tagGroup SexSubman and Condiment Girl Ch. 03

Subman and Condiment Girl Ch. 03


We'd only briefly discussed what it would be like if we were to include another person in our play time. And the conversation was almost strained because, at the time, we hadn't even gotten together so the thought of being forced to share your favors slightly irritated me. That's a lie, really. It pissed me off but I just wrote it off to your curiosity.

I knew she would be the perfect one when I first saw her. She was attractive, yes but not more so than I. That was my only prerequisite, it seemed. She was of medium height and had a decent body. Her breasts strained against the confines of her shirt and the jeans were just low enough that I could spy the detail of a tattoo along her back. She walked with such an air of confidence that it turned me on. I loved the way her hair gently laid on her shoulders, the subtle sway of her hips.

After I had finished my mental inventory of her physical appearance, I rose from the bench I was sitting on and sauntered over to her. She had a slight smile on her lips and all I could see was her mouth on mine, cascading hot kisses down my body to my center...

"You look lost in thought. Do you need someone to find you?" she asked quietly. There was a small accent that I couldn't quite place that intrigued me.

"I'm not lost enough to not know that you're gorgeous," I joked, smiling crookedly.

"Well, thank you. I happened to notice you looking at me so I thought I would return the favor for you," she said to me.

"Would you like to take this someplace quieter than this? I hate meeting people at the mall. It's so impersonal," I said, feeling like I was blabbing.

"I'd love to," she agreed and looked at me with desire burning in her eyes.

"I live in a small apartment right down the street, if you wanted to come over. I actually have a proposition for you. That is, you'd have to be open minded," I whispered as I looked her over with questioning eyes. I couldn't tell just from this small tidbit if she would be open but as I watched her, I sure as hell hoped she was.

Her small smile led me to believe she was game and we walked out to our mutual cars. I told her to follow me. I was slightly surprised by how easily she trusted me but I figured that was a good sign.

As I put the key in the ignition, I knew that even if you didn't want her as much, I was going to keep her around. I pulled out of my parking stall and saw her blue Accord idling behind me. I put the car into gear and made my way back to my place.

The drive was silent, leaving me with a chance to think. Although I logically knew it was only a few minutes, 10 at most, it felt so much longer. I began to reminisce on the first time we were together, how fantastic it was. Then I saw you in my bed, holding me as we slept. I knew I wanted more but there was a huge part of me that was starting to wonder if that would be the best thing for us.

We reached the complex and pulled into the parking lot. I climbed out of my car and led her to the staircase that would take her to my apartment.

My breathing became uneven, my palms started to sweat, and I suddenly began to wonder if it would be such a good idea. I unlocked the door, standing in the door frame, holding my hand out in a gesture to invite her in. I silently thanked the gods that I had the good sense to clean the cramped apartment before I left.

"You have a child?" she asked as she gazed over the living room and saw the toy box in the corner.

"Yeah, I do. He's spending the weekend with his dad, though," I said, almost wishing I had him as my usual buffer.

We stood; casually looking around the room before I invited her to sit on the couch, assuring her that it wouldn't swallow her whole if she did. She laughed and began to relax.

"So, I was under the impression you wanted me here to talk to me about something," she bluntly stated. A part of me had been dreading this moment but there was a bit of grudging respect for her not mincing words.

"I did. Here's the thing. I find you extremely attractive and you obviously feel the same or you wouldn't have come with me. I have a proposition for you but first things first. Are you in a relationship?" I asked, knowing that if she said yes, there would be no turning our mutual fantasy to reality.

"I actually just got out of a relationship," she said.

"Well, that takes care of that. I have this friend that likes to visit me whenever he's in town. It sounds much worse than it really is but we're just using each other for sex. While it's really great, we're both wondering what it would be like to have a threesome and you fit our fantasy to perfection. Are you interested?" She looked a little overwhelmed and I started to worry that maybe I had chosen the wrong girl, maybe she wouldn't be as open to being with us as I had originally thought.

"It sounds really interesting and yes, I am attracted to you. I'm just curious about something, though," she admitted with a slightly devious look in her eye.

"What's that?"

"Well, what if I wanted something between just the two of us but wouldn't mind including your little boy toy every once in a while?" My mouth dropped open, my eyes popped, and I felt all the air leave the room. It felt as if she had simply read my mind.

"No, it wouldn't be a problem at all. I actually wanted that," I admitted, feeling more excited than I had been in quite a long time.

"When is he supposed to be back in town?"

"He's actually going to be in next weekend. I've already arranged for my son to spend the weekend with his father again so you could stay the night as well," I said, hoping I didn't sound as starved for attention as I felt.

"That's great. So, we'll have a little time to get to know one another over the week. But there's something I want to do right now," she whispered as she leaned in and gently kissed my lips.

