Author's Note: I couldn't decide what category to put this series in at first, I eventually decided on BDSM because to me that's what the story is truly about, however there is also a Sci-Fi / Fantasy element because of where I've set the story that readers should be aware of. Enjoy!


Alanna stumbled as she was pulled into the room, along with the other captives, where she was placed in front of a table. Each of them were placed along the tables with a small book in front of each of them. Most of the women were bemoaning their fate, praying to God to save them, or just silently crying. Alanna was studying everything and everyone around her. She didn't see the point in bemoaning their fate, it had happened and that was that. There was no home to go back to, their planet was gone, destroyed by the hubris of their leaders who had built the "ultimate weapon" to save them from the evil Demagons, only to have it end up completely obliterating their planet. Praying to a God who hadn't stopped that from happening, who hadn't saved the majority of their population, didn't seem all that useful to her. If he hadn't intervened before, why would he now? And crying seemed to be the most useless option of all. No, Alanna looked, studied, listened. She'd always been a curious person, and she'd always wanted to know more about their enemies the Demagons. So far she hadn't seen any that looked evil. They looked like normal men and women, although it was true that some of the women were wearing pants, and some of them were even giving orders to the men!

But so far she had seen no evil. They'd been treated brusquely, but not unkindly. Perhaps it was their upcoming fate that was distressing the other women. Again, Alanna wasn't sure why. At nineteen years of age she'd seen plenty of the war between the Demagons and the citizens of her home planets, the Repibans. Plenty of Demagon women and men had been captured and made wives, in the case of the women, or slaves, in the case of the men, on her planet, and she assumed that was the fate that she and her fellow citizens now faced. True, there had been many horror stories about the perversions of the Demagons. The Repibans knew that God had only meant mating to occur for procreation, apparently the Demagons were so perverse that they would engage in the mating ritual for pleasure. They were hedonistic, perverted, obsessed only with their own pleasure. But so far those who had rescued their ship had also fed them, provided them with a place to sleep on the trip back to the Demagon space station, and no male had touched her indecently. Females had taken her aside to a room where she'd been stripped and examined, they'd taken pictures of her naked body, but then she'd been reclothed in the traditional, covering garb of her people.

But, like any good Repiban, she knew what the females were in for. Their home planet might be gone, they might be refugees, but they would be treated like any captive taken in battle. The Demagons put Repiban women into sexual slavery, the worst kind of perversion where a woman was paired with a single man for the purpose of pleasuring the men, even during times when she wasn't fertile. Not only that, but she would have no other woman to share the duties with her. The Demagons called this perversion "monogamy." From eavesdropping on their captors, Alanna had learned that the Demagons considered Repiban women the best kind of women for a certain caste of Demagons known as "Dominants." She got the sense, from their talk, that they though the Repiban women were already treated like slaves on their home planet, and that's why they were so easily trainable to a new way of life.

Alanna's mouth pursed in a thin line. She did not feel like a slave. She felt like herself. It was true that there were times when she'd chafed against the strictures of being raised like a proper, young lady, but don't all people go through rebellious stages? She knew that not all the other females knew how to read, but most of them weren't interested. Alanna knew how to read. Reading passed quite a bit of time for her, in between the sewing, cooking, cleaning, and running her uncle's household. She had not been particularly attached to her uncle, but she did wonder what had happened to him and if he had managed to get off planet. He had not been kind to her, considering her ability to read unladylike, but as her father had taught her how to before he died, her uncle did not prohibit her either. Obviously her father had approved.

Alanna looked up alertly as the door to the large room opened and men and women started to come in. They wandered through the rows of women, examining all of them. Some of the onlookers flipped open the books in front of the women.

A man, a tall, thin man stopped in front of her and stared. She stared back, examining his short cropped grayish hair and dark eyes, the slight lines on his face. A look of distaste crossed his face as she met his gaze. She looked down.

I have to remember I'm a captive, she told herself.

He flipped open the book in front of her and she was shocked to see the pictures that had been taken of her, standing nude.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, reaching out and snapping the book shut, humiliation and rage coloring her cheeks.

Snarling, he grabbed her wrist with one hand and raised his other. To her horror, she realized she was about to be hit. She recognized the position from her uncle. Then, suddenly, a small slim hand grabbed the man's wrist.

"Now Curtis," the petite and completely unthreatening woman murmured silkily, "I can't have you harming the merchandise. If you buy her then you may punish her." The man - Curtis - took a deep breath and put his hand down, releasing Alanna's wrist.

Alanna couldn't believe what she had just heard and seen. A woman had intervened, stopped her from being hit, and neither of them were going to be punished for it! She couldn't believe that this unknown woman had stopped this Curtis, or that Curtis had obeyed. Of course she understood that if he bought her then the woman wouldn't stop him, but the fact that the woman had the power to stop him at all astonished her.

