tagBDSMSubmission Ch. 17

Submission Ch. 17


Alanna had pleased David greatly over the weekend. She had been nervous and scared at the party, but had still been able to lower her inhibitions and let loose. The rest of the weekend had been extremely pleasurable for both of them, other than her absence in his bed. But at least now she seemed resigned to it... more than resigned, she was submitting to what her Master ordered rather than trying to fight for what she wanted. At least, when it came to that. The little minx would still occasionally try to top from the bottom, but he didn't want that rebellious spirit completely wiped out of her. For now though, he needed her mostly cowed and on her best behavior.

Curtis was coming today.

He was sure that Alanna thought that if she passed the test for Curtis then she'd be allowed back in David's bed. That wasn't true, unfortunately. If only life were that simple, but David knew himself well enough to acknowledge that he wanted to be completely dominant over Alanna and that wouldn't happen if she saw her punishment as a reaction to Curtis rather than as a judgment from her Master. She would be back allowed into his bed on his schedule, not hers. But that didn't mean that her life was still completely turned upside down. For her good behavior at the party he had taken off her knee pads and mitts yesterday afternoon for a pleasurable session in the Dungeon, and then she'd been allowed to eat at the dinner table with him, and converse.

Although she'd spent the first few minutes weeping with happiness, which had led to some very enjoyable comforting and holding, and ended with her sitting on his lap for the meal as he fed her tidbits. So it wasn't as if he wasn't indulging her somewhat. Having her tucked under his chin as she nibbled pieces of meat from his fingers and babbled about her impressions of the party, her observations on the Demagons and their fashion, and her past week's lessons with Ms. Bliss was everything that David had been missing so much. He hoped, prayed, begged, whatever deity was out there that Alanna would continue her good behavior.

He also hoped that she had learned her lesson about not taking him for granted. There would be more times when he wasn't able to tend to her desires as much as he might like to, and he hoped they never had to go through this punishment and training ever again. So far his tactics seemed to be working; she appreciated whatever time she got with him rather than assuming that she would have all the time that she wanted, or acting out when she didn't get as much time as she wanted. Both of them had learned a lot over the past week, about appreciating each other and working together to make their unique circumstances mutually satisfying. Tending to Alanna wasn't nearly as draining as it had been before this week and yet she seemed happier than ever for the most part.

And hopefully soon she could be Alanna all the time again. Not that David wasn't fond of Pussy, she was certainly very cute crawling around on the floor with her tail and her blushes, but he already missed the woman and it hadn't even been a week.


Alanna did not like the way that Master had dressed her for Curtis, but she knew better than to complain. She was wearing undergarments only, which put most of her body on full display. The blue cups over her breasts pushed them up into creamy mounds and barely covered her nipples. Although her pussy was decently covered by the lower undergarment of matching blue, there was only a thin strip of fabric which fit down the crease of her ass, leaving her buttocks completely exposed. At least she didn't have a tail, Master had inserted a regular plug into her bottom this morning.

From the way Master's eyes lingered on her, she knew that she looked enticing. But she didn't want to look enticing for Curtis.

Still, she resolved to be grateful that she wasn't completely naked. Before Saturday night and seeing Cassandra she might have been appalled at her own lack of clothing, now she knew that there were even more provocative outfits available.

"Get into position," Master said. Alanna knelt smoothly, her legs spreading and her hands behind her back, resting just above her ass. For a moment she wished for her knee pads, the marble of the front hallway was hard on her knees... but hopefully she wouldn't be here for too long.

The doorbell rang and Alanna tensed, but didn't look up. When Master answered it, she was both surprised and relieved to recognize Ms. Bliss' voice.

"I'm glad they sent you," she heard her Master say warmly.

Ms. Bliss' laugh rang throughout the hall. "I requested to be the one sent today, I wouldn't leave our girl hanging unless I had to. I wasn't sure that they'd sent me until this morning though or I would have told you on Saturday."

"Well it's good to have you here," Master said.

"Ah hello Karen, David," another voice said. Alanna tensed.