My hands moved to her hair to hold her face close to mine. Then I felt her hands move down my back and play with the bottom of my shirt. I nibbled her bottom lip, eliciting a moan from that delicious throat. She pulled away, breathing hard before she said that she had to leave but would call me later. I watched her walk out my door, not knowing if it was just for tonight or permanently.

The week passed without consequence. I heard from Becca a few days after our almost encounter on my couch. She agreed to be at my apartment on Saturday night and convinced me not to tell you that she was there, that she would be a pleasant surprise. I agreed, enjoying the fact that I had a secret such as this.

By the time Saturday finally rolled around, my nerves were about shot. I was so nervous. It wasn't bad enough that tonight would mark the first time together with Becca, it would also be my first time with my new girlfriend. She showed up almost an hour early, claiming that she was too restless to just sit around and wanted to come see me anyways.

Her lips were a luscious red, her auburn hair in curls. Her shapely legs looked delectable in the mini skirt I had picked out for her. The white button up shirt that was an identical match to mine barely covered her breasts and she had left the bottom buttons undone, revealing a flat stomach. I felt my nipples harden in response to her sexy outfit. She laughed nervously and it took all my energy to not just take her in my arms and rip her clothes off.

She must have had the same idea because she grabbed me by the hand, pulled me to her, and kissed me with a passion I couldn't wait to explore. Before I could control myself, my hands raced down her body to her bottom, pulling her heat to mine as I bit her lip. She moaned softly and moved one hand up to grasp my breast. A gasp escaped my throat and she slid her tongue inside my mouth. My senses were inflamed with her taste. I half dragged her to the couch and placed my body on top of hers.

My hands began an exploration of her body and by the time I reached her most sensitive spot, she was hot and ready. I slid one finger, then two into her lacy black panties and felt her quiver beneath my touch. My mouth left hers to kiss my way down her chest, across her collarbone, down to her glorious breasts. Just as my tongue slid across one of her nipples, I heard a knock at my door. With a sigh, I went to the door, swinging it open and giving you my sexiest smile.

From where I stood, I blocked your view of Becca, sprawled out on my couch. Your eyes roamed over my body, clad in my white shirt and plaid mini, before your hands reached out for me to pull me into a bone-melting kiss. Just as you were about to pull me up and wrap my legs around your waist, we heard a low chuckle come from behind us. You set me down and were momentarily speechless as you watched Becca saunter over to me, grab my face, and kiss me right in front of you.

"The look on your face is absolutely priceless, Subman. This is Becca. She's here to join in the fun," I said with more courage than I felt.

"You didn't tell me this would be a three ring circus, lady," you said, slowly absorbing what was going on around you.

"Well, it was my idea to surprise you. We just thought it would be more special," Becca explained, her voice slightly wavering with pent up frustration.

"Besides, we were just getting down to business before you showed up. "

"Don't let me stop you, then," you said, your eyes alight with wonder. Becca placed her arm around my waist, pulling me to her soft body before lowering her mouth to mine. The tender touch of her lips on mine never ceased to amaze me and I put my hands on her waist.

As I started to pull her body to mine, I felt your body close behind me. You placed your hands on my shoulders, turned me away from Becca and started to kiss me. Becca's hands slid around my waist and she began to unbutton my shirt. Your greedy hands reached out to squeeze one of my breasts as Becca slipped my shirt off my shoulders.

I shivered as her skilled fingers teased my sensitive skin. I placed one hand on your chest, never breaking our kiss and the other on the waistband of her skirt. Pulling her body close to ours, I slid my hand back under her skirt and started to run my hand along her panties. You let out a feral growl as she began to whimper. I grabbed her hand and walked the two of you to my bedroom.

"I want to see you naked. Now," I said, feeling slightly in command. Becca began removing her clothes as you stood in the doorway, watching. The skirt pooled at her feet, revealing quite a sexy pair of black lacy panties. You walked up behind her and grabbed her chest while I started to place my fingers in a delicate spot. Between the two of us, we had her moaning and writhing in a matter of minutes.

Laying her down on the bed, I let my tongue finish what my fingers had started. She came in my mouth like a geyser. While I had been getting her off, you had been watching over us, stroking your hard cock. Taking it in my hands, I teased the tip with my tongue before taking you in as deep as I could. Sitting on my knees gave Becca enough room to slide between my legs and start licking me.

My moans were muffled but caused a gentle vibration along your shaft. Your hands began to fist in my hair and Becca's tongue was going wild on me. My hips bucked against her as you started cumming in my mouth. Well, I was 2 for 2 at this point with no spine tingling orgasm of my own. I had a little pout on my face until you picked me up, wrapped my legs around your waist, and slammed me against the wall behind us.

You thrust into me until I couldn't breathe. Finally, I flew over the edge of sanity and landed in a world of pure ecstasy.

Later that night, we all climbed into my bed, with me in the middle. As I looked over your contented faces, I felt more complete in that moment than I had in quite a while and found myself wishing I could hold on to both of you forever.

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