nah, just a five dollar cover, or two girls, so we're covered."

"Nice man, nice," Mike replied, a little bit of anxiety fading from his face.

"But anyways, when are you going to find the courage to talk to her?" Mike continued, pointedly glancing at the door. "I'm tired of you ignoring Turner. I need your notes man, and ever since Allyson started sitting in front of us, all I can make out is the date and then it is all just scribbles and drool."

"Hey, keep your voice down," I replied, nervously looking around for any of her friends. "I can't think about that now, we have that chemistry test next week and as you so kindly pointed out, I have no clue what is going on in class."

"Well maybe you can ask Allyson to help you study since we at least know she hasn't been looking at your ugly mug." Mike's smirk reappeared. 'I'll see ya, I have bio next, and I gotta get a seat next to Alex Wyatt since his notes are actually legible."

He walked off, still chuckling at his own wit while my stomach still felt like a stone. Since the beginning of the year, I had harbored a thing for Allyson Sharp, just like probably all of the guys in the chem department and probably even some of the girls. She was not hot, I hated that term. She was beautiful in that classically understated way. Her blonde hair perfectly framed an angelic face, which was crystalline and pale, unlike half of the bronzed Barbie dolls on campus. Typically she wore sweaters, but even this could not hide the fact that she had decent breasts, probably a C-cup and perfectly round. Almost to make up for the sweater were the skirts... oh my lord the skirts. They weren't too short, but showed just enough leg to make me fantasize every time she bent over for her backpack, or walked up the stairs, or hell, the skirts always looked good on her. She was thin and athletic, just the catch that I knew I had to act before another guy would be seen on her arms, escorting her around campus. Allyson had been haunting my dreams for weeks now, her and her endless emerald eyes.

For the third time that day, I had to snap out of my trance. I had to stop thinking of Allyson before I would have to walk through the chemistry building with an awkward bulge in my jeans. I had to study for the test tonight, and I wanted to claim my cubicle in the library before the post-dinner rush came. I stuffed my chemistry textbook and notebook into my backpack, and quickly headed out of the lecture hall.

I had just relaxed and was ready to get down to work. With earphones in, listening to Hamilton on repeat, and a half finished Quizno's sub laying to the side, I bore down on the textbook, trying to comprehend electron configuration from the beginning. I was just about to finish the chapter when a saw a flash of white out of the corner of my eye. Before I knew it, or believe it for that matter, Allyson Sharp was taking a seat at the other desk in the cubicle.

"I hope you don't mind, all of the other cubicles were full. I have this huge chemistry test next week."

"No, uh no," I stammered. "I don't mind at all. Actually, I think we are in the same class. Turner's right? I was just going through the textbook now."

"Oh that's perfect!" Allyson exclaimed. "We can study together! My name is Allyson by the way."

"I know" I automatically replied. Stupid! Now you look like a creeper. "I mean, I know because of attendance, sorry, I'm Scott," I said, extending a hand.

"Hi Scott, thanks for letting me share the cubicle. How are you at chemistry?"

Shit, even her hand was dainty and delicate, everything about this girl was perfect. "I'm decent, I hope, most of it is a repeat from high school I think."

"Oh, I'm so glad I found you then." She flashed a smile and a wink, and I felt my stone stomach get heavier and just chuckled nervously. I couldn't help but notice that as she was spinning in the swivel chair, she had her legs apart just far enough to see... yes... it was definitely pink. I could see a thin strip of pink between her thighs. I could just imagine what was underneath that pink underwear...

"So, have you done the first practice test yet? I'm stuck on the one about acid base reactions."

Ugh, once again I snapped out of it, I hadn't even flipped a page in the textbook in the twenty minutes since Allyson had arrived. I couldn't tell if the smile on her face was simple good nature or if she knew what I was thinking.

"Umm yeah, here, let me grab the test." I reached into my backpack and pulled out the stack of papers. When I straightened up, I was surprised to see Allyson leaning over my shoulder. Even more surprising was that she had taken off her sweater to show a bright yellow tank top and a lot of skin. I coughed to compose myself and turned the page to the question.

"Sorry, it just gets so stuffy in here." She said, flapping the bottom of the tank top, revealing even more ivory skin and giving me a glimpse of her flat stomach. I could swear that I was sweating bullets.

"No worries at all," I replied. "Yeah, it gets super hot in here, but at least its quiet and private."

"Hmm, yes, I love the privacy," she said, glancing over the top of the cubicle at the row of heads. "Do you spend all of your time in here working on chemistry, or do you do anything fun around campus?"

"Well, you know, I'm going to a party on South Main this Friday, that's fun so I'm not totally a nerd." At last we had a conversation going and I could relax a little, even if her boobs were spilling out over the fabric.