"Curtis," Ms. Bliss replied. Her voice was cool but not entirely unwelcoming. Alanna realized that Ms. Bliss wasn't particularly fond of Curtis, but she didn't dislike him completely. And Alanna trusted Ms. Bliss. The realization that Curtis might not be the enemy, the way Alanna had been thinking of him, was unsettling.

"Curtis," said Master, his voice sounding relaxed. Completely different from the tension he'd had all morning. Alanna fought the urge to peek at them as they exchanged social niceties, ignoring the mostly naked woman in the middle of the foray.

It seemed like forever, and her knees were aching on the hard marble, before the three of them approached her. Anxiety rose in Alanna and her breathing quickened.

"So this is the rebellious slave?" Curtis asked, his voice disapproving. After listening to him talk to Master and Ms. Bliss, Alanna realized that his contempt was for women in general, not her personally and not even her as a Repiban. He was courteous to Ms. Bliss but also somewhat dismissive. Somehow that made him easier to deal with, knowing that it wasn't a personal grudge against her for her behavior at the slave auction. Still, she would have to prove to him that she was not a rebellious slave.

Because she wasn't sure if he had been addressing her, Alanna remained silent. There was a long pause.

"Interesting," Curtis said finally. "She does seem much more meek than she did last week." Now his words dripped with contempt, and some part of Alanna wanted to rise up and prove to him that she wasn't meek at all. Which, of course was the entire point of his words. If she had been on her own it would have been hard not to jump up or at the very least say something, but with her Master's orders to stay put there was no question of what she was going to do. She was going to stay right here, no matter what he did or said.

"I told you," Master said, his voice drawling as if he were bored or amused. "It was a misunderstanding of her orders."

Curtis' feet stopped in front of her. "Are you a good student, Alanna?"

"I try to be, Sir," she said immediately, addressing him with the honorific that Master had instructed her to. She kept her voice soft and her eyes on the ground. Curtis' feet tapped, the soft sole of his dress shoes making a muted beat against the floor.

"Have you learned how to tell time yet?"

"Yes, Sir," she said, truthfully. In fact, she had learned how to tell time before barging into her Master's office. But she didn't say that of course. There was another long moment of silence, and Alanna wished she could squirm to a more comfortable position for her knees, but with everyone's eyes on her she didn't dare move an inch.

"You're keeping her as a submissive, not just a slave?" Curtis asked.

"Yes, she's particularly well suited to me," Master said, and she could hear the honest affection in his voice. Her body felt like it warmed several degrees. She knew what Curtis had meant. It had been a surprise to her, during one of her lessons about Demagon's culture and the role that captive Repibans played in it, to find out that not all Demagons kept the Repiban women for the mating ritual. Some of them just wanted a woman around the house who had domestic capabilities (which was mostly what Repiban women had) and never touched them for sex because they were already in a monogamous relationship with someone else. Alanna was getting a better idea of the benefits of monogamy after Saturday night's party, while she enjoyed playing with Patricia and Henry, she was glad that she didn't have to share her Master with any other wives or slaves. He was HER Master, her David.

"May I?"

"Go ahead. Alanna, you will obey Curtis as you would obey me."

Alanna didn't know what to expect. Master had warned her that at some point Curtis was going to have the opportunity to test her, but he hadn't told her what form the test might come in. She hadn't thought that he would just hand the reigns over the Curtis though.

For himself, David was much more tense and worried than he appeared. He wished that he knew how Curtis might test Alanna. She had been remarkably compliant the past few days, but this was going to severely test her boundaries and trust in him. Of course he would never allow Curtis to hurt her, but did she truly know and believe that? Fortunately Ms. Bliss didn't seem too worried, which helped alleviate some of his nerves. Then again, it's not like she had quite as much on the line as he did. While she was quite fond of Alanna, it wasn't like she was in love-

David cut off that line of thinking. He wasn't going to think about that right now, not when Alanna could choose to say forget this, and leave him and this stupid test and take Ms. Bliss up on her previous offer. Or if Alanna's desire to stay with him and her trust in him wasn't enough and she ended up mouthing back at Curtis.