"What's this?" asked another voice, deep and rich. Alanna looked up through lowered lashes, almost frightened now, just because she didn't understand how this strange society worked. It was so obviously beyond her comprehension and experience. The new man was tall, broad-shouldered, the kind of man who would be respected and honored on Repiban for his overwhelming presence. "One of these women has a little fight in her?" He sound amused and intrigued. Alanna risked a further glance at him. He was very handsome, with blonde hair that curved over his forehead and made him look almost boyish, a thick blonde mustache and goatee, piercing blue eyes and strong lines to his face. This vision of attractive masculinity, accompanied by his bass voice, made her insides clench in an odd way.

"She won't when I get through with her," Curtis gritted out through his teeth. She glanced at him again, he was very angry looking. For a moment she thought about sticking out her tongue at him, but then she remembered that she was a captive and about to be a slave, and she knew that he would probably beat her worse than her uncle ever had, because at least her uncle had been kin.

David, for that was the blonde man's name, watched the rebellious look pass over the slave's face. She was a pretty little thing with curling brown hair, pinned back in the way of her people but he was pretty sure it would be very long when loose. Young, but not so young that she was a child. The book in front of her was colored white, so she was unmarried - and for a Repiban that meant completely untouched in any sense of the word. In those ridiculous shapeless robes it was impossible to tell what her body was like, but he was attracted to her spirit. He didn't like Curtis, and if she did have any fight then it would be worth it to see it harnessed, rather than broken.

Curiously he picked up the book that had started the trouble and opened it. He noted that her fists clenched and her breathing picked up when he did so. Obviously she had seen that the pictures of her naked body were in it. She intrigued him, this little firebrand. Where other women in the room were weeping or numb, she was alert and feisty. Hiding a grin, he lowered his eyes to the book and almost whistled under his breath.

She was exactly his type. Long limbed, full breasted, curves above and below... more athletic than most Repiban women, he could tell, but with softness to her middle. He like his women to have some meat on them, which is why he so often came to look at Repiban sales. Demagons were almost too obsessed with fitness and being rail thin, he preferred the soft, feminine curves that the women in this room had. But he'd despaired of finding a Repiban woman with a mind of her own, their men so often kept them uneducated, amiable and submissive, they presented absolutely no challenge because they were so used to doing what men told them to anyway. Most of these sobbing women would be perfectly happy with their new way of life in about a month, because nothing really changed for them. Their new men might want something different than their old men had, but either way they were just doing what their men wanted.

Turning to Madame Cleo, the proprietor who had stopped Curtis from damaging the girl, he said, "I would like to put in a bid."

Curtis snorted. "You can have her. I'm not wasting any money on a mouthy piece like this." and he stalked off, as David had known he would. Curtis wanted the cheapest piece he could find and he didn't want to get into a bidding war with anyone.

Madame Cleo smiled at him. "Of course."

Alanna stared up at him as he stepped around the table. Good grief he was huge. She didn't know it yet, but putting in a bid meant that he was going to pay a certain amount just to inspect her more closely. Out of the corner of her eye she could see that other men and women were stepping around the tables to put their hands on the Repiban women. Did that mean he was going to touch her? That strange feeling in the center of her stomach tingled again as he got closer.

He looked her over, closely. Wondering if he'd react like Curtis she stared boldly back at him, not giving an inch. Those eyes of his really were the most startling shade of blue, she'd never seen anything like them. The expression on his face didn't turn to disgust or distaste like Curtis. Instead his presence quiets and he focuses on her, the intense hunger in his eyes takes her breathe away and she looks away, disquieted. The inside of her stomach is churning, and it feels like there's something hot and itchy between her legs.

David reaches out and touches her face with his fingers, brushing them along her jaw line. The girl shudders and takes in a deep breathe. From the way she's squirming without even knowing it, he's pretty sure she's wet. So submissive, but it's hiding. She'll be a challenge, a worthy challenge with the best possible conclusion. And very response, he smiles as he sees her lips part automatically as he presses his thumb against her pout. Pressing his thumb into her mouth, he smiles seductively at her as her eyes flash up to his face, filled with confusion.

"Suck," he tells her. Gently, hesitantly, she begins to suck on his thumb, her tongue flicking the tip of it as if she can't help but taste it, and he wants to groan, thinking about the way that would feel on his cock. Keeping his thumb in her hot, wet mouth, he runs his other hand over her shoulder and then down her body, gently palming her breast. She gasps, and steps away, but not before he feels the hardness of her nipple on that soft mound, poking into her thick, covering robes.

Madame Cleo spanks her, making the girl gasp again and step back into place. Although she lowers her head submissively, rebellion is written in every line of her body. And if he's not mistaken, so is desire.

"I'll take her," he tells Madame.

"Very good choice sir," she nods approvingly. "I know my business and I think she will suit you admirably, the best choice you could have made."


Although she'd seemed quiet enough, David took the precaution of putting soft leather cuffs around Alanna's wrists, along with the collar and leash that all the Repiban women would be receiving upon purchase, to get home. As he drove back to his home, with his new acquisition in the back seat looking through the window as if interested in her new world, he could feel his dick hardening at the thought of her training. He loved that she was so obviously not a broken spirit and that she had responded so well to him in the Buying Hall. Other than stepping away from him, but her body was so responsive that he was sure he could soon teach her how much pleasure he had to offer, and then she'd be begging for his hands on her body. And how sweet it would be to make a feisty little thing like her beg.

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