"Alright, alright, I see you Scott. Any room at this party for one extra?"

I caught my breath. "Of course, of course you can come."

"Awesome, we can work out the details later. But back to that question, I just don't understand why the hydroxide just disappears?"

We continued like that for some time, going over problems. Occasionally she would correct me, and I could see she was actually very intelligent. Great, I thought. Yet another reason to like her. After an hour or two, I felt pretty good about the upcoming test. What was more, for the first time in a while I had... well I wasn't sure if it was a date, but I was going to bring a girl to a party.

As Allyson pulled her chair up next to me, I could barely focus on the questions. If I looked to the side, I could see the abyss in her cleavage, and there was just a shade of darker skin at the border of her tank top which I prayed was edge of her areola. What was more, she was sitting cross-legged in her chair, listening to my muddled explanations attentively. Whenever she shifted in her chair, more and more of her pink thong came into view. I was very aware that my jeans were feeling awfully tight as my hard-on pressed against the zipper. Chemistry was the last thing on my mind.

"You know what?" Allyson began to say, "it is way too hot in here to be studying, let's just relax a bit, study partners should make sure the other doesn't overdo it. What do you like to do on study breaks?"

"I dunno, listen to music and rest my eyes? What do you do?" I replied.

"Sounds good to me," she responded, plucking an earphone and sticking it in her ear. At this point, I had moved on to some classic rock and the Eagles. "Good choice," Allyson exclaimed, mouthing the words and leaning back closing her eyes.

Finally I could look at her without the risk, eagerly taking in every curve of Allyson's petite body. With her arms stretched back, the tips of her nipples made nice little bulls-eyes in the tank-top, and judging by the positioning, they were centimeters from popping out. I just wish that I could see her emerald eyes with this gorgeous picture, from the blonde locks draped over the chair back to nearly fully exposed pink thong and the miles of leg.

Too soon, I got my wish. Her long eyelashes fluttered and her green eyes stabbed into mine, which had definitely been fixed at her breasts straining to be released. She had to have known, she must have seen me. I was done for sure, there was no way she was going to the party with me, and I would probably be considered the chemistry pervert in Dr. Turner's class from now on.

"You know, it really is a good thing these cubicles are private, I simply cannot relax with it being so stuffy in here. You wouldn't mind if I got a little more comfortable, would you?"

"Umm, no, go for it," I stammered, unsure and nervous by what she meant. Was she about to slap me?

"Thanks," she replied, as bubbly as ever. In a swift movement, she pulled down her skirt and tossed it on top of her backpack. Before I could say a word, off went the top , releasing the two most beautiful breasts I had ever seen, and the first ones I had seen in real life.

"What are you doing?" I jumped up and looked around frantically. There were no security cameras that I could see on this floor of the library, and heads around us were still turned down, unaware that the most beautiful girl was naked and lounging in our cubicle as if it was completely natural.

"I'm sorry, I should have explained, me and my family are naturists, and to get comfortable I usually like to have my skin feel the breeze. Is this alright?"

Allyson looked completely innocent, sitting there and spinning in the chair with her legs on the seat to keep her balance. My eyes were fixed on her light pink nipples, surrounded by what was a pink brown circle. Her breasts swayed with the motion of the chair, and her smile just filled the room with light.

"No, no, not at all," I said, very surprised with how this night had turned. "Do you typically go around the university in... uhhh... similar attire?"

"Well, not usually. I mean, I definitely do in my dorm room since my roommate never seems to come home now that she has a boyfriend over in the Harrison dorm. But I only can do this when I feel really comfortable around the people I am with." She stared pointedly at me.

"Oh, well, I'm flattered. I guess I'm really glad we paired up today to study," I responded.

Allyson rolled her chair closer to me. I was still glancing towards the opening in the cubicle, nervous someone would walk by and notice this basically naked girl sitting here. She was so close now, and I could smell... her... I was not sure if it was the cute beads of sweat accumulating between her exposed breasts, or if the scent was wafting up from the hidden slit behind the thong she was still wearing. The smell was so strong now that she was inches away, and it was almost like a mix of body odors and flowers.

"Me too! I'm glad to have someone to study with for chemistry because I would definitely fail without the extra motivation." Allyson placed her hand on my thigh and flashed me that innocent smile. I was beginning to be convinced that her smile was not so innocent anymore, but I was distracted by the fact that her small fingers were inches away from now fully erect member. My groin was mostly hidden under the desk, but there was no way she couldn't see the bulge. If she moved her hand slightly....

Just then, Allyson rolled away, spinning her chair again. "I'm just gonna relax a little while longer, and then we can start back in on the studying." She wiped the sweat from her forehead, and then squeezed her breasts absent mindedly. She flapped the front of her thong, just as she had her tank-top prior, and yet again I was treated to a beautiful sight of pure flesh with a line of nearly invisible strawberry blonde hair. I turned away immediately back to pick out some more music, whether to drown out my thoughts or just looking for something to keep my eyes off of Allyson.