A hand touched Alanna's shoulder, and she automatically winced, even though it was nothing more than a light brush. The silence in the foray seemed deafening. Determinedly, Alanna set her shoulders back into position, thrusting her breasts out. She was not going to fail this test. Curtis had done nothing to her so far, there was no reason for her to flinch.

There was movement, almost too quick for her to follow, and leather straps snapped against the top of her breast. She stifled her yelp, settling back into position. The jerk of surprise she'd given had unsettled her balance and caused her knees to come a little together. With her eyes on the floor, unable to see anything more than pants and shoes, she could almost pretend it was her Master that was walking around her.

That imagery settled her down quickly enough. Her muscles relaxed and her breathing slowed... she still felt hyper aware and anxious, but not quite as frightened anymore and not as jumpy. Master was in the room and he wouldn't let anything happen to her. In fact, she was starting to understand why he'd put her in such odd undergarments. Curtis now had access to her body, which he would need to test her, but Master had covered the more important parts.

She was his.

The thought sent a flush of heat through her and she had to bite her lip against a moan. Now the odd clothing, which had seemed to expose her, felt like the wrap of his arms around her, protecting her and covering her. Leather straps his her breasts, lightly smacked against her stomach, and snapped against her buttocks. Alanna kept her eyes closed and head down, concentrating on her Master and how much she wanted to stay with him. The care that he had shown her was so much more than anything she had witnessed growing up, the kind of adoration and time that he put into her training, his constant watch over her person and her emotions, and even the punishments. This was a new world that she had joined, and she was happy here. Happier than she'd ever thought possible.

"Lean forward and put your hands on the floor, palm down," Curtis said.

Alanna immediately complied.

"Now put your feet down on the floor and push that sweet ass in the air."

Although she blushed at his words, Alanna pushed herself up, presenting her backside to him more completely than Master had ever required her to. There was no hesitation in her. She was safe. Master's garments protected her, his presence surrounded her and there was nothing that Curtis could ask her to do that would make her hesitate or react in an inappropriate way. That assurance, that self confidence, surrounded her.

The lash of the flogger against her ass and the cotton covering her pussy made her shudder. Even though it was being wielded by a man she had no attraction to, she couldn't help the automatic reaction her body had to the stinging sensations. The skin of her ass tingled pleasurably, although every snap made her skin more sensitive and little lashes of pain began to mix with the pleasure she was feeling. Which only enhanced her arousal, as usual.

When Curtis stopped she felt relief mixed with disappointment. Her body was burning, more from the need to orgasm than from the heat in her beaten buttocks and pussy lips.

"She seems to have come along nicely, but she's enjoying this far too much," Curtis said, his voice bland.

"What happens if she's told to do something she doesn't want to do."

"Try her," said her Master. Alanna quaked inside... what was Curtis going to ask her to do? But she was resolved to do whatever it was, and prove her Master's confidence in her had merit.

"Alanna put your feet together."

She did so, although this put more of a strain on her back and arms.

"Put your weight on your feet and grasp your ankles, or as close as you can get."

Part of her wanted to snort. Master kept her on a good exercise regimen - partly because of her love of sweets - and Alanna was quite flexible. There was no strain as she assumed the position that Curtis expected, and she felt almost resentful of him that he would assume she'd have trouble.

That feeling of slight superiority and confidence that she had was quickly absolved with his next words.

"Pull your underwear down to your knees."

Oh no... that would expose her completely to him... then he could touch her as he wished, do whatever he wanted... would they truly test her like that?

Master spoke. "Alanna, do as Curtis said."

She shivered a little at hearing him call her by her real name, and her hands reached up, trembling and pulled her underwear down to her knees. A few tears fell to the ground in front of her, and she was sure that she could feel Curtis' hot gaze on her splayed privates.

Grabbing her ankles again, she felt herself getting dizzy, more from her humiliation and uncertainty than from the position. A hand caressed her buttocks and she whimpered with fear but didn't jerk away. To her surprise the hand patted her, almost comfortingly and then withdrew.

"You may pull your undergarments back up and assume your original position."

Shock rippled through her, and for a moment she didn't move because she was too surprised.