"It's ok, you can look," Allyson cooed. "It's only natural. It's hot in here, and these clothes are so annoying." She quickly pulled her panties down and threw them at me, giggling. I caught a whiff of that scent again as the thong hit me in the chest. I gingerly picked it up, and placed it to the side, noting how it barely took up space on the desk with how little fabric it consisted of. It didn't take much effort to turn my gaze back to Allyson, now completely exposed. Her body was a sea of marble, unblemished and perfect. I could not believe my luck, or misfortune if caught.

Allyson's perfect hand followed the lines in her neck, down to her collarbone, and rounding the curve of her left breast. I sat captivated as her fingers traced the outline of her nipple, and then continued further down. They plowed through the light foliage of gold near her hips, and landed on that beautiful slit. My mouth was completely dry as slowly, she pulled apart her lips, revealing the interior, as pink as her nipples, and her fingers dipped in and out of the cave. She must have been wet before, because they entered with such ease. Allyson lifted the two fingers to her mouth, licking the wetness without hesitation, all while piercing me with those emerald eyes, unblinking.

"What?" She whispered. "I'm just taking a study break." She rolled closer yet again, and with each inch air escaped my lungs. "Do you want to taste? Is that it?" Her fingers travelled back down to her slit, and disappeared once again. I gulped, utterly speechless. Her fingers reappeared, dripping, she raised them to my lips, her own lips inches from mine.

"Taste it."

I opened my mouth, and pulled her hand closer. Her lips followed the fingers into my mouth and everything was bliss. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity, or seconds, I couldn't tell, but I was loving it. Here was a girl that I had pined after for months, and I had doubted that she even knew if I existed. Yet here she was, naked, climbing onto my lap, naked, in the school library, naked. My hands roamed over her boobs, slightly pinching the pink nipples. They found their way to her firm ass, big enough so as to fill each of my hands. I squeezed with pleasure, and she grinned mischievously.

"Is this... uh... something naturists normally do?" I managed to say between moments which our lips parted. Her wet slit was directly on top of my hard member, and she was grinding on it to the rhythm of the Eagles song playing in my headphones.

"Not typically. The older ones usually just stand and perv at me. But sometimes the young naturists have a more.... natural... view about sex and er... relaxing." She said winking.

"Oh, well... I definitely respect your views." I replied, pausing to lick her from her lips to her slit, flitting in and out of the perfect cavern.

"Yeah, I'll bet you do." She smirked before having to cover her mouth before any of the other cubicles could hear her moan with pleasure. "But you know, I feel like I'm the only one who is really taking a study break here. And I can tell you are a bit... uncomfortable." Allyson nodded at the bulge which her dripping pussy was straddling.

"I see your point, but what if we get caught?" I responded.

"You didn't have a problem getting caught peeping up my skirt today in chemistry did you?" Allyson stated abruptly.

"Holy shit, you saw... I mean... aw shit... I'm sorry, it's just you are so... I don't know, amazing?"

"Relax, Scott, it's ok. I've seen you looking, and I've been looking to, mainly at that nice cock outline you usually have going on, so we're even, ok?"

For the umpteenth time today I was dumbfounded. "Alright, alright."

My heart was racing as Allyson stretched and bounced up off of my member, standing straight with her perky breasts staring at me expectantly. There was a wet stain where her pussy had been. I ripped off my shirt, and the rest, with only my boxers left. She ran her fingers over my chest, pausing at my own nipples and tracing the muscles which I still considered too small. Her hands stopped, one resting on my inner thigh and the other firmly grasped around my cock, standing straight up with the thin fabric barely hiding it's form. Deftly, she pulled down my boxers, hopped on the chair with me, and slowly lowered her lips around my member. I groaned, louder than intended, and again glanced around. All the other students would have to do is barely stand up, and they would see Allyson, bobbing up and down above the cubicle barrier. My cock slid between her lips so easily, and I could feel her muscles clamping around it, squeezing it. We repositioned all around the cubicle, which is pretty impressive considering how quiet we had to be. Her scent filled my nostrils, and I was blind but to her white body writhing with me, pulling on my cock. Every once in a while a slight moan of pleasure would escape her lips, and I would pump faster into her light frame.

She let out a squeal, definitely not something which could be covered or mistaken for anything else. She twisted underneath me, laying on her back on the desk with legs as wide apart as possible. She came and came, and I felt hot liquid pumping through my cock. I pulled out and burst all over the lips of her pussy, and the wisps of hair became covered in the stuff. She was covered in sweat, breathing heavily, eyes closed and slumped, as exposed as could be.

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