"Alanna." Her Master's voice sounded somewhat exasperated. Alanna rushed to comply, wincing as her knees hit the ground harder than she meant to because she was moving to quickly to control her movements as well as she normally did. Curtis walked away from her, back towards Master and Ms. Bliss. Despite the discomfort in being back on her knees, now that she'd knocked them into the floor, Alanna was completely distracted, wondering what was going to happen next.

"Still too spirited, but it's obvious you've put in a lot of work with her," Curtis said to Master.

"I like her spirit," said Master.

"I know," said Curtis, although it was obvious from his tone of voice that he didn't understand why.

Remembering that this man had shown interest in buying her before her Master, Alanna shivered a little. She had no doubt that Curtis would have been able to break her spirit, possibly even before someone like Ms. Bliss was able to intervene or offer her the chance of freedom. And who knew if she would have chosen it anyway... her people had a saying, "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't."

Alanna was so happy to be with her Master. She stayed in position though, not just because of her training, but also because she was still anxious that her test wasn't over. There was no way she'd be able to relax while Curtis was still here.

Fortunately after a few more pleasantries and some necessary legal signatures, both Ms. Bliss and Curtis left. David felt like whooping out line, but he maintained his decorum to a wide grin. Curtis had been aptly convinced that David had Alanna well under control and that she was not rebellious, and was quite dedicated to staying with her Master.

"Very good job, Pussy," he told her. "Time for reward!"

Although Alanna was frustrated to hear that she was still Pussy - and she had a feeling that she would still be denied her Master's bed, a rush of thrilling pleasure went through her when he declared a reward. Master lifted her over his shoulder and she hugged him around the waist as she hung upside down. This time he laughed and spanked her lightly, but caressed her ass, and he didn't do anything else when she didn't let go, so she clung to him, enjoying the feeling of his body against hers.

She expected to be taken to the Dungeon, instead Master took her to the gym and laid her down on the massage table. Alanna had had a few massages after working out, but this was the first time Master was going to be the one to massage her! Or was he?... there had been many times when Alanna had lain face down on this table, fantasizing about the things Master could do to her here.

He helped her into position, with her face through the hole and arranging her limbs comfortably. In her sexual excitement she was almost disappointed when she felt his strong hands rubbing the soles of her feet, but at the same time it felt so wonderful that she couldn't be truly let down. Master's skillful fingers moved in circles over her feet, and somehow a lot of the relaxation and sensations transferred itself further up her body. He rubbed the pads of her feet and her heels and stretched out her toes by sliding his fingers in between them.

Alanna was caught between sexual arousal and extreme relaxation. She moaned as his strong hands began to massage their way up her calves, rubbing oil into her skin so that his movements were slick and sure against her legs. The oil seemed to add to the sensitivity of her body as Master's hands caressed her knees, soothing some of the hurt from them, and then moving up to her thighs.

Her body quivered and the muscles in her legs completely relaxed. When her Master's hands moved to her inner thighs, Alanna moaned again, the tips of his fingers teasing their way up towards her wet pussy. But he didn't touch it and she groaned in disappointment as he started to knead her ass. Air flowed over her pussy and asshole as he pulled her butt cheeks apart and then let them fall back together.

It was hard to tell if she was turned on more than she was relaxed, but relaxation started to win as he began to massage her back. Alanna felt like she was floating on a blissful cloud, all of the stress and worry from the last week melting away as her Master pampered her. By the time he was running his hands down her shoulders and arms, she was feeling almost mentally numb, with no thoughts or emotions running through her brain other than peaceful content.

That didn't stop her from moaning some more when Master began to massage her scalp, a surprising erogenous zone as the tingling in her pussy started up again. Alanna's body shifted a little, her thighs pressing together as her Master's fingers slid along her head, through her hair. She heard him chuckle.

"Turn over now."

Master helped her flip over, her muscles felt watery and loose. He put a pad in the face hole so that it was more of a pillow now. Alanna smiled up at him as he put his fingers on her forehead, giving her a gentle face massage. Then she closed her eyes and gave in to the lovely satisfaction that had settled over her.

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